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Auction 7 Catalogue

Lots 401-450

401. [TEXAS (NATIVE AMERICANS)]. Lot of 20 titles, including:

RICHARDSON, Rupert Norval. The Comanche Barrier to South Plains Settlement. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1933.

RISTER, Carl Coke. Comanche Bondage: Dr. John Charles Beale’s Settlement of La Villa de Dolores with an Annotated Reprint of Sarah Ann Horn’s Narrative of Her Captivity Among the Comanches. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1955. Basic Texas Books 174n.

WALLACE, Ernest. Ranald S. Mackenzie on the Texas Frontier. Lubbock, Texas: West Texas Museum Association, 1964.

Plus 17 others.

(20 vols.)


402. [TEXAS (OUTLAWS)]. Lot of 17 titles, including:

HARDIN, John Wesley. Life of John Wesley Hardin, From the Original Manuscript. Seguin, Texas: Smith & Moore, 1896. Howes H188.

BARLER, Miles. “Early Days in Llano” [cover title] Personal Reminiscences.... [Llano: Llano Times, 1915]. 76 pp. 16mo, original brown wrappers printed in red. Very fine. Third edition (the first edition, published in Llano in 1898, exists in only one copy–Vandale 10; OCLC locates 4 copies of the second edition, ca. 1905). Adams, Guns 140; Herd 206. CBC 3031. Collection of articles originally published in the Llano Times containing reminiscences of an Ohioan who came to Texas in 1850 with the Oatmans and worked as a cowboy in Bastrop County with Grandpa Oatman and then Col. Bunton. After accumulating a hundred head of cattle, he settled in Llano County in 1857. Cowboying, Indian fights, outlaws, rustlers, bear hunts, Civil War, etc.

FULLER, Henry C. Texas Sheriff. Nacogdoches, Texas: Baker Printing Co., 1931.

Plus 14 others.

(17 vols.)


403. [TEXAS (RANCHING)]. Lot of 6 titles, including:

BROWN, Dee. Trail Driving Days. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1952. Adams, Guns 293; Herd 340.

Century of Texas Cattle Brands. Fort Worth: The Fair Publishing Co., 1936.

ARNOLD, Oren and John P. Hale. Hot Irons Heraldry of the Range. New York: Macmillan, 1940. Adams, Guns 79; Herd 173. Howes A332.

SHAW, James C. North From Texas: Incidents in Early Life of a Range Cowman in Texas, Dakota and Wyoming, 1852-1883. Evanston, Illinois: Branding Iron Press, 1952. Adams, Herd 2041. Howes S342.

Plus 2 others.

(6 vols.)


404. [TEXAS (RANCHING)]. Lot of 9 titles, including

COX, James. Historical and Biographical Record of the Cattle Industry and the Cattlemen of Texas and Adjacent Territory. New York: Antiquarian Press, 1959. 2 vols., illustrated. Folio, original brown calf over brown gilt pictorial cloth. Very fine in publisher’s slipcase. Original prospectus laid in. Second edition, limited edition (550 copies) Basic Texas Books 34A: “Facsimile reprint with a new 6-page introduction by J. Frank Dobie.”

HUNTER, J. Marvin (compiler & editor). The Trail Drivers of Texas: Interesting Sketches of Early Cowboys and their Experiences on the Range and on the Trail during the Days that Tried Men’s Souls–True Narratives Related by Real Cow-Punchers and Men who Fathered the Cattle Industry in Texas. Nashville: Cokesbury Press, 1925. xvi, 1,044 pp., illustrations (mostly photographic). Thick 8vo, original gilt-lettered navy blue cloth. Very fine and bright in very slightly worn d.j. Second edition revised. Adams, Guns 1084n; Herd 1103n: “Perhaps the most important single contribution to the history of cattle driving on the western trails.” Basic Texas Books 99C. Campbell 101 49n. Dykes, Kid 77; Western High Spots, p. 28. 44 & 44 21n. Graff 2020n. Howes H816. King, Women on the Cattle Trail, p. 16. Rader 1988. Reese, Six Score 61: “The largest collection of first hand narratives of the range cattle industry. The Nashville editions contain information not in the original. An essential foundation book for any range library.”

SHIRK, David. The Cattle Drives of David Shirk: From Texas to the Idaho Mines 1871 and 1873. [Portland: Lawton Kennedy for] Champoeg Press, 1956. Limited edition. Adams, Herd 2023.

Plus 6 others.

(10 vols.)


405. [TEXAS (RANCHING)]. Lot of 7 titles, including:

DALE, Edward Everett. The Range Cattle Industry. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1930. Adams, Herd 639. Howes D20.

KING, Frank M. Pioneer Western Empire Builders: a True Story of the Men and Women of Pioneer Days. Pasadena: Trail’s End, 1946. Colophon: ‘Deluxe ed., numbered and signed by the author. Adams, Guns 1238; Herd 1276.

RISTER, Carl Coke. Southern Plainsmen. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1938. Adams, Guns 1864; Herd 1508. Howes R317.

Plus 4 others.

(8 vols.)


406. [TEXAS (RANCHING)]. Lot of 8 titles, including:

DONOHO, M. H. Circle-dot, A True Story of Cowboy Life Forty Years Ago. Topeka: Crane & Co., 1907. Adams, Guns 614; Herd 716. Howes D427.

Pioneer Sketches. Nebraska and Texas. Hico, Texas: Hico Printing Co., 1915. Adams, Herd 1059.

WILLIS, W. S. A Story of the Big Western Ranches. Fort Worth, Texas: N.p., 1955. First edition. Adams, Herd 2531.

Plus 5 others.

(8 vols.)


407. [TEXAS (RANCHING)]. RYE, Edgar. Quirt and the Spur; Vanishing Shadows of the Texas Frontier. Chicago: W. B. Conkey Co., 1909. Adams, Guns 1923; Herd 1982. Howes R559. Reese, Six Score 95.

(1 vol.)


408. [TEXAS (RANCHING)]. Lot of 8 titles, including

SANDOZ, Mari. The Cattlemen From the Rio Grande Across the Far Marias. New York: Hastings House, [1958]. Deluxe edition, signed by author.

ADAMS, Ramon F. The Old-Time Cowhand. New York: The Macmillan Co., 1961.

ADAMS, Ramon F. Come an’ Get It: The Story of the Old Cowboy Cook. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, [1952]. Ex-library.

HAMNER, Laura V. Light ‘n Hitch: A Collection of Historical Writing Depicting Life on the High Plains. Dallas, Texas: American Guild Press, [1958].

McCARTY, John L. Maverick Town: The Story of Old Tascosa. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1946. First edition. Adams, Guns 1386; Herd 1371.

SIMS, Orland L. Cowboys, Nesters, & So Forth. Austin: Encino Press, 1970.

SONNICHSEN, C. L. Cowboys and Cattle Kings: Life on the Range Today. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, [1950].

TOWNE, Charles Wayland & Edward Norris Wentworth. Cattle & Men. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, [1955].

(8 vols.)


