As Goes the Secular, So Goes the Divine

Catholic Church Recognition of Mexican Independence

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445. [MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE]. CATHOLIC CHURCH. ARCHBISHOP (Pedro José de Fonte y Hernández Miravete). Pastoral message with heading: Suplemento Al Noticioso General, Num. 127. Del Lunes 22 De Octubre de 1821. [Text begins] Don Pedro Jose de Fonte.... Al venerable Clero Secular y Regular de esta diócesis.... En todos tiempos he recomendado mis respectables y estimados súbditos, el deber sagrado que tenemos de obedecer á la potestad pública.... [Colophon] México: Imprenta de D. Celestino de la Torre. Signed and dated in type, Pedro, México, October 19, 1821. Broadside (31 x 21.2 cm), printed in double column, on laid, watermarked paper. Horizontal crease where formerly folded, moderate stains at center left, otherwise very good.

     Second edition, preceded by broadside printing noted in Garritz, Impresos Novohispanos, 1808-1821 #4625. Mathes, “La Imprenta en el Imperio Mexicano 1821-1823” #4091 (at press). Palau 194287 (citing periodical). Not in Medina, Sabin, or other standard sources.

     In this apostolic message, Archbishop Fonte urges all his clergy to submit to the newly independent government of Mexico, pointing out that the Catholic religion is permanent and immutable, surpassing in its existence, faith, and practices any and all secular governments, which come and go. He particularly urges his priests to practice “la caridad, la hospitalidad, la honestidad, el desinteres y desapego del mundo, y muy particularmente la obediencia y subordinación á los superiores.... Declámese por nosotros con todo el zelo que es proprio del ministerio, contra el odio, la insubordinación, la ociosidad y demas vicios....”

     Fonte y Hernández Miravete (1777-1839) was the last Spanish-appointed archbishop of Mexico. He initially opposed the Mexican War of Independence, but eventually cooperated with its aims and outcomes, in 1821. He finally returned to Spain, the country of his birth, but refused to resign as archbishop until the Church forced him to in 1837.


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