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Auction 7 Catalogue

Lots 901-928

901. DAWSON’S BOOK SHOP (publishers). Lot of 46 individual volumes from the Early California and Baja series. Very fine.


(46 vols.)

902. [CALIFORNIA]. Lot of approximately 41 titles. Very good to very fine, including a copy of Baird’s bibliography on California pictorial lettersheets.


(approximately 31 vols.)

903. [REPRINTS, OFFPRINTS, & PAMPHLETS]. Lot of over 300 items, mostly Western subjects. Mostly 8vo, wrappers, and generally fine. Very little duplication. Includes:

AMON CARTER MUSEUM OF WESTERN ART. Santos: An Exhibitoin of the Religious Folk Art of New Mexico with an Essay by George Kubler. Fort Worth, 1964. Very fine.

HART, John L. Jerome. Fourteen Thousand Feet. Denver, 1925.

LINDSEY, Ben B. An Answer to the Critics of the Companionate Marriage. Denver, 1928. Very fine.

RAILROAD VIEW PUBLISHING COMPANY. O'er Canon & Crag. The Lands of the Gold. The Cripple Creek Trip [cover title]. N.d. (early 20th century). Very fine.

TAMMEN, H. H. Gems of Colorado Scenery. Denver, early 20th century. Very Fine.

TAMMEN, H. H. San Francisco: The Exposition City 1915 "As I Saw It".... Los Angeles, 1913. Very fine.

WEIGHT, H. O. Lost Mines of Death Valley. Twenty-nine Palms, 1953. Mint.


(over 300 items)

904. [NATIVE AMERICANS]. Lot of approximately 17 titles. Mostly very fine, including:

FOREMAN, Grant. Indians and Pioneers. New Haven, 1930. Very fine in black cloth. First edition. Howes F259.

HODGE, Frederick Webb (editor). Handbook of American Indians North of Mexico. Washington: BAE20, 1907. Illustrated. 2 vols., original green cloth. Very fine set. An incredible reference source.

STEWART, Omer C. “The Native American Church and the Law, Followed by Description of Peyote Religious Services” in Denver Posse Brand Book 1961. Denver, 1962. One small white spot on side, else very fine in d.j. Limited edition (#215 of 600 copies).

WATERS, Frank. Book of the Hopi. New York: Viking, 1963. Very fine in d.j. First edition.

WATERS, Frank. The Man who Killed Deer. Flagstaff: Northland Press, 1965. Very fine in dark blue cloth over patterned boards, publisher’s box. Limited edition. #534 of 1,250 copies, signed by author).

WATERS, Frank. Masked Gods. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico, 1950. Fine in slightly chipped d.j. Limited edition (#19 of 300 copies, signed by editor).


(19 vols.)

905. [COLORADO]. Lot of approximately 22 titles, including two Leadville directories. Mostly very good to very fine.


(22 vols.)

906. [REPRINTS & OFFPRINTS]. Lot of approximately 1,000 items, mostly relating to Western subjects. Mostly 8vo, wrappers and stapled, and generally very fine. Some duplication.


907. [REPRINTS, OFFPRINTS, PAMPHLETS & EPHEMERA]. Over a thousand individual items, most relating to Western subjects. Mostly 8vo, wrappers, generally fine. Scattered duplication.

BENNETT, W. P. The First Baby in Camp.... 1893.

BERNHARDT, C. Indian Raids in Lincoln County, Kansas, 1864 and 1869. 1910.

BISCHOFF, Hermann. Deadwood to the Big Horns 1877. 1931.

BONNEY, B. F. Across the Plains by Prairie Schooner. Personal Narrative.... Eugene, Oregon, n.d.

BRAYER, H. O. Ranchero. 1943.

CARSON, Kit. Kit Carson’s Own Story of his Life... 1926.

CARTER, Amon, et al. A Century of Texas Cattle Brands. [1936].

CHAMBERS, A. J. Recollections. 1947.

CHAVES, Amado. Defeat of the Comanches in 1717. Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1906. 9 pp. Original printed wrappers mounted on near contemporary grey library boards. The mounting of the wrappers is regrettable, but otherwise condition is fine. Bookplate of Ralph Emerson Twitchell.

First printing in English. An account of Spanish nobleman Sebastian Martin, who in 1717 shrewdly succeeded in wresting his royal grant in New Mexico from the stronghold of the Comanches. Martin and his Spanish soldiers deceived the Comanches by painting their faces and bodies red and outfitting themselves as Indians. The Comanches rode forward to greet the soldiers, believing them to be fellow tribesmen. Realizing their fatal error too late, the Comanches were lured into a bloody ambush and the majority were murdered and scalped. However, a dozen or so Comanche survivors were taken captive by the Spanish and shipped to Spain for the Christian Majesties to view as spoils of war. Because the Comanches did not adapt harmoniously to Spanish society, the authorities then shipped the hapless captives to Cuba, where they all eventually died of tropical diseases. Just another day in the way-too-fierce New World. When worlds collide..... [We wanted to catalogue in full at least one item in this group in order to give an idea of the gems to be found within the lot].

[CLEMENS, Samuel L.]. Mark Twain’s Letter to the California Pioneers. 1911.

COLORADO. The Colorado Blue Book for 1891. 1891.

DENMAN, Leslie Van Ness. Pai Ya Tu: God of All Dance and His Customs of the Flute Zuni Pueblo 1932. Grabhorn, 1955.