409. [TEXAS (SAN ANTONIO)]. Lot of 4 titles, including:

CORNER, William (compiler & editor). San Antonio de Bexar: A Guide and History. San Antonio: Bainbridge & Corner, 1890. [8] 166 [27, ads] pp., maps, plates, text illustrations. Tall 8vo, original gilt-lettered maroon cloth. Minor shelf wear, else very fine. First edition. Adams, Guns 498. Agatha, p. 71: “Today a rare item for the book collector because of the historical sketch of Sidney Lanier.” CBC 312. Howes C778. Raines, p. 55: “A mass of authentic information. The maps and ground plans of old San Antonio, the Alamo, and the four missions were especially made for this work, and constitute the only permanent record of the original lines of this interesting town and its mission establishments.”

San Antonio: A descriptive view book in colors. Denver: H. H. Tammen Co., 1913.

Plus 2 others.

(5 vols.)


410. [TEXAS (TEXAS RANGERS)]. Lot of 7 titles, including:

ATEN, Ira. Six and One-Half Years in the Ranger Service: Memoirs of Ira Aten, Sergeant Co. D, Texas Rangers. Bandera, Texas: Frontier Times, 1945. Adams, Guns 91; Herd 179.

Captain Jeff or Frontier Life in Texas with the Texas Rangers. Colorado, Texas: Whipkey Printing Co., 1906. Howes M243. Graff 2667.

GILLETT, James B. Six Years with the Texas Rangers, 1875 to 1881. Austin: Von Boeckmann-Jones, 1921. 332 pp., frontispiece, plates (portraits). 8vo, original gilt-lettered dark green cloth. Very fine and bright.

First edition. Adams, Guns 829;. One-Fifty 62. Basic Texas Books 76. Clark, New South I:83A: “Gillett’s service with the Rangers was in the western and northwestern part of Texas, an area that was real frontier in the 1870s. An excellent account of frontier lawless society.” Dobie, Big Bend Bibliography, p. [9]. Dobie, p. 59-60: “I regard Gillett as the strongest and straightest of all ranger narrators.” Dykes, Western High Spots (“My Ten Most Outstanding Books on the West”) p. 20; (“Ranger Reading”), p. 116. Graff 1553. Greene, The Fifty Best Books on Texas, p. 73: “Gillett joined the Rangers in 1875 at age 18, but he never succumbs to the deification process so many other writers (including Webb) stumble through when recall those gods of the frontier.” Howes G177.

Plus 4 others.

(7 vols.)


411. [TEXAS (TEXAS RANGERS)]. Lot of 16 titles, including:

DE SHIELDS, James T. Border Wars of Texas. Tioga, Texas: The Herald Company, 1912. Graff 1063. Howes D277.

HUGHES, W. J. Rebellious Ranger: Rip Ford and the Old Southwest. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1964. First edition.

PAINE, Albert Bigelow. Captain Bill McDonald: Texas Ranger: A Story of Frontier Reform. New York: J. J. Little & Ives Co., 1909. 448 pp., frontispiece portrait, plates, facsimile. 8vo, original blue cloth lettered in white. First edition, “special subscription edition.” Basic Texas Books 158: “Life of the most famous Texas Ranger of the time. The importance of the book lies in its bringing nationwide attention to the legend of the Texas Ranger. Accounts of his fights against cattle thieves, outlaws (he stood down Bat Masterson, who seldom backed away from a fight), train and bank robbers, rioters, etc.” Campbell, p. 78. Dobie, p. 60. Dykes, Fifty Great Western Illustrators (Hutchison) 33. Dykes, Western High Spots, p. 118 (“Ranger Reading”). Guns 1669: “Biography of one of the better-known Texas Rangers, this volume deals with many Texas and Oklahoma outlaws.” Howes P14. One-Fifty 110. Rader 2570.

STERLING, William Warren. Trials and Trials of a Texas Ranger. N.p., 1959. First edition. Adams, Guns 2141.

Plus 12 others.

(16 vols.)


412. [TEXAS (TEXAS RANGERS)]. McCONNELL, H. H. Five Years a Cavalryman: Or Sketches of Regular Army Life on the Texas Frontier, Twenty Odd Years Ago. Jacksboro, Texas: J. N. Rogers & Co., 1889. Adams, Guns 1393; Herd 1380. Basic Texas Books 131. Graff 2579. Howes M59. Raines, p. 142.

(1 vol.)


413. [TEXAS (TEXAS RANGERS)]. Lot of 8 titles, including:

SCHREINER, Charles, Audrey Schreiner, Robert Berryman & Hal F. Matheny. Pictorial History of the Texas Rangers. That Special Breed of Men. Mountain Home: Y-O Press, 1969.

WEBB, Walter Prescott. The Texas Rangers: A Century of Frontier Defense. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1935.

Plus 6 others.

(8 vols.)


414. [TEXAS (TEXAS REVOLUTION)]. Lot of 26 titles, including:

HEFTER, J. The Navy of the Republic of Texas. N.p.: Old Army Press, 1974.

DE SHIELDS, James T. Tall Men With Long Rifles: The Glamorous Story of the Texas Revolution as Told by Captain Creed Taylor, who Fought in that Heroic Struggle from Gonzales to San Jacinto. San Antonio: Naylor Company, 1935. Limited edition.

DOUGLAS, C. L. Thunder on the Gulf: Or the Story of the Texas Navy. Fort Collins, Texas: Old Army Press, 1973.

HOUSTON, Andrew Jackson. Texas Independence. Houston: Anson Jones Press, 1938. First edition.

HOUSTON, Sam. Documents of Major Gen. Sam Houston, Commander in Chief of the Texian Army. The Battle of San Jacinto. New Orleans: John Cox & Co., 1836. Facsimile.

TOLBERT, Frank X. The Day of San Jacinto. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1959.

Plus 20 others.

(26 vols.)


415. [TEXAS (TRAVEL & EXPLORATION)]. Lot of 11 titles, including:

SIBLEY, Marilyn McAdams. Travelers in Texas 1761-1860. Austin: University of Texas Press, 1967.

BOLLAERT, William. William Bollaert’s Texas. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1956. xxiii [1] 423 [1] pp., plates. 8vo, original blue and red cloth. Fine lightly worn d.j. First edition. Basic Texas Books 18: “Most entertaining book on the Republic of Texas, this is also one of the most perceptive.” The English author visited Texas 1842-1844.

LATHAM, Francis S. Travels in the Republic of Texas, 1842. Austin: Encino Press, 1971.

OLMSTED, Frederick Law. Journey through Texas; or, a Saddle-trip on the Southwestern Frontier. New York: Dix, Edwards & Co., 1857. [2] xxxiv, 516 pp., wood-engraved frontispiece, folding map by Colton. 12mo, original brown cloth. Binding slightly faded and lightly worn, interior fine, the map excellent. Kansas State Historical Society duplicate (with their turn-of-the-century book label on front pastedown, small ink stamp on title, and call number in green ink on title verso). This is a very difficult book to find in collector’s condition.

