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Pingenot Auction, Lot 367

367. [CLARK, Arthur H. (publisher)]. Lot of 17 titles (mostly 8vo, original bindings, very fine to good), including:

BANDEL, Eugene. Frontier Life in the Army, 1854-1861. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1932. Illustrations, folding map. Very fine and bright in original cloth, gilt lettering on spine.
First edition. Clark & Brunet, The Arthur H. Clark Company 19-II. Rittenhouse 20: "Letters and journal of a soldier with the 6th Infantry at Fort Leavenworth. His regiment made trips through Nebraska, the Dakotas, and west to California. Of interest is his material on a survey of the southern Kansas border in 1857 [and] description of life at Fort Leavenworth." Pingenot: A rare and accurate picture of the pleasures and hardships of an infantryman on the frontier during a significant period in westward expansion.

[BEALE, EDWARD F.]. BRIGGS, Carl and Clyde Francis Trudell. Quarterdeck & Saddlehorn: The Story of Edward F. Beale 1822-1893. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1983. Portraits. Tall 8vo, cloth. Mint copy in original plain paper d.j.
First edition. Pingenot: Biography of a remarkable officer and frontiersman. Graduating from Annapolis in 1842, Beale served under Commodore Stockton in California but was detached at Monterey to serve with Kearney. Beale made six coast to coast journeys as dispatch bearer, including news of California gold discovery. Most thorough biography to date on this pioneer trail-blazer.

BIEBER, Ralph B. (editor). Southern Trails to California in 1849. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1937. Frontispiece, illustrations, folding map. Red cloth, gilt lettering on spine. Some wear.
First edition.

BIEBER, Ralph P. (editor). Exploring Southwestern Trails 1846-1854 by Philip St. George Cooke, William Henry Chase Whiting, Francois Xavier Aubry. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1938. Frontispiece portrait, illustrations, folding map. Red cloth, gilt lettering on spine. Fine.
First edition (1,067 copies). Vol. 7 of the "Southwest Historical" Series. Clark & Brunet, The Arthur H. Clark Company 19-VII. Rittenhouse 47. Pingenot: Cooke’s journal of the march of the Mormon Battalion (1846-47). Whiting’s 1849 journal on establishing a practicable route between San Antonio and El Paso del Norte. Aubry’s 1853-54 diaries of trips between Santa Fe and California.

BIEBER, Ralph P. (editor). Marching with the Army of the West 1846-1848 by Abraham R. Johnston, Marcellus B. Edwards, Philip G. Ferguson. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1936. Frontispiece portrait, illustrations, map. Maroon cloth, gilt title on backstrip. Very fine.
First edition. Rittenhouse 49: "Journals of three soldiers who marched with the Army of the West in the Mexican War, over the SFT. All three are here published for the first time and describe incidents of the march over the Trail."

CHAPUT, Donald. Francois X. Aubrey: Trader, Trailmaker and Voyageur in the Southwest 1846-1854. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1975. Frontispiece portrait, plates, maps. Blue cloth. Mint.
         First edition.

DAVIDSON, Homer K. Black Jack Davidson, A Cavalry Commander on the Western Frontier: The Life of General John W. Davidson. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1974. Frontispiece portrait, illustrations. Cloth. Near mint.
         First edition. Pingenot: Davidson’s military career ranged from service in Kearny’s California Column during the Mexican War through thirty-five years of frontier duty, including his organization of the 7th Cavalry, his commands of the 2nd and 10th Cavalry Regiments, his participation in Western Indian campaigns, the Camel Corp experiment in California, etc. Fine biographical contribution.

ELLINGTON, Charles G. The Trial of U.S. Grant: The Pacific Coast Years 1852-1854. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1987. Frontispiece portrait, illustrations. Cloth. Mint in d.j.
         First edition. Pingenot: One of America’s most revered and honored generals and a two-term president, served two troubled years on the West Coast early in his career. These were years of frustration and homesickness. In 1854 he resigned his commission to return home to his family. Based on ten years of research, this new biography reveals Grant is a new light during a phase of his life often overlooked by most biographers.

HUNT, Aurora. Major General James Henry Carleton, 1814-1873, Western Frontier Dragoon. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1958. Frontispiece portrait, illustrations, 4 maps (including 1 folding). Dark blue cloth, gilt title. Very fine.
         First edition. Clark & Brunet, The Arthur H. Clark Company 131. Clark Frontier Military Series II: "Lauded for its accuracy and detail, it has become exceedingly scarce and collectible." Dornbusch III, 3140. Paher 923. Rittenhouse 314. Pingenot: Fine biography rated best book on Carleton by Lamar. Carleton became an officer in the 1st Dragoons in 1839, served in the Mexican War (he wrote an account of the battle of Buena Vista), was involved in overland travel, the Mountain Meadow Massacre, commanded the California column to New Mexico in the Civil War, headed federal operations in New Mexico, etc.

RISTER, Carl Coke. The Southwestern Frontier 1865-1881: A History of the Coming of the Settlers, Indian Depredations and Massacres, Ranching.... Cleveland: Arthur H. Clark, 1928. 336 pp., frontispiece, double-page map of Texas, illustrations and 2 folding maps. Brown cloth with gilt title on spine, t.e.g.
         First edition. Adams, Guns 1865; Herd 1909. Basic Texas Books 174n. Clark & Brunet 211: "Prepared almost entirely from unpublished documentary sources, this is a most valuable represents one of the first, and perhaps the best, secondary study of this subject." Howes R318. Rader 2791. Saunders 3129. Pingenot: A classic study of the southwestern frontier covering Indian problems, the cattle industry, outlaws, railroads, etc. A scholarly work, heavily foot-noted, and with a good bibliography and index. Now difficult to locate in choice collector’s condition.

