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Pingenot Auction, Lot 25

25. [BORDERLANDS]. MEXICO (Republic). EJÉRCITO DEL NORTE. GENERAL EN GEFE (Mariano Arista). El C. Mariano Arista, general de brigada del Egército Megicano y en gefe del cuerpo de Egército del Norte. A las tropas de mi mando y á los habitantes de la frontera e los Departamentos de oriente, hago saber: [text commences, proclaiming forbidding engaging in contraband trade across the Texan border and providing for penalties and division of captured contraband]. Sabinas [Nuevo Leon], April 13, 1841. Folio broadside. Very fine, with an English translation included.
        First printing. Streeter 966 (2 locations, Streeter copy now at Yale and TxU). Streeter Sale 373. Arista proclaims (in part): "With the wish of stemming the tide of the scandalous trade between our border residents and the Texans, who are now enemies of the Republic, with notorious disregard for the laws, ordinances, and edicts governing this activity, which trade is prejudicial not only to the public treasury and the legitimate private businesses of the border area, but even more, aids the enemy, tendering to them the goods that they need and enabling them to maintain with us relations which we ought to counteract at all costs as long as they remain separated from submission to the Supreme National Government."