Rare Map and Promotional for Sonora

With Bird’s-Eye view of Nogales and Arizona

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251. [MAP]. CADENA Y MARIN, Aurelio. Plano Geografico, Mercantil, Politico y Religioso del Estado de Sonora formado y publicado con los Datos Oficiales del Estado por Aurelio Cadena y Marin...; [large Mexican eagle below title]; [map at center, 34.5 x 28 cm] Sonora; [views, clockwise from upper left] [1, bird’s-eye view] Ciudad de Alamos; [2, bird’s-eye view] Vista de la Ciudad y Puerto de Guaymas; [3] Vista de la Parroquia en Guaymas; [4, bird’s-eye view] Nogales Sonora y Arizona; [5] Bahia de Guaymas; [10 oval portraits of officials and bishop] Sr. D. Ramon Corral Gobernador del Estado.... [14 columns of text] Geografia Estadística é Historia del Estado.... N.p., n.d. [Mexico: Montauriol y Ca.?, [1895 or after, based on Corral’s governorship, 1895-1899, and date in text of 1890]. Lithograph on heavy paper with original color (green, tan, and black), original light varnish; border to border: 62 x 92.5 cm.; overall sheet size: 70 x 99.5 cm. A few clean marginal tears, one of which extends slightly into text on left (no losses), a few minor chips to blank margins (not affecting image or border), otherwise very fine, no cracking or discoloration from varnish. No copies located.

     First edition. Not in standard sources. Another elaborate Porfiriate promotional, with text containing history, statistics, commerce, natural resources, etc. Especially interesting for Borderlands is the bird’s-eye view of Nogales and Arizona. The map includes Arizona north to above Tucson, western Chihuahua, and parts of Baja California and the Gulf of California. The map key has symbols for locating ranchos, mines, and railroads.


Sold. Hammer: $400.00; Price Realized: $490.00.

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