SMITH, Cornelius C. Emilio Kosterlitzky. Eagle of Sonora and the Southwest Border. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1970. Illustrations by the author. Cloth with gilt title on spine. Mint in original plain d.j.
         First edition. Clark & Brunet, The Arthur H. Clark Company 233. Pingenot: A fine biography of this Russian Navy deserter who rose from private to commander of La Gendarmeria Fiscal, the dreaded Rurales of northern Mexico under President Porfirio Díaz. Later he became a World War I undercover agent for the U.S. Department of Justice. His Mexican Army career spanned the bloody Yaqui-Mayo wars through the tough Apache campaigns in the Sierra Madre, and the revolutionary turmoil of the early 20th century. An excellent biography and a worthwhile contribution, particularly as one views the United States frontier from the Mexican side.

STILLMAN, J. D. B. Wanderings in the Southwest in 1855 by J. D. B. Stillman. Spokane: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1990. Frontispiece portrait, illustrations. Red cloth, gilt. Issued without d.j. Mint.
First edition. Edited by Ron Tyler. Pingenot: Seeking adventure, Jacob Davis Babcock Stillman landed on the Texas coast in May 1855. For six months he roamed the Texas countryside recording his experiences and insights, and sending off letters to The Crayon, a prominent but short-lived journal of landscape art, where they were originally published. These 1855 letters present a remarkable picture of Texas during a crucial, complex, and little understood time in the state’s history.

TILGHMAN, Zoe A. A Marshal of the Last Frontier: Life and Services of William Matthew (Bill) Tilghman.... Glendale: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1949. 406 pp., frontispiece, illustrations, folding map. Cloth, gilt title on spine. Very fine. Affixed to the front cover pastedown is a paper inscribed and signed by the author.
         First edition. Adams, Guns 2211; Herd 2308; One-Fifty 137: "The book...tells about his experiences with the gunmen of Dodge City, the outlaws of Oklahoma and about his tragic death. [HEADLINE] The best book done on Tilghman." Pingenot: A nice association copy with the author’s presentation inscription to the late Loring Campbell, a nationally known magician and noted collector of Western Americana. A superb biography of Tilghman, including the Battle of Adobe Walls in 1874. Scarce.

UPTON, Richard (editor). Fort Custer on the Big Horn 1877-1898: Its History and Personalities as Told and Pictured by Its Contemporaries. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1973. Frontispiece, illustrations. Cloth with gilt title on spine. Near fine.
First edition.

WEBB, James Josiah. Adventures in the Santa Fe Trade 1844-1847 by James Josiah Webb, edited by Ralph P. Bieber. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark Company, 1931. 301 pp., frontispiece portrait, illustrations, folding map at rear. Dark maroon cloth, gilt title on spine. "Property of United States Army" rubber stamp on rear pastedown. Corners bumped, else fine.
         First edition. Rittenhouse 625: "His account begins in the year that [Josiah] Gregg’s account ends and the two works cover the full span of SFT trade up to U.S. occupation of New Mexico. Rader 3592. Pingenot: The first-hand account of James Josiah Webb’s experiences as a Santa Fe trader. Although written shortly before his death in 1889, Webb paints a faithful picture of life on the old Santa Fe Trail and in Mexico during a significant period of westward expansion.

YOUNG, Otis E. The First Military Escort on the Santa Fe Trail, 1829: From the Journal and Reports of Major Bennet Riley and...St. George Cooke. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1952. Frontispiece portrait, plates, folding map. Red cloth, gilt-lettered spine, t.e.g. Very good to fine.
         First edition (1,005 copies). Clark & Brunet, The Arthur H. Clark Company 281. Campbell, p. 194: "Major Bennet Riley, commander, led four companies of the Sixth U.S. Infantry from Leavenworth, Kansas, to the International Boundary on the Arkansas River, waited there until the caravan returned from Santa Fe and escorted them back. This historically important expedition was the creation of the U.S. Cavalry, taught the U.S. Army how to operate against hostile Indians and Mexicans, and demonstrated the superiority of oxen as draft animals on the trail. Fort Riley, the principal cavalry post on the Plains, was named for the Major." Rittenhouse 675: "The best scholarly study of the SFT in 1828-29....Young proves that all accounts of the 1829 escort march were written by Philip St. George Cooke." Pingenot: The journals of Riley and Cooke recount the governmental response to demands for protection of the Santa Fe caravans.

YOUNG, Otis E. The West of Philip St. George Cooke, 1809-1895. Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1955. Frontispiece portrait, 9 plates, folding map. Original red cloth with gilt-lettered spine.
         First edition. Clark & Brunet, The Arthur H. Clark Company 282. Rittenhouse 678. Pingenot: This is the first scholarly biography of this important army officer whose career spanned 46 years. Cooke was with Riley’s expedition on the Santa Fe Trail in 1829, with Dodge’s dragoons to the Rocky Mountains in 1835, the leading U.S. officer concerned with the Snively affair in 1843, with the Army of the West and the Mormon Battalion in the conquest of New Mexico and California during the War with Mexico, commanded troops in New Mexico in 1853-54, at Fort Riley 1855-57, etc.

(17 vols.)