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Pingenot Auction, Lot 414

414. [PAMPHLETS]. Lot of approximately 35 titles (mostly 8vo, original wrappers, very fine to good), including:

AMMEN, Daniel. The Errors and Fallacies of the Inter-Oceanic Transit Question. To Whom Do They Belong? New York: Brentano Brothers, 1886. 68 pp., folding map. Wrappers.

AMON CARTER MUSEUM OF WESTERN ART, Ft. Worth. Frontier Guns. February 1964. 34 pp. Wrappers.

BELL, Joseph. Report...and Resolutions of the General Assembly of Massachusetts Adverse to the Annexation of Texas. Washington: Senate Document 141, Feb. 27, 1845. Later protective wrappers.
         First edition. Not in Streeter. Pingenot: A report enumerating the earlier attempts in Congress, and subsequent failures, to get Texas admitted to the Union, and Massachusetts arguments why such admission would violate the Constitution. Their main objection was the slavery issue, arguing that the admission of Texas would increase the number of slave states. The report concludes with five resolutions, submitted to Congress by Massachusetts detailing the reasons for their opposition.

BORAH, William E. Haywood Trial: Closing Argument of W. E. Borah. Boise: Statesman Shop, [1907]. Original gray printed wrappers. Very fine.
         First edition. Hawley, The History of Idaho: The Gem of the Mountains, p. 272. Lamar, p. 114. Pingenot: Prosecuting attorney Borah’s closing argument in this sensational trial, which pitted Borah, who was about to begin a thirty-three year career in the U.S. Senate, against the brilliant Chicago trial lawyer, Clarence Darrow. Darrow was defending William "Big Bill" Haywood, an official of the Western Federation of Miners, who was charged along with others in the brutal murder of former Idaho governor Frank Steunenburg. Borah’s long and impassioned speech, occupying 130 printed pages, was miniscule compared to Darrow’s which required eleven hours to deliver.

CHAPPELL, Gordon. Summer Helmets of the U.S. Army, 1875-1910. Wyoming State Museum Monograph No. 1, 1976. Illustrations. Wrappers.
         Second Printing.

CONGER, Roger N. Insults, Inuendos.... Red wrappers.

CORTHELL, E. L. An Exposition of the Errors and Fallacies in Rear-Admiral Ammen’s Pamphlet Entitled "The Certainty of the Nicaragua Canal Contrasted With the Uncertainties of the Eads Ship Railway." Washington: Gibson Bros., Printers & Bookbinders, 1886. Wrappers.

DALLAS PUBLIC LIBRARY. The Spanish Southwest: An Exhibit at the Dallas Public Library, June 15-July 2, 1971. [Austin: Encino Press, 1971]. Illustrations. Near mint. Mustard-colored wrappers with printed paper label.
         First edition. Preface by Tom Lea. Lutz A57b. Whaley 79. Pingenot: An exhibit of 31 rare books and documents, in the D.P.L.’s collection, or on loan from other institutions and private collections, that highlight Spanish discovery, exploration, and settlement in what is now the southwestern United States. 3 copies.

DOBIE, Mrs. J. Frank. The Pleasure Frank Dobie Took in Grass. College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 1972. Illustrations. 4to, wrappers. Fine.
         First edition, limited edition (500 copies). Keepsake Number Two for the Friends of the Texas A&M University Library, 1972. A talk given by Mrs. J Frank Dobie on the presentation of "My Dobie Collection" by Jeff Dykes and Martha Dykes Goldsmith to the University Library, Texas A&M University. Reproduced from Mrs. Dobie’s handwritten manuscript. Introduction by Mr. Jeff Dykes. Four copies.

DOWNING, Charles G. (collector). The Charles G. Downing Military Book Collection. Typescript.

DYKES, Jeff C. My Dobie Collection. College Station: Texas A&M University Press, 1971. Illustrated. Original stiff printed wrappers.
         First edition. Pingenot: Contains Jeff’s essay on Dobie, his selection of 50 Dobie rarities, and 249 bibliographical entries not in McVicker or Cook bibliographies since many were published after the appearance of these bibs.

