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Auction 7 Catalogue

Lots 501-550

501. [MAP]. COLTON, J. H. J. H. Colton’s Topographical Map of the Seat of War in Virginia, Maryland, &c. New York: J. H. Colton, 1862. Pocket map. Engraved map in full color, vine border. 27 x 19-1/2 inches. Mounted on cartographical cotton in 30 sections. Folded into original 16mo purple cloth covers (faded). Uniformly browned. 1864 ownership inscription in pencil of Capt. E. D. Roath “Co. E. 107 Regt. ...Marietta Pa.” and Lieut. W. L. Long “44th N.C. Regt. State Troops, Oaks N.C.” Hand-painted armorial bookplate.
Civil War map.


(1 vol.)

502. [MAP]. COLTON, J. H. Ohio. New York, 1856. Pocket map. Lithographed map in full color, decorative entwined border. 12-1/4 x 15-3/4 inches. Inset of Cleveland. Folded into original 16mo brown cloth folder. Slight darkening of pocket covers, else fine, front pastedown with pink pasteover for the R. L. Barnes Map Publisher firm.
Not in Phillips.


(1 vol.)

503. [MAP]. [COLTON, G. W. & C. B.]. Traveller’s Map of Long Island. New York: G. W. & C. B. Colton, 1866. Pocket map. Original colored engraved map, 8-3/4 x 22 inches. On onionskin, decorative border. Few splits at folds, some light foxing, leading edge fold browned, some splits. Folded into original 16mo gilt stamped brown cloth covers, fine. Advertisement pasted inside front cover.


(1 vol.)

504. [MAP]. DICKINSON, S. N. The Boston Almanac for the Year 1846. Boston: Thomas Groom & Co., [1846]. Pocket map & guide. 176 pp. Folding engraved map: Plan of the City of Boston. Dickinson, 1844. 9-5/8 x 11 inches. Inset image woman and scenery. Annotated at bottom, “This map is a specimen of Plate Printing by a new process affording a third longer wear from a plate than by the old method.” Folded into front cover (16mo, original gilt lettered purple cloth, fine.) Map has some foxing, one slight tear at fold, no losses. Additional map: Diagram of Rail Roads Diverging from Boston Showing Depots and Distances. Dickinson, n.d. 4-3/4 x 9-3/4 inches. Attached at p. 145. “End papers” are samples of engraved and embossed cards by Dickinson, advertising his services in Boston.


(1 vol.)

505. [MAP]. DISTURNELL, J. The Traveler’s Guide to the Hudson River, Saratoga Springs, Lake George, Falls of Niagara and Thousand Islands; Montreal, Quebec, and the Saguenay River; also, to the Green and White Mountains, and Other Parts of New England; Forming the Fashionable Northern Tour Through the United States and Canada. With Map and Embellishments. New York: American News Co., 1864. Pocket map & guide. ix, [3], 324 pp., folding engraved map: DISTURNELL, J. Traveller’s Map of the Middle, Northern, Eastern States, and Canada. New York: Disturnell, 1855. 18-5/8 x 23-1/8 inches. Inset engraving of Niagara River and surrounding country. Inset lists of canal, railroad and steamboat routes. Some browning and splits at folds. Small piece missing on unprinted area where removed from guide. Folded into original 16mo. purple/brown cloth covers. Cover has some wear, faded and weak at spine.


(1 vol.)

506. [MAP]. [DOMENECH, Abbe]. Map Drawn to Illustrate the Travels and from the Documents of the Abbe Domenech Showing the Actual Situation of the Indian Tribes of North America. (Drawn by P. Bineteau, 1860). 13-5/8 x 18 inches. Rough edge, tear where removed from book, no losses. Some browning on edges. Engraved four color map of the United States with locations of Native American tribal groups. Inset with scale, route of the author.


(1 map)

507. [MAP]. [FOSTER & WHITNEY]. Maps: Foster & Whitney’s Report. Three maps in original gilt stamped purple cloth binding, spine faded: (1) Geological Map of the Lake Superior Land District in the State of Michigan. 1847. 26 x 38-3/4 inches. Engraved map with original shading in colors. Decorative border. Inset “notes,” color key, scale. Small tears starting at some folds, tear at attachment, no losses. Some browning; (2) Geological Map of the District Between Keweenaw Bay and Chocolate River, Lake Superior, Michigan. 19-1/4 x 23-1/2 inches. Some slight browning. Engraved map with original shading in colors. Inset color key, scale; (3) Section and Diagram Illustrating the Geology of the Region Between the Northern Shores of Lakes Superior and Michigan. 6-1/4 x 3-1/2 inches. Slight crease near attachment, otherwise fine. Engraved map with original shading in colors. Inset color key, scale.


(1 vol.)

508. [MAP]. [GIBBON, Lardner]. Maps – Gibbon’s Report. (Cover title) Lithographed by A. Hoen & Co., Balto., [1854]. In original 8vo gilt stamped brown cloth cover. Split at spine, water damage to cloth. With 2 maps: (1) Map Drawn by Lieut. Lardner Gibbon, U.S. Navy to Accompany his Report. 1854. 18 x 27-1/2 inches. Inset with scale and explanation. Color delineation of route, and some geological features. Centers on Bolivia. Browned at folds, some tears at folds, line of wear and browning at top of attachment to board; (2) Map of the Andes Drawn by Lieut. Lardner Gibbon, U.S. Navy to Accompany his Report. 1854. 17-1/16 x 20-1/4 inches. At bottom margin, “Boiling Water Measurements of Height above Sea Level.” Red delineation of Gibbon’s route. Browned at edges, especially at attachment to board.


(1 vol.)

509. [MAP]. [GILPIN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE]. Topographical Map Gilpin County Colo. Mineral Belt Gold Production $125000000.00. Denver: Denver Lith. Co., [1906]. Folding map. 23-1/2 x 17-1/2 inch color litho map showing the area of Gilpin. Reverse is printed with information on the mining statistics of Gilpin, up to 1906. In original printed envelope. Some browning to envelope, else fine.


(1 map)

510. [MAP]. KANSAS CENTRAL RAILWAY. Map of the Kansas Central Railway and its Connections (12-1/2 x 23-1/4 inches, printed on onionskin, route outlined in red) in printed pamphlet: Statement of the Condition and Resources of the Kansas Central Railway (Narrow Gauge) from Leavenworth, Kansas to Denver, Colorado. Leavenworth: Office of the Kansas Farmer, 1871. 19 pp. 8vo, original blue wrappers printed and decorated in black and gold, sewn. Light wear to fragile wraps and a bit of mild foxing, but overall fine.