DOBIE, J. Frank. Picthing [sic] Horses and Panthers. 1940.

DUSTIN, Fred. The Custer Fight..... 1936.

ELKINS, John M. Indian Fighting on the Texas Frontier. [1929].

ESPINOSA, Aurelio M. The Spanish Language in New Mexico and Southern Colorado. 1911.

FLANIGAN, J. H. Mormonism Triumphant! Truth Vindicated, Lies Refuted, the Devil Mad, and Priestcraft in Danger!!! Liverpool, 1849.

FRIDGE, Ike. History of the Chisum War or Life of...Stirring Evens of Cowboy Life on the Frontier. N.d.

GIBBS, Josiah. The Mountain Meadows Massacre. 1910.

GREENBURG, D. W. Sixty Years: A Brief Review of Wyoming Cattle Days. 1932.

HORNECKER, Martin. Buffalo Hunting on the Texas Plains in 1877. 1929.

HALEY, J. Evetts. Focus on the Frontier. Hertzog, 1957.

HASKELL, T. N. The Indian Question. Young Konkaput, the King of the Utes.... Denver, 1889.

HENDRON, J. W. The Story of Billy the Kid.... 1948.

HOUGH, Walter. The Moki Snake Dance.... 1898.

JENKINS, A. O. Olive’s Last Round-Up. N.d.

LATHROP, George. Memoirs of a Pioneer.... N.d.

Letters from Old Friends and Members of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association. N.d.

McMURTRIE, Douglas C. Notes on Early Printing in Utah Outside of Salt Lake City. 1938.

MARQUIS, Thomas B. Rain-in-the-Face and Curley, the Crow. N.d.

MARQUIS, Thomas B. Sketch Story of the Custer Battle. N.d.

MARRIOTT, Alice. These are the People. 1949.

MERA, H. P. The “Rain Bird”: A Study in Pueblo Design. 1937.

MULLIN, R. N. The Boyhood of Billy the Kid. 1967.

OAKS, G. W. Man of the West. 1956.

PHILIPPINES. La Independencia periodico Filipino. Constitución Política de la Republica Filipina promulgada el día 23 de enero de 1899.... Pampanga, 1899. Printed on rice paper.

RATHMELL, William (ed.). Life of the Marlows as Related by Themselves.... N.d.

TAMMEN, H. H. (publisher). Houston, “Where Seventeen Railroads Meet the Sea”.... 1923. Promotional.

SEARS, W. H. Notes from a Cowboy’s Diary. N.d.

SEELEY, C. L. Pioneer Days in the Arkansas Valley in Southern Colorado and History of Bent’s Fort. Denver, 1932.

SORTORE, Abraham. Biography and Early Life Sketch.... 1909.


STANLEY, F. The Zia (New Mexico) Story. 1969.

STAUTER, Patrick C. 100 Years in Colorado’s Oldest Parish. 1958.

[STRALEY, W. (editor)]. Pioneer Sketches, Nebraska and Texas. 1915.

Szmimé-s Jesus Christ. A Catechism of the Christian Doctrine in the Flat-Head or Kalispél Language. St. Ignatius Print, Montana, 1880[?].

TAMMEN, H. H. (publisher). Burros: A Collection of Sixty-Four Cute, Curious and Interesting Burro Pictures. Denver, 1903.

TAMMEN, H. H. (publisher). Houston, "Where Seventeen Railroads Meet the Sea....” 1923.

TAMMEN, H. H. (publisher). Los Angeles: The Metropolis of Sunny Southern California “As I Saw It.” 1913.

THOMPSON, G. C. Southern Ute Lands, 1848-1899: The Creation of a Reservation. 1972.

WALLACE, E. R. Parson Hanks, Fourteen Years in the West: A Story of the Author’s Frontier Life in the Panhandle of Texas. 1950.


(1,000+ vols.)

908. UNDERHILL, Ruth. Lot of 8 titles (original bindings, mostly very good to very fine), including:

Ceremonial Patterns in the Greater Southwest. 1948.

First Penthouse Dwellers of America. N.d.

Indians of Southern California. Ca. 1941.

The Navajos. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1956.

Papago Indians of Arizona and their Relatives the Pima. 1940.

People of the Crimson Evening. 1951.

Pueblo Crafts. [1940].

Red Man’s America. Chicago: University of Chicago, 1953. D.j. torn.


(8 vols.)

909. CLARK, Arthur H. (publisher). Lot of approximately 113 individual Clark volumes published by this outstanding publisher. Some duplication, almost all in very fine to mint condition. Includes some very desirable titles.


(113 vols.)

910. [OUTLAWS]. Lot of 55 titles, mostly pamphlets (very good to very fine), including:

BAKARICH, Sarah Grace. Gunsmoke: The True Story of Old Tombstone. Tombstone, 1954. Very fine in original red pictorial wrappers. Adams, Guns 1118: “Deals with the gunmen and outlaws of Tombstone."

BENNETT, William P. The First Baby in Camp, a Full Account of the Scenes and Adventures during the Pioneers Days of '49... Salt Lake City: Rancher Publishing, 1893. 68 [2] pp. 12mo, original pink wrappers printed in blue. Light wear to wraps, else fine. First edition. Adams, Guns 200: “Scarce... Contains material on road agents and holdups.” Cowan, p. 48. Flake 407. Graff 263. Pioneer recollections of the Sierras and the Gold Rush.

