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Auction 7 Catalogue

Lots 851-900

851. [WESTERN OVERLANDS]. Lot of 6 titles, including:

WILSON, Richard S. Short Raveling from a Long Yarn, or Camp March Sketches of the Santa Fe Trail. Santa Ana: Fine Arts Press, 1936. 8vo, original black morocco over white cloth. Very mild soiling to cloth, otherwise fine.

Reprint of the rare original edition (Chicago, 1847). Graff 4709. Howes T45: “Account of a trading expedition, under Captain Houck, made in 1841.” Plains & Rockies IV:142n: “The sketches possibly were prepared for the press by Benjamin F. Taylor.... Richard Wilson joined a Santa Fe caravan headed by Solomon Houck in the spring of 1841 in Independence.... Wilson’s sketch of a buffalo hunt on the Cimarron is of particular note. The [original edition of] ‘Ravelings’ is classed by Wright Howes as ‘quite rare,’ and is better known in its reprinting in 1936 by the Fine Arts Press in Santa Ana, California, with a foreword by Henry R. Wagner.” Rittenhouse 550.

Plus 5 others.


(6 vol.)

852. [WESTERN OVERLANDS]. Lot of 2 titles:

YOUNG, Frank C. Across the Plains in ‘65. Denver: Privately printed, 1905. vi, 224 pp., folding map. 12mo, original maroon cloth. Fine.

First edition, limited edition (#49 of 200 copies). Eberstadt, Modern Narratives of the Plains and the Rockies 541. Graff 4787. Howes Y25: “Day-by-day journal of a trip from Atchison to Julesburg and Denver. Properly a companion volume to [his Echoes of Arcadia].” Mintz, The Trail 627: “Young traveled to Pike’s Peak.”

YOUNG, Frank C. Echoes from Arcadia: The Story of Central City, as Told by One of “The Clan.” Denver: For Private Circulation, 1903. xiv, 220 pp. 12mo, original maroon cloth. Fine. Inside cover is laid in handwritten card – “With the compliments of Frank C. Young.”

First edition, limited edition (#60 of 200 copies). Graff 4788. Howes Y26: “Minute record of fifteen golden years, reviving a unique social life and a ghost-town’s departed glory.”


(2 vols.)

853. [WESTERN OVERLANDS]. YOUNG, John R. Memoirs of John R. Young, Utah Pioneer of 1847. Salt Lake City: The Desert News, 1920. 341, portrait plates. 12mo, original black cloth. Fine.

First edition. Graff 4794. Howes Y29. Mintz, The Trail 511: “Young began his trip overland at Nauvoo, continued to Winter Quarters, and to Utah in 1847. Later in his life he helped lead other Mormon followers to the Salt Lake Valley. Young, who was the son of Lorenzo Dow, speaks honestly about his plural marriages.”

(1 vol.)


854. [WESTERNERS’ BRAND BOOKS]. Lot of approximately 340 volumes from the Corrals for Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, Tucson, etc. These volumes contain a wealth of material on the West that cannot be found elsewhere. Very fine. Many of the Denver volumes are limited editions.

(340 vols.)


855. [WOMEN’S HISTORY]. Lot of 160 titles on women’s history, from missionaries to madams, entrepreneurs to enchantresses, homesteaders to high-lifers, ranchers to rustlers, and everything in between. Listen up, you Men, you won’t ever again have the chance to get so many women at once, and such a variety of them, too, at this most reasonable reserve. Seriously, for anyone wishing to begin a collection on women in the West, this is a giant first step.

[ALEXANDER, Eveline Martin]. Among the Pimas or the Mission to the Pima and Maricopa Indians. Albany: Ladies’ Union Mission School Assn., 1893. 136 pp., photographic frontispiece, plates. 12mo, original red cloth. Binding slightly stained and worn, interior fine.

First edition. Not in Graff or Howes. Myres, Following the Drum: “Probably written while Colonel Alexander was commanding officer at Fort McDowell, Arizona, 1868-1869. Mrs. Alexander was active in raising funds for a mission to the nearby Indians.” Schimmel, Women in the American Wilderness 14.

BELDEN, L. Burr. Death Valley Heroine, and Source Accounts of the 1849 Travelers. San Bernardino: Inland Printing and Engraving, [1954]. Very fine in original brown cloth.

First edition. Edwards, Enduring Desert, p. 23: “This excellent book afford[s] the reader a condensed account of the Death Valley venture of 1849.” The story of Mrs. Brier.

BREAZEALE, J. F. The Pima and His Basket. Tucson: Arizona Archaeological and Historical Society, 1923. 146 pp., numerous photographic illustrations (mostly women). 12mo, original tan decorated cloth. Very fine.

First edition. An excellent study, and very scarce.

BROOKS, Elisha. A Pioneer Mother of California. San Francisco: Wagner, 1922. 61 pp., 2 portraits. 12mo, original green cloth. Fine. Contemporary presentation.

First edition, trade edition (the first issue published in the same year was limited to 100 copies, the entire edition of which went to personal friends and family). Cowan, p. 74. Eberstadt, Modern Narratives of the Plains and Rockies 53. Graff 412: “The narrative describes a trip across the plains in 1852, when the author, then aged eleven years, went with his mother to join his father who had gone overland in 1850.” Howes B815. Rocq 14325. This trade edition includes an additional note and corrections by the author.

[CLAPPE, Louise A. K. S.]. The Shirley Letters from California Mines in 1851-52.... New York: Knopf, 1949. Very fine in d.j.

Originally published in the Pioneer Magazine for 1854-55, and unexcelled in the literature of goldrush and pioneer lore. “‘Dame Shirley’ a delightful and informative account of life in the California gold rush mining towns, where her husband practiced medicine. Her letters supplement the many excellent narratives written by men as she described conditions and events generally overlooked or neglected by them”--Hanna, Yale Exhibit. Cowan, p. 93n. Howes C417. Wheat, Books of the California Gold Rush 39. Zamorano Eighty 39n.

CLARK, C. P. & Helen E. Two Diaries, the Diary & Journal of Calvin Perry Clark who journeyed by Wagon Train from Plano, Illinois to Denver and Vicinity over the Santa Fe Trail in the Year 1859 together with the Diary of his Sister Helen E. Clark who made a similar journey by the Northern Route in the year 1860. [Parker, Colorado: The Little Press of Este Es, 1962]. 135 pp., frontispiece, illustrations, marginal decorations. 8vo, original decorated canvas bound dos a dos. Very fine.

First edition, limited edition (300 copies). Rittenhouse 114. Wynar 321. A most pleasant book in every way.