First edition. Graff 2273. Map not in Wheat.


(1 vol.)

511. [MAP]. KEMBLE, W. Texas and Part of Mexico & the United States Showing the Route of the First Santa Fé Expedition. New York: Harper [1844 or after]. Engraved map measuring 15-3/4 by 11-1/2 inches. Mounted on cartographical linen. Old ink signature on verso. One small narrow void at right margin (about 1-1/2 inches long) where map was detached from book block.

Martin and Martin, p. 131 (plate 34): “Stimulated renewed interest in Texas and represented another major step toward the inevitable solution to the Texas question later in the decade.” Plains & Rockies IV:110. Streeter 1515. Wheat, Transmississippi West 483. The map, which was published in Kendall’s Narrative of the Texan Santa Fe Expedition, shows the routes of the first Santa Fe Expedition, the Chihuahua Trail, Gregg, and Pike.


(1 map)

512. [MAP]. LALLIE, J. S. Lallie’s New Map of Creede Mining district Situated in Hinsdale & Saguache Counties 1892 Colorado. Denver: Denver Lith. Co., 1892. Pocket map, folded into original 16mo purple board covers, spine rebacked with cloth tape, damage at corners of boards. 30-1/2 x 26-3/4 inches, lithographed map with mountain ranges noted in red, mining claims noted in orange. Inset are 2 engraved drawings by Lallie, a map Formation at Creede noting the gold and silver districts and 5 photos of Creede. Small splits starting at several corner folds, one longer split along a fold, and a small tear at the attachment, no losses.


(1 map)

513. [MAP]. [LORENZ, W.]. Map of the Canals and Rail Roads for Transporting Anthracite Coal from the Several Coal Fields to the City of New York. Baltimore: Hunckel & Son, 1856. Drawn under the direction of J. Dutton Steele by W. Lorenz. Folding map, 32-1/2 x 41 inches. “Lith on one stone. Printed in colors by Hunckel & Son.” County borders, waterways and railroads in colors. 4 small brown stains, some light overall browning. Few slight splits starting at folds, some pinhole tears in margins.


(1 map)

514. [MAP]. 514. [MAP]. [MASON, Richard B.] & O[rd], E. C. O. [CALIFORNIA GOLD REGION]. [MASON]. Upper Mines... Lower Mines or Mormon Diggings. 2 lithographed maps on a single page. 9 x 6-3/8 inches. [With]: [MASON]. Positions of the Upper and Lower Gold Mines on the South Fork of the American River, California, July 20th., 1848. Lithographed map. 9-1/4 x 18 inches. [And]: [ORD]. Topographical Sketch of the Gold & Quicksilver District of California July 25th., 1848. Lithographed map. 21-5/8 x 15-7/16 inches. A few clean splits with no losses, otherwise fine.

First printings. Cowan, p. 426. Howes P446. Kurutz, The California Gold Rush 105. Wheat, Books of the California Gold Rush 30; Transmississippi West 562, 565 & III, pp. 52; Gold Region 51, 52 & 54: "On August 17 the Military Governor of California, Col. Richard B. Mason, completed the report of his trip to the diggings, and shortly this historic document was on its way to the President, together with "an oyster can" of gold dust and nuggets. Mason's report was published as an appendix to President Polk's Message to congress of December 5, along with the two small Mason maps. Most important of all the maps of 1848, however, was that of Lieut. E. O. C. Ord, which was dated July 25, 1848.... Ord's map was the first which pretended to reflect actual conditions at the mine and must therefore be held to be of paramount importance in any cartographical consideration of the gold rush." The maps are found in the following government document: Message from the President of the United States to the Two Houses of Congress.... Washington: Wendell and Van Benthuysen [SED1], 1848. This historic report, which contains three other maps and several charts, is in fragile condition and very friable. The Gold Region maps, however, are fine.

(1 vol.)


515. [MAP]. MELISH, John. The Traveller’s Directory Through the United States. Philadelphia: T. H. Palmer, 1819. 5th edition. Title page, preface, and two folding maps from the book: (1) Southern Section of the United States Including Florida. 16 x 20-1/2 inches. Inset scale, statistical table, Bermudas Isles. Some splits along folds, light foxing. Colored borders of States, border of map; (2) Northern Section of the United States Including Canada &c. 15-3/8 x 20-1/2 inches. Inset scale, statistical table. Some splits along folds, light foxing. Colored borders of States, border of map.


(1 vol.)

516. [MAP]. [McQUILL, Thursty]. The Hudson River by Daylight. New York to Albany.... New York: American News Co., 1875. Pocket map and guide. 172 [18 pp., ads], folding engraved map: Map of the Hudson River Showing Routes to Saratoga, Lake George &c &c. 33-1/4 x 6-1/4 inches. Original full color. Obverse also printed with engraved map: Utica & Black River R.R. & Con’s, followed by 3 advertisements. 16mo, original tan cloth, some wear and discoloration.


(1 vol.)

517. [MAP]. MITCHELL, S. Augustus. The Tourist’s Pocket Map of the State of Georgia. Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, 1834. Pocket map. 15-3/8 x 12-3/4 inches. Full color engraved map. Decorative border. Inset scale, steam boat routes. Georgia statistics pasted inside front cover. In original 16mo gilt stamped red calf binding. Few small scuffs, else fine. Contemporary note pencilled in top margin. Owners' names inscribed, 1837 and 1905.


(1 vol.)

518. [MAP]. MITCHELL, S. Augustus. The Tourist’s Pocket Map of the State of Illinois. Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, 1835. Pocket map. 15-3/8 x 12-3/4 inches. Full color engraved map. Decorative border. Inset scale, steam boat routes, population of the 1830 census. Public lands information pasted inside front cover. Some small splits starting along folds. In original 16mo gilt stamped red calf binding. Few small scuffs, else fine.


(1 vol.)

519. [MAP]. MITCHELL, S. Augustus. The Tourist’s Pocket Map of the State of Tennessee. Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, 1850. Pocket map. 13 x 15-1/8 inches. Full color engraved map. Decorative border. Some mild browning at folds, slight splits along two folds. Shows counties of Tennessee, with inset maps of Knoxville and Nashville. Inset information on principle stage routes and steam boat routes. Paste down on front cover with population statistics for Tennessee in 1840. Folded into original 16mo green cloth covers, fine.


(1 vol.)

520. [MAP]. Nell’s Topographical Map of the State of Colorado, Denver: E. Besly & Co., 1889. Pocket map. 27-1/2 x 27-5/8 inches. Full color photo litho map. Some clean splits along folds, no losses. In original 16mo green board covers with slight stain. Brilliant colors, with land grants highlighted.


