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Auction Catalogue Nine






1. [ALAMO]. Decree establishing honors for Mexican heroes of the Alamo. April 27, 1836. Streeter 877. ($250-500). More>>

2. ALCÁRAZ, Ramón. Apuntes para la historia de la guerra entre México y los Estados-Unidos. Mexico, 1848. Portraits & maps (some of Texas interest). A Mexican-American War rarity, suppressed by Santa Anna & an important book for the history of Mexican lithography. See Mathes, Mexico on Stone. ($5,000-10,000) More>>

3. ALCÁRAZ, Ramón. The Other Side. New York, 1850. First edition in English. ($500-1,000) More >>

4. [ALLEN, G. N.]. Mexican Treacheries and Cruelties. 1847. Wrappers illustrate The Great Western. ($300-600). More>>

6. ARMES, G. A. Ups and Downs of an Army Officer. 1900. Fine in original pictorial cloth. ($150-300) More>>

7. [BALLENTINE, George]. Autobiography of an English Soldier. 1853. ($100-250). More>>

8. BANCROFT, H. H. History of Mexico. 1883. 6 vols., original tree sheep gilt. Super set. ($250-500). More>>

9. BANCROFT, H. H. History of the North Mexican States and Texas. 1884-1889. Basic Texas Books 6. ($150-300). More>>

10. BANTA, S. E. Buckelew, the Indian Captive. Mason, [1911]. Rare captivity. ($1,000-3,000) More>>

11. BARDE, F. S. Life and Adventures of "Billy" Dixon of Adobe Walls. 1914. Fine Josey copy. ($300-600). More>>

12. BARDE, F. S. Life of "Billy" Dixon. Southwest Press, 1927. In the rare d.j. ($100-250). More>>

13. BARDE, F. S. Life of "Billy" Dixon. [1927]. Turner issue in d.j. ($100-200). More>>

14. BARTLETT, J. R. Personal Narrative. 1854. Fine in original pictorial cloth. Basic Texas Books 12. Graff 298: "An essential book for the Southwest." Plains & Rockies IV:234:1. Wheat, Gold Regions 252; Mapping the Transmississippi West 798. ($500-1,000) More>>

15. [BAYARD, Samuel J.]. A Sketch of the Life of Com. Robert F. Stockton. 1856. Contains a chapter on Stockton’s activities in Texas. ($100-200). More>>

16. BAYLIES, Francis. A Narrative of Major General Wool’s Campaign. 1851. Original wrappers.
($150-300). More>>

17. BENAVIDES, A. de. The Memorial. 1916. Photogravures by Lummis et al. Limited edition. ($300-600). More>>

18. BENNETT, Emerson. The Bandits of the Osage [&] Kate Clarendon. [&] The Prairie Flower. 1848-1849. First editions. Plains & Rockies IV:162:1. Rare overland fiction. ($400-800). More>>

19. BERLANDIER, L. Diario de viage de la Comisión de Límites. Mexico, 1850. With portrait. Basic Texas Books 14. Plains & Rockies IV:178a. ($800-1,600). More>>

20. BIDDLE, E. Reminiscences of a Soldier’s Wife. 1907. Author’s signed presentation copy. ($150-300). More>>

21. BOLTON, H. E. Rim of Christendom. 1936. Presentation copy, d.j. ($60-120). More>>

22. BOLTON, H. E. Texas in the Middle Eighteenth Century. Original cloth. Basic Texas Books 20. ($100-250)More>>

23. [BORDERLANDS]. ASHTON, J. H. Piedras Negras Claims. [1871]. ($150-300) More>>

24. [BORDERLANDS]. COMISIÓN DE LA PESQUISIDORA. Reports of the Committee of Investigation. New York, 1875. 3 folding maps. First American edition, first edition in English. Howes I32. ($1,000-2,000). More>>

25. [BORDERLANDS]. Mexican broadside decree forbidding contraband trade across the Texan border. Nuevo León, April 13, 1841. Streeter 966. ($400-800). More>>

26. [BORDERLANDS]. MEXICO. Reglamento para el establicimiento de las colonias militares en la frontera del norte. Mexico, 1868. Establishment of military colonies in the borderlands. Rare and little known. ($750-1,500) More>>

27. [BORDERLANDS]. Report and Accompanying Documents...on the Relations of the United States with Mexico [and] Texas Frontier Troubles. HRR701, 1878. ($200-400). More>>

