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Pingenot Auction, Lot 404

404. [NATIVE AMERICANS: CAPTIVITIES]. Lot of 9 titles (mostly 8vo, original bindings, very fine to good), including:

BUCKELEW, F. M. Life of F. M. Buckelew the Indian Captive as Related by Himself. Bandera: Hunter’s Printing House, [1925]. Illustrations. Original printed wrappers. Fine.
         First revised and expanded edition. Howes B108. Pingenot: At age 73 Buckelew permitted his daughter, Mrs. T. S. Dennis, to reprint the story of his captivity by Indians, expanding on some details not included by S. E. Banta in the 1911 edition. Includes much history of Bandera County and its environs, an aborted overland trip to Washington, general accounts of Indian depredations, and a number of narrative poems (by Mrs. Dennis) of dubious worth. Very scarce.

DOLBEARE, Benjamin. A Narrative and Suffering of Dolly Webster: Among the Comanche Indians of Texas. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1986. Cloth over boards. Near mint.
         First edition, limited edition (500 copies) Pingenot: Facsimile reprint of the recently discovered only known copy of an 1843 Texas Indian massacre and captivity account, now at Yale University. Introduction by George Miles, Curator of Western Americana at Yale. Streeter 1453 entered this work as a possible ghost, but predicted its existence as he also did with the Rachel Plummer narrative. Describes in first person detail the Webster Massacre of 1837 and Dolly’s captivity and escape.

GREENE, A. C. The Last Captive. Austin: Encino Press, 1972. 161 pp., frontispiece portrait, photographic illustrations. Original pictorial boards. Near mint in d.j.
         First edition, first printing. Basic Texas Books 124D. Pingenot: With the incorrect picture on the dust jacket, which is not Lehmann. Correct photo replaced it before 1st edition sold out. Herman Lehmann’s story of his captivity and life with the Indians had been previously told in 1899 by Jonathan H. Jones and, again, in 1927 by J. Marvin Hunter. Greene’s version is a synthesis of these earlier works in which he has purged extraneous inserts and added supporting material from other sources along with interpretive commentary. Now scarce with the 1st issue d.j.

HUNTER, J. Marvin. The Boy Captives, Being the True Story of the Experiences and Hardships of Clinton L. Smith and Jeff D. Smith. Bandera: [Frontier Times, 1927]. Portrait. Wrappers. Some wear including small piece missing from lower spine, else fine, in protective custom-made case.
         First edition, limited edition (1,000 copies). Dobie, p. 36: "A kind of classic in homeliness." Rader 1985. Vaughn 241. Pingenot: While tending their father’s sheep near Boerne, Texas, in 1871, the Smith boys were captured by a dozen Apache Indians and taken to the Staked Plains where the Indians tried unsuccessfully to trade them to the Comanches. After two years in captivity, William Schuchardt, the U.S. Commercial Agent in Piedras Negras secured their freedom by purchasing them from the Lipans. These were the only two brothers ever known to have endured the same hardships and captivity and returned alive.

[PLUMMER, RACHEL]. LOFTON, Rachel, et al. The Rachel Plummer Narrative: A Stirring Narrative of Adventure, Hardship and Privation in the Early Days of Texas.... N.p., 1926. 3 photographic portraits. Original green printed wrappers. Very fine.
         Ayer 221n. Graff 3187. Howes P80. Plains & Rockies IV:113. Streeter 1525n. Pingenot: Reprint edition of the exceedingly rare 1844 printing of James W. Parker’s Narrative of the Perilous Adventures...During a Frontier Residence in which the story of a Comanche attack in 1836 on Fort Parker resulted in the capture of his daughter, Rachel Plummer, and his niece, Cynthia Ann Parker, who later was taken to wife by a chief and thence became the mother of noted Comanche chief, Quannah Parker. Until the discovery, a dozen years ago, of the only known copy of the 1838 original edition, the 1844 version (which was an imperfect reprint lacking the first chapter) was the only available account of this remarkable Indian captivity.

[PLUMMER, Rachel]. Rachael Plummer’s Narrative.... Austin: Jenkins Publishing Company, 1977. 32 pp., facsimiles. Signed. Brown over tan cloth. Fine.
         Limited edition (#288 of 400 copies).

RISTER, Carl Coke. Border Captives: The Traffic in Prisoners by Southern Plains Indians 1835-1875. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1940. xi [1] 220 [4] pp., folding maps, plates. Original brown gilt pictorial cloth. Fine in d.j.
         First edition. Basic Texas Books 174: "The best analytical account of Texas Indian is a sociological study of the effects of this traffic on Indian life as well as on the captives themselves." Pingenot: Story of the traffic in prisoners by Southern Plains Indians 1835-1875 embracing parts of Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. Covers the five most war-like tribes: Kiowa, Comanche, Cheyenne, Apache and Arapahoe.

RISTER, Carl Coke. Comanche Bondage: Dr. John Charles Beale’s Settlement of La Villa de Dolores on Las Moras Creek in Southern Texas of the 1830’s with an Annotated Reprint of Sarah Ann Horn’s Narrative of Her Captivity Among the Comanches.... Glendale: Arthur H. Clark, 1955. 210 pp. [3], frontispiece, photographic illustrations, map. Cloth. Near mint in a fine d.j. Splendid copy.
         First edition. Ayer 134. Basic Texas Books 174n. Field 716. Howes H642. Plains & Rockies IV:74n. Streeter 1347. Pingenot: First scholarly account of Beale’s settlement on Las Moras Creek near the Rio Grande in the 1830’s along with the reprint of one of the most famous Texas Indian captivities. Beale’s colony of Dolores was near present day Brackettville in Kinney County. Sarah Ann Horn, one of the colonists, was captured by Comanche Indians in the spring of 1836. The original narrative of her captivity is of great legendary rarity known in only a few copies.

RISTER, Carl Coke. Comanche Bondage: Dr. John Charles Beale’s Settlement of La Villa de Dolores on Las Moras Creek in Southern Texas of the 1830’s with an Annotated Reprint of Sarah Ann Horn’s Narrative of Her Captivity Among the Comanches.... Lincoln & London: University of Nebraska Press, [1989]. Frontispiece, photographic illustrations, map. 8vo, wrappers. Fine.

SPENCER, Oliver M. The Indian Captivity of O. M. Spencer. New York: Citadel Press, [1968]. Frontispiece, map. Cloth in pictorial d.j.
         Reprint of the Lakeside Classic edition. Ayer 272. Howes S835. Field 1471. Pingenot: A true narrative, written by himself, of the capture of Oliver M. Spencer by the Indians in 1793 in the neighborhood of Cincinnati.

(9 vols.)