FULLER, Henry Clay. “A Texas Sheriff”.... Nacogdoches, 1931. 8vo, original orange pictorial wrappers. Light chipping and staining to fragile wrappers. First edition. Adams, Guns 784.

JONES, W. F. The Experiences of a Deputy U.S. Marshal of the Indian Territory. [Tulsa, 1937]. 8vo, original blue printed wrappers. Light marginal browning, else fine. First edition. Adams, Guns 1200.

MICHELSON, Charles. Mankillers at Close Range: The “Bad Man,” A Western Frontier Type Now Practically Extinct-His Unrighteous Life and Inglorious Death, and Stories that Illustrate His Peculiar Moral Code.” [Houston, 1958]. Very fine in red wrappers. Reprinted from Munsey’s Magazine of 1901. Adams, Guns 1482.

Plus 50 others.


(55 vols.)

911. [OUTLAWS]. Lot of 6 titles (mostly 8vo, 12mo, and wrappers) good to fine including:

BROOKS, Juanita. John Doyle Lee:Zealot, Pioneer Builder, Scapegoat. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1961. 404 pp., frontispiece portrait, illustrations, maps, charts. Very fine in original red cloth, d.j. First edition. Adams, Guns 286.

_______________. The Mountain Meadow Massacre. Stanford: Stanford University Press, [1950]. 243 pp., map, appendices, bibliography, endpaper maps. Very good in d.j. Adams, Guns 287: “Contains much on John D. Lee and some material on Porter Rockwell.”

GIBBS, Josiah F. The Mountain Meadows Massacre, by Josiah F. Gibbs, Illustrated by Nine Full-Page and Five Half-Page Engravings from Photographs Taken on the Ground. Salt Lake City: Salt Lake Tribune Publishing Co., 1910. 59 pp., illustrations, map. 8vo, pictorial wrappers. Tape on spine. Adams, Guns 825.

LEE, John Doyle. The Mormon Menace: Being the Confession of John Doyle Lee, Danite: An Official Assassin of the Mormon Church under the Late Brigham Young. Introduction by Alfred Henry.... New York: Home Protection Publishing Co., [1905]. 368 pp., frontispiece, illustrations. 12mo, original dark blue cloth binding. Some shelf wear and light soiling. Adams, Guns 1312: “Tells about the murders committed by Lee and, in the appendix, of his execution on March 23, 1877.

Plus 2 others

6 vols.


912. [OUTLAWS]. Lot of 35 titles (8vo, original bindings, very good to very fine), including:

CLUM, Woodworth. Apache Agent: The Story of John P. Clum. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1936. [297] pp., illustrations. 8vo, original red cloth. Repaired d.j.

Adams, One-Fifty 31: “This deals with life in Tombstone and the outlaws and gunmen of that period. It gives an account of the O K Corral fight. As mayor of Tombstone and publisher of the Epitaph, with the Earps on his police force, Clum was understandingly partial to them.”

COURSEY, O.W. Wild Bill (James Butler Hickok). Mitchell: Educator Supply Co., [1924]. 80 pp., illustrations. 12mo, endpapers browned, spine tight, original cloth binding fine, scarce.

Adams, One-Fifty 35: "The author tames down the McCanles-Hickok affair somewhat. While some writers have claimed the fight was the result of McCanles’ horse stealing and others have stated that he was trying to collect a debt, this author says the trouble started over the woman Kate Shull. But he makes quite a to-do over the marvelous shooting of his hero: ‘Wild Bill was a sure shot. He never missed! He could shoot backward and forward at the same time; and he is undoubtedly one of the few men who ever lived that could.'"

CRITTENDEN, Henry Huston. The Crittenden Memoirs: Compiled by H. H. Crittenden. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1936. 542 pp., illustrations. Very fine in torn d.j.

Adams, One-Fifty 37: “A large portion of this book is devoted to the lives of the James brothers and the trial of Frank James. Governor Crittenden offered the reward which ultimately led to Jesse’s death.“ Adams, Guns 513: “In a letter from Frank Dalton there is an account of the killing of Ed O. Kelly which is all wrong.”

EDWARDS, Jennie. John N. Edwards: Biography, Memoirs, Reminiscences and Recollections. His Brilliant Career as Soldier, Author, and Journalist. Choice Collection of His Most Notable and Interesting Newspaper Articles, Together with Some Unpublished Poems and Many Private Letters. Also a Reprint of Shelby’s Expedition to Mexico, an Unwritten Leaf of the War. Kansas City, MO: Jennie Edwards, Publisher, 1889. 428 pp., frontispiece portrait. 12mo, original cloth. Some wear to extremities and corners.

Adams, Guns 663: “Contains a chapter on the killing of Jesse James reprinted from the Sedalia Democrat, April, 1882, which became a classic.” Howes 55.

MAZZULLA, Fred & Jo Mazzulla. Al Packer: A Colorado Cannibal. Colorado Cannibal Consumes and Cashes in on Companions. Denver, [1968]. [48] pp., illustrations and maps. 12mo, original pigskin with metal plaque on front cover. Light shelf wear, else very fine.

Limited edition (#67 of 150 copies, signed by authors). Adams, Guns 1471: “These authors are among the first ones to spell Alferd Packer’s first name correctly, as Packer himself spelled it.”

WARNER, Opie L. A Pardoned Lifer: Life of George Sontag, Former Member Notorious Evans-Sontag Gang of Train Robbers. [San Bernardino: The Index Print, 1906]. 211 pp., frontispiece portrait. 12mo, original red cloth binding, hinges split, fair.