First edition. Basic Texas Books 157: “The most civilized of all nineteenth-century books on Texas, this is also the most interesting and the most dependable. Olmsted offers many insights into economic and social life. He gives one of the earliest descriptions of the Texas cattle ranch.” Clark, Old South III:481n & 482n. Coleman 3431. Dobie, p. 52. Graff 3097. Greene, The Fifty Best Books on Texas, p. 45. Howes O79. Raines, p. 159: “No better book yet written on travels in Texas.” Sibley, Travelers in Texas, p. 216. “Frederick Law Olmsted (1822-1902), noted landscape architect and writer of travel books made extensive tours throughout the South from 1852 to 1857. One of the products of this travel was A Journey through Texas. On his route via Natchitoches down the Old San Antonio Road, through the German settlements, down to the coastal prairie towns, through San Antonio, Eagle Pass, Houston, and Liberty, Olmsted commented on all phases of town and country life in Texas. Olmsted was a fervent opponent of slavery, and his journeys through Texas and the other slave states confirmed his deep-seated antipathy to forced servitude and to the South in general” (New Handbook IV:1149).Tate 2591: “A classic in Texas literature.” McMurtry praised the book as “an intelligent, lively book, packed with keen observation and lightened by a delicate strain of humor. [It] remains one of the most readable of nineteenth-century American travel books.”

Plus 7 others.

(14 vols.)


416. [UTAH]. Lot of 2 titles, including:

Acts, Resolutions, and Memorials, Passed by the First Annual, and Special Sessions, of the Legislative Assembly, of the Territory of Utah, Begun and Held at Great Salt Lake City, on the 22nd day of September, A. D., 1851. Salt Lake City: Brigham H. Young, Printer, 1852. [8] 258 pp. 8vo, disbound. Early Utah Territory imprint. McMurtrie, The Beginning of Printing in Utah 15.

Acts, Resolutions and Memorials, passed at the Several Annual Sessions of the Legislative Assembly, of the Territory of Utah. Great Salt Lake City: Joseph Cain, Public Printer, 1855. 460 pp. 8vo, original tan boards (back cover detached). Early Utah Territory imprint. McMurtrie, The Beginning of Printing in Utah 27.

(2 vols.)


417. [UTAH]. Lot of 36 titles.

ALTER, J. Cecil. Early Utah Journalism. Salt Lake City: Utah State Historical Society, 1938.

BEADLE, J.H. Life in Utah: or, the Mysteries and Crimes of Mormonism. Philadelphia, Penn.: National Publishing Co., [1870]. Flake 344.

GIBBS, Josiah F. Lights and Shadows of Mormonism. Salt Lake City: Salt Lake Tribune Pub. Co., [c1909]. Flake 3552.

GREEN, N. W. Mormonism: its Rise, Progress, and Present Condition. Hartford, Conn.: Belknap & Bliss, 1870. front board loose, leatherbound copy. Flake 370.

HAFEN, LeRoy R. and HAFEN, Ann W. Handcarts to Zion:The Story of a Unique Western Migration 1856-1860. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1960.

HASELTINE, James L. (editor). 100 Years of Utah painting. [Salt Lake City: Salt Lake Art Center, c1965].

HORNE, Alice Merrill. Devotees and their Shrines:a Hand Book of Utah Art. Salt Lake City: Deseret News, 1914. Flake 4089: “Mormon art and architecture.” Very scarce.

MORTENSEN, A. Russell. Early Utah Sketches: Historic Buildings and Scenes in Mormon Country. [Salt Lake City]: University of Utah Press, [c1969].

STEVENSON, Edward. Reminiscences of Joseph, the Prophet, and the Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon. Salt Lake City: Elder Edward Stevenson, 1893. Flake 8456: “Comments on the personal account of Joseph Smith.”

Plus 27 others.

(36 vols.)


418. [UTAH]. Lot of 9 titles, including:

AUERBACH, Herbert S. Father Escalante’s Journal 1776-77 Newly Translatated with Related Documents and Original Maps. Salt Lake City: Utah State Historical Society,, [1944]. Combined reprint from Utah State Historical Society, 1943.

BOLTON, Herbert E. Pageant in the Wilderness:The Story of the Escalante Expedition to the Interior Basin, 1776. Salt Lake City: Utah State Historical Soc., 1950.

HARRIS, W. R. The Catholic Church in Utah. A Review of Spanish and Missionary Explorations, Tribal Divisions. Journal of the Franciscan Explorers and Discoverers of Utah Lake. The Trailing of the Priests from Santa Fe. Salt Lake City: Intermountain Catholic Press, [1909]. Map, plates. 8vo, original gilt-decorated dark green cloth, bevelled edges. Fine, bright copy. First edition. Flake 3869. Graff 1797. Howes H238: “Contains first English translation of Escalante’s account of his Utah discoveries.”

Plus 6 others.

(9 vols.)


419. [UTAH]. Lot of 15 titles, including:

BASKIN, R. N. Reminiscences of Early Utah. [Salt Lake City: R.N. Baskin], 1914. Adams, Guns 161. Flake 330. Howes B226.

BROOKS, Juanita. Dudley Leavitt: Pioneer to Southern Utah. N.p., 1942.

HAFEN, LeRoy R. Hafen Families of Utah. Provo, Utah: Hafen Family Association, 1967, c1962. Very scarce.

KELLY, Charles & Maurice L. Howe. Miles Goodyear: First Citizen of Utah. Salt Lake City: Western Printing Company, 1937. Limited edition, signed by Kelly. Howes K56.

OLSON, Edmund T. Utah: A Romance in Pioneer Days. Salt Lake City: Edmund T. Olson, 1931. Adams, Guns 1648.

STANLEY, Reva. The Archer of Paradise: A Biography of Parley P. Pratt. Caldwell, Idaho: Caxton Printers, Inc., 1937. first.

STREVELL, Charles Nettleton. As I Recall Them. [Salt Lake City]: Stevens & Wallis, n.d. Adams, Guns 2158. The author was editor of the Salt Lake Tribune. The first half of the book is on the Midwest and Montana, and the second half covers Utah.

The Diamond Jubilee of the Coming of the Utah Pioneers. Salt Lake City: The Committees, 1922.

Plus 8 others.

(15 vols.)


420. [UTAH]. Lot of 10 titles, including:

GOVE, Jesse A. Utah Expedition, 1857-1858. Concord: New Hampshire Historical Society, 1928. 8vo, original black cloth. Howes G279.

MUMEY, Nolie. John Williams Gunnison (1812-1853) the Last of the Western Explorers: a History of the Survey Through Colorado and Utah with a Biography and Details of his Massacre. Denver: Aircraft Press, 1955. Large 8vo, original green cloth over boards. Very fine Limited edition.

STANSBURY, Howard. Exploration and Survey of the Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah, Including a Reconnoissance of a New Route Through the Rocky Mountains. Philadelphia:: Lippincott, Grambo & Co., 1852. Map, 57 lithographed plates (mostly tinted, a few folding). 8vo, original dark brown cloth. Lacking folder with the two large maps. Light binding wear, internally fine, the plates excellent. First edition, Senate issue (title-page commences “Special Session, March , 1859, Senate Executive No. 3). Flake 8359. Howes S884. Plains & Rockies IV:219:2: “Stansbury commanded the detachment of the Army’s Topographical Engineers which was directed in 1849 to explore and report on the Great Salt Lake Basin. Of particular interest were the newly established Mormon Settlements, and the routes and passes through the Rockies for Emigrants and possibly a railroad.”

