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Auction 6: Lots 141-150

141. [MAP: CALIFORNIA & ARIZONA BORDERLANDS]. TIRION, Isaak. Kaart van het Westelyk Gedeelte van Nieuw Mexico en van California Volgens de laatste Ontdekkingen der Jesuiten en anderen. Amsterdam, 1765. Engraved map. 32.5 x 34.8 cm. (12-13/16 x 13-3/4 inches). Outline coloring. 1 inch = approximately 80 English miles. Fine copy of a fascinating, uncommon, and detailed map.

An interesting transitional map between Kino and Garcés showing the Spanish borderlands in the California-Arizona region (including present-day southern Arizona), from Tirion's Nieuwe en beknopte hand-atlas. A plethora of Jesuit missions in present-day Arizona and northwest Mexico is shown on the eve of the expulsion. Casa Grande on the Gila River is located, and California is shown to above San Diego, with a rather ill-configured grouping of the Channel Islands. Lowery 498. Phillips, Atlases 600:102. Wagner, Northwest Coast 608. Wheat, Transmississippi West 148 & p. 93: "[An] example of the commercial cartography of this period in respect of the Spanish borderlands...closely following certain Jesuit maps produced subsequent to Kino's day. Despite its title, New Mexico—as such—is not shown, the area south of the Gila being labeled Nieuw Mexico, as well as Pimería.... News of the new Spanish discoveries and explorations had obviously not yet filtered through to the cartographic ateliers of Europe."
($500-750) $575.00

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Item 142 - detail

142. [MAP: WORLD]. LÓPEZ [DE VARGAS MACHUCA], Tomás. Mapa mundi ó descripción de todo el mundo, y en particular del globo terrestre sujeto á las observaciones Astronomicas.... Madrid, 1771. Engraved double hemisphere map of the world on fine, heavy paper. 49.4 x 59.7 cm. (19-1/2 x 21-9/16 inches). Later full color; pastel green wash surrounding spheres. Scale not stated. Highly decorated ornamental cartouche with scroll and iconography of the arts and religion, fruit and plants; four spheres below indicating the planetary motions according to Tycho Brahe, Ptolemy, Copernicus, and Systema Compuesto por Capella. Very fine, with beautiful coloring. Very scarce.

A little known but important Spanish cartographer, López produced several atlases in the latter half of the eighteenth century, including Atlas de España (Madrid, 1757), Atlas de la América Septentrional (Paris, 1758), Atlas geográfico (Madrid, 1758), Atlas elemental (1792), etc. Palau 140279. Wagner, Northwest Coast 626. Locations in the Texas and the Southwest include El Paso, B. de San Bernardo [Matagorda Bay], Nueva Orleans, Taos, Santa Fe, "Kanzez," Rio Grande, "Akansas," Natchitoches, San Juan, Durango, Casa Grande, etc. Indian tribes, such as Apaches and Osages, are located.
($1,800-2,800) $2,070.00

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American Revolutionary War "Holster Atlas" Map

143. [MAP: NORTH AMERICA]. DUNN, Samuel. North America, as Divided among the European Powers. London: Sayer, 1774/[1776]. Engraved map. 30.3 x 44.3 cm. (11-15/16 x 17-7/16 inches). Original outline coloring. Scale not stated. Creased where formerly folded into atlas, two short splits at folds of upper blank margin.

The map has the publication date of 1774, but an engraved note off the West Coast states: The Spaniards have been employed in surveying the Coast up to Lat. 45º as part of New Mexico 1776. From The American Military Pocket Atlas (London, 1776), used by the British forces in the American Revolutionary War. Lowery 563. Phillips, Atlases 1206. Schwartz & Ehrenberg, p. 190: "The maps that the British high command regarded as providing essential topographical information in the most convenient form were collated in The American Military Atlas published by the firm of Robert Sayer and John Bennett in 1776. The book, known as the Holster Atlas because during the war it was carried by British officers in their holsters, included six large folding maps."
($400-800) $460.00

"No previous printed map had focused so closely on the Texas coast"—Taliaferro

Item 144 - detail

144. [MAP: TEXAS]. JEFFERYS, Thomas. The Western Coast of Louisiana and the Coast of New Leon. London: Robert Sayer, 1775. Engraved map. 47.5 x 62.3 cm. (18-11/16 x 24-1/2 inches). Later outline and wash coloring. Scale not stated. With ships showing the route of the Spanish fleet; rhumb lines. Fine.