CLARK, Susie C. The Round Trip from the Hub to the Golden Gate. Boston: Lee & Shepherd, 1890. 193 [3, ads] pp. 8vo, original brown cloth. Binding with some stains and minor chipping.

First edition. Cowan, p. 128. Flake 2398. Railroad overland from Boston to California via the Southwest and Canada. Includes Yosemite.

COLT, Miriam Davis. A Heroine of the Frontier.... [edited by J. Christian Bay]. Cedar Rapids: Torch Press, 1941. Very fine in original boards.

Extracts from Colt’s diary with the Vegetarian Settlement Company to Kansas in 1856. See Plains & Rockies IV:380an.

CUERO, Delfina. The Autobiography of Delfina Cuero, A Diegueño Indian.... Los Angeles: Dawson’s Book Shop, 1968. Frontispiece portrait. Very fine in original 12mo red cloth.

CUMMINS, Sarah J. Autobiography and Reminiscences. La Grande: Privately printed, 1914. 63 pp., portrait. 8vo, original grey printed wrappers. Slight browning to right side of upper wrapper, else, very fine. Scarce.

First edition. Eberstadt, Modern Narratives of the Plains and the Rockies 113. Graff 949. Howes C952: “Crossed the plains to Oregon in 1845.” Hubach, p. 100. Littell 237: “An important contribution to the literature of the plains. The author went part of the way with Fremont, met Whitman in the Sioux country, and passed through the Yellowstone region in 1845. The pamphlet contains much out-of-the ordinary material on early overland travel.” Smith 2151.

DEFENBACH, Byron. Red Heroines of the Northwest. Caldwell: Caxton Printers, 1929. Fine in d.j., signed by author.

First edition. Fascinating perspective on the three greatest exploring expeditions of the Pacific Northwest, and how a woman influenced these ventures. Sacajawea (Lewis & Clark), The Dorion Woman (Astor), and Jane of the Nez Perces (Oregon mission).

DE SHIELDS, J. T. Cynthia Ann Parker: The Story of Her Capture at the Massacre of Parker’s Fort: or Her Quarter of a Century Spent among the Comanches.... St. Louis: Privately printed, 1886. 68 pp., frontispiece portrait of Cynthia Ann nursing one of her children, 3 other portraits. 12mo, original olive green gilt pictorial cloth. Covers very slightly abraded, but overall fine.

First edition. Ayer 63. Dobie, Life and Literature of the Southwest, p. 33. Graff 1064. Howes D278. Rader 1126. Raines, p. 67: “A story of painful but absorbing interest.” Cynthia Ann, captured at the age of nine, married a Commence chief five years later and bore him several children before she was forcibly “rescued” by Captain Sul Ross. She never became reconciled to white ways and tried several times to escape.

DRURY, Clifford M. Elkanah & Mary Walker. Pioneers among the Spokane. Caldwell: Caxton, 1940. Very fine in d.j.

First edition. See Tweney, Washington 89.

ENGLISH, Mary K. J. Prairie Sketches or Fugitive Recollections of an Army Girl.... [Denver: Privately printed, ca. 1899]. 79 pp., 19 photoplates. 8vo, original green printed wrappers. Slight wear to fragile wraps, else very fine. A modern scarcity.

First edition. Graff 1251. Howes (1954) 3323. Huntington 292: “An interesting narrative of life and adventures in the far west, containing details on the Shoshones, Arapahoes, etc.” Myres, Following the Drum: “Reminiscences by a major’s daughter with the 7th Cavalry at Fort Washakie, Wyoming, at the turn of the century.”

FARNHAM, Eliza W. Life in Prairie Land. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1846. 408 pp. 12mo, original dark brown cloth. Binding rubbed and worn, slightly shelf slanted.

First edition. Buck, p. 81: “Covering experiences from 1835 to 1841.... An important book.... She married Thomas Jefferson Farnham [and] they moved to New York in 1841, proceeded to California in 1849.... During her travels down the Ohio and through the Great Lakes and elsewhere, she showed an exuberant love of the West and nature.” See Notable American Women.

FISKE, Elizabeth French. I Lived among the Apaches.... Pasadena: Trail’s End Pub. Co., [1947]. Very fine in d.j.

First edition.

FLETCHER, Ellen Gordon. A Bride on the Bozeman Trail.... Medford: Ganbdee Printing Center, 1970. [8] 139 pp., portraits. 4to, original green cloth. Very fine.

First edition, limited edition (#272 of 650 copies).

HAFEN, Mary A. Recollections of a Handcart Pioneer of 1860. With Some Account of Frontier Life in Utah and Nevada. Denver: Privately printed for Her Descendants, 1938. 117 pp., frontispiece portrait. 12mo, original flexible black cloth. Very fine.

First edition. Mintz, The Trail 196: “The niece of Utah pioneer John Stucki, Mary Ann was the mother of the well known historian Leroy Haven. She crossed the plains with her family, having come all the way from Switzerland. All handcart users had to walk, and she says of her mother: ‘By this time mother’s feet were so swollen that she could not wear shoes, but had to wrap her feet with cloth.’.... This is a tough book to find.” Paher 753.

HAFEN, Mary A. (editor). WOODBURY, Mary Evans. Mother Poems [cover title]. [Denver: Afternoon Workshop of the Poetry Society of Colorado, 1954]. 14 pp., photographic portrait on upper cover. 8vo, stapled. Very fine, signed by Hafen.

First edition. A tribute to Hafen’s mother, Mary Evans Woodbury. This is even tougher to find than the preceding. Ephemeral.

HEBARD, Grace Raymond. Johnson County, Wyoming: Derivation of Place Names. An Unfinished Manuscript with her Pencil Corrections in Her Handwriting. Cheyenne, 1970. 15 pp. 4to, original peach wrappers with photographic portrait of Hebard. Very fine.

First edition. Includes a facsimile of Hebard’s biographical information for the State of Wyoming. We love this piece, and Hebard is one of our heroines.

[HEBARD, GRACE RAYMOND]. In Memoriam: Grace Raymond Hebard, 1861-1936. N.p.: The Faculty of the University of Wyoming, 1937. Very fine in original grey 8vo wraps.

First edition. Tucked in the book is Hebard’s brochure History and Romance of Wyoming: A Guide to Book Titles and Historic Places.

HEBARD, Grace R. Sacajawea, a Guide and Interpreter of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.... Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1933. 340 pp., frontispiece, plates, maps. Original maroon cloth. Very fine.

First edition. Howes H383. Lamar, American West, p. 1055: “The fullest account contending for authenticity of the Wyoming Sacajawea is Hebard.” “A prototype of the ideal Indian woman, the Shoshone, Sacajawea, gave valuable guidance to Lewis and Clark during their expedition to the Pacific Coast and back. Extremely intelligent, she was able to comprehend the white man’s point of view as well as the Indian’s and throughout her life was respected by the latter for her counsel and the former for her understanding and influence”--Hanna, Yale Exhibit.