Plus 7 others.

(10 vols.)


421. [UTAH]. Lot of 2 titles, including:

LINFORTH, James. Route from Liverpool to Great Salt Lake Valley. Liverpool: Franklin D. Richards, 1855. viii, 120 pp., folding map, 30 engraved plates, text illustrations. Small folio, original three-quarter dark purple morocco over purple cloth. Armorial bookplate. Other than minor shelf wear, a very fine copy, in slipcase. First edition. Eberstadt 130:363: “The views are of outstanding merit and include New Orleans, Natchez, Vicksburg, Memphis, St. Louis, Keokuk, Nauvoo, Council Bluffs, Laramie, Fort Bridger, and Salt Lake City.” Howes L359. LC, Utah 1: “A Utah pioneer classic. This famous book originated in 1853, in the desire of many members of the Church of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons) for a collection of steel engravings and woodcuts to illustrate the most noted landmarks on the emigration route from Liverpool to Great Salt Lake, via New Orleans, the Mississippi River and the Mormon Trail through Iowa and Nebraska, thence along the Platte River to For Laramie, South Pass, and Fort Bridger. By agreement with Elder S. W. Richards, publisher of the Latter-Day Saints’ Work in England, Pierce went to Utah to make the sketches upon which the plates were based. They were published in this volume with his diary of the journey, James Linforth’s notes on the route, and a history of the Latter-Day Saints’ emigration from Europe until the close of 1855, with statistics.” Plains & Rockies IV:259. Wheat, Transmississippi West 858 & pp. 40-41 (map reproduced following p. 40): “One of the most illuminating maps of the West to appear during 1855 [and] shows Utah in all its glory. This is not only an important map in the history of Mormons, but is in every sense an important map of the West, giving as it does a carefully drawn picture of that entire area. The book is notable for its steel engravings. It contains much material on the history of the Mormons, and its advice to prospective travelers is generally good. The map was excellent for the period.”

Plus 1 other.

(2 vols.)


422. [UTAH]. Lot of 7 titles, including:

WATSON, Douglas S. (editor). West Wind: The Life Story of Joseph Reddeford Walker. Los Angeles: Percy H. Booth, 1934. LC, Utah, 48: “His first journey across Utah, 1833-34, with Captain Benjamin L. E. Bonneville’s exploring party, revealed the country North of the Great Salt Lake.” The other books in this lot relate to early forays into the Utah country by fur traders and mountain men, such as Beckwourth, Ashley-Smith, Jedediah Smith, etc.

Plus 6 others.

(7 vols.)


423. [UTAH (LOCAL HISTORY)]. Lot of 30 titles, including:

DRIGGS, Howard R. Timpanogos Town, Story of Old Battle Creek and Pleasant Grove, Utah. [Manchester, N.H.: Clarke Press], c1948.

DUNHAM, Dick and Vivian. Our Strip of Land:a History of Daggett County, Utah. Manila, Utah: Daggett County Lions Club, [1947].

GARDNER, Hamilton. Lehi Centennial History 1850-1950. Lehi, Utah: Free Press Publishing Co., [1950].

HAFEN, Arthur Knight. Dixie Folklore and Pioneer Memoirs. St. George, Utah, 1961.

JENSEN, J. Marinus. History of Provo, Utah. Provo: J. Marinus Jensen, 1924.

McCUNE, Alice Paxman. History of Juab County. Springville, Utah: Juab County Company of Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 1947.

McELPRANG, Stella (compiler). Castle Valley:a History of Emery County. N.p., [Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 1949].

SAVAGE, Charles R. (photographer). Zion, Her Gates and Temple. N.p, n.d. Color view book of Salt Lake City and Utah.

SIMMONDS, A.J. On The Big Range: A Centennial History of Cornish and Trenton: Cache County, Utah 1870-1970. N.p.: Utah State Univ. Press, 1970.

SONS OF UTAH PIONEERS. BOX ELDER CHAPTER. Box Elder Lore of the Nineteenth Century. Brigham City: Sons of Utah Pioneers, 1951. Not in Adams, but contains substatial material on ranching. Very scarce.

TULLIDGE, Edward W. Tullidge’s Histories, (Volume II.) Containing the History of all the Northern, Eastern and Western Counties of Utah; also the Counties of Southern Idaho. With a Biographical Index of Representative Men and Founders of the Cities and Counties; also a Commercial Supplement, Historical. Salt Lake City: Edward W. Tullidge, 1889. Engraved portraits. 8vo, original three-quarter black morocco First edition. Howes T412.

WARNER, Elisha. The History of Spanish Fork. Spanish Fork, Utah: The Press Publishing Co., 1930.

Plus 18 others.

(30 vols.)


424. [UTAH (TRANSPORTATION AND TRAILS)]. Lot of 14 titles, including:

HULBERT, Archer Butler. Letters of an Overland Mail Agent in Utah. Worcester, Mass.: American Antiquarian Society, 1929. 8vo, wrappers.

INMAN, Henry and CODY, William F. Great Salt Lake Trail. New York: Macmillan Company, 1898. Slightly rubbed and worn. Adams, Guns 1114, Howes I15.

Plus 12 others.

(14 vols.)


425. [WYOMING]. Lot of 20 titles, including:

ALTER, J. Cecil. James Bridger Trapper, Frontiersman, Scout, and Guide. Salt Lake City: Shepard Book Co., [1925]. Howes A191. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 1.

CARLETON, J. Henry. 1844-1845: The Prairie Logbooks. Chicago: Caxton Club, 1943. Howes C146. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 16: “A very interesting account of day-to-day travels of the dragoons on two excursions through the plains regions from Fort Leavenworth. The second expedition, a trip to South Pass. Amusing, light-hearted style.

DE VOTO, Bernard. Across the Wide Missouri. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1947. In slipcase. Limited edition. Howes D296. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 19: “Centering his account around the hunting trips of Captain William Drummond Stewart and his painter, Alfred Jacob Miller, De Voto presents a picture of the fur trade in the Rocky Mountains, 1832-38, describing it not as chronological history but as a business and a manner of life.”

FROST, Donald McKay. Notes on General Ashley, the Overland Trail, and South Pass. Worcester, Mass.: American Antiquarian Society, 1945. Howes F392. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 26: “A retelling of the story of General Ashley’s activities in the fur trade in the light of additional information discovered since General Chittenden’s book.”

HAFEN, LeRoy R. Broken Hand: The Life Story of Thomas Fitzpatrick, Mountain Man, Guide and Indian Agent. Denver: Old West Publishing Co., c1931. Limited edition. Howes H10. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 4.

HEBARD, Grace Raymond. History and Romance of Wyoming: A Guide to Book Titles and Historic Places. Laramie, 1928.

HULBERT, Archer Butler. Forty-niners: the Chronicle of the California Trail. Boston: Little, Brown, c1931. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 5.