First issue. "This map is remarkable both for its large scale and for the poor state of its geography. No previous printed map had focused so closely on the Texas coast, which makes the depiction's jumbled nature even more striking.... Jefferys was probably the world's leading, most respected cartographer in 1775, and his ignorance of the coast's geography is testimony to the obscurity of 18th century Texas.... This map received wide circulation and according to Streeter was 'the principal authority for the Texas coast' until the appearance of the Carta Esférica...a quarter of a century later'" (Taliaferro 167).

Jackson, Flags Along the Coast, p. 138. Lowery 577. Martin & Martin 21: "Britain's keen interest in North America was reflected in Jefferys' well-known American Atlas, his North American Pilot, and his West India Atlas, in which he published this chart of the Texas coastline. Like other commercial map makers of the day, competition and overhead forced him to operate on a low budget, which often meant reliance on secondary sources and even plagiarism. But for his charts and maps depicting Spanish territories, however, Jefferys relied heavily on sketches and other maps captured by the British from Spanish warships." National Maritime Museum Catalogue III, 360. Nebenzahl, Compass 6:54: "The only 18th century sea chart of Texas." Phillips, Atlases 2699. Streeter 1029n. A large legend across the interior reads: "Vast Plains which are a continual Savanna intermix'd with Woods and full of wild Beeves." Robinson, Marine Cartography in Britain, p. 21. The names of the tribes inhabiting the region are also listed.
($1,500-3,000) $2,530.00

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Rare Sea Chart of the Gulf of Mexico

145. [MAP: GULF OF MEXICO]. BONNE, Rigobert. Carte des isles Antilles et du Golfe du Mexique; avec la majeure partie de la Nouvelle Espagne. Paris: Lattré, 1780. Engraved map. 66.0 x 145.2 cm. (26 x 57-13/16 inches). Original full coloring. Scale: 1 inch = approximately 65 miles. In 18 sections, mounted on linen. Other than minor browning and a few small spots, a fine copy of a map usually found in deplorable condition due to heavy use by contemporary navigators.

First state (a second state has date advanced to 1786 and publisher changed to Delamarche). Lowery 648n. Sellers & Van Ee, Maps and Charts of North America and the West Indies 1750-1789 1703: "Covers the Southern United States, Mexico, Central America, and the West Indies. Shows provinces, numerous harbours and bays, towns, forts, channels, and a few routes of navigation. Also shows the direction of the trade winds, the Gulf Stream, and relief."

146. [MAP: NEW SPAIN]. ZATTA, Antonio. Messico ovvero Nuova Spagna che contiene il Nuovo Messico la California con una parte de Paesi adjacenti. Venice, 1785. Engraved map of Central America, Mexico, and North America north to Chesapeake Bay. 28.3 x 40.0 cm. (11-1/8 x 15-3/4 inches). Original outline coloring; cartouche with full coloring. Scale not stated. Title cartouche of fauna and beehive shaped dwellings. Very fine.

An interesting map with no recognition of the United States, or even British colonies. Louisiana extends from the Atlantic Ocean to the Red River. Good detail in Texas and New Mexico. From Zatta's Atlante novissimo, vol. 4. Lowery 668a. Phillips, Atlases 651. Wheat, Transmississippi West 203 & p. 148.

147. [MAP: NEW SPAIN]. ROBERT DE VAUGONDY, Gilles. Nouvelle Espagne, Nouveau Méxique, Isles Antilles, par Robert de Vaugondy corrigés par le Cen. Lamarche Géog. Successeur de Vaugondy. l'An 3e. [Paris: Delamarche, 1794 or 1795] Engraved map. 24.0 x 30.8 cm. (9-7/16 x 12-1/4 inches). Original outline coloring. Scale: 1 inch = approximately 280 English miles. Inset: Isles Açores ou Tercères. (3.5 x 6.7 cm.; 1-3/8 x 2-5/8 inches). Fine.

