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Pingenot Auction, Lot 212

212. [MEXICAN-AMERICAN WAR]. UNITED STATES. PRESIDENT (James K. Polk). Occupation of Mexican Territory. Message from the President.... Washington: HRED19, 1846. 111 pp. 8vo, new brown cloth, brown leather label. Fine.
         First edition. Eberstadt, Mexican War: "These documents contain all the ‘orders or instructions’ to any military, naval, or other officer of the government, ‘in relation to the establishment or organization of civil government in any portion of the territory of Mexico which has or might be taken possession of by the army or navy of the United States." Garrett, The Mexican-American War, p. 323. Tutorow 1677. This document is important for New Mexico and California, containing: official government correspondence on the conquest and occupation of these regions; the highly important Kearny code; "Proclamation to the New Mexicans" (in English and Spanish, announcing the U.S. takeover); "Organic Law of the Territory of New Mexico" (September 22, 1846); secret and confidential dispatches between June 1845 and November 1846; naval operations in the Gulf of Mexico and California; Sloat’s proclamations to Californians in July of 1846 urging their surrender; Stockton’s announcement to the Californians that the U.S. flag is now flying over the former Mexican territory (Los Angeles, August 28, 1846); etc. Pingenot: Contains letters to and from Polk, Marcy, Kearny, Taylor, and Wool, among others, and a complete index and register of letters. Not in Haferkorn or Connor & Faulk.