JACKSON, William H. The Pioneer Photographer: Rocky Mountain Adventures With a Camera. Yonkers-on-Hudson: World Book Company, 1929. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 5.

WAGNER, W. F. (editor). Leonard’s Narrative; Adventures of Zenas Leonard Fur Trader and Trapper 1831-1836. Cleveland: Burrows Brothers Co., 1904. In the rare d.j. Limited edition (550 copies). Currey & Kruska 235. Howes C264. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 6. Zamorano Eighty 50.

MOKLER, Alfred James. Transition of the West. Vol. I. Chicago: R. R. Donnelly & Sons, 1927. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 6.

SULLIVAN, Maurice S. Travels of Jedediah Smith: A Documentary Outline, Including the Journal of the Great American Pathfinder. Santa Ana: Fine Arts Press, 1934. Howes S1127. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 8.

VISSCHER, William Lightfoot. A Thrilling and Truthful History of the Pony Express or Blazing the Westward Way: and Other Sketches and Incidents of Those Stirring Times. Chicago: Rand, McNally, 1908. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 59.

Plus 8 others.

(20 vols.)


426. [WYOMING]. COUTANT, C. G. History of Wyoming: From the Earliest Known Discoveries. Laramie: Chaplin, Spafford & Mathison, Printers, 1899. xxiv [17]-712 pp., 76 illustrations on 27 plates (Howes errs in calling for 76 plates). Thick 8vo, original three-quarter black leather over dark brown cloth, gilt seal on upper cover. Binding worn and shaken. Former owner’s notes on front endpapers. First edition. Graff 889. Howes C810. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 3. From early exploration to about 1870, including trappers and traders of the early days, Oregon migration, Mormon movement and settlements, Native Americans, depredations on the overland trail, etc.

(1 vol.)


427. [WYOMING]. DOWNEY, Stephen W. Letter on Native Soda Deposits Near Laramie City, Wyoming Territory, to the Superintendent of the Census [wrapper title]. Laramie: Laramie Sentinel Print, 1880. 4 pp. 12mo, original yellow printed wrappers. Very fine.

First edition. McMurtrie (Wyoming) 54. Interesting early Wyoming imprint.

(1 vol.)


428. [WYOMING]. Lot of 17 titles, including:

ELLIS, Erl H. International Boundary Lines Across Colorado and Wyoming: A Lesson in Geography. Boulder: Johnson Pub. Co., [1966]. Limited edition.

Plus 16 others.

(17 vols.)


429, [WYOMING]. Lot of 2 titles, including:

ENGLISH, Mary K. J. Prairie Sketches or Fugitive Recollections of an Army Girl of 1899. [Denver: Privately printed, ca. 1899]. 79 pp., 19 photoplates. 8vo, original green printed wrappers. Fragile wrappers a bit chipped, else fine. Very scarce.

First edition. Graff 1251. Howes (1954) 3323. Huntington 292: "An interesting narrative of life and adventures in the far west, containing details on the Shoshones, Arapahoes, etc." Myres, Following the Drum, "Reminiscences by a major’s daughter with the 7th Cavalry at Fort Washakie, Wyoming at the turn of the century."

COLLINS, Catharine W. An Army Wife Comes West: Letters of Catharine Wever Collins (1863-1864). Denver, 1954. Reprint from The Colorado Magazine. Illustrations. Very fine in original printed wrappers.

(2 vols.)


430. [WYOMING]. LARAMIE, HAHNS PEAK & PACIFIC RAILWAY CO. Laramie, Hahns Peak and Pacific Railway System: the Direct Gateway to Southern Wyoming, Northern Colorado, and Eastern Utah. Boston: Tudor Press, Inc., n.d. Approximately 204 unnumbered pages, mostly photographic plates with explanatory text opposite, large folding colored lithographic map. Oblong 4to, original dark brown gilt-lettered cloth. Fine. First edition, deluxe edition, with recipient’s name in manuscript. Wonderful documentary album on the Laramie, Hahns Peak and Pacific line, with town views, cattle ranches, mining, scenes along the route, etc.

(1 vol.)


431. [WYOMING]. MERCER, Asa Shinn. Banditti of the Plains or the Cattlemen’s Invasion of Wyoming in 1892. [Cheyenne, Wyo.]: Privately published, [1894]. [14 (blanks)] [2 (ad, verso blank)] 139 [1 (blank)] pp., map, portraits, other illustrations (included as text illustrations). 8vo, unbound signatures. Slightly worn, a few signatures carelessly opened, one small spot on title. First edition. Adams, Guns 1478: “One of the rarities of western Americana;” Herd 1474; One Fifty 103. Dykes, Western High Spots (“A Range Man’s Library”), p. 80: “The Johnson County Wyoming affair is perhaps the most widely publicized of all range wars. “Graff 2750. Howes M522. King, Women on the Cattle Trail, p. 17: “Includes an account of the hanging of ‘Cattle Kate,’ who was accused of rustling cattle in Wyoming.” Merrill, Aristocrats of the Cattle Country, pp. 8 & 21. Reese, Six Score 79: “Mercer, a promoter and newspaper editor, wrote the Banditti as an attack on the actions of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association during the Johnson County War.” “Mercer’s book is one of those intriguing Western books with as much legend surrounding its history as its origins. Adams and others maintained that the book was systematically destroyed and purloined by members of the Wyoming Stock Growers’ Association because of Mercer’s vitriolic denunciation of them. Philip Ashton Rollins claimed that when the books were shipped, they were hosed down to destroy them. We place more credence in William Reese’s even-handed view of the matter: “The book is said to have been suppressed, and may have been to a certain extent, but a fair number of copies exist today, although it certainly remains rare. Its importance is great, chronicling one of the last great upheavals of frontier violence in the wars for the open range against fencing (Catalogue 67:452). Reese, like Fred Rosenstock, believed the book to have been printed in Denver, rather than Wyoming. Unbound.

(1 vol.)


432. [WYOMING]. Lot of 11 titles, including:

SCOTT, Mary Hurlburt. The Oregon Trail Through Wyoming. Aurora, Colorado: Powder River Publishers, 1958.

RICHARDSON, Clarence B. Pioneering Western Trails. [Cheyenne: Wyoming State Tribune], 1929.

Wyoming Travel Trails 1936. N.p., n.d.

Plus 8 others.

(11 vols.)


433. [WYOMING]. STRAHORN, Robert E. The Hand-book of Wyoming and Guide to the Black Hills and Big Horn Regions, for Citizen, Emigrant, and Tourist. Cheyenne,: Knight and Leonard, 1877. 249 [1, blank] 251-72 (ads) pp. 8vo, original tan printed wrappers. Wraps lightly stained, otherwise fine. First edition. Eberstadt 135:937: “Seldom found in original printed wrappers. The work is divided into three main sections: the first deals with the Territory’s resources, manners, society, and advantages; the second gives miscellaneous information on the military posts, the counties, towns, and settlements; the last part treats of the Big Horn and Black Hills country, including early gold prospecting, Indians, routes, and reminiscences or the early days.” Adams, Herd 2181. Graff 4000. Howes S1055. Jennewein, Black Hills Book Trails 91. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 8. McMurtrie, Wyoming Imprints 1866-1890 168:

(1 vol.)


