1042. [CALIFORNIA BIOGRAPHY]. Lot of about 20 twentieth-century imprints and one nineteenth-century imprint. Included are:

BROWNE, J. Ross. Muleback to the Convention.... San Francisco, 1950.

BROWNE, J. Ross. J. Ross Browne: His Letters, Journals, and Writings.... Albuquerque, 1969.

BROWNE, J. Ross. Reports upon the Mineral Resources of the United States. Washington, 1867.

CAUGHEY, John Walton. Hubert Howe Bancroft: Historian of the West. Berkeley & Los Angeles, 1946.

CHEVIGNY, Hector. Lost Empire: The Life and Adventures of Nikolai Petrovich Rezánov. Portland, 1958.

DILLON, Richard. Humbugs and Heroes: A Gallery of California Pioneers. New York, 1970.

DILLON, Richard S. J. Ross Browne: Confidential Agent in Old California. Norman, 1965.

DILLON, Richard. The Legend of Grizzly Adams: California’s Greatest Mountain Man. New York, 1966.

GOODMAN, J. Ross. A Western Panorama, 1849-1875: The Travels, Writings, and Influence of J. Ross Browne.... Glendale, 1966.

HUBBARD, Harry D. Vallejo. Boston, 1941.

KRAMER, William M. Emperor Norton of San Francisco: A Look at the Life and Death and Strange Burials of the Most Famous Eccentric of Gold Rush California. Santa Monica, 1974.

KRYTHE, Maymie. Port Admiral, Phineas Banning: 1830-1885. San Francisco, 1957.

LANE, Allen Stanley. Emperor Norton: The Mad Monarch of America. Caldwell, 1939.

LICK, Rosemary. The Generous Miser: The Story of James Lick of California. The Ward Ritchie Press, 1967.

McGlashan, M. Nona. Give Me a Mountain Meadow.... Fresno, 1977.

McKITTRICK, MYRTLE M. Vallejo: Son of California. Portland, 1944.

NIDEVER, George. The Life and Adventures of George Nidever....Edited by William Henry Ellison. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1937. [2] xi [3], 128 pp., frontispiece, plates. 8vo, original rust cloth. A solid copy in a sunned d.j.

ROCK, Francis J. J. Ross Browne: A Biography. Washington, 1929.

SCHERER, James A.B. Thirty-First Star. New York, 1942.

SCOTT, Reva. Samuel Brannan and the Golden Fleece: A Biography. New York, 1944.

SHUMATE, Albert. The California of George Gordon and the 1849 Sea Voyages of His California Association....Glendale, 1976.

THOMAS, Lately. Between Two Empires: The Life Story of California’s First Senator, Willilam McKendree Gwin. Boston, 1969.

TILTON, Cecil G. William Chapman Ralston: Courageous Builder. Boston, 1935.


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