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Pingenot Auction, Lot 306

306. [TRESPALACIOS]. Title of Property of the Building Lot in the Block EE in the City and Port of Trespalacios, Texas.... London, 1846. Engraved stock certificate within ornate border on pale blue paper. 1 p., 4to, with small plan showing numbered lots. Very fine, unused.
         Pingenot: An unrecorded imprint granting a building lot for 50 pounds sterling to the bearer in the city of Trespalacios on Matagorda Bay, with a small plat of the city in the upper right corner. The Handbook of Texas records that the town of Trespalacios was not founded until 1903 and the name later was changed to simply "Palacios." However, Streeter 1514 enters an [1844?] "Map of the City of Trespalacios..." on the left or east bank of Trespalacios River where it flows into Trespalacios Bay. "It can hardly be the town of Palacios shown on the map in the Hunt and Randel 1839 Guide, as that town is about ten miles below the mouth of the Trespalacios River and on the east side of Trespalacios Bay" (Streeter). It is likely that, following annexation on December 29, 1845 and the inauguration of state government on February 19, 1846, this plan was discarded and the bonds left unused. To date, no known examples of this certificate have been found that have been completed in manuscript.