“Depicts California as an island on a larger scale than any earlier sea chart”—Burden

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283. [MAP]. DONCKER, Hendrick. Pascaart vertoonende de Zeecusten van Chili, Peru, Hispania Nova, Nova Granada, en California. ‘t Amsterdam. By Hendrick Doncker Boeckverkooper inde Nieuwe brugh steegh in ‘t Stuiermans gereedtschap. [3 insets at left, each within gracefully curving strap work border]: [1, northern Japan] Yedso Iapan; [2, Mariana & Caroline Islands] Islas de las Velas alias Ladrones; [3, east coast of New Zealand with south at the top of the inset] Zelandia Nova. Amsterdam, [1659]. Copper-engraved sea chart of the western coast of America depicting California as an island (map oriented with north to left), contemporary color (outline and partial on ornate cartouche with decorative strap work borders), rhumb lines, compass, ship at sea; neat line to neat line: 43.5 x 54.5 cm; overall sheet size: 45 x 57 cm. Moderate light spotting at upper right (mainly affecting upper blank corner), moderate browning on map at area of ship, mild age-toning. A few small holes in sea area (not noticeable since the map is mounted on an extra blank sheet, as issued). Generally very good.

     First edition, state1, without added outline of Yucatán Peninsula and east coast of Central America. Burden 340. Goss, The Mapping of North America, Map 35 (state 1). Howse & Sanderson, The Sea Chart, p. 61. Koeman (1967) IV (Maritime Atlases), p. 159. Leighley, California as an Island 36. Lowery 150. Mapoteca Colombiana, p. 16, #45 Ámerica en Jeneral). McLaughlin, California as an Island 21 (State 1). Phillips, Atlases 468. Tooley, in “California as an Island” in Mapping of America, p. 116 (#17), Plate 33 (illustrating state 2). Wagner, Cartography of the Northwest Coast #382.

     Burden, The Mapping of North America 340:

The chart is from the first edition of Hendrick Doncker’s Zee-Atlas, of which no surviving copy is known.... The map’s composition is original, being orientated with the east at the top of the map, and depicting virtually the entire west coast of North and South America. It depicts California as an island on a larger scale than any earlier sea chart.... The map continued to appear in the Zee-Atlas until as late as the early 1700s.... Two states are known to the author, the second has been seen in an example of the 1660 English edition, but not in a Dutch one.

     Burden 337 (comments on Doncker in entry for the Greenland map):

Hendrick Doncker would become one of the most active of the marine atlas and chart publishers in Amsterdam in the second half of the seventeenth century. He was the first to follow Arnold Colom with a comprehensive sea atlas. The first edition of the Zee-Atlas appeared in 1659, of which no surviving example is known. Its contents can be deduced from the example recorded in the catalogue from the Amsterdam bookdealer, Frederick Muller. Doncker is known to have been in partnership with Goos and Lootsman on the Zeespiegel; however, the Zee-Atlas was entirely his own production.


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