28. [BORDERLANDS]. Texas Frontier Troubles. Testimony Taken before the Committee on Foreign Affairs. 1878. ($100-200). More>>

29. [BORDERLANDS]. Testimony Taken ... in Relation to the Texas Border Troubles. HMD64, 1878. 2 folding lithographed maps of the Texas-Mexico borderlands. ($400-800)More>>

30. [BORDERLANDS]. Texas Frontier Troubles. HRR343, 1876. Folding map of the Lower Rio Grande. Reese, Six Score 108. ($400-800) More>>

31. [BORDERLANDS]. Papers Relating to the Foreign Relations of the United States. 1876. ($75-150). More>>

32. [BORDERLANDS]. Message from the President December 2, 1850. HRED1, 1850. ($80-200). More>>

33. [BORDERLANDS]. Difficulties on Southwestern Frontier. HRED52, 1860. ($100-200). More>>

34. [BORDERLANDS]. Claims on the Part of Citizens of the United States and Mexico. SED3, 1877. ($250-500). More>>

35. [BORDERLANDS]. Mexican Border Troubles. HRED13, 1877. ($150-300). More>>

36. [BORDERLANDS]. Mexican Claims. HRED103, 1884.($50-100). More>>

37. [BORDERLANDS]. Troubles on Texas Frontier. HRED81, 1860. Scarce and little known. ($150-300). More>>

38. [BORDERLANDS]. Claims of the State of Texas. HRED277, 1872. ($100-200). More>>

39. [BORDERLANDS]. Letter from the Secretary of Reimburse the State of Texas for Expenses Incurred in Repelling Invasions of Indians and Mexicans. SED19, 1878. ($150-300). More>>

40. BOURKE, John G. An Apache Campaign in the Sierra Madre. 1886. Original cloth. First edition. ($250-500). More>>

42. BOX, M. J. Capt. Adventures & Explorations in New & Old Mexico. 1869. Ranger & borderlands. ($200-400). More>>

43. BOYD, Mrs. O. B. Cavalry Life in Tent and Field. 1894. 376 pp. Presentation copy. ($200-400). More>>

44. BRACKETT, A. G. General Lane’s Brigade in Central Mexico. 1854. First edition. ($300-600). More>>

45. BRACKETT, A. G. History of the United States Cavalry. 1865. Including plate of Resaca de Palma. ($150-300). More>>

46. BRAMAN, D. E. E. Braman’s Information about Texas. 1857. 192 pp. Adams, Herd 305. ($250-500). More>>

47. BRAZOS BRANCH RAILWAY COMPANY. Engraved stock certificate. 1848. ($100-200). More>>

48. BROWN, F. R. History of the Ninth U.S. Infantry 1799-1909. 1909. Association copy. Rare. ($600-1,200). More>>

49. BROWN, J. H. History of Texas. [1892-1893]. Basic Texas Books 22. ($200-400). More>>

50. BROWN, J. H. Indian Wars and Pioneers of Texas. [1896]. First edition, first issue. Basic Texas Books 23. ($600-1,200) More>>

51. BROWN, N. W. Historical Sketch of Troop "A", First Cavalry W.N.G. 1899. Remington illustration. ($150-300). More>>

52. BROWNE, John Ross. Adventures in the Apache Country. 1869. First edition. Excellent illustrations. ($250-500). More>>

53. [BUFFALO]. Mounted buffalo head. Approximately 36 inches tall, 36 inches long, and 23-1/4 inches from horn tip to horn tip. A magnificent artifact reminiscent of a West that has long since disappeared. ($750-1,500) More>>

54. BURTON, H. T. A History of the J A Ranch. 1928. Fine copy of this modern range rarity. Merrill, Aristocrats of the Cow Country, p. 16. ($400-800). More>>

55. BYERS, W. N. Encyclopedia of Biography of Colorado. 1901. 477 pp. Fine in original calf. ($300-600). More>>

56. CABEZA DE VACA, Alvár Nuñez de. Relation. Grabhorn Press, 1929. #154 of 300 copies of the first book about Texas. Basic Texas Books 24. ($250-500). More>>

57. C[ALDERON] DE LA B[ARCA], Madame [F. E.]. Life in Mexico. 1843. First English edition. Hill, p. 43: "One of the classic writings of nineteenth century travel."($200-400). More>>