(1 vol.)

521. [MAP]. RAND, McNALLY & CO. Rand, McNally & Co’s Historical Description and Guide Map of Chicago...With a Complete Street and Avenue Guide. Chicago, [1880]. [4, ads] 53 [1, ad] pp., folding engraved map (Map Showing the Boulevards and Park System and Twelve Miles of Lake Frontage of the City of Chicago. 23 x 17 inches. Machine-printed green highlights). Folded into original lilac printed wrappers Pocket map & guide. Fragile wraps a bit rubbed, a few split at folds, last leaf and ad on pastedown torn (loss of a few words).

Not in Phillips.


(1 vol.)

522. [MAP]. RAND, McNALLY & CO. Wisconsin. Chicago, 1880. Pocket map. 19-1/8 x 12-1/4 inches, machine printed colored. Folded into original 16mo dark teal cloth with gilt stamp of the cartographical firm of Letts Son & Co. of Canada. Inside the upper cover is a printed ad for “Letts’s Bicycle and Tourist Maps of England and Wales.” Fine.

Not in Phillips.


(1 vol.)

523. [MAP]. REDPATH & Hinton. Pike's Peak Rush map. Original red cloth. To be posted shortly. ???


(1 vol.)

524. [MAP]. STATE AUTOMOBILE MAP ASSOCIATION. Official Western States Map. State Automobile Map Association, n.d. [1930s]. Folding map. 20-1/8 x 16-1/8 inches. Folded into orange paper cover. Map has light overall browning. Cover slightly stained.


(1 map)

525. [MAP]. SUMNER, H. F. Map of Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island Constructed from the Latest Authorities. Hartford, 1833. Pocket map. Engraved map with full original hand coloring, laid down on old cartographical linen (browned) and in 32 sections. Folded into original 16mo greenish black gilt-lettered roan folder (splitting at spine. Some staining and old residue from old tape repair. A few splits (no losses).

Not in Phillips.


(1 vol.)

526. [MAP]. TANNER, H. S. The American Traveller; Or Guide through the United States...With Tables of Distances , by Stage, Canal and Steam Boat Routes.... Philadelphia: Published by the Author, 1840. 144 pp., 3 city plans (Baltimore, Boston & Philadelphia–appears to lack the New York map), folding engraved map with original outline coloring (The Travelers Guide or Map of the Roads, Canals & Railroads of the United States, with the Distances from Place to Place. 18 x 22 inches. Insets of 10 cities, including New York and Boston). Pocket map & guide. Binding rubbed and worn, faded. Former owners’ signatures on endpapers, small section of blank upper margin of title torn away. A few clean splits to map, overall exceptionally fine and crisp with vivid coloring.

“Sixth edition” (so designated on title page of guide book; the first edition came out in 1834). As each new edition came out, additional information was added. Clark, Old South III:107. Howes T24. An extremely detailed map of the United States extending to the Texas-Louisiana border, giving distances between hundreds of towns and with a numbered grid keyed to place names in the text. Tanner was at the forefront of American map and atlas makers active during the first half of the nineteenth century.


(1 vol.)

527. [MAP]. WAUD, Alfred R. Panorama of the River St. Lawrence, Ontario. N.p., n.d. [1857? or possibly later?]. Pocket map. Wood-engraved folding panorama, 7 inches by 11-1/2 feet, with incredible detail, showing town views, farms, architecture, portraits, falls, etc. Some ads on verso. Folded in 16mo gilt-lettered purple covers. Map detached from pocket covers. A few short splits at folds (no losses), a few small stains. Overall a fine, well-preserved copy.

This remarkable panoramic map was created by noted American artist Waud, well-known for his Civil War and Western work (e.g., Taft states that Waud made the first illustration of a cattle drive to appear in the national illustrated press; see pp. 58-62). According to Frederic E. Ray, Waud’s biographer, this panorama first appeared in Hunter’s Panoramic Guide from Niagara to Quebec (Ray, Alfred R. Waud, Civil War Artist, pp. 12-13).


(1 map)

528. [MAP]. WELLS, John G. Pocket Hand-Book of Iowa; Past, Present, and Prospective...Its History, Soil, Climate, Productions, Rivers, Lakes, Railroads, Institutions, Government, etc.... Illustrated with a New Railroad and Township Map. New York: John G. Wells, 1857. 136 pp., folding lithographed map on onionskin paper, full original color (11-1/2 x 14-1/2 inches). 16mo, original brown blind-stamped gilt cloth. Pocket map & guide. Binding faded, old pencil notes on endsheets. Map fine.

First edition. Graff 4583. Howes W250 (“AA”). Mott (Iowa), p. 61. Includes material on pre-emption of public lands, “Instructions to Settlers,” mineral productions, “Various Avenues to Wealth” (including wool-growing and stock-raising), etc.


(1 vol.)

529. [MAP]. WIGGIN, C. P., L. A. MacLean, & [Robert J.] Lawrence. MacLean and Lawrence’s Sectional Map of Kansas Territory Compiled from the U. S. Survey’s [sic] by C. P. Wiggin. Pittsburgh: Wm. Schuchman Bro. Lith., 1857. Pocket map. Lithographed map in original full and outline color, ornate vine border. 39-5/8 x 39 inches. Printed on onionskin paper. Folding into original 16mo purple blind-stamped pocket folder with gilt-lettered title: MacLean & Lawrence’s Sectional Map of Kansas Territory. Two old map repairs at right and left center margins (affecting only a bit of the vine border), several splits at folds, some rather long (easily remediable and absolutely no losses), original pocket folder with two-inch split at lower spine. Overall, this is a fine copy of this grand map, with vibrant coloring.

The first great map of Kansas Territory...An important map for the overland routes from St. Joseph, Leavenworth, Atchison, Westport, etc. both over the Oregon Trail and the Santa Fe Trail; also for the location of the original county boundaries and Indian Reservations. It is interesting that when gold was discovered two years later, Kansas laid violent claim to Jefferson Territory (Colorado), but did not do so in this official map of 1857” (Eberstadt 134:357, listing the map under MacLean & Lawrence). Graff 4652. Phillips, p. 346. Streeter Sale 3904 (listing the map under C. P. Wiggin).

Three forces that shaped the evolution and future of Kansas are clearly documented in this rare and handsome map on a very large scale (about four miles to one inch). (1) The map shows the transitional phase between Native American ownership, with tribal locations clearly indicated. (2) The map documents Anglo penetration following the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 and the speculative aspect of the Kansas Boom of 1854-1857. (3) The map documents the public surveys that commenced in 1854, being one of the earliest maps of Kansas Territory based on those public surveys that would change forever the face of Kansas.