434. [WYOMING]. Lot of 2 titles, including.

TRIGGS, J. H. History and Directory of Laramie City, Wyoming Territory. Laramie City: Daily Sentinel Print, 1875. 91 pp. 8vo, original blue printed wrappers, stitched. Old pencil note at upper right blank corner of wrappers, one small chip at upper left blank corner of lower wrapper. Generally fine. First edition. Eberstadt 136:667h: “A history of the region from the day of first settlement in April of 1868. It has long been recognized by students of western history as probably the most honest, outspoken, and vivid account of the early and turbulent days. Laramie was famous for its disorder, crime, and rapid growth. Triggs describes the horde that first came in, was made up of one-fifth honest and daring men, the balance ‘were gamblers, thieves, highwaymen, robbers, cut-throats, garroters, prostitutes, and their necessary companions.’ The narrative describes the ensuing mass-meeting to form a government; its organization and collapse; the reign of violence; the formation of the Vigilance Committee government; the battles between the Vigilantes and the new police and succeeding events, until finally the Territorial legislature in desperation, took away the city’s charter, and put the community under the jurisdiction of the Federal courts.” Adams, Guns 2239; Herd 2332: “Very rare.” Graff 4191. Howes T351. McMurtrie, Wyoming Imprints 1866-1890. Streeter Sale 2245 ($250 in 1968). No copies have appeared at auction for several decades. With this imprint we include a copy of the 1955 facsimile reprint.

(2 vols.)


435. [WYOMING]. VISCHER, William L. ‘Black Mammy’: A Song of the Sunny South, in Three Cantos; and "My Village Home". Cheyenne, 1885. Frontispiece portrait, wood engraved illustrations. 8vo, original blue gilt pictorial cloth. Fine.

First edition. A rather unusual, early Wyoming imprint. McMurtrie (Wyoming) 100.

(1 vol.)


436. [WYOMING]. WYOMING. Constitution of the Proposed State of Wyoming: Adopted in Convention at Cheyenne, Wyoming September 30, 1889. Cheyenne: Cheyenne Leader Printing Co., 1889. 60 [1] pp. 8vo, original yellow printed wrappers. Fine. First edition. Eberstadt 166:193. McMurtrie, Wyoming Imprints 1866-1890 152. The first Wyoming Constitution. Of interest for women’s studies, since it grants to women the right to vote and hold office, a very progressive stance for the time (the U. S. did not establish the right of suffrage to women until 1920). With this imprint we include a copy of the variant issue (on wood pulp paper).

(2 vols.)


437. [WYOMING (LAWS)]. [WYOMING]. General Laws, Memorials and Resolutions of the Territory of Wyoming, Passed at the First Session of the Legislative Assembly, Convened at Cheyenne, October 12th, 1869.... Cheyenne, W.T.: S. Bristol, Public Printer, Tribune Office, 1870. Xvi, 784 pp. 8vo, original sheep, red leather spine label. Front joint split but strong, interior very fine.

First edition of one of the first books printed in Wyoming Territory. McMurtrie (Wyoming) 6. Streeter Sale 2235: "This compilation was for some time considered the first book printed in Wyoming; it is certainly the earliest official book printing."

(1 vol.)


438. [WYOMING (LOCAL HISTORY)]. Lot of 23 titles, including:

STONE, Elizabeth Arnold. Uinta County: Its Place in History. Laramie: Laramie Printing Company, [1924].

ELLISON, Robert S. Fort Bridger, Wyoming: A Brief History. Casper, Wyoming: Historical Landmark Commission of Wyoming, 1931.

ISHAM, Dell. Rock Springs Massacre 1885. Fort Collins, Colorado: Privately printed, c1969.

MOKLER, Alfred James. Fort Caspar (Platte Bridge Station). Casper, Wyoming: Prairie Publishing Company, 1939.

MURRAY, Robert A. Fort Laramie: ‘Visions of a Grand Old Post’. Fort Collins, Colorado: Old Army Press, [1974].

MURRAY, Robert A. Military Posts of Wyoming. Ft. Collins, Colorado: Old Army Press, 1974.

SPEAR, Elsa. Fort Phil Kearny, Dakota Territory, 1866-1868. Sheridan, Wyoming: [Quick Printing Co.], [1939]. Limited edition (500 numbered copies).

Plus 16 others.

(23 vols.)


439. [WYOMING (MUG BOOKS)]. Progressive Men of the State of Wyoming, Illustrated. Chicago: A. W. Bowen, 1903. 965 pp., plates (mostly portraits, but one by Russell). 4to, original full dark brown leather. Spine defective, rubbed, front joint starting, interior fine.

First edition of a Merrill Aristocrat. Yost & Renner, p. 243 (#7).

(1 vol.)


440. [WYOMING (NATIVE AMERICANS)]. Lot of 24 titles, including:

HAFEN, LeRoy and Francis Marion Young. Fort Laramie and the Pageant of the West, 1834-1890. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1938. 8vo, original navy blue cloth. Adams, Guns 888. Jennewein, Black Hills Booktrails 55: “A chapter on the Black Hills, gold discovery, Custer, Crook Campaign of 1876.”

BRUCE, Robert. Fighting Norths and Pawnee Scouts. New York: Robert Bruce, [1932].

HEBARD, Grace Raymond. Washakie: An Account of Indian Resistance of the Covered Wagon and Union Pacific Railroad Invasions of their Territory. Cleveland: Arthur H. Clark, 1930. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 5.

KELLY, Luther S. ‘Yellowstone Kelly’: the Memoirs of Luther S. Kelly. New Haven: Yale University Press, [1926].

MARQUIS, Thomas B. Memoirs of a White Crow Indian. New York: Century, [1928].

MURRAY, Robert A. Army on the Powder River. Bellevue, Nebraska: Old Army Press, [1969].

SPRING, Agnes Wright. Caspar Collins: The Life and Exploits of an Indian Fighter of the Sixties. New York: Columbia University Press, 1927. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 8.

VAUGHN, J. W. Reynolds Campaign on Powder River. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, [1961]. First edition.

VAUGHN, J. W. & L.C. Bishop. Burning of Heck Reel Wagon Train. Douglas: Wyoming Pioneer Association, 1958.

Plus 16 others.

(25 vols.)


441. [WYOMING (OUTLAWS)]. Lot of 4 titles.

KELLY, Charles. Outlaw trail: a History of Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch. Salt Lake City: Charles Kelly, c1938. First edition. Adams, Guns 1221: “This privately printed book is now quite scarce. It is an excellent history of the lives and exploits of the better-known outlaws of the Northwest.” Howes K58.

LE FORS, Joe. Wyoming Peace Officer. Laramie: Laramie Printing Co., [1953]. Adams, Guns 1315: “Scarce. Reveals some heretofore unwritten history about the Johnson County War. The author was the officer who trapped Horn into a confession;” Herd 1323.

Plus 2 others.

(4 vols.)