HIXON, Adrietta Applegate. On to Oregon! A True Story of a Young Girl’s Journey into the West. [Weiser: Signal-American, 1947]. [6] 48 pp., portraits of the author and her mother. 8vo, original brown printed pictorial wrappers. Very fine.

First edition. Eberstadt 128:22: “The overland narrative of Mary Ellen Todd, who later married the Oregon cattleman, John taken down by her daughter.” Not in Smith.

HOLLEY, Mary Austin. Letters of an Early American Traveller [edited] by Mattie Austin Hatcher. Dallas: Southwest Press [1933]. xii, 216 pp., frontispiece portrait, plates, map. Fine in d.j. Ink ownership stamp on endpapers.

First edition. Basic Texas Books 93C. Contains a reprint of Holley’s Texas (1833) and over a hundred of her letters.

HOLMES, Julia Archibald. A Bloomer Girl on Pike’s Peak 1858...First White Woman to Climb Pike’s Peak. Denver: Denver Public Library, 1949. xii, 66 pp., portraits. 8vo, original pink boards, turquoise backstrip, printed paper label on upper cover. Very fine.

First edition, limited edition. Dressed in bloomers and carrying a seventeen-pound pack, suffragist Holmes reached the 14,110-foot summit on August 5 after 36 days. Not in Neate or Alpine Club Catalogue.

HOUSER, G. O. A Story of “Falling Leaf” the Princess—Most Beautiful Daughter of the Sioux. Guernsey, Wyoming: The Guernsey Gazette, n.d. 16 pp., photographic illustrations. Small square 8vo, original blue pictorial wrappers. Very fine.

First edition. Falling Leaf’s father was Spotted Tail.

HUNTER, J. Marvin & Noah H. Rose. The Album of Gun-Fighters. [Bandera: Hunter & Rose, 1951]. xi [3] 236 pp., profusely illustrated (mostly photographic). 4to, original black colored pictorial cloth. Very fine in rubbed d.j.

First edition. Adams, Burs 205; Guns 1085: "Scarce.... Published in a limited edition, this volume contains portraits and short sketches of most of the outlaws and gunmen of the West. Rose’s pictures have appeared in many western books, but this publication places a valuable gallery of western gunmen under one cover.” Dykes, Kid 432. Western High Spots, p. 60 (“High Spots of Western Illustrating” #118): “The illustrations are remarkable considering the age and condition of many of the plates.” Howes H814. Yes, this book has testosterone all over it, but there is women’s history, including Bonnie Parker, Belle Starr, the “Rose of the Cimarron,” Calamity Jane, Mother Dalton, and the James’ Boys mother. Wickedness is not confined to the male sex.

HUNTER, J. Marvin. The Trail Drivers of Texas. Nashville: Cokesbury, 1925. 1044 pp., portraits, illustrations, folding maps. Large 8vo, original blue cloth. Very fine in d.j.

“Best and largest edition containing much new material”--Merrill, Aristocrats of the Cow Country, p. 19 Adams, Guns 1084; Herd 1103: “Perhaps the most important single contribution to the history of cattle driving on the western trails.” Basic Texas Books 99. Dobie, p. 108. Graff 2020. Howes H816. King, p. 16: “Includes mention of trail drivers’ wives; one account of a girl who went up the cattle trail.” Reese, Six Score 61: “The largest collection of first hand narratives of the range cattle industry.... An essential foundation book for any range library.” Includes an account of a nineteen-year-old girl masquerading as a boy who went on a spring drive from New Mexico to Colorado in 1888; Amanda Burks’ 1871 trip on the trail from Nueces County, Texas, to Newton, Kansas; Mrs. Slaughter’s experiences on the trail in 1896 from Fort Sumner, New Mexico, to Liberal, Kansas; etc.

JACKSON, Mary E. The Life of Nellie C. Bailey; or, A Romance of the West. Topeka: Martin, 1885. [2] 399 pp., original albumen photograph frontispiece portrait, 7 wood engraved plates. 12mo, original brown cloth. Shelf-slated, light outerwear and staining, front hinge broken.

First edition. Adams, Guns 1123: “Very scarce...Primarily about a strange murder case which created a sensation in the early West, the book also gives an account of the hanging of Ben Wheeler and Henry Brown for the robbery of the Medicine Lodge bank.” A sympathetic account of Nellie Bailey, the Kansas girl arrested on her way to Texas for supposedly murdering an Englishman. The jury returned a verdict of “Not Guilty,” and this book was written by Jackson to “remunerate her in some measure for her great loss and suffering.” Not in McDade.

KELLY, Fanny. Narrative of My Captivity among the Sioux Indians. Hartford: Mutual Pub. Co., 1873. 285 pp., frontispiece portrait, plates 8vo, original brown cloth. Shelf slanted, worn and shaken.

Second edition. Adams, Guns 1224. Howes K62. One of the oft-reprinted captivities (the first edition came out in 1871).

KINZIE, Juliette A. Wau-bun, The “Early Day” in the North-west. New York: Derby & Jackson, 1856. 498 pp., lithographed frontispiece of the first house built in Chicago, 5 plates after author’s illustrations. Large 8vo, original blind-stamped plum cloth, gilt pictorial spine. Binding rubbed and worn, front hinge cracked, short tear on title.

First edition. Ayer 175. Buck 230. Field 833. Graff 2340. Howes K171. The author, who came to Chicago in 1830 on her honeymoon, gives a classic account of the Old Northwest. Her account of the massacre at Fort Dearborn remains the primary source on this event. See Notable American Women II:337.

LANE, Lydia Spencer. I Married a Soldier. Albuquerque: Horn & Wallace, 1964. Albuquerque: Horn & Wallace, 1964. Very fine in d.j.

The original edition came out in 1893. This edition has a foreword by Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower. Graff 2382n: “A very interesting account of Army life at western and southwestern Army posts in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, and Arizona prior to and immediately after the Civil War.” Howes L68. Myres, Following the Drum.

McCARTY, J. L. Adobe Walls Bride. The Story of Billy and Olive King Dixon. San Antonio: Naylor [1955]. xii, 281 pp., illustrated by Harold D. Bugbee. 8vo, original yellow cloth. Fine.

First edition. Adams, Guns 1384; Herd 1369. Dykes, Western High Spots, p. 8. Biography of Olive King Dixon and her husband, the famous Indian scout and plainsman who returned to Adobe Walls, homesteading the original site. It was there that he and Olive, originally from Virginia, settled in 1894. For three years thereafter Olive was the only woman living in Hutchinson County, Texas.