“Before Kansas could legally acquire title to public lands the federal government had to clear the way. The Indian title had to be extinguished and public surveys carried out preliminary to the opening of a land office.... No mapping has ever so profoundly affected the physical appearance of land as did the township surveying method. Those who have flown over Kansas can appreciate its results. Visibly the land is divided into endlessly repeated squares, reflecting the pattern of survey and sale. Road-building and farming generally follow the original patterns marked out by the General Land office... Leavenworth City [shown on present map], the oldest town in Kansas, was not depicted on public survey maps until...1856... Perhaps the omission was intentional because the men who laid it out on June 12, 1854, did so on Delaware Indian land, no clear titles being obtainable until more than a year later” (Baughman, Kansas in Maps, pp. 46-51).


(1 vol.)

530. [MAP]. WILLIAMS, W. The Traveller’s and Tourist’s Guide through the United States of America, Canada, Etc. Containing the Route of Travel by Railroad, Steamboat, Stage and Canal...Accompanied by an Entirely New and Authentic Map of the United States, Including California, Oregon, Etc., and a Map of the Island of Cuba. Philadelphia: Lippincott, Grambo & Co, 1851. 216, 20 (ads) pp., large folding engraved map with original outline color: A New Map of the United States....Routes Across the Continent &c. Showing also Canada and the Island of Cuba...1851. 24-1/2 x 29-1/3 inches. Insets of Map of the Niagara River and Falls, City & Harbor of Havana; Map of the Island of Cuba; Map of California, Oregon, New Mexico, Utah &c. (latter measuring approximately 10-1/4 x 9 inches). Text and map within original 16mo black gilt pictorial leather covers. Pocket map & guide. Pocket covers split at upper joint and worn, first few leaves of text foxed and some intermittent foxing, some signatures loose. Map with some splits at old folds (some with old scotch tape repairs that should be removed, the length of one fold with old paper tape repair), no losses. Overall a very good copy. With the deft hand of a restoration expert, this one could be fine.

This appears to be the first edition of Williams’ guide to contain the California material. Clark III:434. Graff 4687. Howes W489 (not listing this edition). Wheat, Gold Regions 235 (listing the 1851 edition): “The words ‘Gold Region’ are given prominence along the lower Sierra Nevada in California. The main map extends west only to the Indian Territory;” Transmississippi West 769 (citing the subsequent 1852 edition): “[The] largely based on Frémont, but...carries much up-to-date information:” pp. 156: “The Emigrant Route to Oregon is given a prominent place, and this map is the usual production of the period, but is contained in a small book...containing 216 pages of assorted information, mostly distances, of which five refer to California, Oregon, and the rest of the West”; (see also 818 (citing an 1854 edition of only the inset Map of California, Oregon, New Mexico, Utah, &c.). Most of Texas is shown except for the Trans-Pecos West. In a legend below the imprint, the cartographer acknowledges his reliance upon Frémont, Marcy, Williams, Emory, Abert, Johnston, Simpson, Whiting et al.


(1 vol.)

531. [MAP]. BECKER, Robert H. Designs on the Land: Diseños of California Ranchos of Their Makers. San Francisco: Book Club of California, 1969. [143] pp., 65 colored maps. Oblong folio, original tan suede over brown cloth. Mint.

First edition, limited edition (500 copies). Reese, Six Score 9: “This book depicts contemporary maps of ranchos in California from the Mexican period. A beautiful book, designed by the Grabhorns and printed in an edition of 500.”

(1 vol.)


532. [MAP]. GILPIN, William. Mission of the North American People, Geographical, Social, and Political. Illustrated by Six Charts Delineating the Physical Architecture and Thermal Laws of all the Continents. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1873. 217 pp., 6 large folding lithographed maps, brightly colored. 8vo, original purple cloth. Minor binding wear (spine abraded), overall fine, the maps excellent.

Second edition, with additions, of author's The Central Gold Region (1860). Alliot, p. 87. Eberstadt, Modern Narratives of the Plains and the Rockies 184. Graff 1556. Howes G192. Plains & Rockies IV:358n. Wheat, Transmississippi West 1010n & 1011n. Geo-political essay urging expansion of U.S. railroad system to connect Asia and North America at the Bering Strait. Excellent large maps of the Transmississipi West and Mexico, with original vivid coloring, including:

Map of North America in which are Delineated the Mountain System as a Unit. The Great Calcareous Plain and its Details and the Continuous Encircling Maritime Selvage.

Map of Illustrating the System of Parcs, the Domestic Relations of the Great Plains, the North American Andes, and the Pacific Maritime Front.

Map of Colorado Territory, and Northern Portion off New Mexico, Showing the System of Parcs.

Thermal Map of North America, Delineating the Isothermal Zodiac, the Isothermal Axis of Intensity and its Expansions up and down the Plateau.


(1 vol.)

533. [MAP]. Lot of 12 maps, including:

FROISETH (?), B. A. M. 3 lithographic maps on one sheet, measuring 12-1/2 x 15 inches: (1) Great Salt Lake Valley (2) Plat of Salt Lake City, Utah. Colored. (3) [Untitled map showing Idaho-Wyoming to Arizona. New York, 1870. Portrait of Brigham Young at lower right. Light marginal wear and browning (not affecting map image). Fine, printed on onionskin paper. Uncommon.

JAMES, J. A. & U. P. A New Map of Mexico, California & Oregon. Cincinnati, 1849. Engraved map measuring 12-1/2 x 9-1/4 inches. Inset of Yucatan. Folded into contemporary marbled wrappers. Age-toned and a few minor splits at folds. From the 1849 edition of Hughes' book on the Doniphan Expedition (see Plains & Rockies 134:4).


(12 maps)

534. [MAP]. Lot of 5 items (4 maps & one atlas), including:

LAND OWNER PRESS. Plan of Villa Park, City of Denver, Colorado.... Chicago: The Land Owner Press, n.d. (ca. 1872. Engraved map printed in green. 20 x 12-1/2 inches. Paper friable and split at several folds (no losses). See item 202 herein.

NELL'S, Louis. Nell’s Topographical Map of the State of Colorado, Denver, 1895. Lithographic map with original pink and green shading. 27-1/2 x 27-5/8 inches. Mounted on linen in 50 sections. Fine. U.S. Lands colored in pink and timber lands in green.

SCHNEIDER, George W. Topographical Map Gilpin Colo. Mineral Belt Gold Production $12500000.00. Denver?, ca. 1904. Colored lithographic map and bird's-eye view in blue and green, with promotional text on verso. 24 x 17-1/2 inches. Very fine, with original pictorial mailing envelope. A very handsome and highly unusual production, being a combination map and bird's-eye view.