442. [WYOMING (RANCHING)] Lot of 16 titles, including:

BENTON, Frank. Cowboy Life on the Sidetrack: Being and Extremely Humorous and Sarcastic Story of the Trials and Tribulations Endured by a Party of Stockmen Making a Shipment from the West to the East. Denver: Western Stories Syndicate, [1903]. Adams, Herd 249: “Humorous dig at the railroad companies for the way they handled stock shipments.”

GUERNSEY, Arthur. Wyoming Cowboy Days. New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, c1936. Author’s signed presentation copy. Adams, Guns 880; Herd 940.

KRAKEL, Dean F. Saga of Tom Horn: The Story of a Cattlemen’s War with Personal Narratives, Newspaper Accounts and Official Documents and Testimonies. Laramie, Wyoming: Powder River Publishers, 1954. First edition.

McPHERREN, Ida. Trail’s End. [Caspar, Wyoming: Prairie Publishing Co.], 1938. Adams, Guns 1431; Herd 1421.

TALBOT, Ethelbert. My People of the Plains. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1906. Adams, Herd 2229.

TRENHOLM, Virginia Cole. Footprints on the Frontier: Saga of the La Ramie Region of Wyoming. Douglas, Wyoming: Douglas Enterprise Co., 1945. Adams, Guns 2236; Herd 2329. Howes T345. Malone, p. 57.

WALKER, Tacetta B. Stories of Early Days in Wyoming; Big Horn Basin. Casper, Wyo.: Prairie Publishing Co., 1936. Adams, Guns 2287; Herd 2422.

Plus 9 others.

(16 vols.)


443. [WYOMING (RANCHING)]. Lot of 7 titles, including:

BURNS, Robert Homer & Andrew Springs Gillespie. Wyoming’s Pioneer Ranches. Laramie, Wyoming: Top of the World Press, 1955. Limited edition. Adams, Guns 335: “Some material on Tom Horn and the Johnson County War;” Herd 377. Reese, Six-Score 17: “Vast compilation on early ranches of Wyoming.”

BRAYER, Herbert O. Range Murder: How the Red Sash Gang Dry-Gulched Deputy United States Marshal George Wellman. Evanston, Illinois: The Branding Iron Press, 1955. Limited edition. Adams, Guns 261.

BURROUGHS, John Rolfe. Where the Old West Stayed Young. New York: Bonanza Books, [1962]. Adams, Guns 340. Includes the Johnson County War.

DAVID, Robert B. Malcolm Campbell, Sheriff. Casper, Wyoming: Wyomingana, Inc., [1932]. Adams, Guns 557; Herd 647. Howes D85. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 3.

FLAGG, Oscar H. ‘Jack’. Review of the Cattle Business in Johnson County, Wyoming, Since 1882, and the Causes that Led to the Recent Invasion. Cheyenne: Vic Press, [1967]. Limited edition. Adams, Guns 1481.

PENROSE, Charles B. Rustler Business. Douglas, Wyoming: Douglas Budget, [1959]. Adams, Guns 1712: “The author was the surgeon who accompanied the invading cattlemen and thus writes with authority.”

SMITH, Helena Huntington. The War on Powder River. New York: McGraw-Hill, [1966]. Adams, Guns 2048: “Undoubtedly the best and most nearly complete history of the Johnson County War thus far;” One-Fifty 127.

(7 vols.)


444. [WYOMING (RANCHING)]. Lot of 6 titles, including:

BURROUGHS, John Rolfe. Guardian of the Grasslands: The First Hundred Years of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association. Cheyenne: Cheyenne Pioneer Printing & Stationery Co., 1971.

Letters from Old Friends and Members of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association. Cheyenne: S. A. Bristol Co, [1923]. Adams, Herd 2601: “Rare.”

FRINK, Maurice. Cow Country Cavalcade. Denver: Old West Publishing Co., c1954. Adams, Herd 852.

GREENBURG, Dan W. Sixty Years: A Brief Review The Cattle Industry in Wyoming Its Organization and Present Status and Data Concerning the Wyoming Stock Growers Association. Cheyenne: Wyoming Stock Growers Association, 1932. Adams, Herd 923: “This is the first of three histories written about the Wyoming Stock Growers’ Association.” Howes G375.

GRESS, Kathryn. Ninety Years Cow Country. Wyoming: Wyoming Stock Growers Association, 1963.

SPRING, Agnes Wright. Seventy Years: A Panoramic History of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association Interwoven with Data Relative to the Cattle Industry in Wyoming. N.p.: Wyoming Stock Growers Association, 1942, 1943. Adams, Herd 2141. Reese, Six Score 101: “Excellent history of the cattle industry in Wyoming. Mrs. Spring’s work was preceded by Dan Greenburg’s Sixty Years., 1932, and following by Maurice Frink’s Cow Country Cavalcade, both histories of the Stock Growers Association. Another publication of interest by that group is Letters from Old Friends and Members of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association, 1923.”

(6 vols.)


445. [WYOMING (RANCHING)]. CAMP, Charles. Muggins: The Cow Horse. Denver: Welch-Haffner Printing Co., [1928]. 10 [1] pp., numerous photographic illustrations. Large 8vo, original tan wrappers with printed paper label on upper cover. Very slight discoloration to wraps, else fine. Related newspaper clipping affixed to inside back wrap. Book plate of Edward W. Milligan, with Western theme. First edition. Adams, Herd 401: “The story of an unusual cow horse.” Great photos.

(1 vol.)


446. [WYOMING (RANCHING)] Lot of 17 titles, including:

CHAFFIN, Lorah B. Sons of the West: Biographical Account of Early-Day Wyoming. Caldwell, Idaho: Caxton Printers, Ltd., 1941. Adams, Guns 403; Herd 443. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 17: “Livestock raising & rodeos.”

Greenburg’s Gazetteer: Official Guide Book. Vol. I, No. 1 (June 1928). Casper, Wyoming, 1928.

BYE, John O. Back Trailing in the Heart of the Short Grass Country. [Everett, Wash.: Alexander Printing, 1956]. Adams, Herd 388.

FRACKELTON, Will. Sagebrush Dentist. Pasadena: Trail’s End, c1947. Adams, Guns 1755; Herd 834. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 25.

GILLESPIE, A. S. and R. H. Burns. Steamboat: Symbol of Wyoming Spirit. Cheyenne: University of Wyoming, 1952. Adams, Herd 894: “Famous bucking horse.”

McPHERREN, Ida (Mrs. Geneva Gibson). Empire Builders. [Sheridan, Wyo.: Star Publishing Co.], 1942. Adams, Guns 1429; Herd 1419. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 41.

NELSON, Dick. Only a Cow Country at One Time: Wyoming Counties of Crook Weston and Campbell 1875-1951. San Diego: Pioneer Printers, 1951.

RANKIN, M. Wilson. Reminiscences of Frontier Days, Including an Authentic Account of the Thornburg and Meeker Massacre. Denver: Smith-Brooks, 1938. Adams, Guns 1798: “Scarce. Privately printed;” Herd 1862.

ROLLINSON, John K. Wyoming Cattle Trails. Caldwell, Idaho: Caxton Printers, Ltd., 1948. Adams, Guns 1894; Herd 943. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 49: “Authentic because based on accounts of actual experiences.”