58. [CALIFORNIA PIOUS FUND]. Bando decree authorizing liquidation of the California Pious Fund. June 1, 1832. Rare and important. ($500-1,000). More>>

59. [CAMELS]. Lot of 9 titles, including: Report ...Respecting the Purchase of Camels for the Purpose of Military Transportation. HRED62, 1857. [&] Message from the President. HRED2, 1858. With DeLeon’s report on the dromedary. ($600-900). More>>

60. CARLETON, J. H. The Battle of Buena Vista. 1848. Fine in original cloth. ($250-500). More>>

61. CARRINGTON, Margaret. Ab-Sa-Ra-Ka Home of the Crows: Being the Experience of an Officer’s Wife on the Plains. 1868. Very fine in original cloth. ($150-300). More>>

62. CARTER, R. G. The Old Sergeant’s Story. 1926. Plates. 8vo, original red cloth. Fine copy. ($150-300). More>>

63. CARTER, R. G. On the Border with Mackenzie or Winning West Texas from the Comanches. 1935. Superb copy in original cloth. First edition of a modern military rarity. Basic Texas Books 25. ($1,500-$3,000). More>>

64. CARTER, W. H. From Yorktown to Santiago with the Sixth U.S. Cavalry. First edition. Remington and Zogbaum illustrations. ($150-300). More>>

65. CARTER, W. H. The Life of Lieutenant General Chaffee. [1917]. ($75-150). More>>

66. CASHIN, H. V. Under Fire with the Tenth U.S. Cavalry, [1902]. Account of the most famous unit of black soldiers. ($150-300). More>>

67. CASTAÑEDA, Carlos E. Our Catholic Heritage in Texas. 1936-58. 7 vols. Exceptionally fine set in original cloth. Basic Texas Books 27. One of the foundation works on the Spanish Southwest. ($1,000-1,500). More>>

68. CASTAÑEDA, Pedro de. The Journey of Francisco Vázquez de Coronado. Grabhorn Press, 1933. Basic Texas Books 28E. ($100-200). More>>

69. CATLIN, George. North American Indians. Edinburgh: John Grant, 1926. 2 vols., original pictorial cloth. Super set. ($900-1,800) More>>

70. [CAZNEAU, Jane M. McManus Storms]. Eagle Pass. 1852. Original stiff printed wrappers. Author's presentation copy. First edition, first issue. Howes C251. ($200-400) More>>

71. [CATTLE INDUSTRY]. Collection of printed and manuscript material relating to the sale and transportation of cattle by Texas Livestock Agent J. M. Gibbs, in his original leather wallet. 1860s-1880s. ($200-400). More>>

72. CLAY, John. My Life on the Range. [1924]. A very fine, bright copy in original cloth. Merrill, Aristocrats of the Cattle Country, p. 16. Reese, Six Score 19. Vandale 34. ($150-300). More>>

73. COAHUILA Y TEXAS. Memoria. Saltillo, 1833. Superb copy. First edition. Howes C505. Streeter 788. Important content, and a rare Cohuilatecan imprint. ($500-1,000). More>>

74. CONKLING, R. P. & M. B. The Butterfield Overland Mail. 1947. 3 vols. Very fine set. First edition. The definitive study. ($500-750). More>>

75. COOK, J. R. The Border and the Buffalo. 1907. The exceptionally fine Littell copy in original cloth. First edition. ($75-150). More>>

76. COOKE, P. St. G. Scenes and Adventures in the Army. 1857. First edition. Howes C740. Plains & Rockies 288a. ($300-600). More>>

77. COOKE, P. St. G. Scenes and Adventures in the Army. 1859. The Littell copy in original cloth. With author's autograph letter, signed. ($250-500). More>>

78. COOLIDGE, R. H. Statistical Report on the Sickness and Mortality in the Army of the United States...1839 to...1855. SED96, 1856. Folding map. A fine, bright copy with the folding map. First edition. Rare. ($75-150). More>>

79. COOTES, H. N. A History of the Third United States Cavalry. [1933]. Original cloth. First edition. Includes 1876 Big Horn Expedition. ($200-500). More>>

80. CRANE, C. J. The Experiences of a Colonel of Infantry. 1923. Very fine in original cloth. Signed presentation copy. First edition. ($750-1,200). More>>