McPHERREN, Ida. Trail’s End. [Caspar, Wyoming: Prairie Publishing Co.], 1938. 322 pp., plates. 12mo, original green cloth. Very fine in glassine d.j.

First edition. Adams, Guns 1431; Herd 1421.

MAGOFFIN, Susan S. Down the Santa Fé Trail and into Mexico...1846-1847. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1926. xxvi, 294 pp., frontispiece portrait, plates. 8vo, original navy blue cloth. Barely detectable ex-library.

First edition. Dobie, p. 77: “Delectable diary.” Graff 2656: “One of the great Santa Fé Trail diaries.” Howes M211. Hubach, p. 1104. Matthews, p. 304. Powell, p. 93: “The author’s husband took her along on his mysterious diplomatic mission to persuade Armijo, governor of New Mexico, to yield to the Army of the West without a battle. A most delightful book on the old Santa Fé Trail, and the only good one by a bride.” Rader 2331. Rittenhouse 392.

MARQUIS, Thomas B. She Watched Custer’s Last Battle. N.p., n.d. [ca. 1933]. [8] pp. 8vo, original beige printed wrappers. Remains of old sticker on wrapper, else fine.

First edition.

MEREDITH, Grace E. (ed.). Girl Captives of the Cheyennes. Los Angeles: Gem Publishing Company, 1927. Very fine in d.j.

First edition. Horrifying captivity of a German family en route from Georgia to Kansas in 1874.

MILLS, Anson. My Story. Washington: Press of Byron S. Adams, 1918. 412 pp., frontispiece portraits of Mills and his wife, plates, maps, illustrations. 8vo, original flexible gilt-lettered and decorated black cloth, a.e.g. Very fine. Inscribed by author to Major General Hugh L. Scott, noted scout and ethnologist (Thrapp, Encyclopedia of Frontier Biography 1281-82).

First edition. Flake 5412. Graff 2804. Howes M623. This book may appear to be unrelentingly male and military, but there is a world of good coverage on social and family life in the army, with many documentary photographs of Mills’ wife and family. Mills served 54 years in the army and saw wide service on the western frontier--Texas (Fort Bliss, Fort Davis, Fort Concho, Fort McIntosh), Indian Territory, 1876 Sioux campaign, Fort Bridger, escort to Gen. Dodge from Salt Lake to Oregon in 1867, California, Black Hills, Washington, Montana, Powder River Expedition, etc. Mills lived in El Paso from 1858 to 1861, surveyed the town site (illustration of his map in book), and suggested the name.

MUMEY, Nolie. Poker Alice, Alice Ivers, Duffield, Tubbs, Huckert (1851-1931). History of a Woman Gambler in the West. Denver: Artcraft Press, 1951. [12] 47 [1] pp., tipped-in frontispiece portrait, plates, portraits, large folding map. 4to, original white and red pictorial wrappers. Very fine.

First edition, limited edition (500 numbered, signed copies). Adams, Guns 1568: “The only book written about this unique and noted western character.”

MUMEY, Nolie. The Saga of “Auntie” Stone and her Cabin, Elizabeth Hickok Robbins Stone (1801-1895). Boulder: Johnson publishing Company, 1964. 128 pp., frontispiece portrait, plates, illustrations. Folio, original beige cloth. Very fine.

First edition. Stone built and operated the first dwelling, operated the first hotel, built the first flour mill, and erected the first brick kiln in Fort Collins. The frontispiece shows a woman’s face of fierce determination.

REID, Agnes J. Letters of Long Ago. Caldwell: Caxton, [1923]. 118 pp., text vignettes. 8vo, original dark brown stiff wrappers. Very fine. Idaho Territory in the 1870s.

RISTER, Carl Coke. Comanche Bondage: Dr. John Charles Beales’s Settlement of La Villa de Dolores on Las Moras Creek in Southern Texas of the 1830’s with an Annotated Reprint of Sarah Ann Horn’s Narrative of her Captivity among the Comanches.... Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1955. 210 pp., frontispiece, plates. Very fine in d.j. Former owner’s signature on endpaper.

Scholarly reprint of the first edition (St. Louis, 1839) of one of the most elusive Western American imprints. Ayer 134n. Howes H642. Plains & Rockies IV:74:1n. Streeter 1347n. Rister describes the captivity as a “narration of stark realism, of primitive Indian life, and of terrible cruelty and grim tragedy.”

ROE, Frances. Army Letters from an Officer’s Wife 1871-1888. New York and London: Appleton, 1909. x, 387 pp., photographic frontispiece portrait, numerous other plates and illustrations. 8vo, original blue decorated cloth. Hinge cracked.

First edition. Flake 7400a. Graff 3546. Hanna, Yale Exhibit: “This cavalry officer’s wife spent some years in the plains and gives a lively account of her experiences. Immediately after her arrival at Fort Lyon, her husband’s fellow officers taught her to ride (sidesaddle of course) and shoot ‘and do all sorts of things’--no helpless female was she expected to be, not in that dangerous territory. Well worth the reading are the letters of this intelligent and sensible woman.” Howes R403. Rader 2815. Myres, Following the Drum, p. 12: “Describes army life at various posts in Colorado, Kansas, Montana and Indian Territory.”

ROYCE, Sarah. A Frontier Lady. Recollections of the Gold Rush and Early California.... New Haven: Yale University Press, 1932. xvi, 144 pp. 12mo, original grey cloth. Light wear.

First edition. Eberstadt, Modern Narratives of the Plains and the Rockies 416. Graff 3598: “An account of a trip across the plains in 1849.” Wheat, Books of the California Gold Rush 172: “A noteworthy record of events as seen by an intelligent woman.”

RUSSELL, Marian. Land of Enchantment. Memoirs of Marian Russell Along the Santa Fe Trail as Dictated to Mrs. Hal Russell. Evanston: Branding Iron Pr., 1954. x, 156 pp., frontispiece portrait, endpaper maps. 8vo, original brown gilt pictorial cloth. Very fine copy in lightly browned d.j.

First edition, limited edition. Adams, Herd 1976. Rittenhouse 497. One of the few accounts of a woman on the Santa Fe Trail, Marian Russell’s memoirs also include the sixty years (1871-1936) that her family lived on the Stonewall Valley Ranch in Colorado.

SANDOZ, Mari. Old Jules Country: A Selection from Old Jules and Thirty Years of Writing Since the Book was Published. New York: James F. Carr/Hastings House, 1965. Very fine in original green calf over green cloth.

First edition, limited edition (#139 of 250 copies).

