Mexico Prepares to Retake Texas

An Army Marches on its Stomach

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551. [TEXAS REVOLUTION]. MEXICO (Republic). LAWS (October 15, 1836). PRESIDENT (José Justo Corro). [Decree of October 15, 1836, extending the decree of July 16, 1836, to cover all the ports at the north occupied by the Mexican expeditionary force against Texas and exempting duties on the provisions for Mexican troops]. [At top] Secretaría de Hacienda. Seccion 1a. [text begins] El Escmo. Sr. President ha servido dirigirme el decreto que sigue. Art. 1. El permiso concedido por el decreto del Congreso general de 16 de Julio último para la importacion de víveres por Matamoros, se hace estensivo para solo este objeto à los Puertos hácia al Norte de aquel que ocupare el ejército expedicionario sobre Tejas. [at end] Mexico, Octubre 15 de 1836. Alas. [2] pp. with conjugate blank (laid paper watermarked with a Strasburg lily and the scales of Justice in an escutcheon). Folio (29.5 x 21 cm). Lightly wrinkled, slight water staining at upper right margin, lower left blank margin water damaged with minor loss, otherwise, very good. Directed in contemporary ink sending twelve copies to the Duaña maritima de Matamoros with orders to distribute it.

     First edition. Harper 12:124. Streeter 881 (locating only his copy). Streeter Sale 348. Streeter, Only Located Copies 93. Wilkie, Lilly Texana 145. The July 16, 1836, decree (see preceding entry) opened the port of Matamoros. The present decree extends the prior decree to ports north of Matamoros. The decree also allows for importation of the provisions listed in the last paragraph and exempts them from import duties if they are shipped in Mexican bottoms. The provisions mentioned include grain, rice, sugar, cocoa, chocolate, coffee, chilis, meat, beans, hardtack, garbanzas, lentils, corn, butter, pasta, salt, cured pork, and tea, giving a glimpse of the Mexican military diet. At this time, Mexico was still reeling from the loss at San Jacinto and Santa-Anna’s capture. This decree represents a certain degree of wishful thinking, since the only ports north of Matamoros were on the Texas coast and were yet to be recaptured by Mexico.


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