81. CRAWFORD, L. F. Rekindling Camp Fires. The Exploits of Ben Arnold (Connor). 1926. A lovely copy of the limited edition. Merrill, Aristocrats of the Cow Country, p. 17. ($300-600). More>>

82. CREMONY, J. C. Life Among the Apaches. 1868. First edition. Howes C879. Modern overland. ($150-300). More>>

83. CROSS, O. "A Report...of the March of the Regiment of Mounted Riflemen to Oregon...1849" in Message. SED1, 1851. Plates. Plains & Rockies IV:181:3. ($400-800). More>>

84. CUSTER, Elizabeth A. Tenting on the Plains. 1889. Bright, beautiful copy of the first edition, in original cloth. Custer High Spot 5. ($100-200). More>>

85. CUSTER, George A. My Life on the Plains. 1874. Choice collector's copy in original cloth. First edition. Custer High Spot 7. ($400-800). More>>

86. DAVIS, W. W. H. El Gringo. 1857. First edition of one of the earliest full-length books on New Mexico in English. Plains & Rockies IV:289. ($150-300). More>>

87. DAVIS, W. W. H. The Spanish Conquest of New Mexico. 1869. First edition. Howes D141. ($300-500). More>>

88. DE CORDOVA, Jacob. Texas: Her Resources and Her Public Men. 1858. First edition, second issue, with the added index. Basic Texas Books 38A. ($400-800). More>>

89. De PEYSTER, J. W. Personal and Military History of Philip Kearny. 1869. Fine copy in original cloth. First edition. ($100-200). More>>

90. DOBIE, J. Frank. Coronado’s Children. Printed by Andrew Hoyem at the Arion Press for Neiman-Marcus, 1980. Mint. Limited edition (300 copies). Basic Texas Books 45K. Greene, The Fifty Best Books on Texas. ($400-800). More>>

91. DODGE, R. I. The Black Hills. 1876. Folding map. Original cloth. Inscribed and signed by Dodge. First edition. Black Hills Booktrails 59. ($200-400). More>>

92. DODGE, R. I. Our Wild Indians. 1882. Plates. Fine, bright copy in original cloth. First edition. Custer High Spot 120. ($100-200). More>>

93. DODGE, R. I. The Plains of the Great West and Their Inhabitants. 1877. Fine, bright copy in original cloth. First edition. ($100-200). More>>

94. [DODGE EXPEDITION (1835)]. [KINGSBURY, Gaines P.]. A Report of the Expedition of the Dragoons... to the Rocky Mountains. HRD181, 1835. 2 important maps. First edition, House issue. Plains & Rockies III:63: "The maps are of great rarity." Wheat, 418 & 421. ($600-1,000). More>>

95. DOMENECH, E. Missionary Adventures in Texas and Mexico. London, 1858. Folding map based on De Cordova. Fine in original cloth. First edition in English. Plains & Rockies III:356an. ($300-500). More>>

96. DYER, Mrs. D. B. "Fort Reno." 1896. Josey copy, in original cloth. First edition. Howes D619. ($150-300). More>>

97. [EAGLE PASS, TEXAS]. An eclectic collection of documents, photographs, and printed materials related to Eagle Pass. A highlight of the collection is a voluminous file of late nineteenth-century business papers of L. de Bona, an Eagle Pass merchant. Another strength is an extensive file of photographs assembled over years of scouting and research by Pingenot. ($2,000-4,000). More>>

98. EDWARDS, Frank S. A Campaign in New Mexico with Colonel Doniphan. London, 1848. Folding map of Texas, New Mexico, Coahuila, and Chihuahua. Original cloth. First English edition. Plains & Rockies IV:132:2. Wheat 543. ($400-800) More>>

99. EGGENHOFER, Nick. Wagons, Mules and Men. How the Frontier Moved West. [1961]. Limited edition (#17 of 215 copies, with an original signed watercolor). ($700-1,000). More>>

100. ELLIOTT, R. S. Notes Taken in Sixty Years. 1883. Original cloth. Author’s signed presentation. First edition, first issue. Howes E111. With a humorous chapter relating to Texas in the 1830s. ($100-300). More>>

101. EMORY, W. H. Notes of a Military Reconnaissance. HRED41, 1848. Plates and maps. An exceptionally fine copy, the large folding map in excellent condition. First edition, House issue, best edition. Plains & Rockies IV:148. Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West 505, 532, & 544: "Important milestone in the cartographic development and accurate delineation of the Southwest." Zamorano Eighty 33. ($750-1,500) More>>