Although dated 1794/95 [l'An 3e.], the map is a copy of an earlier map which appeared in Robert de Vaugondy's 1778 atlas; hence, it does not show the newly independent United States of America. Interesting place names in the Southwest include: R. Colorado de los Martyres, Casa Grande, Nouvelle Navarre (applied to the Mexico-Arizona borderlands). Lowery 707: "This map is taken from the atlas of Gilles Robert de Vaugondy, entitled: Nouvel atlas portatif destiné pour l'instuction de la jeunese.... Paris, [1794-1806]." Phillips, Atlases 3528, passim.

Item 148 - detail

148. [MAP: GULF OF MEXICO]. CASSINI, Giovanni Maria. La parte orientale dell' Antico, e Nuovo Messico con la Florida e la Bassa Luigiana dellineata sulle ultime Osservazioni. Rome: Presso la Calcografia Camenale, 1798. Engraved map of the Gulf of Mexico, Central America area. 48.2 x 35.2 cm. (19 x 13-7/8 inches). Original outline coloring; cartouche full coloring. Scale not stated. Pictorial cartouche depicting soldiers on horseback approaching fearful natives. Other than very light foxing mostly confined to blank margins, fine.

Taken from Cassini's Nuovo atlante geografico universale (Rome, 1792-1801). Lowery 719c. Phillips, Atlases 670.

149. [MAP: NORTH AMERICA]. CARY, John. North America. London, [1808]. Engraved map. 23.4 x 28.8 cm. (9-3/16 x 11-5/16 inches). Original full coloring. Scale not stated. Very fine. Uncommon.

Texas is represented as a town due east of San Antonio; the United States' western border is the Mississippi with Louisiana appearing as a blend of the colors for British and Spanish possessions; and a solid wall of the Stony Mountains extends from 54ºN to 30ºN. Issued in Cary's New Universal Atlas (1808). Phillips, Atlases 714.
($200-400) $230.00

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One of Streeter's Six most Important maps for a Texas Collection

Item 150 - detail

150. [MAP: NEW SPAIN ]. HUMBOLDT, Alexander von. Carte Générale du Royaume de la Nouvelle Espagne depuis le Parallele de 16º jusqu'au Parallele de 38º (Latitude Nord).... Paris, [1809]. Engraved map. 99.3 x 69.7 cm. (39 x 27-1/2 inches). Black and white. Scale not stated. 2 sheets joined. Very fine copy of this very rare, beautifully engraved cornerstone map.

First state of a "truly magnificent cartographic achievement.... For the area of the American West which it included, it was undoubtedly the most important and most accurate published map that had yet appeared" (Wheat, Transmississippi West 272 & I, pp. 132-38). The map was published in Humboldt's Atlas géographique et physique du royaume de la Nouvelle-Espagne (Paris, 1811), which is usually found with the quarto edition of Essai politique sur le royaume de la Nouvelle-Espagne. Graff 2009. Howes H786. Martin & Martin 23n (citing the reduced version that appeared in the English edition): "Humboldt was, without question, the dominant scientific and philosophical figure of his age." Plains & Rockies IV:7a. Printing & the Mind of Man 320n. Schwartz & Ehrenberg, plate 139 & p. 127: "Humboldt's map remained the standard map of the Great Basin region until Fremont's expeditions 35 years later." Streeter 1042 & p. 329 (designating Humbolt's map as one of six maps especially desirable for a Texas collection): "Highly acclaimed...the best [map] to that date for the Texas region." Taliaferro, p. 13: "Humboldt acknowledged, for example, that on of New Spain, 1809, he altered the configuration given by the Carta Esférica of 1799 in accordance with 'a manuscript map which General Wilkinson communicated to me at Washington, on his return from Louisiana.'" Humboldt charged that the maps of Pike and Arrowsmith were blatant plagiarisms of his Carte générale. Humboldt's epochal map of New Spain, constructed in 1803-1804 during his researches in Mexico (contemporary with the Louisiana Purchase), put into the hands of the reading public the best representation of the geography of the American Southwest that had thus far appeared on a map.
($7,000-12,000) $16,100.00

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