SANFORD, Mollie Dorsey. Mollie. The Journal of Mollie Dorsey Sanford in Nebraska and Colorado Territories 1857-1866.... [Nebraska] U. Neb., 1959. xii, 199 pp. 8vo, original green cloth over tan gilt pictorial boards. Very fine in d.j.

First edition. The diarist gives descriptions of the cattle and ranches she observed on the seventeen-week journey across the plains to Denver in the summer of 1860.

SEMPLE, J. A. Representative Women of Colorado. A Pictorial Collection of the Women of Colorado Who Have Attained Prominence in the Social, Political, Professional, Pioneer and Club Life of the State. Denver: Alexander Art, 1914. 269 pp., portraits. Large 8vo, original full gilt-lettered tan suede. Other than minor wear to spinal extremities, an exceptionally fine copy.

First edition, limited deluxe edition (#18 of 620 copies). Presents biographical information and photographs of about 500 Colorado women, including many who were early pioneers and members of prominent ranching families, such as Mrs. Samuel I. Altman, a successful stock-raiser in her own right. Very scarce distaff Western mug book.

SHEFFIELD, Della. Reminiscences...[edited by William S. Lewis]. Seattle: University of Washington Press, 1924. 16 pp. 8vo, original grey printed wrappers. Fine, with inscription from Lockley to Ellison.

First separate printing (from Washington Historical Quarterly I5:1). An Army wife account of an 1852 journey to and sojourn at Fort Vancouver, Oregon Territory.

STEWART, Elinore Pruitt. Letters on an Elk Hunt by a Woman Homesteader. Boston & New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1915. [8] 161 [3] pp., frontispiece. 12mo, original tan pictorial cloth. Lightly stained.

First edition. Includes an account of a trip undertaken by the author during which she traveled behind a “drove of two thousand steers being driven to the railroad to be shipped.” She describes a terrifying stampede in vivid detail.

SUMMERHAYES, Martha. Vanished Arizona, Recollections of My Army Life.... Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1908. 270 pp., 22 illustrations. 8vo, original blue pictorial cloth, t.e.g. Very fine.

First edition. Alliot, p. 210. Clark, Southwest Classics, pp. 272-84: “What she wrote was the story of an army wife on the Arizona frontier in the 1870’s, a story that is peerless in the literature of that time and place.” Graff 4028: “One of the most readable books about Arizona.” Howes S1132. Myres, Army Wives in the Trans-Mississippi West, a Preliminary Bibliography, p. 13.

VAN CLEVE, Charlotte O. “Three Score Years and Ten,” Life-Long Memories of Fort Snelling, Minnesota, and other parts of the West. [Minneapolis: Harrison & Smith], 1888. 176 pp., frontispiece portrait. 8vo, original brown cloth. Binding with minor shelf wear, contemporary gift inscription, else very fine.

First edition, first issue (copyright slip pasted on title verso). Bradford 5550. Graff 4455. Howes V21: “Authoress was the first white child born in Wisconsin.” Myres, Following the Drum, p. 14. “Charlotte Van Cleve was born in 1819 while her parents were on route from Hartford, Connecticut, to Fort Snelling, to which her father had been assigned. She grew up in the army [and] married into it.... Her experiences were numerous and she tells them with intelligence and charm” (Hanna, Yale Exhibit).

VICTOR, Frances Fuller. The River of the West. Life and Adventure in the Rocky Mountains and Oregon; Embracing Events in the Life-Time of a Mountain-Man and Pioneer: With the Early History of the North-Western Slope, Including an Account of the Fur Traders, the Indian Tribes, the Overland Immigration, the Oregon Mission, and the Tragic Fate of Rev. Dr. Whitman and Family.... Hartford, etc.: Bliss, et al., 1870. [2] 602 pp., frontispiece, 30 engraved plates and illustrations. 8vo, original brown gilt pictorial cloth. Spine a bit light and extremities chipped, hinges split but strong.

First edition. Bradford 5586. Eberstadt 127:474: “The narrative is chiefly built about the strong figure of ‘Joe’ Meek, the fur-trapper; but Wyeth, Sublette, and many other worthies of the Yellowstone country move across its pages, together with an account of Meek’s captivity and the Whitman Massacre.” Graff 4477. Hanna, Yale Exhibit (describing another of the author’s works): “Frances Victor began writing for newspapers at the age of fourteen and continued writing all her life, producing essays, short stories, poems, novels, biographies, and histories.” Howes V89. Smith 10555. Tweney, Washington 89. See Notable American Women.

WALKER, Mary Richardson. Mary Richardson Walker: Her Book. Caldwell: Caxton, 1945. 357 pp., frontispiece portrait, illustrations. Very fine in d.j. with two tears.

First edition. Walker’s diary kept in the home of Narcissa Whitman 1833-1836.

WALKER, Tacetta B. Stories of Early Days in Wyoming: Big Horn Basin. Casper: Prairie Pub. Co., 1936. vi, 271 pp., plates, portraits, maps. 8vo, original blue cloth. Very fine.

First edition. Adams, Guns 2287: “This privately printed book contains chapters on the Johnson County War and on the outlaw period, dealing with Butch Cassidy and his gang and the hanging of Tom Horn;” Herd 2422. King, p. 20: “Includes the story of Lucy Morrison, an enterprising woman who became a successful sheep rancher in the late 1800s in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming.”

WILLSON, Mrs. Eugene B. Cabin Days in Wyoming. A Historical Romance of the Running Water Range. [Lusk] Privately printed, 1939. 64 pp., illustrations. 8vo, original grey printed wrappers. Very fine.

First edition. Adams, Herd 2532. Malone, p. 64: “Romances of early-day residents on the ranches near Lusk told as stories to entertain an injured guest in one of their homes.” Scarce account containing not only author’s reminiscences, but also those of other pioneer women.

WOODRUFF, Janette. Indian Oasis. Caldwell: Caxton, 1939. 325 pp., frontispiece portrait, plates. Very fine in d.j.

First edition. Woodruff served as an aid at three different reservations, Crow, Piute, and Papago.

Plus 106 others.


(162 vols.)

Autry Rosenstock Auction


856. [DAKOTAS]. LUDLOW, William. Report of a Reconnaissance of the Black Hills of Dakota, Made in the Summer of 1874. Washington: GPO, 1875. 121 pp., maps. 4to, original brown cloth. Some shelf wear and a few tears to maps.

First edition. Howes L558. Jennewein, Black Hills Booktrails 35: “The most common primary source upon which most accounts are based. In addition to the summary of the trip by Ludlow, who was Chief Engineer, the volume includes the scientific reports a table of elevations the maps are important and adds greatly to the known topographic detail of the hills.”

(1 vol.)