102. EMORY, W. H. Report of the United States and Mexican Boundary Survey. 1857. Vol. I only. Plates & maps. A beautiful copy of an important book. First edition. Basic Texas Books 57: "One of the most significant of all government reports on western and southern Texas." ($250-500). More>>

103. EMORY, W. H. Report on the United States and Mexican Boundary Survey. 1987. 3 vols., new as issued. Facsimile reprint of first edition (1857-59). Plains & Rockies IV:291n. ($150-250). More>>

103A. [EPHEMERA]. Lot of approximately 40 miscellaneous titles, images, and artifacts, including: [MEXICAN-AMERICAN WAR]. Veterans - Mexican War. Attention!!! Worthy Comrade, The regular annual meeting of the Central Missouri Association, V.M.W. N.p., 1886. [&] Example of sealed paper for Coahuila y Tejas, 1828-1831. [&] Bank draft drawn on the Pima County Bank of Tombstone. 1881. ($300-600) More>>

104. ESPINOSA, I. F. de. El Peregrino Septentrional Atlante...Antonio Margil de Jesús. Mexico, 1737. Copper-engraved plates. First edition. Basic Texas Books 59A: "Margil is credited with the conversion of Texas Indians." Fifty Texas Rarities 5. Wagner, Spanish Southwest 102. ($1,500-3,000) More>>

105. FARROW, E. S. Mountain Scouting: A Hand-Book for Officers and Soldiers on the Frontiers. 1881. First edition ($150-250). More>>

106. FILISOLA, V. Memorias para la historia de la guerra de Tejas. Mexico: Cumplido, 1849. 2 vols., contemporary Mexican half calf. Very fine. First edition of the Cumplido edition, the best for military history of the Texan campaign. Basic Texas Books 62. Streeter 853n. ($900-1,800). More>>

107. FILISOLA, V. Representació sus operaciones...sobre Tejas. 1836. Fine in wrappers. First edition. Streeter 853: "The classic account of the retreat of the Mexicans through Texas after the battle of San Jacinto. Vandale 66. (2 vols.) ($1,500-3,000) More>>

108. FINERTY, J. F. War-Path and Bivouac. Chicago: Donohue & Henneberry, 1890. A superlative copy. First edition. Custer High Spot 38. ($200-400). More>>

109. [FISKE, J.]. A Visit to Texas. 1836. Streeter 1155A: "A fresh and interesting picture of life in Texas at that time." ($150-300). More>>

110. FOOTE, H. S. Texas and Texans. 1841. 2 vols., original green cloth. First edition. Basic Texas Books 63. Streeter 1377. ($500-800). More>>

111. [FORT CLARK, TEXAS]. An outstanding collection of photographs, pamphlets, postcards, tokens, ephemera, and scholarly material documenting Fort Clark from the 1880s to the 1990s (mostly from the 1880s to the 1940s). The high spot of the collection is the only known nineteenth-century photograph of the Black Seminole Scouts riding on their mounts. Also present is a fine group of trade token coins for use at the post. A mine of research and exhibit material collected by Pingenot over several decades. ($5,000-$10,000) More>>

112. [FORT MERRILL]. McRAE, Alexander. Autograph letter, signed, dated at Fort Merrill, July 12, 1853. ($100-200). More>>

113. FREMANTLE, [Arthur J.]. Three Months in the Southern States. Edinburgh & London, 1863. First edition. Coulter, Travels in the Confederate States 175. ($200-400). More>>

114. FREMANTLE, [Arthur J.]. Three Months in the Southern States. 1864. First American edition. ($150-250). More>>

115. FRÉMONT, J. C. Report of the Exploring Expedition to the Rocky Mountains...and to Oregon and North California. SED174, 1845. Plates & maps. Original cloth. First edition, the Senate issue. Grolier American Hundred 49. Plains & Rockies IV:115:1. Wheat, Gold Region 21; TMW 497. Zamorano Eighty 39. ($700-1,400). More>>

116. FRÉMONT, J. C. and Jessie B. Memoirs of My Life. 1887. Plates, maps. A splendid copy in original half-morocco presentation binding. Howes F367. ($500-800). More>>

