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Pingenot Auction, Lot 32

32. [BORDERLANDS]. UNITED STATES. PRESIDENT (Millard Fillmore). Message from the President of the United States, to the Two Houses of Congress, at the Commencement of the Second Session of the Thirty-First Congress. December 2, 1850.... Washington: HRED1, 1850. 126 pp., 4 folding charts. 8vo, modern maroon cloth with leather spine label.
        First edition. This report, complete in itself, is usually found with the large bound collection of reports that contain the Cross overland (see Plains & Rockies IV:181:3). The present report is by Secretary of War, C. M. Conrad, and provides details on the operations of the Army during the latter part of 1849 and 1850. This section of the report, often overlooked in the excitement of the well-deserving Cross-Oregon report, contains substantial material on Texas and the West that deserves more careful examination, e.g.: List of Correspondence on the Subject of Indian Hostilities in Texas, New Mexico, and California (pp. 1-83, rich in detail, including dispatches by "Rip" Ford, documentation). Also of documentary value are the reports: Civil Expenses in New Mexico (pp. 91-108, short but important series of reports documenting establishing civil government in New Mexico) and an accounting of expenses in the Western Department, including the Topographical Engineers and some details on the establishment of civil government in California.