(5 items)

535. [MAP]. Group of approximately 15 facsimile maps and map ephemera, including:

Chart Shewing the Tracks Across the North Atlantic Ocean of Don Christopher Columbus. N.p., n.d. Engraved by William Kemble. Facsimile map, 11-3/4 x 19 inches, folded into leatherette pocket, gilt stamped with map title. Fine.

BRAYER, Herbert O. Guide Map of the Great Texas Cattle Trail from Red River Crossing to the Kansas Pacific Railway 1874. Evanston, Illinois: Branding Iron Press, 1956. Folder with enclosed facsimile of the 1874 guide. 21 pp., 5 plates, folding map: 18-1/2 x 13-1/4 inches. Map printed on onionskin and attached at back cover. 750 copies printed. Photo facsimile of original map.

FARNHAM, Thomas J. Map of the Emigrant Road from Independence, Mo., to St. Francisco, California. San Francisco: California Historical Society, 1945. Fine in original red cloth, 4 facsimile maps in rear pocket.

Reprint of the rare original edition of 1849. Editor George Stewart states in his introduction that only two complete copies of the maps and accompaniment are known to exist. Howes J73. Plains & Rockies IV:168n: “having assured the reader that this work is the result of personal experience on the California Trail in 1845, Jefferson then instructs the neophyte immigrant as to the proper equipment, the kind and amount of food to carry, and other essential information, with some references to the Donner Party, which he calls the Reed Party. Wheat...discusses the guide and reproduces the maps, much reduced. The latter were reprinted in full size by the California Historical Society, edited by George R. Stewart (San Francisco: 1945).” Wheat, Transmississippi West III, pp. 93-97.”

Plus about 13 other titles (some duplicates).


(about 27 maps, books, & pamphlets)

536. [MAP REFERENCE]. Lot of 4 titles, all fine, including:

COOK, Captain James. James Cook, Surveyor of Newfoundland. Being a Collection of Charts. San Francisco: Grabhorn Press, 1965. One of 365 copies. Folio, laid in publisher’s grey cloth box. Fine.

MALING, P. B. Early Charts of New Zealand. Wellington: Reed, [1969]. Folio, original half maroon leather over navy blue cloth. Very fine in publisher’s box. 3 copies.

MORGAN, Dale. Rand McNally’s Pioneer Atlas of the American West. Chicago, etc., 1956. Oblong folio, pictorial cloth Very fine. Historical text by Dale L. Morgan. 4 copies.

WAGNER, Henry R. The Cartography of the Northwest Coast of America to the Year 1800. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1937. 2 vols., small folio, original black cloth. Fine in dust wrappers.

First edition. Howes W7. Smith 10656. Tweney, Washington 89 #81: “‘The chief purpose of this book is to show, in one continuous account and with the aid of critical lists of maps and of place names, the evolution of cartography of the northwest coats of America’ [quoting the d.j. blurb].”

(10 vols.)


537. [MAP REFERENCE]. BAUGHMAN, Robert. W. Kansas in Maps. Topeka: Kansas Historical Society, 1961. Folio, original cloth. Very fine in publisher’s box. Limited edition.


(1 vol.)

538. [MAP REFERENCE]. WHEAT, Carl I. Mapping the Transmississippi West 1540-1861. San Francisco: Grabhorn Press for the Institute of Historical Cartography, 1957-1963. 5 vols. in 6, complete, profusely illustrated with maps (many folding and/or colored), folio, original green buckram over tan cloth. Fine set.

First edition, limited edition. Grabhorn 590. Harding, Wheat 113. Hill, p. 323. Howell, California 50:1655: “A truly monumental work on the cartography of the West, from the Spanish entrada to the Geological Survey of 1877. It was the culmination of a quarter century of research into the historical geography of the vast Transmississippi area by one of California’s leading scholars. Beautifully printed and illustrated with over 300 reproductions of historically important maps from public and private collections.”


(1 vol.)

539. [MAP REFERENCE]. WHEAT, Carl I. The Maps of the California Gold Region, 1848-1857. A Biblio-Cartography.... San Francisco: Grabhorn Press, 1942. xlii, 152 [1] pp., facsimile maps (some folding). Folio, original tan cloth over linen, printed paper spine label. Light shelf wear.

First edition, limited edition (300 copies). Grabhorn (1940-56) 368. Howell 50:1656: “One of the most important works on the cartography of California, and the definitive scholarly study of the maps of the Gold Rush.” Howes W312.


(1 vol.)

540. [MEXICAN-AMERICAN WAR]. Lot of 27 titles, including:

BARBOUR, Philip N. Journals of the Late Brevet Major Philip Norbourne Barbour.... New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1936. No. 783 of 1,000 signed and numbered copies.

KENLY, John R. Memoirs of a Maryland Volunteer. War with Mexico, in the Years 1846-7-8. Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Co., 1873.

[ROBERTSON, John B.]. Reminiscences of a Campaign in Mexico; by a member of the “Bloody-First.” Nashville: John York & Co., 1849. With two folding maps.

ROGERS, Fred B. Bear Flag Lieutenant: The Life Story of Henry L. Ford.... San Francisco: California Historical Society, 1951. Limited edition.

SCOTT, Winfield. Memoirs of Lieut.-General Scott, LL.D. Written by Himself. New York: Sheldon & Co., 1864. 2 vols. Howes 242.

SMITH, George W. & Charles Judah (editors). Chronicles of the Gringos: The U.S. Army in the Mexican War, 1846-1848 Accounts of Eyewitnesses & Combatants. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1968. First edition.

STEVENS, Isaac I. Campaigns of the Rio Grande and of Mexico. With Notices of the Recent Work of Major Ripley. New York: D. Appleton and Co., 1851. 8vo, original wrappers, fair condition. Howes S962.

TYLER, Daniel. A Concise History of the Mormon Battalion in the Mexican War, 1846-1847. N.p., 1881. Howes T447.

[UNITED STATES. TREATIES]. Treaty Between The United States of America and the Mexican Republic. N.p., [1848].

Plus 17 others.


(30 vols.)

541. [MINING]. Lot of 174 titles, including:

The Alice Gold Mills Corporation. [Denver: The Smith-Brooks Company, n.d.].

Among the Silver Seams of Colorado. [Georgetown: Georgetown Courier, 1886].

ANDERSON, Alex. D. The Silver Country or The Great Southwest.... New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1877.

CLAUDET, F. G. Gold: Its Properties, Modes of Extraction, Value, &c., &c. Vancouver: Robert Reid & Takao Tanabe, 1958.