857. [NATIVE AMERICANS]. [SHERIDAN, Lieutenant General P. H.]. Record of Engagements with Hostile Indians within the Military Division of the Missouri, From 1868 to 1882. Washington: GPO, 1882. 112 pp. 8vo, original grey printed wrappers. Wraps detached, some soiling.

First edition. Howes S395. Jennewein, Black Hills Booktrails 71. Details on the 1876 Big Horn and Yellowstone Expedition to overthrow the Native Americans of the Northern Plains.

(1 vol.)


858. [WYOMING]. COUTANT, C. G. History of Wyoming: From the Earliest Known Discoveries. Laramie: Chaplin, Spafford & Mathison, Printers, 1899. xxiv [17]-712 pp., 76 illustrations on 27 plates (Howes errs in calling for 76 plates). Thick 8vo, original three-quarter black leather over dark brown cloth, gilt seal on upper cover. Some shelf wear, interior fine.

First edition. Graff 889. Howes C810. Malone, Wyomingiana, p. 3. From early exploration to about 1870, including trappers and traders of the early days, Oregon migration, Mormon movement and settlements, Native Americans, depredations on the overland trail, etc.

(1 vol.)


859. [WYOMING]. TITTSWORTH, W. G. Outskirt Episodes. [DesMoines: Success Composition & Ptg. Co., 1927]. 282 [1] pp., portrait of author tipped on title page. 8vo, original maroon cloth. Minor shelf wear.

First edition. Adams, Guns 2219: “This rare book is the personal narrative of the author’s life and adventures in the Wyoming country and his experiences among the Rocky Mountain outlaws in the days when the Union Pacific Railroad was building westward.” Eberstadt 107:381b. Graff 4158. Howes T275.


(1 vol.)

860. TRIGGS, J. H. History and Directory of Laramie City, Wyoming Territory. Laramie City: Daily Sentinel Print, 1875. 91 pp. 8vo, original blue printed wrappers, stitched. One small crease to wraps at lower right corner, else fine.

First edition. Eberstadt 136:667h: “A history of the region from the day of first settlement in April of 1868. It has long been recognized by students of western history as probably the most honest, outspoken, and vivid account of the early and turbulent days." Adams, Guns 2239; Herd 2332: “Very rare.” Graff 4191. Howes T351. McMurtrie, Wyoming Imprints 1866-1890. Streeter Sale 2245 ($250 in 1968).


(1 vol.)

861. [YELLOWSTONE]. Lot of 2 books on Yellowstone:

DOANE, G. C. Letter of the Secretary of War, Communicating the Report ...upon the So-called Yellow-stone Expedition of 1870. Washington, SED52, 1871. 40 pp. In a bound volume of government reports for 1871 (many other reports present). Thick 8vo, original full sheep, red and black morocco spine labels. Some outer wear, otherwise fine. The volume contains several reconstruction reports for Texas and many other reports of interest for Western Americana.

First edition of "one of the classics of Western exploration, recording in day-by-day form the incidents, adventures and observations of the expedition under Gen. Washburn, Lieut. Doane and Langford. This was the first expedition to explore the Yellowstone Country; the first to name and describe many of its prominent features; and the first to propose that its natural wonders be preserved untouched by reserving the region as a National Park. Dr. Hayden says of this narrative: 'For graphic description and thrilling interest it has not been surpassed by an official report made to our government since the times of Lewis and Clark" (Eberstadt 114:842).

LANGFORD, Nathaniel Pitt. Diary of the Washburn Expedition to the Yellowstone and Firehole Rivers in the Year 1870. N.p., 1905. Very fine in original blue pictorial cloth.


(2 vols.)

862. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 6 titles:

BALDRIDGE, M. A Reminiscence of the Parker H. French Expedition through Texas & Mexico to California in the Spring of 1850. 1959. All fine. 17 copies.

LINFORTH, James. Route from Liverpool to Great Salt Lake Valley. Facsimile reprint of the original edition (1855). Fine. 13 copies.

ROGERS, Fred B. Soldiers of the Overland, Being some Account of the Services of General Patrick Edward Connor & His Volunteers in the Old West. 1938. Very good. 7 copies.

SCOTT, Mary Hurlburt. The Oregon Trail through Wyoming, a Century of History, 1812-1912. 1958. Fine. 7 copies.

SMEDLEY, William. Across the Plains in ’62. [Denver, 1916]. Very good to very fine. 2 copies.

WISLIZENUS, Frederick Adolphus. Memoir of a Tour to Northern Mexico, Connected with Col. Doniphan’s Expedition, in 1846 and 1847. 1969. Very fine. 9 copies.


(55 vols.)

863. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 7 titles:

BARNEY, Libeus. Letters of the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush [or Early Day Letters from Auraria]. 1959. All fine. 8 copies.

CLARK, C. M. A Trip to Pike’s Peak & Notes by the Way, etc. 1958. 9 copies.

ROTH, Charles B. C. T., Sage of the Rockies. (Chauncey Thomas) 1960. 9 copies.

GEFFS, Mary L. Under Ten Flags, A History of Weld County, Colorado. 1938. Fine. 13 copies.

McMECHEN, Edgar Carlisle. Life of Governor Evans, Second Territorial Governor of Colorado. 1924. Very good to very fine. 10 copies.

RANKIN, M. Wilson. Reminiscences of Frontier Days Including an Authentic Account of the Thornburg and Meeker Massacre. 1938. Fine. 14 copies.

WILLARD, James F. The Union Colony at Greeley, Colorado, 1869-1871. 1918. Cloth and wrappers. Fine. About 50 copies of various vols. of the 3-vol. set.


(approximately 113 vols.)

864. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 125 titles:

BLANCHARD, Leola Howard. Conquest of Southwest Kansas. 1931. Fine.


(125 vols.)

865. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 2 titles:

BREWER, Luther A. My Leigh Hunt Library. 1932. Mint. 10 copies.

TWAIN, Mark. A Curtain Lecture Concerning Skating... and the Later, Unauthorized Revision, Mrs. Mark Twain’s Shoe. 1967. Fine. 70 copies.


(80 vols.)

866. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 3 titles:

CAFKY, Morris. Colorado Midland. 1965. Fine. 45 copies.

KINDIG, R. H., E. J. Haley & M. C. Poor. Pictorial Supplement to Denver South Park & Pacific. 1959. Fine. 40 copies.

McMECHEN, Edgar Carlisle. The Moffat Tunnel of Colorado, an Epic of Empire. Vol. I & II. 1927. 3 sets of the 2-vol. set, all very fine and in publisher’s original box.


(91 vols.)

867. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 60 copies of the following title:

CAMP, Charles L. 1792-1881, James Clyman, Frontiersman. 1960. Mint. 60 copies.


