Nebel’s Molina del Rey—attack upon the molina

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425. [MEXICAN-AMERICAN WAR]. NEBEL, C[arl]. Molina del Rey—attack upon the molina [below image] C. Nebel fecit. | Bayot lith. [below image] C. Nebel fecit. | Bayot lith; [lower left in image within oval] Entered according to act of Congress. [New York: D. Appleton; Philadelphia: George Appleton; Paris: Plon Brothers, 1851.] Original full colored and toned lithograph on handmade paper, finished by hand applying gum arabic highlights (after art work by Nebel, printed and lithographed by Lemercier and Adolphe Jean Baptiste Bayot). Image area: 27.3 x 42.5 cm; overall sheet size: 38.5 x 51.3 cm. Verso slightly browned, else very fine.

     First printing. The plate is from Kendall & Nebel’s folio book The War between the United States and Mexico Illustrated... (see Kendall herein for the complete album). Kurutz & Mathes, The Forgotten War, p. 197. Sandweiss, Stewart & Huseman, Eyewitness to War: Prints and Daguerreotypes of the Mexican War, 1846-1848, Plate 19 (p. 93), No. 140 (p. 317): “Few prints, or images of any kind, depict the battle of Molina del Rey, which was fought just outside Mexico City on September 8, 1847. Although Scott originally planned it to be little more than a raid by Worth’s division, it became one of the bloodiest fights of the war. Many Americans wondered if it should have been fought at all, which may explain why so few images were made of it. However, because of the controversial aspect of the battle, Carl Nebel did two separate renderings of it, recording different aspects of the struggle. Kendall was both an eyewitness and a participant.... Nebel’s first view of the battle shows the action opposite the American center and right.”


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