CUSHMAN, Samuel & J. P. Waterman. The Gold Mines of Gilpin County, Colorado.... Central City: Register Steam Printing House, 1876.

[COLORADO]. Mining Laws Enacted by the Legislature of Colorado from the First to Ninth Session...Together with Laws and Information Concerning Farming and Grazing Lands. Central City: Collier & Hall, 1873.

History of Cripple Creek. Mining and Business Directory. Cripple Creek: The Journal Company, 1894.

JONES, Fayette A. Old Mining Camps of New Mexico 1854-1904. Santa Fe: Stagecoach Press 1964.

LANGDON, Emma F. The Cripple Creek Strike. N.p.: Press of Victor Daily Record, c1904.

______. The Cripple Creek Strike. Denver: The Great Western Publishing Co., c1904-5.

McMURTRIE, Douglas C. The Sweetwater Mines: A Pioneer Wyoming Newspaper.... Minneapolis: Privately printed, 1935.

MICHELSON, Charles. Lost Gold Mines. Houston: The Frontier Press of Texas, 1958.

The Miners’ Magazine. N.p., 1902.

The Mines. Golden: Students of the State School of Mines, [1899].

MITCHELL, John D. Lost Mines of the Great Southwest.... Glorieta: Rio Grande Press, [c1970].

MORRIS, Henry C. The Mining West at the Turn of the Century.... Washington, D.C.: [Privately printed, c1962].

MUMEY, Nolie. History and Proceedings of Buckskin Joe.... Boulder: The Johnson Publishing Co., 1961.

______. History of Tin Cup, Colorado (Virginia City): An Alpine Mining Camp which Refused to become a Ghost Town. Boulder: The Johnson Publishing Company, 1963.

The Napoleon Mining Co. Quartz Mining District, Gunnison Co., Col. N.p., n.d.

NEWTON, Harry J. Yellow Gold of Cripple Creek: Romances and Anecdotes of the Mines Mining Men and Mining Fortunes.

Denver: Nelson Publishing Company, [c1928].

The Official Manual of the Cripple Creek District Colorado, U.S.A. Colorado: Fred Hills, 1900.

PETERSON, William J. The Lead Traffic on the Upper Mississippi, 1823-1848. [Cedar Rapids: The Torch Press], n.d.

RASTALL, Benjamin M. The Labor History of the Cripple Creek District: A Study in Industrial Revolution. Madison: University of Wisconsin, 1908.

TRIMBLE, William J. The Mining Advance into the Inland Empire.... In the Bulletin of the University of Wisconsin. Madison: University of Wisconsin, 1914.

WHITNEY, J. P. Silver Mining Regions of Colorado. New York: D. Van Nostrand, 1865.

WILLISON, George F. Here They Dug the Gold. New York: Bretano’s Publishers, [c1931].

YOUNG, Otis E. How They Dug the Gold. Tucson: Arizona Pioneers’ Historical Society, 1967.

YOUNG, Otis E. Western Mining. [Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, c1970].

Plus 146 others.


(180 vols.)

542. [MORMON HISTORY]. Lot of 87 titles, including:

ANDERSON, Maybelle H. Appleton Milo Harmon Goes West. [Berkeley: The Gillick Press], 1946. Ownership ink stamp on front free endpaper, else fine in original dark blue cloth.

BASKIN, R. N. Reminiscences of Early Utah. N.p., c1914. Fine in original slate green cloth.

BIRGE, Julius C. The Awakening of the Desert. Boston: Richard G. Badger, [c1912]. Thick 8vo, original red cloth. Upper cover slightly discolored, else fine. Includes a chapter on the Mormon Trail.

CLAYTON, W. The Latter-Day Saints’ Emigrants’ Guide: Being a Table of Distances.... St. Louis, n.d. Modern facsimile reprint of the rare 1848 edition. Plains & Rockies IV:147n.

GRANT, Heber J. One Hundred Years 1830-1930 Centennial Celebration of the Organization of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.... N.p., c1930.

HARMER, Mabel. The Story of the Mormon Pioneers. Salt Lake City: The Desert News Press, 1944. 12mo, original blue pictorial cloth. Very good copy in lightly worn blue cloth.

HEBARD, Grace R. & E. A. Brininstool. The Bozeman Trail: Historical Accounts of the Blazing of the Overland Routes into the Northwest.... Cleveland: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1922. 2 vols., 8vo, red cloth. Very fine.

Clark & Brunet 115: “This classic Clark title recounts the federal government’s attempt to open a road north from the Oregon Trail through the Powder River country, hunting grounds of the Sioux, in the late 1860s. Containing previously unpublished narratives, this work has served as a valuable reference tool for students of the Northern Plains.” Flake 3936. Howes H382.

HEBARD, Grace R. Washakie: An Account of Indian Resistance of the Covered Wagon and Union Pacific Railroad Invasions of Their Territory. Cleveland: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1930.[2] pp., frontispiece, plates, maps. 8vo, red cloth.

Clark & Brunet 118: “Washakie played a central role in the westward movement of the Euro-Americans. He was a longtime friend of men such as Bridger, Kit Carson, Sublette, Jedediah Smith, and many others. He worked for the Hudson’s Bay Company, was a neighbor and friend of the Mormons and Brigham Young, and served as a scout with General Crook during the 1876 campaign against the Sioux. A chief of the Shoshone Indians, Washakie ruled for sixty years as a benevolent and respected despot.” Flake 3938. Howes H384. Luther 41.

JACKSON, Joseph H. A Narrative of the Adventures and Experience of.... Morrison: Karl Yost, 1960. Fine in original white printed wrappers.

Limited edition (#11 of 200 copies, signed by Yost). Flake 4302. At the time of publication, only two copies were located of the original edition of 1844.

JENSEN, J. Marinus. History of Provo, Utah. [Provo]: Published by the author, 1924. Fine in original dark green cloth. Flake 4382. Howes J102.

LINFORTH, James (editor). Route from Liverpool to Great Salt Lake Valley.... [Los Angeles, 1959]. Facsimile of the original edition of 1859. Flake 638n. Howes L359. LC, Utah 1: “A Utah pioneer classic.” Plains & Rockies IV:259n.

LOOMIS, Leander V. A Journal of the Birmingham Emigrating Company.... Salt Lake City, 1928. 8vo, original tan cloth. Upper cover lightly soiled, otherwise fine. Flake 4936. Howes L464.

McCLINTOCK, James H. Mormon Settlement in Arizona: A Record of Peaceful Conquest of the Desert. Phoenix, 1921. Farquhar, The Colorado River and the Grand Canyon, 35: “Important not only for the history of the Mormon settlements on or near the Colorado and its tributaries, but also for accounts of early crossings of the river.” Flake 5120.

