Union Pacific RR Promotional Pamphlet with Three Maps

“Stock raising on the plains is yet in its infancy”

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556. UNION PACIFIC RAILROAD COMPANY. [Wrapper title] Guide to the Union Pacific Railroad Lands 12,000,000 Acres [illustration of smoking train within decorative border showing bounty of foodstuffs] 8,000,000 Acres in Central and Eastern Nebraska Now for Sale [poem]

I hear the tread of pioneers
      of nation as yet to be;
The first low wash of waves. Where soon
     Shall roll a human Sea.

Omaha, Nebraska: Land Department, Union Pacific Railroad Company [Rand McNally & Co, Printers and Engravers],1876. [1] 2-30, [2] pp., 2 folded maps, and another map on verso (see below). Wrappers with a few pale stains, one small tear repaired below at imprint (no loss), a very good copy, the maps exceptionally fine.

[1]  Karte der Mittelstaaten. [upper center] Map of the Union Pacific Railroad, Its Connections and Land Grant. Strobridge & Co., Lith. Cincinnati. Neat line to neat line: 13 x 45.3 cm. Printed on pink paper. Shows the entire route though the Midwest.

[2]  Map of the Union Pacific Railroad Land in Nebraska East of Range 42 West of the 6th P.M. 1876. [above neat line at left] Rand, McNally & Co., Map Engravers. Neat line to neat line: 16.5 x 46.5 cm. Printed on pink paper. Eastern Colorado to Council Bluffs.

[3]  Map of the Union Pacific Road and its Connections. Neat line to neat line: 11 x 19 cm. Shows most of U.S.

     Later edition of a work apparently first issued in 1870 and republished and revised innumerable times; for several editions printed in Omaha, see AII, Nebraska Imprints 192, 193, 194, 239, 240, 283, 300, 330, 388, 445. Cf. Adams, Herd 2351 (listing an 1872 edition with 48 pp. and noting an 1873 edition without specifics). Cf. Graff 4238 (listing an edition of 1872 with 48 pp. with two maps). All editions are rare. This edition is unusual in that it seems aimed at the European markets, unlike most of the others, which targeted potential emigrants already in the U.S.

This pamphlet promotes settlement on vast acres of Union Pacific lands, dividing the available lands along the line into various classes: agricultural lands, pastoral lands and winter grazing, grazing lands, and general. Among the practical advice is: “Persons with families should not come West entirely destitute of means to brave the hardships of pioneer life.” A more optimistic view is given to other positive qualities of the land, such as:

West of the 100th meridian, for a distance of nearly four hundred miles, the Union Pacific Railroad passes through the centre of the great pastoral belt of this continent. The vast region, embracing Western Nebraska, Southern Wyoming, and Northern Colorado, forms one of the most remarkable grazing countries in the world. It is watered by myriads of clear, running streams, and interspersed with broad, fertile valleys and beautiful parks, which, with the aid of irrigation, may be made to yield excellent crops of small grain and vegetables.... Stock raising on the plains is yet in its infancy.

The first map has a German title and in the section entitled “Locations of Colonies” emphasis is placed on Swedes, Scotch, English, Danes, etc.


Sold. Hammer: $300.00; Price Realized: $367.50.

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