117. FROEBEL, Julius. Seven Years’ Travel in Central America, Northern Mexico, and the Far West. London, 1859. Engraved plates. Fine in original cloth. First edition in English. Plains & Rockies IV:292:2. ($600-1,200). More>>

118. FRY, J. B. Army Sacrifices. 1879. Fine in original cloth. ($125-250). More>>

119. FURBER, G. C. The Twelve Months Volunteer. 1848. Maps & plates. First edition. Howes F420. Wheat 546. ($400-800). More>>

120. GARCÍA, Gregorio. Origen de los Indios. Madrid, 1729. Contemporary full vellum. Very fine crisp copy. Second and best edition, with additions. Cowan, p. 229. Wagner, Spanish Southwest, p. 184. ($750-1,500). More>>

121. GILLETT, J. B. Six Years with the Texas Rangers. Austin, 1921. Very fine, signed and with note by author. First edition. Basic Texas Books 76. Greene, Fifty Best Books on Texas. ($150-250). More>>

122. GILLIAM, A. M. Travels Over the Table Lands and Cordilleras of Mexico...Including a Description of California. 1846. Plates & maps. First edition. Cowan, p. 238. Plains & Rockies IV:120c:1: ($200-400). More>>

123. GLASS, E. L. N. The History of the Tenth Cavalry 1866-1921. 1921. Fine in original cloth. Rare Black Cavalry unit history. First edition. ($900-1,800). More>>

124. GLISAN, Rodney. Journal of Army Life. 1874. Plates. First edition. Cowan, p. 239. Howes G209. ($150-300). More>>

125. GRAHAM, J. D. Report...on the Subject of the Boundary Line Between the United States and Mexico. SED121, 1852. Maps. First edition. Martin & Martin 40. Plains & Rockies IV:212. Wheat, 717-18. ($200-400). More>>

126. GRAVES, H. A. Andrew Jackson Potter. 1881. First edition. Rare. ($350-600). More>>

127. GREEN, T. J. Journal of the Texian Expedition Against Mier. 1845. Plates, folding map. Fine in original cloth. First edition. Basic Texas Books 80. Streeter 1581. ($600-800). More>>

128. GREER, J. K. A Texas Ranger and Frontiersman: The Days of Buck Barry in Texas, 1845-1906. 1932. Near mint in d.j. First edition. Basic Texas Books 11. ($250-400). More>>

129. GREGORY, Samuel. Gregory’s History of Mexico. 1847. Original wraps. First edition. ($100-300). More>>

130. HALE, E. E. Kanzas and Nebraska. Boston, 1854. First edition. Dary, Kanzana 1: "The first book written about Kansas." Plains & Rockies IV:239a. ($150-300). More>>

131. HALEY, J. Evetts. Charles Goodnight. 1936. Fine in d.j. Author's signed presentation copy to Haley. First edition. Merrill, Aristocrats of the Cow Country, p. 18. Reese, Six-Score 53. ($150-300). More>>

132. HALEY, J. Evetts. Fort Concho and the Texas Frontier. 1952. Very fine. Author's signed presentation copy. Limited edition (#128 of 185 copies). Basic Texas Books 83. ($150-300). More>>

133. HALEY, J. Evetts. Some Southwestern Trails. El Paso: Carl Hertzog, 1948. Illustrations by Bugbee. Very fine. First edition. Lowman, Printer at the Pass 54C. ($100-300). More>>

134. HALEY, J. Evetts. The XIT Ranch of Texas. 1929. Haley's signed presentation copy to Pingenot. First edition. Merrill. Aristocrats of the Cow Country, p. 19. Reese, Six Score 54. ($300-600). More>>

135. HALEY, J. Evetts. Lot of 8 titles, all presentation copies to Ben Pingenot, signed by J. Evetts Haley. All in excellent condition. Includes (1) Earl Vandale on the Trail of Texas Books [&] Jeff Milton: A Good Man with a Gun [&] The Heraldry of the Range. ($400-800). More>>

136. [HERTZOG, Carl (printer)]. Lot of 5 titles, including: HALLENBECK, C. The Journey of Fray Marcos de Niza. 1949. [&] NICHOLS, James W. Now You Hear My Horn. Limited edition (#137 of 250 copies). ($300-600). More>>

137. HOLLISTER, U. S. The Navajo and His Blanket. 1903. Color plates. Very fine in original cloth. First edition. Howes H603. ($150-300). More>>