McCUNE, Alice P. History of Juab County...1847-1947. [Springville]: Juab County Company of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 1947. Fine in original maroon embossed pictorial cloth.

MUMEY, Nolie. John William Gunnison (1812-1853): The Last of the Western Explorers.... Denver: Artcraft Press, 1955. Limited edition.

Scandinavian Jubilee Album. Issued in Commemoration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Introduction of the Gospel to the Three Scandinavian Countries by Elder Erastus Snow, an Apostle of Jesus Christ; and Fellow Laborers.... [Salt Lake City: Desert News, [1900]. Numerous illustrations. Oblong 8vo, original grey and gilt pictorial wrappers. Very fine. Flake 1438.

SORTORE, Abram. Biography and Early Life Sketch...Including His Trip to California and Back. Alexandria, 1909.

First edition. Cowan, p. 894. Flake 8281. Mattes 970. Modern overland to Hangtown, California in 1850 via Fort Laramie.

TOPONCE, Alexander. Reminiscences of.... [Ogden: Mrs. Kattie Toponce, c1923]. Adams, Guns 2225. Eberstadt 105:302. Flake 8975. Howes T299.

Plus 70 others.


(90 vols.)

543. [MORMON HISTORY]. Lot of 24 titles, including:

ARRINGTON, Leonard J. Kate Field and J. H. Beadle: Manipulators of the Mormon Past. Salt Lake City, 1971. Fine in original white printed wrappers.

BAILEY, Paul. Grandpa Was a Polygamist. Los Angeles, 1960. Very fine in d.j. Signed by author.

BEADLE, J. H. Life in Utah: or, the Mysteries and Crimes of Mormonism.... Philadelphia, etc., [1870]. 540 pp., plates, illustrations, folding map. 8vo, original green cloth gilt. Light outer wear, else fine. Flake 345.

BEADLE, J. H. & O. J. HOLLISTER. Polygamy: or, the Mysteries and Crimes of Mormonism. Being a Full and Authentic History of Polygamy and the Mormon Sect.... Philadelphia, [1882]. Thick 8vo, original green pictorial cloth. Binding worn, front joint cracked. Flake 350. Later edition of the preceding, dedicated “To the Ladies of the hope that it will interest them in the condition of their Sisters in moral bondage in Utah.”

GIBBS, Josiah. Kawich’s Gold Mine: Love and Adventure among the Polygamous Mormons of Southern Utah. Salt Lake City, 1913. 8vo, original red printed wrappers (slightly worn). Flake 3551.

GREEN, N. W. Mormonism.... With...Startling Facts and Statements, being a Full Disclosure of the Rites, Ceremonies, and Mysteries of Polygamy.... Hartford, 1870. 8vo, original green cloth. Front hinge cracked, some signatures starting. Flake 3708.

JARMAN, W. U.S.A. Uncle Sam’s Abscess, or Hell upon Earth for U.S. Uncle Sam, by W. Jarman Esq., K.G.L., T.C.K., Knight of the Grand Legion of North America, Who Sufferd Twelve Years in the Mormon Hell on Earth, as One of the “Virgins without Guile,” a Priest after the Order of Melchizedek: Where Polygamy, Incest, and Murder are Taught and Practised as Religion under the “All Seeing Eye,” and the Sign “Holiness Unto the Lord.” Exeter: England, 1884. 194 pp. 12mo, original pictorial wrappers with symbols and anti-Mormon jibes. One small stain on upper wrapper, else very fine.

First edition. Flake 4364.

STENHOUSE, Mrs. T. B. H. “Tell It All”: The Story of a Life’s Experience in Mormonism.... Hartford, 1874. Frontispiece portrait, plates. Flake 8390.

Plus 16 others.


(26 vols.)

544. [MORMON HISTORY]. Lot of 6 titles, including:

BIRNEY, Hoffman. Zealots of Zion. Philadelphia: The Penn Publishing Company, [c1931]. Fine in d.j. with moderate wear.

First edition.

BROOKS, Juanita. The Mountain Meadows Massacre. Stanford: Stanford University Press, [c1950]. Very fine in d.j.

First edition. Adams, Guns 287.

GIBBS, Josiah F. The Mountain Meadows Massacre. Salt Lake City: Shepard Book Co., 1910. 8vo, original grey pictorial wrappers. Wraps split at spine and stained. Friable.

Second edition. Flake 3554.

KELLY, Charles. Holy Murder: The Story of Porter Rockwell. New York: Minton, Balch & Company, [c1934]. Very fine in slightly worn d.j.

First edition. Adams, Guns 1223.

Plus 2 others,


(6 vols.)

545. [MORMON HISTORY]. Lot of 23 titles, including:

ELLIS, Charles. Utah 1847-1870. Salt Lake City: Charles Ellis, 1891. “Third edition.” 8vo, original tan printed wrappers (stained). Flake 3154.

The Evening and the Morning Star. Basel: Eugene Wagner, 1969. Facsimile of the newspaper published in Missouri and Ohio 1832-1834. Flake 3274n.

JACKSON, Andrew. Church Chronology. A Record of Important Events... [With]: Supplement to the “Historical Record...Church Chronology. Salt Lake City: The Desert News, 1899, 1886. 2 vols., original black cloth. Second volume very waterstained. Flake 4400 & 4399.

[KELLEY, E. L. & Clark Braden]. Public Discussion of the Issues between the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and The Church of Christ [Disciples] Held in Kirkland, Ohio Beginning February 12, and Closing March 8, 1884.... Lamoni: The Herald Publishing House, 1913. Very Fine in original black cloth. Flake 4556.

KENNEDY, J. H. Early Days of Mormonism: Palmyra, Kirkland, and Nauvoo. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1888. 8vo, original dark green cloth. Spinal extremities frayed. Flake 4586.

LINDSAY, John S. The Mormons and the Theatre: Or the History of Theatricals in Utah.... Salt Lake City, 1905. 12mo, original black leather over black cloth. Ex-library, with call numbers on spine, perforated library stamps, book plate of the University of Utah Library. Spine defective. An awful copy of an uncommon book. Flake 4939.

LYON, John. The Harp of Zion.... Liverpool: S. W. Richards, 1853. Frontispiece portrait by Piercy. 12mo, original purple blind-stamped cloth. Very fine.

First edition. Flake 5107.

[McKAY, Charles (editor) (attrib.)]. The Mormons, or Latter-Day Saints: A Contemporary History. London: Office of the National Illustrated Library, [1851]. Illustrated with engravings. 12mo, original brown cloth. Upper cover detached and waterstained.

