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Pingenot Auction, Lot 29

29. [BORDERLANDS]. UNITED STATES. CONGRESS. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES. COMMITTEE ON MILITARY AFFAIRS. Testimony Relation to the Texas Border Troubles. Washington: HMD 64, 1878. 313 pp., 2 folding lithographed maps: (1) untitled large-scale map of the Texas-Mexico border, outlined in red, 42.0 x 60.1 cm (16-1/2 x 24 inches); (2) Extract from Carte du Mexique Dresseé au Depôt de la Guerre, par Mr. Niox...Paris 1873, shaded in terracotta, 37.0 x 61.2 cm (14-3/4 x 24-7/8 inches). 8vo, new half brown calf over marbled boards. Very fine, with two excellent, little-known maps of the Texas-Mexico borderlands.
        First edition. Tate, The Indians of Texas: An Annotated Research Bibliography 2491: "An essential source of detailed reports and sworn testimony for Indian and bandit attacks in South Texas since the 1850s and the Mexican government’s failure to take action against these raiders. The report is also useful in providing information on attempts to find historical precedents for pursuing ‘renegade Indians’ across international boundaries." Not in Adams or Howes.
        Pingenot: Contains testimony by Lt. Col. Wm. Shafter and Lieut. Bullis giving accounts of their expeditions into northern Mexico in pursuit of Indians who had been marauding the Texas frontier. Map 1...shows the wagon road from Fort Clark up the Devil’s to the Pecos rivers and to the Rio Grande; also the routes followed by Shafter, Bullis, Col. Young, Capt. Keyes, and others on forays into the mountains of northern Mexico; Map 2...[shows] the entire borderland regions of Northern Mexico. A 21-page Appendix includes articles in English from Mexican newspapers as well as reports by Mexican officials showing their concerns over U.S. military intrusions into their territory. Texas Ranger Captain Lee McNelly’s fight at Las Cuevas is also included in the committee’s report. A rare and important borderland document presenting both U.S. and Mexican perspectives.