Adams, Guns 2320: “George Sontag tells about his activities as a member of the Evans-Sontag gang, his life in prison, and his reason for turning against Evans. Some of his statements do not agree with other published material about this gang of train robbers.”

Plus 30 others.

35 vols.


913. [OUTLAWS]. Lot of 19 titles (mostly 8vo, original cloth), including:

DICKSON, Arthur Jerome. Covered Wagon Days: A Journey across the Plains in the sixties, and Pioneer Days in the Northwest; From the Private Journals.... Cleveland: Arthur H. Clark, 1919. Very fine in original brown cloth. First edition. Adams, Guns 591: “An excellent history based on the journals of a man who went west in the early days. He gives some firsthand information about such outlaws as Henry Plummer and Joseph Slade and about the vigilantes of Virginia City.” Graff 1082.

ERWIN, Allen A. The Southwest of John Horton Slaughter.... Glendale: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1965. Very fine in d.j. First edition. Adams, Guns 682: “The first, and a long-needed book on the famous John Slaughter and shows much research.”

FREDERICK, J. V. Ben Holliday: The Stagecoach King.... Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1940. Very fine in original green cloth. First edition. Adams, Guns 762: “Tells of some of the early stagecoach robberies, and has material on Joseph Slade and Broncho Jack.”

HAFEN, Leroy R. & Francis M. Young. Fort Laramie and the Pageant of the West. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1938. Very fine in original navy blue cloth. First edition. Adams, Guns 888: “Has some material on road agents, stage holdups, and a mention of Sam Bass.”

HUGHES, Richard B. Pioneer Years in the Black Hills.... Glendale: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1957. Very fine in original red cloth. First edition. Jennewein, Black Hills Book Trails 99: “Hughes walked into the Hills from Nebraska in 1876 and became a pioneer newspaper reporter.... Well-edited and important book.” Adams, Guns 1066: “Has material dealing with Calamity Jane, the death of Wild Bill Hickok, and the trial of Jack McCallas and has a chapter on the early-day road agents.”

ROTHERT, Otto A. The Outlaws of Cave-in-Rock: Historical Accounts of the Famous Highwaymen and River Pirates who Operated in Pioneer Days upon the ohio and Mississippi Rivers and over the Old Natchez Trace. Cleveland: Arthur H. Clark, 1924. 8vo, original maroon cloth. Light wear. First edition. Adams, Guns 1908.

SPRING, Agnes W. The Cheyenne and Black Hills Stage and Express Routes. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1949. Fine in original red cloth. Signed by author. First edition. Adams, Guns 2084: “One of the best books written about the Black Hills and the outlaws of that region.”

THORP, Raymond W. Spirit Gun of the West: The Story of Doc W. F. Carver.... Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1957. Very fine in red cloth. First edition. Adams, Guns 2207.

Plus 11 others.


(19 vols.)

914. [OUTLAWS]. Lot of 17 titles, mostly on Border Warfare, original bindings, very good to very fine.

BRONAUGH, W. C. The Youngers’ Fight for Freedom.... Columbia, 1906. 12mo, original maroon cloth. Slight wear to extremities, some staining at fore-edges. First edition. Adams, Guns 283: “A book different from all of the others dealing with the James and Younger brothers, and reliable.”

CONNELLEY, W. E. Quantrill and the Border Wars. Cedar Rapids: Torch Press, 1910. Fine in chipped and lightly soiled d.j. Adams, Guns 283.

DONALD, Jay. Outlaws of the Border: A Complete and Authentic History of the Lives of Frank and Jesse James.... Philadelphia: Douglas Brothers, 1882. 12mo, original dark blue gilt pictorial cloth. Spine dark and binding worn. Adams, Guns 612: “One of the better early histories of the James brothers.”

McCORKLE, John. Three Years with Quantrell: A True Story. New York: Buffalo-Head Press, 1966. Very fine in original dark green cloth. Adams, Guns 160.

Plus 13 others.


(17 vols.)

915. [OUTLAWS]. Lot of 7 titles, mostly gamboling related, including:

DEVOL, George H. Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi by George H. Devol: A Cabin Boy in 1839; Could Steal Cards and Cheat the Boys at Eleven; Stock a Deck at Fourteen; Bested Soldiers on the Rio Grande during the Mexican War; Won Hundreds of Thousands from Paymasters, Cotton Buyers, Defaulters, and Thieves; Fought More Rough-and-Tumble Fights Than Any Man in America, and Was the Most Daring Gambler in the World. Illustrated. Cincinnati: Devol & Haines, 1887. 300 pp., frontispiece portrait, illustrations. 8vo, original brown pictorial cloth with illustration of a hand holding playing cards. Finding worn and rubbed, extremities chipped, front hinge cracked, marginal chipping and soiling to a outer blank edges of about two signatures, some signatures loose.

First edition. Graff 1071. Howes 295.

Plus 6 others.


(7 vols.)

916. [OUTLAWS]. Lot of 30 titles, mostly 8vo, a few in wrappers, very good to fine including:

DONOHO, Milford Hill. Circle-Dot: A True Story of Cowboy Life Forty Years Ago. Topeka: Crane & Company, 1907. 256 pp., frontispiece. 12mo, original red cloth binding. Minor outer wear, generally fine.

First edition. Adams, Guns 614: “Includes material on some of the outlaws of the Indian Territory, and the gunmen of Dodge City. The author tells about the killing of Phil Coe by Hickok, but has the time and place wrong." Howes 427.

