Schenk’s Handsome Dutch Derivative of Delisle’s Historic
Carte du Mexique et de la Floride

Very Fine Copy, a Strong Impression & Beautifully Colored

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370. [MAP]. SCHENK, Petrus. Tabula Mexicae et Floridae, Terrarum Anglicarum, et anteriorum Americae Insularum; item cursuum et circuituum fluminis Mississipi dicti. Amstel. prostant apud Petrum Schenk, cum privil. [pictorial vignette at lower left showing naval battle and people onshore examining treasure]. Amsterdam, [1710, or after]. Copper-engraved map on sheet of laid paper, original outline and wash color, contemporary color added to vignette, scale, compass rose, and adjustment of boundary line between Canada and Nova Francia; neat line to neat line: 46.5 x 60.4 cm; map with title above: 48.7 x 60.4 cm; overall sheet size: 51.4 x 62.6 cm. Old mounting tabs on verso. Excellent color, dark impression, and very fine condition. Desirable copy of an uncommon map.

     Here we have Schenk’s version of Delisle’s 1703 Carte du Mexique et de la Floride (see herein). The Schenk firm was active from ca. 1695-1785, and sometimes the surname is spelled Schenck (see Koemann, Atlantes Neerlandici, Vol. I, 1969, pp. 107-121). The literature dates the present map variously between 1710 and 1722, or even later. According to original inventory notes from the consignor, the map appeared in Schenk & Valck’s Atlas Contractus published in Amsterdam around 1720 (Phillips, Atlases 462).Antochiw, Historia cartográfica de la Península de Yucatán, Figure 13 (p. 170; dated 1722). Bornholt, Cuatro Siglos de Expresiones Geográficas del Istmo Centroamericano, Plate 63 (p. 123, dated 1741). Jackson, Flags along the Coast, p. 44 (dated 1722). Lowery 198 (dating as 1710, or after 1722): “The Schenk impression evidently reprinted from the 1722 impression of Delisle, is translated into Latin; lower California is omitted, and an engraving of a naval battle not on the Delisle original is added.... The map here mentioned is probably the edition of 1710, of Pieter Schenk and Gerald Valck, Atlas contractus.” Martin & Martin 16 (identical to present map, and dated 1722). Phillips, Atlases 4257, Vol. 7, Map No. 99 dated “l740?” in Ottens’ Atlas Maior [1641-1729]. Virga, Texas: Mapping the Lone Star State through History, p. 4 (illustrated and dated 1710).

     Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West #107 & p. 70 (assigning date of 1722):

During this period many European maps labeled the lower Mississippi Valley ‘Florida,’ extending this from its peninsula on the east to the Rio Grande on the west. An excellent example of such cartography is the map of Mexico and Florida published in Amsterdam by Peter Schenk in 1722. To the north on this map lies Canada or New France, with never a hint of Louisiana, but on many maps this was varied by calling the lower Mississippi watershed Florida and its upper valley Louisiana. This Schenk map harks back to those of a generation earlier. Hard as it may be to understand the persistence of such throwback notions as those of Moll, De Fer, Schenk and their cohorts, they dominated most commercial maps until 1750, and reappeared on occasion for many more years.

     Skelton, Decorative Printed Maps of the 15th to 18th Centuries, p. 61: “After Jansson’s death in 1664 his business was carried on by his two sons-in-law...and they sold the plates by auction. Those of the atlas fell to their former employee Pieter Schenk and his partner Gerard Valck.... In the early eighteenth century the Dutch map-trade was thus concentrated in the hands of a group of large publishers, notably Schenk (1660-1718/19).... Quantity was the keystone of their production and, while old plates were sometimes ‘scrapped’ or sold, new maps were largely copied from those of Sanson and other French cartographers.”

     This very attractive map shows the extent of New Spain and Florida, New France, the American colonies, and the West Indies, rivers, towns, and trade. The Southwest includes missions and many native villages and landmarks, including Taos, Santa Fe, Acoma, Casas Grandes, etc.


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