Superb Map with California as an Island by Father Kino’s Teacher

With Jesuit Iconography

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371. [MAP]. [SCHERER, Heinrich]. [Pictorial title in rectangle at upper right, showing the Virgin of Atocha with child and a cloud above with a figure at left symbolizing America] B.V. Mexicana. America Borealis multis in locis dei matrem colit & honorat, et hæc fuis Cultoribus multos favores & Beneficia præstat. 1699. [Scale at lower left in German, French, and Italian, with Jesuit symbol above], ships and sea monsters. [Augsburg & Frankfurt, 1702-1710]. Copper-engraved map (California as an Island; North America, the Great Lakes, Strait of Anian, Central America, and the northern coast of South America) on two joined sheets of laid paper, neat line to neat line: 22.7 x 34.7 cm; overall sheet size: 26.9 x 38.5 cm. Very fine, a firm impression with superb contrast.

     First edition. Leighly, California as an Island 150. McLaughlin, The Mapping of California as an Island 129. Tooley, “California as an Island” in Mapping of America, p. 131 (#85): “California as an Island after the G. Sanson model. The interior shown as mountainous and wooded. Coastal names only, save in the south where towns are marked, St. Jago, S. Bruno and N.S. de Guadeloupe.” The map appeared in Heinrich Scherer’s Atlas novus exhibens orbem terraqueum (Augsburg: Dillingen & Frankfurt: J.C. Bencard, 1702-1710) in Part III, following p. 10. This very rare atlas and encyclopedia was written by Father Kino’s erudite teacher, Heinrich Scherer, Jesuit cartographer, geographer, and mathematician. References to book: BMC (1967) XXII, p. 830 (col. 528). Phillips, Atlases 538a (citing part 3 only). Sabin 77606 (incorrect title and incomplete collation). Sommervogel VII;765-7. Not in JCB, Church, Medina, Palau, or Wagner, Spanish Southwest. This monumental work contained much information on America and the Spanish Southwest and thirty-seven maps of American interest. The maps of California as an island were based on Kino’s explorations and cartography, See Burrus (Kino and the Cartography of Northwestern New Spain, esp. pp. 62-63) where Burrus discusses the relationship between Kino’s explorations and Scherer’s maps of New Spain. Several of the maps and plates in Scherer’s work are illustrated in Burrus’ book.


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