GUERNSEY, Charles Arthur. Wyoming Cowboy Days: An Account of the Experience of Charles Arthur Guernsey in Which He Tells in His Own Way of the Early Territorial Cattle Days and Political Strifes....True to Life, but Not Autobiographical, Romantic, but Not Fiction, Facts, but Not History, Profusely Illustrated. New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1936. 288 pp., frontispiece. Large 8vo, original blue cloth. Binding faded and some water damage. Book plate.

First edition. Adams, Guns 880: “Contains some material on the Johnson County War.”

McPHERREN, Ida (Mrs. Geneva Gibson). Trail’s End. [Casper: Prairie Publishing Co., 1938]. 322 pp., frontispiece, small 8vo, original green pictorial binding. Very fine in chipped glassine d.j.

First edition. Adams, Guns 1431: “Contains a fictionized account of the Johnson County War.”

PAYTON, William. The Last Man over the Trail. [N.p., 1939]. 60 pp., frontispiece, illustrations, map. Stiff pictorial wrappers, scarce, fine.

First edition. Adams, Guns 1695: “Has some information about the Espinosas, the Colorado outlaws.”

SIRINGO, Charles A. A Cowboy Detective: A True Story of Twenty-Two Years with a World-Famous Detective Agency. Giving the Inside Facts of the Bloody Coeur d’Alene Labor Riots, and the Many Ups and Downs of the Author throughout the United States, Alaska, British Columbia and Old Mexico, also Exciting Scenes among the Moonshiners of Kentucky and Virginia. Chicago: W.B. Conkey Company, 1912. 519 pp., frontispiece portrait, illustrations. 8vo, original green pictorial cloth. Binding faded and worn. Front hinge cracked. Ownership inscription.

First edition. Adams, Guns 2026. Howes 515: “By court action Siringo was forced to abandon his intended title (‘Pinkerton’s Cowboy Detective’), to refer throughout only to a fictitious ‘Dickinson Detective Agency’ and to its clients under fictitious names."

THOMPSON, Albert W. They Were Open Range Days: Annals of a Western Frontier. Denver: The World Press, Inc., 1946. [194] pp., illustrations. Very fine in d.j.

First edition. Adams, Guns 2200: “Contains much material on Black Jack Ketchum and the Coe gang and some information on Billy the Kid and the big fight at Tascosa, Texas.”

Plus 24 others.

30 vols.


917. [OUTLAWS]. Lot of 19 titles, mostly 8vo, some wrappers (good to fine), including:

GARRETT, Patrick Floyd. Pat F. Garrett’s Authentic Life of Billy the Kid: edited by Maurice Garland Fulton. New York: The Macmillan Company, 1927. 233 pp., frontispiece and illustrations. 8vo, original decorative cloth cover. Paper label on spine rubbed, extremities worn and extremities bent, else very fine.

Second edition (first edition, Santa Fe, 1882). Adams, Guns 808: “This edition has been well edited, much of the paragraphing having been changed, and has been well annotated by an editor who made a thorough study of Billy the Kid. This edition is therefore much more valuable historically than the original edition. It is strange that forty-five years elapsed between the first and second printings."

MUMEY, Nolie. Poker Alice: Alice Ivers, Duffield, Tubbs, Huckert (1851-1930), History of a Woman Gambler in the West. Denver: Artcraft Press, 1951. 47 pp., illustrations, folding map, small 4to, stiff pictorial wrappers.

Limited edition (#71 of 500 copies signed by author). Adams, Guns 1568: “To my knowledge, the only book written about this unique and noted western character. “

POE, John William. The Death of Billy the Kid, by John W. Poe, Deputy Sheriff under Pat Garrett Present at the Killing, with an Introduction by Maurice Garland Fulton. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1933. [60] pp., illustrations. 12mo, original brown cloth. Some edge and corner wear, pencilled note inside front cover.

First edition. Adams, Guns 1741: “Though this is an account of the author’s personal experience at the death of Billy the Kid, he makes several incorrect statements, such as saying that the Kid, in his escape from the Lincoln jail, ‘had broken into a room containing firearms, adjacent to where he was guarded, secured a six-shooter, by means of which he immediately proceeded to add two more to his already long list of victims.’ The Kid did not get into the room containing firearms until after he had killed Bell, and he killed Olinger with his own shotgun. The author also says that Pete Maxwell ‘stood in such terror of [the Kid] that he did not dare to inform against him.’ Actually, Maxwell and the Kid were friends. He also says that the Kid was twenty-three at the time of his death and ‘had killed a greater number of men than any of the desperadoes and ‘killers’ I have known or heard of during the forty-five years I have been in the Southwest.’ He surely must have heard of Wild Bill Hickok or John Wesley Hardin.” Howes 430.

SONNICHSEN, Charles Leland & William V. Morrison. Alias Billy the Kid: “... I want to die a free man...”. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1955. 136 pp., illustrations. Fine in slightly worn d.j.

First edition. Adams, Guns 2064: “An attempt to prove that Billy the Kid lived until 1955 under the alias Brushy Bill Roberts. ‘Roberts’ tells a very plausible story, but anyone who had read the many accounts of the Kid’s life could have done as well—or better, for a better impersonator might not have made the statement that there was a ‘gunfight’ at Maxwell’s the night the Kid was killed. ‘Roberts’ seems to forget that there were other witnesses to the events of that night in the persons of John Poe, Kip McKinney, Pat Garrett, Pete Maxwell, and others.”