Fifty Texas Rarities. Ann Arbor: William L. Clements Library, 1946. Selected from the library of Mr. Everett D. Graff for an exhibition to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the annexation of Texas by the United States. Printed wrappers.

[GILLIAM, Frank]. Biblia-A-Biblia: Texana. Austin: Idolon Book Shop, n.d. 6 pp. Wrappers.

GLEED, James W. New Mexico. Wrappers.

A Gun from Pancho Villa. [San Antonio], N.p., n.d.

HAFEN, LeRoy R. (editor). With Fur Traders in Colorado, 1839-40: The Journal of E. Willard Smith. Denver: N.d. [ca. 1950]. Original printed wrappers. Very fine. Numbered and signed by the editor on the front wrap.
         First separate printing, limited edition (100 numbered reprints from the Colorado Magazine, signed by Hafen). Rittenhouse 273n. Pingenot: The journal of E. Willard Smith is one of the best records of conditions and activity in the Colorado region during fur trade days. Smith traveled from Independence to Bent’s Fort over the Santa Fe Trail.

HAFERKORN, Henry E. The War with Mexico 1846-1848. Washington, 1914. [8] 93, xxviii pp. 8vo, original printed wrappers. Some wear to wraps else a fine copy. Laid in is a copy of a letter from the Office of the Quartermaster General to historian Edward S. Wallace, dated 6 March 1957 in response to Wallace’s inquiry regarding the possible reinterment of American battlefield remains from the Buena Vista battleground south of Saltillo, Coah.
         First edition. "A select bibliography on the causes, conduct, and the political aspect of the War, together with a select list of books, and other printed material on the resources, economic conditions, politics and government of the republic of Mexico and the characteristics of the Mexican people." Pingenot: This is the first comprehensive bibliography on the Mexican War and, despite its omissions, it is still in use today.

HALEY, J. Evetts. Men of Fiber. El Paso: Carl Hertzog, 1960. Illustrations by José Cisneros. Original stiff pictorial wrappers. Fine. Autographed by the author on the copyright page.
         First edition. Dykes, Fifty Great Western Illustrators (Cisneros 85). Lowman 163B. Robinson 36. Pingenot: Contains biographical sketches of John R. Baylor, Quanah Parker, R. S. Mackenzie, Andrew Jackson Potter, and Bob Beverly. This "Shamrock Edition" was reprinted from five issues of The Shamrock, the magazine for friends and customers of The Shamrock Oil & Gas Corporation.

HUNTER, Robert Hancock. The Narrative of Robert Hancock Hunter.... Austin: Encino Press, 1966. Original pictorial cloth and boards. Very fine.
         Limited edition (640 numbered copies). Introduction by William Wittliff, who also sketched the front cover illustration. First edition after the 1936 original printing, but edited from a verbatim typescript of the author’s manuscript. An early Encino Press production and the best edition of the narrative. Basic Texas Books 100A: "This is the most vivid of all recollections of the Texas Revolution...a delight to read." Whaley 18.

JENKINS, John H. The Future of Books. Austin: Jenkins Publishing Company, 1982. Monograph. Wrappers.

KESSELUS, Kenneth,(editor). Memoir of Capt’n C. R. Perry of Johnson City, Texas, A Texas Veteran. Austin: Jenkins Publishing Company, 1990. Wrappers. Card: Seasons Greetings, Maureen Jenkins, John H. Jenkins, and Michael & Julibeth Parrish.

LEA, Tom. A Selection of Paintings and Drawings from the Nineteen-Sixties. The University of Texas Institute of Texan Cultures at San Antonio, December 6, 1969-January 17, 1970. Original wrappers.
         Trade edition.

MAGNOLIA PETROLEUM COMPANY. Texas History Movies: Four Hundred Years of History and Industrial Development. 1935.

MERRILL, Louis P. Aristocrats of the Cow Country. Eagle Pass: Pack Saddle Press, 1973. Wrappers.

