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Pingenot Auction, Lot 207


207. [MEXICAN-AMERICAN WAR]. SCOTT, Winfield. El General en Gefe de los Egércitos de los Estados-Unidos de America, á la Nación Megicana! Megicanos: Los últimos sucesos de la guerra y las providencias que en consecuencia ha dictado vuestro gobierno, me ponen en el deber de dirigirme á vosotros para demostraros verdades que ignorais, porque os las ocultan maliciosamente.... Jalapa: Cuartel general de Egército, May 11, 1847. 2 pp., 4to, broadsheet printed on recto and verso in double columns on pale blue paper, ornamental device between title and text. Very fine in modern plain white protective wraps. Rare and interesting Mexican-American War ephemeron.
         First printing. Eberstadt, Mexican-American War (with pencil note indicating that Yale holds a copy): "‘The bloody happenings at Cerro Gordo should have shown the Mexican nation what it can reasonably hope for if it continues to ignore the true situation in which it has been involved by some of the its generals.’ An extremely fine broadside issued by General Scott to bring the Mexicans to terms, and curiously enough stating that though the war may have been unjust on the part of the United States to begin with, now the Mexicans should make peace to avert further misery." Garrett, The Mexican-American War, p. 501. This imprint was probably created on a portable army press. Although the pencil markings have been erased from the back of the protective wrappers, we can see this copy has an interesting provenance, being marked "KHZ" indicating that it was jointly purchased by Kenneth Nebenzahl, Warren Howell, and Jake Zeitlin. The group of materials came from the long-time dealer-scout-dentist of Mexico City, Roberto Valles.