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Auction 7 Catalogue


On Thursday, November 18 and Friday, November 19, 1999, Dorothy Sloan--Rare Books conducted a two-day auction of Americana from the collection of noted Denver rare bookman Fred Rosenstock.

Because of the large size of Auction Seven, the catalogue was not be printed. Instead, our Auction Seven Catalogue is posted here on our web site.

This was a substantial sale, with over seven thousand individual items offered in approximately nine hundred lots. The strength of the auction was Western Americana, with emphasis on Colorado, Texas, California, Utah & Mormons, Pacific Northwest, Montana, Dakotas, Wyoming, Native Americans, and Westward Migration (Plains & Rockies titles and modern overlands). Some rare and interesting early Western imprints were included in the sale. Some of the areas of strength within the auction were California Desert literature, Basic Texas Books, Grand Canyon & the Colorado River, Yellowstone, Custer High Spots, ranching, outlaws, county & local history in the West, railroad history, fur trade & mountain men, fine press Americana, Western illustrators, and publishers' series (Arthur H. Clark, Quivira Society, Coronado Centennial Series, etc.). We offered a good selection of pocket maps. Rare baseball materials made this sale all the more interesting and fun. We offered some of the earliest baseball cards, the "Old Judge" series with actual nineteenth-century photographs of early players, and an excellent run of the Spalding and other guides (1884-1962).

The books offered in Auction Seven (Autry-Rosenstock) were primarily nineteenth- and twentieth-century imprints. Included were rarities, as well as solid scholarly works, classic Western titles, out-of-print books, and ephemera. As we move into the twenty-first century, many of the modern rarities that were offered will become increasingly difficult to obtain.

Auction Seven had something for everyone—the beginning collector on a budget, scholars, libraries and museums, dealers, and even the seasoned collector seeking that one very rare title, special imprint, or map. Following our usual policy, every lot in the auction was reserved, but the reserves and estimates were clearly stated and fair enough to be enticing even to dealers.

Dorothy Sloan, Texas State Auctioneers License #10210



Auction 7 Prices Realized

Introduction to the Auction 7 Catalogue

Lots 1–50: [AMERICAN REVOLUTION]. Lot of 8 titles (mostly 8vo, original bindings), including: ANDRÉ, John. Journal: An Authentic Record of the Movements and Engagements of the British Army in America from June 1777 to November 1778 through [MISSOURI]. Lot of 6 titles (mostly 8vo in original cloth and wrappers, very fine to very good), including: BRONAUGH, W. C. The Youngers’ Fight for Freedom. Columbia: E. W. Stephens Publishing, 1906.

Lots 51-100: [MISSOURI]. Lot of 24 titles on local history (mostly 8vo, cloth and wrappers, very fine to good), including: CRISSEY, W. E. Warrensburg, Mo.: A History with Folk Lore. N.p., 1924 through [CALIFORNIA (DESERT)]. Lot of 2 titles, including: BOLTON, H. E. Anza’s California Expeditions. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1930. 5 vols.

Lots 101-150: [CALIFORNIA (DESERT)]. Lot of 3 titles, including: BOLTON, H. E. Outpost of Empire: The Story of the Founding of San Francisco. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1931. Edwards, Enduring Desert, p. 31 through [CALIFORNIA (TRANSPORTATION)]. Lot of 43 titles, including: BEEBE, Lucius. Mansions on Rails. Berkeley: Howell-North, 1959. Limited edition. Slipcase.

Lots 151-200: [CALIFORNIA (YOSEMITE)]. Lot of 13 titles, including: BUNNELL, Lafayette H. Discovery of the Yosemite, and the Indian War of 1851, Which Led to that Event. Chicago: Fleming H. Revell, [1880] through [COLORADO (DENVER)]. An History of the City of Denver: Arapahoe County. Chicago: O. L. Baskin, 1880.

Lots 201-250: [COLORADO (DENVER)]. Lot of 46 titles, including: Denver Athletic Club Book. Denver: Carson-Harper Co., 1898 through [KANSAS]. Lot of 16 titles, including: BAUGHMAN, Robert W. Kansas in Maps. Topeka: Kansas State Historical Society, 1961.

Lots 251-300: [KANSAS]. Lot of 23 titles, including: BAY, J. Christian (editor). Heroine of the Frontier: Miriam Davis Colt in Kansas, 1856. Cedar Rapids: Torch Press, 1941 through[OKLAHOMA]. Lot of 12 titles, including: JONES, W. F. The Experiences of a Deputy U. S. Marshal of the Indian Territory. N.p., [1937]..

Lots 301-350: [OKLAHOMA]. PARK, Robert. History of the Oklahoma State Penitentiary Located at McAlester, McAlester, Oklahoma: McAlester Printing & Binding, 1914 through [TEXAS]. Lot of 39 titles, including: McMURTRIE, Douglas C. The Establishment of the First Texas Newspaper. El Paso: El Paso Vocational School Press, 1935.