STREVELL, Charles Nettleton. As I Recall Them. N.p., n.d. (ca. 1943). 304 pp., illustrations. 8vo, original leather binding. Light shelf wear, else fine.

First edition. Adams, Guns 2158: “This privately printed book has some mention of Calamity Jane and the hanging of Big Nose George Parrott, as well as the hanging of Cold Turkey Bill and his gang, and Beaver Creek Jake and his bunch of rustlers.”

SWALLOW, Alan. The Wild Bunch. Denver: Sage Books, [1966]. 136 pp., frontispiece, maps. Very fine in slightly soiled d.j. Adams, Guns 2172: “Has much on bank and train robberies, dealing with many outlaws, such as Butch Cassidy, Harvey Logan, Ben Kilpatrick, the Ketchums, Harry Longabaugh, Elza Lay, Tom O’Day, and Bill Carver.”

TRIPLETT, Frank. The Life, Times and Treacherous Death of Jesse James by Frank Triplett, with an Introduction and Notes by Joseph Snell, Original Paintings by Jerry Vallez, Said to be an Authentic Reprint of the Long Suppressed, 1882 Edition, Truth is More Interesting than Fiction. Chicago: The Swallow Press, Inc., 1970. 344 pp., frontispiece portrait, illustrations. 8vo, marbled boards, pictorial cover, dust jacket, in slip case, pristine. Adams, Guns 2245n (citing the 1882 edition): “Giving full particulars of each and every dark and desperate deed in the career of this most noted outlaw of any time or nation. Howes 355a(n): “It is alleged that efforts were made to suppress this biography. The scarcity of all issues tend to confirm this.”

Plus 12 others

19 vols.


918. [OUTLAWS]. HARMAN, Samuel. Hell on the Border.... Fort Smith: Phoenix Publishing company, [1898]. xiii [1] 720pp., frontispiece, illustrations. 8vo, original green printed wrappers. Old tape repairs to wrappers and some chipping and wear. Internally fine.

First edition. Adams, Guns 929; One-Fifty: “The rare original edition has become a collector’s item and is the chief source of practically every book and features story about the old court and Oklahoma outlaws. It originated from an idea of J. Warren Reed, the criminal lawyer was such a thorn in Judge Parker’s side. Although Reed’s name does not appear, he financed its publication. He had Samuel W. Harman, a professional juryman, write it and it appears under his name. The book was printed in an edition of only 100 copies, and though large, statistical and dry, the first edition was soon exhausted because of the reputation of Judge Parker’s courts.” Graff 1785. Howes H203.


(1 vol.)

919. [OUTLAWS]. HORN, Tom. Life of Tom Horn: Government Scout and Interpreter. Denver: Louthan Book Co., [1904].

Adams, Guns 1033, “The authorship of this book is variously attributed to Horn himself; his friend and employer, rancher John C. Coble; and Hattie Louthan, of the family which owned the Louthan Book Company, publisher of the book. It is an attempt to vindicate the crimes of Horn, and much of it is about his scouting days in Arizona.” One-Fifty 72.


(1 vol.)

920. [OUTLAWS]. HOWARD, H. R. (editor). The History of Virgil A. Stewart, and his Adventure in Capturing and Exposing the Great “Western Land Pirate” and his Gang, in Connexion with the Evidence; Also of the Trials, Confessions, and Execution of a Number of Murrell’s Associates in the State of Mississippi during the Summer of 1835, and the Execution of Five Professional Gamblers by the Citizens of Vicksburg. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1836. 12mo, original green cloth. Binding worn and faded, occasional mild foxing to text.

First edition. Adams, One-Fifty 73: “The earliest account of a detective’s experiences in bringing to justice the Murrell gang of outlaws”; Guns 1045: “Rare.” American Imprints 38118. Dykes, Rare Western Outlaw Books, pp. 29-30. Howes H700. Lamar, Reader’s Encyclopedia of the American West, pp. 783-4: “Murrell’s career was symptomatic of a banditti group so pervasive in the lower Mississippi Valley that citizens felt threatened, culturally and materially, by its existence and were increasingly obsessed with fears of a slave uprising.”


(1 vol.)

921. [OUTLAWS]. WELLS, Polk. Life and Adventures of Polk Wells (Charles Knox Polk Wells), the Notorious Outlaw.... [N.p. (Halls, Mo.): G. A. Warnica, 1907. 259 pp., frontispiece. 8vo, original blue cloth. Very fine and bright. Fresh!

First edition. Adams, Guns 2342: "Although Wells was not as popular a subject among writers as others of his ilk, he was quite an outlaw in his day." Howes W243: "Feeble 'apologia' of a second-rate, highly unsuccessful outlaw who claimed he was a 'chum' of Kit Carson, Slade and 'Wild Bill'"


(1 vol.)

922. [WESTERN OVERLANDS]. Lot of 25 titles, including:

ALDRICH, Lorenzo. A Journal of the Overland Route to California & the Gold Mines. Los Angeles: Dawson’s, 1950. 12mo, original cream buckram over blue boards.

