Sectioned & Mounted & with Contemporary Cartridge Paper Chemise

“The first hint of the Sacramento River” (Wheat)

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247. [MAP]. BRUÉ, [Adrien Hubert]. Carte générale des États-Unis Mexicains et des Provinces-Unis De L’Amérique Centrale Rédigée par Brué Géographe. Paris, 1825. Chez, L’Autier Rue des Maçous-Sorbonne No. 9, et Chez les principaux Mde. de cartes Géographe;[large inset map at lower left] Guatemala ou Provinces-Unies de l’Amérique Centrale; [long note at bottom] Nota. Les côtes que offrent les deux parties de cette carte...; [below border at left] Gravée sous direction de l’Auteur. Paris, 1825. Engraved map of Mexico, the Transmississippi West, the Gulf of Mexico to Mobile, and Central America, original outline color, sectioned and mounted on contemporary linen in eight sections, piano key border, neat line to neat line: 51.5 x 36.5 cm, overall sheet size: 56 x 40.2 cm. Housed in contemporary mottled cartridge paper chemise.

     Kapp, Central America 95. Mapoteca colombiana, p. 41 (#71). Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West 361n (listing a very similar map of the same year that issued in Brué’s 1830 Atlas Universel de géographie; the present map is slightly wider and without the printed atlas designation number of 59): “Brué’s 1825 ‘Etats-Unis Mexicaines,’ with R. S. Sacramento ou Timpanogos navigable a plus de 50 lieues (the first hint of the Sacramento River, with an R. S. Joaquin meeting it from the southeast) and with the S. Buenaventura, the Truches or S. Felipe and the R. de los Martires.” Phillips, Atlases 758 (1830-1834 atlas) & 4321 (1838-1839 atlas). Rumsey (96) lists the 1828 atlas which closely matches our copy.

     This is a wonderful example of an important map for Mexican history, Central America, and the Transmississippi West. Brué’s map was one of the earliest to reflect Mexico’s independence from Spain (1822). This map was also used in the dispute regarding British title to the whole of British Honduras (Belize). The map is also notable in being the first published map to name the Sacramento River of central California. For the Southwest and Borderlands, there is little progress shown over earlier maps. Many versions followed this 1825 edition.

Brué (1786-1832) was a publisher in Paris and Géographe du Roy and Géographe de Son Altesse Royale Monsieur Conte d’Artois. Texas is labeled as such, but the entire region that is now Texas is divided among San Luis Potosí, Coahuila, a huge Bolson de Mapimi, and New Mexico (El Paso is in New Mexico). ($300-600)

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