Lots 351-400: [TEXAS]. Lot of 2 titles, including: Memorial of the City of Galveston to the Democratic State Convention at Galveston, July 15th, 1902. and to the Twenty-Eighth Legislature of the State of Texas. N.p., [1902] through [TEXAS (HOUSTON)]. Lot of 6 titles, including: YOUNG, S. O. A Thumb-Nail History of the City of Houston Texas from its Founding in 1836 to the Year 1912. Houston: [Rein & Sons Co.], 1912.

Lots 401-450: [TEXAS (NATIVE AMERICANS)]. Lot of 20 titles, including: RICHARDSON, Rupert Norval. The Comanche Barrier to South Plains Settlement. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1933 through [WYOMING (YELLOWSTONE)]. Lot of 22 titles, including: HAMILTON, W. T. My Sixty Years on the Plains. New York: Forest and Stream Pub. Co., 1905.

Lots 451-500: [WYOMING (YELLOWSTONE)]. Lot of 7 titles, including: HOSMER, James K. History of the Expedition of Captains Lewis and Clark 1804-5-6. Chicago: A. C. McClurg, 1902 through [MAP]. COLTON, G. W. & C. B. Colton’s Railroad & Township Map of the State of Ohio. New York, 1875. Pocket map. Engraved map with full original color and botanical border.

Lots 501-550: [MAP]. COLTON, J. H. J. H. Colton’s Topographical Map of the Seat of War in Virginia, Maryland, &c. New York: J. H. Colton, 1862 through [MORMON HISTORY]. STANSBURY, Howard. Exploration and Survey of the Valley of the Great Salt Lake of Utah.... Philadelphia: Lippincott, Grambo & Co. (SED 3), 1852.

Lots 551-600: [MORMON HISTORY]. Lot of 3 titles, including: TYLER, Daniel. A Concise History of the Mormon Battalion in the Mexican War. 1846-1847. [Salt Lake City], 1881 through [NATURAL HISTORY. ORNITHOLOGY]. STUDER, Jacob H. The Birds of North America. New York: The Natural Science Association of America, 1888.

Lots 601-650: [NATURAL HISTORY, SCIENCE & MEDICINE]. Lot of 55 titles, including: AUDUBON, John J. The Original Water-Color Paintings...for the Birds of America. New York: American Heritage Publishing Co., 1966 through [RANCHING]. Lot of 9 titles, including: ANDERSON, J. W. From the Plains to the Pulpit. Goose Creek: J. W. Anderson & Sons, 1907.

Lots 651-700: [RANCHING]. APPLEGATE, Jesse. A Day with the Cow Column. Chicago: Caxton Club, 1934 through [RANCHING]. RYE, Edgar. The Quirt and the Spur: Vanishing Shadows of the Texas Frontier. Chicago: W. B. Conkey Company, [c1909].

Lots 701-750: [RANCHING]. Lot of 13 titles, including: SANDOZ, Mari. The Battle of Little Bighorn. New York: James F. Carr, 1966 through [WESTERN OVERLANDS]. Lot of 2 titles, including: CHAMBERS, Andrew J. Recollections. N.p., 1947.

Lots 751-800: [WESTERN OVERLANDS]. CHITTENDEN, Hiram Martin. The American Fur Trade of the Far West. New York: Francis P. Harper, 1902 through [WESTERN OVERLANDS]. KENDALL, George W. Narrative of the Texan Santa Fé Expedition, Comprising a Description of a Tour Through Texas.... New York: Harper & Brothers, 1844.

Lots 801-850: [WESTERN OVERLANDS]. KENDALL, George W. Narrative of the Texan Santa Fé Expedition, Comprising a Description of a Tour Through Texas.... London: Wiley & Putnam, 1844 through [WESTERN OVERLANDS]. Lot of 4 titles, including: WELLS, James M. “With Touch of Elbow” or Death Before Dishonor. Philadelphia: John C. Winston Co., 1909.

Lots 851-900: [WESTERN OVERLANDS]. Lot of 6 titles, including: WILSON, Richard S. Short Raveling from a Long Yarn, or Camp March Sketches of the Santa Fe Trail. Santa Ana: Fine Arts Press, 1936 through [BOX LOT]. STAGECOACH PRESS & JACK RITTENHOUSE. Lot of 30 Stagecoach Press publications, including Rittenhouse’s American Horse-Drawn Vehicles. Some duplication. All very fine.

Lots 901-928: DAWSON’S BOOK SHOP (publishers). Lot of 46 individual volumes from the Early California and Baja series. Very fine; through NORDENSKIOLD, Gustaf. The Cliff Dwellers of the Mesa Verde: Southwestern Colorado Their Pottery and Implements. Stockholm: P. A. Norstedt & Soner, [1893].

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