SPRING, Agnes Wright. Cheyenne Club. Kansas City, Missouri: Don Ornduff, 1961.

TODD, Fred J. Recollections of a Piney Creek Rancher. Sheridan, Wyoming: Quick Printing Co., 1962.

WENTWORTH, Edward Norris. America’s Sheep Trails, History, Personalities. Ames, Iowa: Iowa State College Press, 1948. Adams, Herd 2532. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 61.

WILLSON, Mrs. Eugene B. Cabin Days in Wyoming. Lusk, Wyoming: Privately printed, 1939. Adams, Herd 2532. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 64: “Romances of early-day residents on the ranches near Lusk told as stories to entertain an injured guest in one of their homes.”

Plus 5 others.

(17 vols.)


447. [WYOMING (YELLOWSTONE)]. Lot of 3 titles, including:

CHITTENDEN, Hiram Martin. Yellowstone National Park: Historical and Descriptive. Cincinnati, Ohio: Robert Clarke Co., 1895. xvi, 397 pp., frontispiece, plates, text illustrations, folding map. 8vo, original green cloth. Light shelf wear and a few minor spots First edition. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 2. A basic book on Yellowstone with an excellent bibliography on the trade, Chittenden designed and built the road system in Yellowstone Park. Although Chittenden’s roads have been modernized, subsequent engineers have only slightly extended them, allowing the Park to remain a magnificent wilderness preserve.

CHITTENDEN, Hiram Martin. The American Fur Trade of the Far West. New York: Barnes & Noble, Inc., 1935. 2 vols., 8vo, original dark green cloth. Fine, in slipcase Howes C390. Important references to Yellowstone, Colter, etc.

DE SMET, Pierre-Jean. Life, Letters and Travels of Father Pierre-Jean De Smet, S. J., 1801-1873.... Edited from the Original Unpublished Manuscript Journals by Hiram Martin Chittenden and Alfred Talbot Richardson. New York: Francis P. Harper, 1905: , 1905. 4 vols. (complete, plates, maps), large 8vo, original dark green cloth. Very fine set. Light shelf wear and some hinges a bit weak. First edition. Howes C392. Mattes, Behind the Legend of Colter’s Hell, pp. 276-80: “Father De Smet located what is substantially the present Park ‘in the very heart of the Rocky Mountains’, regarding it as ‘the most marvelous spot of all the northern half of the continent’ because of its boiling springs, calcareous hills, escaping vapors, steamboat noises, subterranean explosions and, near Gardiner River, ‘a mountain of sulfur.’’

(7 vols.)


448. [WYOMING (YELLOWSTONE)]. CHITTENDEN, Hiram Martin. Yellowstone National Park: Historical and Descriptive. Cincinnati, Ohio: Robert Clarke Co., 1905. xvi, 397 pp., frontispiece, plates, text illustrations, folding map. 8vo, original cloth.

(1 vol.)


449. [WYOMING (YELLOWSTONE)]. GUNNISON, J. W. Mormons or Latter-Day Saints in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake. Philadelphia: Lippincott, Grambo & Co., 1852. 168 [27 pp., publishers catalogue] pp., wood-engraved frontispiece of Nauvoo. 12mo, original blind-embossed purple cloth. Binding slightly faded, old ink signature on title boorishly removed, mild to moderate intermittent foxing.

First edition. Flake 3746. Chittenden, The Yellowstone National Park, pp. 51-52: “Of the early characters whose names are closely linked with the history of the Yellowstone, the most distinguished is James Bridger. That he had often been in the region of Yellowstone Park, and was familiar with its unique features, is now well known. Among the records of [Bridger’s] descriptions, the earliest is that by Captain J. W. Gunnison found in [his] History of the Mormons” [the passage is found on p. 151 in the present work]. Graff 1694. Howes G463. Plains & Rockies IV:213:1.

(1 vol.)


450. [WYOMING (YELLOWSTONE)]. Lot of 22 titles, including:

HAMILTON, W. T. My Sixty Years on the Plains. New York: Forest and Stream Pub. Co., 1905. Frontispiece, plates (some by Charles Russell). 8vo, original red cloth. Fine First edition. Howes H139. Mattes (Behind the Legend of Colter’s Hell, p. 274) states that Hamilton’s retelling of trappers’ campfire stories (p. 94 et seq.) is “the earliest distinct evidence of a visit to ‘Sulfur Mountain’. Identifiable as Mammoth Hot Springs.”

Thomas Moran in Yellowstone–1871. [Colorado, 1972]. Fine, in wrappers.

Wonders of Geyserland: Yellowstone National Park. Denver: H. H. Tammen, n.d. Oblong folio view book in original pictorial wrappers. Fine.

ELLISON, R. S. William H. Jackson: Pioneer of the Yellowstone. [Casper, Wyoming], 1925. Fine, in wrappers.

FRYXELL, Fritiof. Thomas Moran’s Journey to the Tetons in 1879. N.p., 1932. Fine, in wrappers.

GUPTILL, A. B. Haynes’ Guide to Yellowstone Park. St. Paul, Minnesota: F. Jay Haynes, 1897. Photographic illustrations by Haynes, folding map. 16mo, original maroon cloth-covered boards. Haynes served as official photographer for the Northern Pacific Railroad and the newly established Yellowstone Park.

HAMP, Sidford. Exploring the Yellowstone with Hayden, 1872: Diary of Sidford Hamp. Cheyenne: Wyoming Historical Department, 1942. Reprint from Annals of Wyoming XIV:4 (October 1942). Fine, in wraps.

JACKSON, William H. The Pioneer Photographer: Rocky Mountain Adventures With a Camera. Yonkers-on-Hudson: World Book Company, 1929. xvi 314 pp., frontispiece, numerous illustrations (author’s photographs and sketches), maps. 12mo, original grey pictorial cloth. First edition. Fine. Chittenden, Yellowstone National Park, pp. 1-2. Jackson served as photographer on the Hayden geological expedition to Yellowstone in 1871.

KELLY, Luther S. ‘Yellowstone Kelly’: the Memoirs of Luther S. Kelly. New Haven: Yale University Press, c1926. 8vo, original navy blue cloth Kelly was a scout and plainsman in the Yellowstone region beginning in the late 1860s.

TILDEN, Freeman. Following the Frontier with F. Jay Haynes, Pioneer Photographer of the old West. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1964. 8vo, original cloth, d.j First

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. Yellowstone Nature Notes. Yellowstone Park: National Park Service, 1947. 4to, self wrappers A seemingly routine item, but important for containing letters written by David T. Potts in 1824-1827 describing his overland trip and experiences with the Ashley expedition to the Rockies and the Columbia River in 1822. The editor states that Potts’ letter of July 8, 1827, is the first known written account describing features of what is now Yellowstone National Park.

WHEELER, Olin D. Wonderland, 1904: Descriptive of the Northwest. St. Paul, Minn.: Northern Pacific Railway, 1904. Well illustrated promotional in original pictorial wraps with geyser theme.

Plus 10 others.

(22 vols.)


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