The rare original edition was published at Lansingburgh in, 1851. Cowan, p. 6. Eberstadt 131:23: “One of the rarest and most important of all narratives of overland travel.” Howes A109n. Plains & Rockies IV:194n. Streeter, Americana-Beginnings 55n: “One of the most interesting of the ‘overlands’ as it is the first publication of the journal of a civilian trip to California by the route through Arizona. Aldrich, who started from Albany, New York, April 18, 1849, left Fort Smith, Arkansas, May 23, and going by way of Santa Fe and the Gila River arrived at San Diego, California, on December 3.... After going to San Francisco by sailing vessel, and spending the summer at the mines, Aldrich left San Francisco for the States by way of Panama on November 29. The diary ends abruptly December 23 and a postscript states that Aldrich died on arriving home.” Wheat, Books of the California Gold Rush 2n.

ANDERSON, William M. The Rocky Mountain Journals of .... San Marino, California: The Huntington Library, 1967. Fine in d.j. Plains & Rockies IV:64an.

BLANCHET, Fr. Et al. Notices & Voyages of the Famed Quebec Mission to the Pacific Northwest. Portland, Oregon: Champoeg Press, 1956. Limited edition (1,000 copies). Fine in original cloth.

Plains & Rockies IV:78n. Howes B511n. Tweney, Washington 89 41: “This book brings together under one cover a number of very rare early reports and correspondence of the first Catholic priests into the Oregon Country.”

BONNER, T. D. (editor). The Life and Adventures of James P. Beckwourth. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1931. Fine in worn d.j. Plains & Rockies IV:272:1n.

BREWERTON, George D. Overland with Kit Carson: A Narrative of the Old Spanish Trail in ’48. New York: Coward-McCann, Inc., 1930. Fine in slightly worn d.j. Plains & Rockies IV:222n.

BREWERTON, George D. A Ride with Kit Carson: Across the Great Desert and Through the Rocky Mountains. Palo Alto: Lewis Osborne, 1969. 1/1400. Very fine in plain white d.j. Plains & Rockies IV:222n.

COLT, Miriam D. A Heroine of the Frontier: Miriam Davis Colt in Kansas, 1856. Cedar Rapids, Iowa: Torch Press, 1941. 12mo, original pale yellow boards. Glassine d.j. Plains & Rockies IV:380an.

DE SMET, Pierre-Jean. Life, Letters and Travels. New York: Francis P. Harper, 1905. 4 vols., complete, 8vo, original dark green cloth. Very good set (some binding wear) with the folding map in pocket (often lacking).

First edition. Howes C392. Plains & Rockies IV:102:2n.

DELANO, Alonzo. Across the Plains and Among the Diggings. Hew York: Wilson-Erickson, Inc., 1936. 4to, original red cloth. Very good. Plains & Rockies IV:238:1n.

GARRARD, Lewis H. Wah-To-Yah & the Taos Trail: Prairie Travel and Scalp Dances.... San Francisco: Grabhorn Press, 1936. 8vo, original cream buckram over patterned boards. Very fine. Plains & Rockies IV:182n.

HALE, John. California As It Is. San Francisco: Grabhorn, 1954. 4to, original beige cloth over patterned boards. Very fine. Limited edition (150 copies). Plains & Rockies IV:198an.

INGERSOLL, Chester. Overland to California in 1847. Chicago: Black Cat Press, 1937. 8vo, original unbleached pictorial linen. Slightly soiled. Plains & Rockies IV:151n. Attractively printed.

IVES, Joseph C. Report Upon the Colorado River of the West. New York: Da Capo Press, 1969. Fine in original navy blue cloth. Plains & Rockies IV:375n.

JAMES, Thomas. Three Years Among the Indians and Mexicans. St. Louis: Missouri Historical Society, 1916. 8vo, original navy blue cloth over slate blue boards. Some wear to fragile binding, else fine. Limited edition (365 copies). Plains & Rockies IV:121n.

JEFFERSON, T. H. Map of the Emigrant Road from Independence, Mo., to St. Francisco, California. San Francisco: California Historical Society, 1945. 8vo, original red cloth (binding stained).

Limited edition (300 copies). Plains & Rockies IV:122n. Howes J142. JHB 50:125n (describing the original as “one of the rarest of early overlands”).

LINFORTH, James. Route from Liverpool to Great Salt Lake Valley Illustrated.... N.p., n.d. Fine in cloth. Plains & Rockies IV:259n. Facsimile of the 1855 edition.

[OGDEN, Peter S.]. Traits of American Indian Life & Character by a Fur Trader. San Francisco: Grabhorn Press, 1933. Royal 8vo, original cloth over boards. Minor shelf wear. Plains & Rockies IV:232n.

REID, John C. Reid’s Tramp, or a Journal of the Incidents of Ten Months Travel Through Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Sonora, and California.... Austin: Steck Co., 1935. 8vo, original dark green cloth. Very fine. Facsimile of the rare 1858 original edition. Edwards Enduring Desert, p. 209: “Reid started his tramp in 1856 with the Mesilla Valley Co. The ultimate purpose was to explore the Gadsden Purchase.” Plains & Rockies IV:307n.

Plus 6 others.


(27 vols.)

923. [WESTERN OVERLANDS]. Lot of 2 titles:

FERRIS, Benjamin G. Utah and the Mormons. New York: Harper and Brothers, 82 Beekman Street, 1854. 347 pp., frontispiece portrait, plates, text illustrations. 8vo, original dark brown blind-stamped cloth. Some binding wear and spine partially detached, occasional mild foxing.

First edition. Flake 3328. Howes F98. Plains & Rockies IV:238b:1: "Ferris served in the Utah Territorial government in 1852-53. His wife...accompanied him and also wrote of Utah and the Mormons."