SPENCER, Orson. Letters Exhibiting the Most Prominent Doctrines of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.... Salt Lake City: George Q. Cannon & Sons Co., 1891. 12mo, black morocco gilt, a.e.g. Very fine. “Sixth edition.” Flake 8332.

Times and Seasons. N.p., n.d. 6 vols. in 5. Very fine set. Facsimile of the original edition (1839-1845).

TUCKER, Pomeroy. Origin, Rise, and Progress of Mormonism.... New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1867. 8vo, original brown cloth. Spinal extremities chipped, cloth separated at a few points along joints. Flake 9036.

Plus 12 others.


(30 vols.)

546. [MORMON HISTORY]. Lot of 3 titles, including:

HAFEN, Mary A. Recollections of a Handcart Pioneer of 1860. With Some Account of Frontier Life in Utah and Nevada. Denver: Privately printed for her Descendants, 1938. 117 pp., frontispiece portrait. 12mo, original flexible black cloth. Very fine.

First edition. Mintz, The Trail 196: “The niece of Utah pioneer John Stucki, Mary Ann was the mother of the well known historian Leroy Hafen. She crossed the plains with her family, having come all the way from Switzerland. All handcart users had to walk, and she says of her mother: ‘By this time mother’s feet were so swollen that she could not wear shoes, but had to wrap her feet with cloth’.... This is a tough book to find.” Paher 753. Saunders 28: “Because it is a title significant in Americana and not merely of Mormon interest, copies are scarce and quite expensive.”

HAFEN, Ann W. & LeRoy R. Hafen. Handcarts to Zion: The Story of a Unique Western Migration 1856-1860.... Glendale: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1960. Very fine in d.j. with a one tear.

BAILEY, Paul. “Westward by Handcart to Utah” (pp. 177-189) in The Westerners Brand Book, Book Eight. Los Angeles, 1959. Very fine in d.j.


(3 vols.)

547. [MORMON HISTORY]. Lot of 4 titles, including:

PRATT, Orson. A Series of Pamphlets...To Which is Appended a Discussion Held in Bolton, Between Elder William Gibson, President of the Saints in the Manchester Conference, and the Rev. Mr. Woodman, Also a Discussion Held in France, between Elder John Taylor, one of the Twelve Apostles and Three Reverend Gentlemen of Different Orders, Containing a Facsimile of Writings Engraved on Six Metallic Plates, Taken out of an Ancient Mound in the State of Illinois, in the Year 1843. Liverpool: Printed by R. James, 1851; iv, 16, 8, 8, 8, 16, 16, 24, 96, 16, 32, 16 pp., frontispiece portrait. [With]: WATT, G. D. (editor). Report of Three Nights’ Public Discussion in Bolton, between William Gibson...and the Rev. Woodville Woodman.... Liverpool: Franklin D. Richards, 1851. 49 pp. [And]: CLEEVE, C. W., et al. Three Nights’ Public Discussion between the Revds. C. W. Cleeve, James Robertson, and Philip Cater and Elder John Boulogne-sur-Mer, France.... Liverpool: Published by John Taylor, 1850. 49 pp. (lacking plate the brass plate at end & also the portrait, which does not always appear with the work). 3 vols. in 1. Disbound. Browned, some light chipping and marginal tears, first signature loose.

Flake 6542a (first work): “Originally published as separate pamphlets. A title page, table of contents, and a portrait of Orson Pratt were published, and the work bound in an official press binding.... The title page, table of contents and portrait were apparently also sold for individual binding. These bindings have other portrait sand variant tracts.” Flake 8849 & 8849a (second and third works). Graff 3346. Mormon Fifty 35n (citing the issue published by Richards): “Its tracts were published at a time when the British Mission was producing its most converts, many of whom learned the tenets of Mormonism form Orson’s pamphlets. Important and early doctrinal theories.” Scallawagiana 3:66n.

Plus 1 other.


(2 vols.)

548. [MORMON HISTORY]. PRATT, Orson. Divine Authenticity of the Book of Mormon. [Liverpool: James, 1851]. Plus about 20 additional individual numbers from the above series (some duplication). 8vo, disbound. Very good to very fine.


(13 vols.)

549. [MORMON HISTORY]. Lot of 2 titles, including:

SMITH, Joseph, et al. (editors). The Times and Seasons, Containing a Compendium of Intelligence Pertaining to the Upbuilding of the Kingdom of God, and the Signs of the Times.... Nauvoo: Edited, Printed, and Published by John Taylor, 1844. Vols. 5 and 6 (of 6). 2 vols., 8vo, contemporary three-quarter morocco over marbled boards (mismatched). Bindings rubbed, vol. 5 title stained and with BYU perforated stamp, blank margins of last few signatures chewed (no loss of text).

Flake 8955. Mormon Fifty 11. One of the most important doctrinal contributions. With a copy of a complete facsimile (5 vols.) in six.

Plus 1 other.


(12 vols.)

550. [MORMON HISTORY]. STANSBURY, Howard. Exploration and Survey of the Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah.... Philadelphia: Lippincott, Grambo & Co. (SED 3), 1852. 487 pp., 57 lithographic plates by Ackerman (natural history plates in black and white, landscapes toned and some folding), including folding map (after the 1710 Senex). 8vo, original blind-stamped purple cloth. Binding rubbed and worn, cloth separating at corners, which are bumped, spine light. Lacking the separately issued map folder with two maps. Some foxing to interior (primarily affecting text, but occasionally affecting images, but fortunately primarily confined to blank margins).

First edition, Senate issue. Flake 8358. Graff 3947. Howes S884. Meisel III, p. 115. Plains & Rockies IV:219:2: “Captain Stansbury commanded the detachment of the Army’s Topographical Engineers which was directed in 1849 to explore and report on the Great Salt Lake Basin. Of particular interest were the newly established Mormon settlements, and the routes and passes through the Rockies for emigrants and possibly a railroad.” Scallawagiana 100:45n.

The plates by F. C. Grist and John Hudson are wonderful, and here they appear in the preferred toned state (so beautifully executed that some of them appear at first glance to be full color). Tyler, Prints of the West, pp. 80-82 (plate illustrated on p. 81): “[Stansbury’s] expedition began in May 1849 amid a raging cholera epidemic on the Missouri frontier, but gold fever proved to be even more debilitating to his expedition as word spread of the California discovery, and his men deserted for the goldfields. Stansbury overcame the Mormons’ original suspicion that he had been sent to spy on them and gained Brigham Young’s confidence, as well as respect and sympathy for his people. He was the first surveyor to march completely around the Great Salt Lake.”


(1 vol.)

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