Blunt Blueback Chart of the Gulf of Mexico
from the Mouth of the Mississippi River to Appalachee Bay

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395. [MAP: BLUEBACK]. BLUNT, E[dmund] & G[eorge] W[illiam]. The North Coast of the Gulf of Mexico, from St. Marks to Galveston. E & G.W. Blunt, No. 179 Water Street, New York, S.E. Corner of Burling Slip. 1844. Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1842, by E & G.W. Blunt, in the Clerk’s Office of the District Court of the Southern District of New York. Additions to 1865 including the Surveys of Comr. Powell, Lt. Simmes, & Profr. Coffin, U.S. Navy. [inset at upper right] Bar & Entrance of Mobile Bay, Surveyed under the direction of Major J. Kearney; Topogl. Engr. [tide table below inset]. New York, 1865 or after. Lithograph blueback chart, with a few contemporary yellow and red manuscript markings at various places, scale about 12 miles to the inch; neat line to neat line: 62.7 x 98.5 cm; overall sheet size: 65.7 x 100.5 cm. Rolled as used (resulting in two light vertical creases), slightly scorched at top blank margin. Overall very good, much better than these bluebacks are usually found. OCLC locates two editions (1852 and 1864 with sparse holdings, but none for this 1865 edition).

     This impressive blueback chart shows shows cities, towns, military posts, islands, and coastal formations along the Gulf of Mexico from the mouth of the Mississippi River to Appalachee Bay. Phillips, America (p. 253) lists an 1842 edition. Streeter (1408) lists an 1851 edition drawn and engraved by Charles Copley in New York:

The western boundary of this chart is at the 90th meridian, or that of New Orleans and Barataria Bay, so it does not show any part of Texas. It is included only because of its title. Its eastern boundary is at 83 [degrees] 40’ or about a degree east of St. Marks Bay in Florida, and its north and south range is from 30 [degrees] 30’ north to 28 south. That there was another edition in 1844 is indicated by a chart with the same title, scale, and boundaries, except for the date 1844 and the legend, “Additions to 1851,” present at the Library of Congress and at the Yale Library. In neither the 1842 nor the 1844 edition with additions to 1851 is there any indication, except in the title, of an accompanying chart with a western boundary including Texas. That such a chart was published in 1846, and so after the period of this bibliography, is indicated by a chart at Yale with the same scale and north and south boundaries as in the 1842 chart entered above, but with its western boundary running along the meridian at 96 [degrees] 25’ west, or beyond the mouth of the Colorado. The chart has the title, St. Marks to Galveston. Sheet II. E & G.W. Blunt New York. 1846. Additions to 1851, and in the Yale copy is pasted to join the 1844 edition noted above. The copyright date is 1846. It is of course entirely possible that an edition of this chart was published in 1845 or earlier, but if so, it has not come to light. It might be mentioned at this point that Blunt’s Chart of the Gulf of Mexico, West Indies, and Spanish Main, New York, 1845, a huge affair, of which a small part gives the Texas coast line, is not entered [see our entry immediately preceding].

See preceding entry for information on the firm of E. & G.W. Blunt.


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