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Pingenot Auction, Lot 1

1. [ALAMO]. MEXICO (Republic). LAWS (April 27, 1836). [Printed decree issued by José María Tornel, establishing a military legion of honor for honoring distinguished actions in the war, especially the campaign against the Texans, with caption heading Secretaria de Guerra y Marina. Seccion central. Mesa 1a ]. Mexico, April 27, 1836. 8 pp., folio. Spine reinforced with old brown paper.
        First printing. Streeter 877 (3 loc.): "The decree is followed by the Estatuto de la Legión in twelve chapters. Chapter II provides that March 6, the date of the fall of the Alamo, shall be celebrated as the anniversary of the legion." Eberstadt, Texas 162:490-491: "The legion was quite apparently established to pay homage to the (from the Mexican viewpoint) heroes of the Alamo. No copy has been located of the first separate publication of this or of a republication." Yale Exhibition 89.