MILLARD, F. S. A Cowpuncher of the Pecos. [Bandera, ca. 1929]. 5 photographic illustrations. Original printed wrappers. Slight chipping of fragile wraps at lower spine, otherwise very good to fine.
         First edition. Introduction by J. Marvin Hunter. Adams, Herd 1483: "Crudely printed...but a story of and by a genuine old cowboy." Dobie, p. 125: "At a reunion of trail drivers at San Antonio in October, 1928, Fred S. Millard showed me his laboriously written reminiscences. He wanted them printed. I introduced him to J. Marvin Hunter of Bandera, Texas, publisher of Frontier Times. I told Hunter not to ruin the English by trying to correct it." Pingenot: Although Millard intended his memoirs to be published as a part of the Trail Drivers of Texas, it was submitted too late and Hunter later printed it in this pamphlet form.

The Nebraska Question. Boston, Redding & Company, 1854. Speeches in the United States Senate.

[PORTER, William S. (O. Henry)]. A Departmental Case. Austin: Jenkins Publishing Company, 1980. Monograph. Wrappers.
         Limited edition (450 copies).

RISTER, Carl Coke. Harmful Practices of Indian Traders of the Southwest, 1865-1876. Reprinted from New Mexico Historical Review 1931. Rare. 2 copies.

SADLER, Jerry (Commissioner of the General Land Office of the State of Texas). Treasure Tempest in Texas. Wrappers.
         Deals with the Spanish galleons sunken off Padre Island and their treasure.

[SEDGWICK, Theodore]. Thoughts on the Proposed Annexation of Texas to the United States. New York: Fanshaw, 1844. Original printed wrappers. A near fine copy.
First edition. Rader 2902. Raines, p. 184. Streeter 1533: "A lengthy and learned argument against annexation." Pingenot: Perhaps the ablest and most influential of anti-Texas essays, by one of the great legal minds of the era.

SPRAGUE, J. T. The Treachery in Texas, the Secession of Texas, and the Arrest of the U.S. Officers and Soldiers Serving in Texas.... New York, 1862. Original printed wrappers.
         First edition. Eberstadt 162:752: "An important collection of documents relating to seizure of Union forces by Confederates in Feb., 1861, by one of its victims." Nevins, Civil War Books II:240. Parrish, Civil War Texana 103. Raines, p. 194. Pingenot: An important account including numerous documents from Sam Maverick, Ben McCulloch, and General David Twiggs, relating to the controversial Confederate takeover of Federal facilities in Texas prior to the beginning of the Civil War. Major John T. Sprague, son-in-law of the late Gen. Wm. Jenkins Worth, served in Texas in the 1850’s. His paper, read before the New York Historical Society on June 25, 1861, is a revealing source on the subject.

THOMPSON, George G. Bat Masterson: The Dodge City Years. Fort Hayes Kansas State College Studies, General Series, No. Six, 1943. Wrappers.

TYLER, Ronnie C. Las Reclamaciones de Patricio Milmo. Nuevo Leon: University de Nuevo Leon, 1969.

WILLIAMS, R. H., and John W. Sansom. The Massacre on the Nueces River: The Story of a Civil War Tragedy, as Related by...Both of whom Participated in the Battle. Grand Prairie: Frontier Times, [1954]. 8vo, original printed wrappers. Some edge wear and creasing, else very good.
         Dornbusch III-3329. Pingenot: The first reprint edition that combines the two eyewitness accounts of the massacre on the Nueces River of German Unionists by Texas Confederate state troops under the command of the infamous Captain James Duff. Williams, whose account was taken from his With the Border Ruffians (London, 1907), was with the Confederates although he didn’t participate in the killing of the wounded German youths. Sansom, a Unionist but not German, was traveling to Mexico with the German colonist group, most of whom were defenseless against Duff’s remorseless brutality. Issued in a small number of copies, this pamphlet is now uncommonly scarce.

YALE UNIVERSITY. LIBRARY. From Train to Plane: Travelers in the American West, 1866-1936. An Exhibition in the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1979.

(Approximately 60 vols.)