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546. [TEXAS EMIGRATION]. TALBOT, D.H. Ho! for Texas! The Lone Star State: Where Lands are Cheaper than in any other State in the Union, and where Can Be Had and Is Raised a Greater Variety of Crops than in any other Two [caption title]. [Colophon] Sioux City: Daily Journal Steam Print, [1878]. [2] pp. 12mo (16 x 12.5 cm). Small paper flaw costing a few letters. Overall a very fine copy of an uncommon ephemeron seeking Texas settlers from the Midwest.

     First edition. On the recto Talbot urges his readers to send for a copy of the new pension law and exudes praise for Texas lands, some selling as cheaply as 25¢ per acre and other, more desirable areas selling for $1.00 per acre. He also seeks land warrants held by former soldiers in various wars who have been given preemptions by the state, especially those from the War of 1812, whose grants will receive special attention. On the verso, entitled Good News for all Soldiers and Sailors!, Talbot urges people with homestead grants to contact him, offering to buy their claims for $1.00-$1.50 per acre, providing they prove their claim is good. He even offers to go after claims that have been fraudulently sold.

     Talbot claims to have recently made a tour of the state and in an odd piece of Reconstruction propaganda asserts, “Texas, unlike the old Southern States, is progressive and is rapidly taking her place among the more advanced States of the Union.”


Sold. Hammer: $250.00; Price Realized: $306.25.

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