1063. [SPANISH SOUTHWEST AND CALIFORNIA]. Lot of 16 imprints. Included are:

BEILHARZ, Edwin A. Felipe de Neve: First Governor of California. San Francisco, 1971.

BONILLA, Antonio Isaac (ed.). Garcia Hechos and Other Garcia Papers. Santa Barbara, 1974.

BOWMAN, J.N. & Robert F. Heizer. Anza and the Northwest Frontier of New Spain. Los Angeles, 1967.

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CORLE, Edwin. The Royal Highway (El Camino Real). Indianapolis, 1949.

DENIS, Alberta Johnston. Spanish Alta California. New York, 1927.

ELDREDGE, Zoeth S. The March of Portolá and the Discovery of the Bay of San Francisco. [Bound with another work]: MOLERA, E.J. The Log of the San Carlos....San Francisco, 1909.

FAGES, Pedro. A Historical, Political, and Natural Description of California....Newly Translated into English from the Original Spanish by Herbert Ingram Priestley....Berkeley, 1937.

LOOMIS, Noel M. & Abraham P. Nasatir. Pedro Vial and the Roads to Santa Fe. Norman, 1967.

MOORHEAD, Max L. The Presidio: Bastion of the Spanish Borderlands. Norman, 1975.

PEIXOTTO, Ernest. Our Hispanic Southwest. New York, 1916.

POURADE, Richard F. Anza Conquers the Desert: The Anza Expeditions from Mexico to California and the Founding of San Francisco, 1774 to 1776. San Diego, 1971.

POURADE, Richard F. The Call to California. San Diego, 1968.

NELSON, Edna Deu Pree. The California Dons. New York, 1962.

ROWLAND, Leon. Villa de Branciforte: The Village That Vanished [wrapper title]. N.p., 1941.

SANCHEZ, Nellie Van de Grift. Spanish Arcadia. San Francisco, 1929.


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