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Pingenot Auction, Lot 58

58. [CALIFORNIA PIOUS FUND]. MEXICO (Republic). VICE PRESIDENT (Anastasio Bustamante). [Bando announcing a decree of May 25, 1832, on the Pious Fund, commencing]: Miguel Cervantes, general de brigada, y gobernador del distrito federal. Por la secretaría de relaciones se ha comunicado al gobierno del distrito el siguiente decreto...El Escmo. Sr. ha servido dirigirme el decreto que sigue. El Vice-Presidente...à los habitantes de la república, sabed...Art. 1. El gobierno procederá al arrendamiento de las fincas rústicas pertenecientes al fondo piadoso de Californias, por término que no pase de siete años.... Mexico, June 1, 1832. Double folio bando. Very fine, with only two slight original voids at left blank margin. Official seals on verso. Provenance: Roberto Valles-Eberstadt-Jenkins-Pingenot.
        First edition, Mexico City issue of a rare and important bando on the California Pious Fund. These large folio bando issues are rare, because they were printed in oversize format on recto only, in order to be posted in public places. Eberstadt 158:288. Not in Cowan. Miguel Cervantes, Governor of the Federal District, announces the decree by Vice President Bustamante authorizing the Mexican government to proceed with liquidation of the great properties belonging to the California Pious Fund over a seven-year period. The Pious Fund had been created in the seventeenth century to fund the work of the Catholic missions. Secularization of the missions radically changed California. The seizure of the rich, cultivated monastery lands resulted in the empresario system, which allowed Mexican and Anglo colonizers to settle on Native American lands. Mexican authorities, by regulations such as this, intended to replace the old monastico-missionary regime in California. The importance of this decree may be inferred by the fact that it was one of the decrees presented as evidence in the Pious Fund case that came before the International Court of Arbitration in 1899. This decree makes a most excellent accompaniment to Zamorano Eighty, Carillo’s Exposición dirigida á la Cámara de Diputados del Congreso de la Unión por el Sr. D. Carlos Antonio Carrillo, diputado por la Alta California, sobre arreglo y administración del Fondo Piadoso [Mexico, 1831].