(60 vols.)

868. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 5 titles:

COLLINS, Dennis. The Indians’ Last Fight or The Dull Knife Raid. [n.d.]. Very fine. 8 copies.

HOWBERT, Irving. The Indians of the Pike’s Peak Region. 1970. Fine. 17 copies.

HYDE, George E. Pawnee Indians. 1951. Fine. 9 copies.

STEWART, Edgar & Jane R. The Field Diary of Lt. Edward Settle Godfrey, Commanding Co. K, 7th Cavalry Regiment under Lt. Colonel George Armstrong Custer in the Sioux Encounter at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. 1957. Fine. 10 copies.

WHITE, Leslie A. & Clyde Walton. Lewis Henry Morgan, the Indian Journals, 1859-62. 1959. Fine in d.j. 4 copies.


(48 vols.)

869. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 50 copies of the following title:

CUSHING, Frank H. My Adventures in Zuni. 1970. Very fine. 50 copies


(50 vols.)

870. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 8 titles:

DAVID, Robert B. Malcolm Campbell, Sheriff. 1932. Fine. 15 copies.

DE BACA, Manuel C. Vicente Silva & His 40 Bandits. 1947. Fine. 24 copies.

EISELE, Wilbert Edwin. The Real Wild Bill Hickok. 1931. Fine. 24 copies.

HAMNER, Laura V. The No-Gun Man of Texas, A Century of Achievement, 1835-1929. 1935. 14 copies.

HUNTER, J. Marvin & Noah H. Rose. The Album of Gunfighters. 1951. 9 copies, most fine and in d.j.

MADIS, George. The Winchester Book. 1971. Fine. 9 copies.

NIX, Evett Dumas. Oklahombres, Particularly the Wilder Ones, As Told to Gordon Hines. 1929. Fine. 12 copies.

OTERO, Miguel Antonio. My Life on the Frontier, 1882-1897, Death Knell of a Territory and Birth of a State. Vol. II only. 1939. Fine. 33 copies.


(140 vols.)

871. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 5 titles:

ELLISON, William Henry. The Life and Adventures of George Nidever (1802-1883). 1937. Fine. 14 copies.

GARDINER, Howard C. In Pursuit of the Golden Dream. 1970. Fine. 5 copies.

MUENCH, Joyce Rockwood. The Kilgore Journal of an Overland Journey to California in the Year 1850. 1949. Very fine. 10 copies.

PEARSON, Gustavus C. Overland in 1849, from Missouri to California by the Platte River and the Salt Lake Trail, an Account from the Letters of G.C. Pearson. 1961. Fine. 10 copies.

ROOT, Riley. Journal of Travels from St. Josephs to Oregon with Observations of that Country, Together with a Description of California, Its Agricultural Interests and a Full Description of Its Gold Mines. 1955. Very good to very fine. 6 copies.


(45 vols.)

872. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 2 titles:

GALVIN, John (editor). A Record of Travels in Arizona and California, 1775-1776, Fr. Francisco Garces. 1965. Mint. 10 copies.

GALVIN, John (editor). Western America in 1846-1847, The Original Travel Diary of Lieutenant J. W. Abert Who Mapped New Mexico for the United States Army. 1966. Mint. 180 copies.


(190 vols.)

873. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 6 titles:

GARDNER, Hamilton. Reprint of History of Lehi, Including a Biographical Section. 1913. Very fine. 12 copies.

GILBERT, G. K. Report on the Geology of the Henry Mountains. 1880. Very good to fine. 6 copies.

HEMPHILL, Elva Murrell. Early Days in Dallas County. 1954. 16 copies.

MORGAN, Dale. Overland in 1846, Diaries and Letters of the California-Oregon Trail. 1963. 2 vols. 10 copies of the 2-vol. set.

STEWART, George R. Take Your Bible in One Hand, The Life of William Henry Thomes. 1939. Fine. 12 copies.

WEAVER, J.E. North American Prairie. 1954. Very fine in d.j. 14 copies.


(60 vols.)

874. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 70 copies of the following title:

GRANGER, Lewis. Letters of Lewis Granger, Reports of the Journey from Salt Lake to Los Angeles in 1849, and of Conditions in Southern California in the Early Fifties. 1959. Fine. 70 copies.


(70 vols.)

875. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 2 titles:

HAMMOND, George P. & Agapito Rey. Don Juan de Onate, Colonizer of New Mexico, 1595-1628. Part I & II. 1953. 3 copies of 2-vol. sets. Fine.

HAMMOND, George P. The Rediscovery of New Mexico, 1580-1594, The Explorations of Chamuscado, Espejo, Castano de Sosa, Morlete, and Leyva de Bonilla and Humana. 1966. Fine. 8 copies.


(14 vols.)

876. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 12 copies of the following title:

HORN, Tom. Life of Tom Horn, Government Scout and Interpreter, Written by Himself, Together with His Letters and Statements by His Friends, A Vindication. 1904. Printed pictorial wrappers. All but one very fine. 12 copies. What a deal!

(12 vols.)


877. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot 2 titles:

MAJORS, Alexander. Seventy Years on the Frontier.... 1893. 7 copies. Very good to very fine.

ROOT, Frank A. & William Elsey Connelley. The Overland Stage to California. 1901. Very good to very fine. Very good to very fine. 7 vols.


(14 vols.)

878. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 2 titles, as follows:

JAMES, George Wharton. Indian Basketry, and How to Make Indian and Other Baskets, with Nearly 600 Illustrations. 1970. New, as issued. 7 copies.

MASON, Otis Tufton. Aboriginal Indian Basketry, Studies in a Textile Art without Machinery. 1970. New, as issued. 20 copies.


(27 vols.)

879. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 2 titles:

KRAKEL, Dean F. The Saga of Tom Horn, The Story of a Cattlemen’s War with Personal Narratives, Newspaper Accounts and Official Documents and Testimonies. 1954. 76 copies, various states, mostly new, as issued.

KRAKEL, Dean F. South Platte Country, A History of Old Weld County, Colorado, 1739-1900. 1954. Fine. 24 copies.


(100 vols.)

880. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 125 copies of the following title:

LONG, Margaret. The Shadow of the Arrow. 1941. 125 copies. Most all very fine in d.j.

First edition. Edwards, The Enduring Desert, p. 159: “A carefully-written and authentic account of Death Valley, coupled with intelligent exploratory findings of the physical routes traversed by the emigrants of 1849—from Salt Lake, across Nevada, and thence to the Coast. The Doctor’s book has not sustained itself by a parasitic nourishment upon the research of others. Here is a vigorous, first-hand contribution to Death Valley literature; one of the best, in my opinion, that has ever been made available. I would rate it among the first half-dozen Death Valley items of paramount importance.” Mintz, The Trail 299: “Contains most of the diary of forty-niner Sheldon Young... Young started from Joliet, went through Salt Lake City and Describes his route from there to Death Valley.”


