A New Stage of Chameleonic Cunning from the Promising Young Officer

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220. [LÓPEZ DE SANTA-ANNA, ANTONIO]. Don Antonio siempre el mismo se marcha a San Juan de Ulua. [Colophon] Imprenta de D. Mariano Ontiveros, año de 1821. [Mexico City, 1821]. [4] pp. 8vo (22 x 15 cm), folded sheet, as issued. Light age-toning and some wrinkling. Rare. Copies located at BN Mexico, Sutro, TAMU, Staatsbibliothek Berlin.

     First edition? The work was also published at Puebla the same year. Garritz, Impresos Novohispanos, 1808-1821 #5181. Mathes, La Imprenta en el Imperio Mexicano 1821-1823 #121 (at press). Sutro, p. 188. Not in Medina or Palau. This anonymous pamphlet impugns the loyalty of Antonio López de Santa-Anna to the Plan de Iguala and the Mexican Empire, indicating that he is siding with the Spanish still occupying the fort of San Juan de Ulúa in the port of Veracruz. Written in first person replete with satire, Santa-Anna remarks that recent developments towards liberty and democracy have frustrated his imperialistic desires. This event marked a new stage of chameleonic cunning in the young Santa Anna’s rising career.

     Printer Mariano José de Zúñiga y Ontiveros was active between 1795 and 1825, having taken over from his father. His output was considerable and included many publications like the present one, as well as more traditional imprints. He also served as official state printer near the end of his career.


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