STANSBURY, Howard. Exploration and Survey of the Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah, Including a Reconnoissance of a New Route Through the Rocky Mountains. Philadelphia:: Lippincott, Grambo & Co., 1852. Map, 57 lithographed plates (mostly tinted, a few folding). 8vo, original brown cloth. Lacking folder with the two large maps. Binding faded and worn (spine partially detached), lacking front free endpaper, occasional mild foxing, the plates generallly fine and clean. Lacking the separately issued map folder.

First edition, Senate issue (title-page commences “Special Session, March, 1859, Senate Executive No. 3). Flake 8359. Howes S884. Plains & Rockies IV:219:2: “Stansbury commanded the detachment of the Army’s Topographical Engineers which was directed in 1849 to explore and report on the Great Salt Lake Basin. Of particular interest were the newly established Mormon Settlements, and the routes and passes through the Rockies for Emigrants and possibly a railroad.”


(2 vols.)

924. [STEWART, William D.]. Altowan; Or, Incidents of Life and Adventure in the Rocky Mountains. By an Amateur Traveler. Edited by J. Watson Webb. New York: Harper & Brothers, 1846. [2] xxix [1] [25]-255 + 240 pp. 2 vols., 12mo, later three-quarter maroon morocco over red cloth, marbled endpapers. Other than occasional mild foxing, Fine.

First edition. Field 1632. Graff 3986. Howes S991. Plains & Rockies IV:125: “On half pay from the British Army, Stewart came to America in 1832 and traveled west to the Rockies where he remained for several years. While in New Orleans during the winter of 1836-37, he met A[lfred] J[acob] Miller, a young artist whom he took with him on his return to the mountains. This fortunate journey produced one of the great sets of portrayals of the Rocky Mountain West.” Smith 9911.


(2 vols.)

925. THOMAS, David. Travels through the Western Country in the Summer of 1816.... Auburn: Printed by David Rumsey, 1819. [4] 320 [errata] pp., folding map (Vicennes District). 12mo, original full tree sheep, red calf spine label. Upper joint broken and front cover almost detached. Contemporary ink ownership inscriptions and old floral ink stamps on preliminary and terminal blank leaves.

First edition. Clark, Travels in the Old South II:236: "This purports to be a report of an actual journey by Thomas with Jonathan Swan, merchant of Aurora, to explore the Wabash lands in 'the New Purchase'... the emphasis is upon natural history, topgraphy, commerce, agriculture, manufactures, and antiquities." Howes T162. Thomson 1139: "A work of sterling merit." The author traveled through western New York, northern Virginia, southern Ohio, Kentucky, and the interior of western part of Indiana.


(2 vol.)

926. FRÉMONT, John C. Report of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the Year 1842, and to Oregon and North California in the Years 1843-’44. Washington: [SED174] Gales and Seaton, 1845. 693 pp., 22 lithographic plates (views, fossils, botany, 17 by Weber), 5 maps (including large folding map in rear pocket). 8vo, original brown cloth. Binding worn, shaken, and stained, front hinge broken, title and preliminaries detached. The large map is present (split at folds).

First edition, the Senate issue, with astronomical and meteorological observations omitted from subsequent editions. Cowan, p. 223. Edwards, pp. 89-90. Grolier American Hundred 49. Howes F370. Plains & Rockies IV:115:1. The maps are one of the outstanding features of this pivotal report. Wheat, Gold Region 21; Transmississippi West 497 & II, 194-200: “[Frémont’s] report and the Frémont (Preuss) map which accompanied it, changed the entire picture of the West and made a lasting contribution to cartography.... An altogether memorial document in the cartographic history of the West, and for it alone Fremont would deserve to be remembered in history.” Zamorano Eighty 39.


(1 vol.)

927. UNITED STATES. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR. CENSUS OFFICE. Report on Indians Taxed and Indians not Taxed in the United States.... Washingtoin: GPO, 1894. vii [1, blank] 683 pp., profusely illustrated with plates (some in color and many photographic), text illustrations, and maps. 4to, original black cloth. Some binding wear, internally fine, the plates excellent

First edition. Howes D418. Superb documentation with a wealth of statistics--great research and exhibit potential. Included among the unusual color plates is one of Quanah Parker.


(1 vol.)

928. NORDENSKIOLD, Gustaf. The Cliff Dwellers of the Mesa Verde: Southwestern Colorado Their Pottery and Implements. Stockholm: P. A. Norstedt & Soner, [1893]. [8] 174, iv [2] xi [1] pp., 61 plates, 12 of which are double-page (25 photographs, 9 photogravures, 6 tinted lithographs, 11 sepia-tone photographs, 10 line drawings, map 94 text figures). Folio, original three-quarter maroon cloth over blue printed boards. Minor shelf wear and a bit of minor chipping to fragile boards, else fine, with contemporary ink ownership inscription on front free endpaper.

First edition, English issue, of the first thorough scientific investigation of Mesa Verde. The Swedish edition printed in Stockholm the same year had 44 fewer plates. Howes N174. Larned 671: “His contribution to the literature of this interesting field of American archaeology is one of the best that has ever been presented.... A good summary of the characteristics of Moki (Hopi) Indians of Arizona and of the condition of the Pueblos of New Mexico at the time they were first visited by white men in 1540, as well as a brief review of our present knowledge of the Pueblo tribes.... As a piece of book-making, [the book] has never been excelled by any work devoted to American archaeology. Most of the illustrations are magnificent.”

(1 vol.)


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