(125 vols).

881. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 29 copies of the following title:

RIDINGS, Sam P. The Chisholm Trail, a History of the World’s Greatest Cattle Trail. 1936. New in dust wrappers (some dust jackets lightly soiled). 29 copies. Another great opportunity.


(29 vols.)

882. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 30 copies of the following title:

RYUS, William H. The Second William Penn, a True Account of Incidents that Happened along the Old Santa Fe Trail in the Sixties. 1913. 12mo, original printed wrappers. All very fine. 30 copies.


(30 vols.)

883. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot containing 17 copies of the following title:

SHAW, James C. North from Texas, Incidents in the Early Life of a Range Cowman in Texas, Dakota and Wyoming, 1852-1883. 1952. Very fine. 17 copies.


(17 copies)

884. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot containing approximately 120 copies of the following title:

SHAW, Luella. True History of Some of the Pioneers of Colorado. 1909. Mostly very fine. Approximately 120 copies.


(120 vols.)

885. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot MANY titles by Father Stanley (cloth & wrappers, all very fine, almost all signed) including:

STANLEY, F. The Apaches of New Mexico, 1540-1940. 1962. 11 copies.

STANLEY, F. Ciudad Santa Fe, Spanish Domination (1610-1821). 1958. 9 copies.

STANLEY, F. The Civil War in New Mexico. 1960. 17 copies.

STANLEY, F. Clay Allison. 1956. 4 copies.

STANLEY, F. Dave Rudabaugh, Border Ruffian. 1961. 12 copies.

STANLEY, F. Desperadoes of New Mexico. 1953. 9 copies.

STANLEY, F. Fort Bascom, Comanche-Kiowa Barrier. 1961. 9 copies.

STANLEY, F. Fort Union (New Mexico). 1953. 11 copies.

STANLEY, F. Giant in Lilliput, the Story of Donaciano Vigil. 1963. 6 copies.

STANLEY, F. Ike Stockton (The Private War of). 1959. 14 copies.

STANLEY, F. The Jicarilla Apaches of New Mexico, 1540-1967. 1967. 2 copies.

STANLEY, F. Jim Courtright, Two Gun Marshal of Fort Worth. 1957. 20 copies.

STANLEY, F. Rodeo Town (Canadian, Texas). 1953. 2 copies.

Plus many, many others.


(approximately 900 vols.)

886. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 50 copies of the following title:

STOKE, Will E. Episodes of Early Days in Central and Western Kansas. Vol. I [all published]. 1926. Very fine in original cloth.


(50 vols.)

887. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 2 titles:

STUART, Granville. Diary & Sketchbook of a Journey to ‘America’ in 1866, & Return Trip up the Missouri River to Fort Benton, Montana. 1963. Fine. 17 copies.

JESSETT, Thomas E. Reports and Letters of Herbert Beaver, 1836-1838, Chaplain to the Hudson’s Bay Company and Missionary to the Indians at Fort Vancouver. 1959. Very fine. 7 copies.


(24 vols.)

888. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot containing approximately 120 copies of the following title:

VAN CISE, Philip S. Fighting the Underworld. 1936. Very fine. 120 copies.


(Approximately 120 copies)

889. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 18 copies of the following title:

WHITFORD, William Clarke. Colorado Volunteers in the Civil War, the New Mexico Campaign in 1862. 1906. 18 copies. Very good to fine, and in a variety of colored bindings.


(18 vols.)

890. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 25 copies of the following title:

WRIGHT, Robert M. Dodge City, the Cowboy Capital and the Great Southwest in the Days of the Wild Indian, the Buffalo, the Cowboy, Dance Halls, Gambling Halls and Bad Men. 1913. Very good to mint in original cloth. These have not been checked for edition, issue points, etc. But the reserve has been set taking that into account. Happy hunting.


(25 vols.)

891. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 9 copies each of the following 2 titles:

YOUNG, Frank C. Across the Plains in ’65, a Youngster’s Journal, from ‘Gotham’ to ‘Pike’s Peak’. 1905. Very good to mint. 9 copies.

YOUNG, Frank C. Echoes from Arcadia, the Story of Central City, as Told by One of ‘The Clan’. 1903. Very good to mint. 9 copies.


(18 vols.)

892. [PAMPHLETS, REPRINTS, EPHEMERA, ETC.]. Over 2,600 individual items, on a wide range of subjects, mostly Western Americana, from the sublime (or perhaps the near-sublime) to the ridiculous. There is a good deal of duplication in this lot. Condition is mostly very fine. Needs to be examined.


(Approximately 2,600 pamphlets)

893. [PAMPHLETS, REPRINTS, EPHEMERA, ETC.]. Over 70 pamphlets and reprints, on Native Americans. Mostly very fine.


(approximately 70 pamphlets)

894. [PAMPHLETS, REPRINTS, EPHEMERA, ETC.]. Over 350 pamphlets and reprints, mostly on Western American subjects, very good to very fine.


(approximately 350 pamphlets)0

895. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 18 copies of the following title:

[KANSAS]. Progress and Historical Edition Phillips County Review May, 1952. 85 pp., numerous photographic illustrations. Double folio, original green printed wrappers. Newsprint paper browned. 18 copies.


(18 vols)

896. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 90 copies of the following title:

OSTRANDER, Major Alson B. An Army of the Sixties. Yonkers-on-Hudson, 1924. 8vo, original grey cloth over pictorial boards. Condition? Imagine that these books were beamed to you over time by Scottie from the Enterprise. Let’s just say “mint.” 90 copies.


(90 vols.)

897. [BOX LOT: REMAINDERS]. Lot of 21 copies of the following title:

POWELL, Peter J. Sweet Medicine. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1969. 2 vols. Perfect condition in publisher’s box. 21 copies of the 2-vol. set.


(42 vols.)

898. [BOX LOT]. QUIVIRA SOCIETY. Lot of approximately 40 individual volumes, some duplication. Mostly very fine.


(approximately 40 vols.)

899. [BOX LOT]. STAGECOACH PRESS & JACK RITTENHOUSE. Lot of 30 Stagecoach Press publications, including Rittenhouse’s American Horse-Drawn Vehicles. Some duplication. All very fine.


(30 vols.)

900. [BONE PILE]. Lot of approximately 100 individual volumes of incomplete books, odd vols, and a few that are complete, but too shabby to catalogue individually. Must be seen.


(139 vols.)

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