138. [HOLMAN, DAVID (printer)]. Lot of 6 titles, including: Buckskin and Homespun: Frontier Texas Clothing, 1820-1870. Austin: Wind River Press, 1979. Nineteenth-century textile swatches. Limited edition ("deluxe variant" of 50 copies). ($1,600-2,200) More>>

139. HORGAN, Paul. Great River. 1954. Very fine. Limited edition. Basic Texas Books 95A. ($150-250). More>>

140. HOUSTOUN, Matilda C. Texas and the Gulf of Mexico; or Yachting in the New World. London: John Murray, 1844. Plates. 2 vols. Superb set, publisher’s original plain wrappers with original cloth backstrips. First edition. Basic Texas Books 97. Streeter 1506. ($1,000-$2,000) More>>

141. HOWARD, O. O. My Life and Experiences Among Our Hostile Indians. [1907]. Plates. Fine in cloth and with author's autograph letter, signed. First edition. Howes H710. ($100-250). More>>

142. HOWARD, O. O. Nez Percé Joseph. 1881. Signed by author. First edition. Howes H711. ($250-450). More>>

143. HUGHES, G. W. Memoir Descriptive of the March...from San Antonio de Saltillo, in Mexico. SED32, 1850. Lithographs after watercolors by Edward Everett, maps. Raines, p. 121. ($500-1,000). More>>

144. HUGHES, J. T. Doniphan’s Expedition. [1848]. Illustrations, maps. Original wrappers. First edition, early, mixed state. Plains & Rockies IV:134:6. ($200-400) More>>

145. HUGHES, J. T. Doniphan’s Expedition. 1848. Plates, folding map. Original cloth. Plains & Rockies IV:134:3. Wheat 546. ($250-500). More>>

146. HUGHES, Thomas. G.T.T. Gone to Texas. 1884. First American edition. Basic Texas Books 98A. ($100-200). More>>

147. [HUGHES, W. E.]. The Journal of a Grandfather by W. E. H. Gramp. [1912]. First edition. Howes C856.($500-1,000). More>>

148. INMAN, H. Buffalo Jones’ Forty Years of Adventure. 1899. A spectacular copy. First edition. Dary, Kanzana 274. ($100-200). More>>

149. IVES, J. C. Report Upon the Colorado River of the West. SED, 1861. Lithographed plates & maps. First edition, preferred issue. Farquhar 21. Plains & Rockies IV:375. ($500-1,000). More>>

150. JAMES, V. L. Frontier and Pioneer Recollections of Early Days in San Antonio and West Texas. 1938. First edition. Adams, Guns 1158; Herd 1148. ($150-300). More>>

151. JAVELINA. Mounted specimen of a javelina. ($500-1,000). More>>

152. JENNINGS, N. A. A Texas Ranger. 1899. Choice collector's condition. First edition. Adams, One-Fifty 85. Basic Texas Books 107. ($300-500). More>>

153. JOHNSON, R. D. W. A Soldier’s Reminiscences in Peace and War. 1886. Very fine presentation copy. First edition. Coulter 261. ($150-300). More>>

154. JOHNSTON, Joseph E., et al. Reports...with Reconnaissances of Routes from San Antonio to El Paso. SED64, 1850. 2 large folding maps. First edition. Basic Texas Books 111. Plains & Rockies IV:184. Wheat, Mapping the Transmississippi West 641. ($750-1,500) More>>

155. KEIM, De Benneville Rh. Sheridan’s Troopers on the Borders. 1870. First edition. Howes K31. ($75-150). More>>

156. KENDALL, G. W. Narrative of the Texan Santa Fé Expedition. New York, 1844. Plates, map. Fine in original cloth. First edition, first issue. Basic Texas Books 116. Plains & Rockies IV:110:1. Wheat 483. More>>

157. KENDALL, G. W. Narrative of the Texan Santa Fé Expedition. New York, 1856. Very good to fine. Seventh and best edition, with Falconer diary. Fifty Texas Rarities 26a. Plains & Rockies IV:110:10. Streeter 1515B. ($1,200-2,400). More>>

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Selections relating to the Mexican-American War
Selections relating to the Mexican-American War

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421. [SHEET MUSIC]. Bound volume of approximately 48 pieces of sheet music, arranged for voice and piano or guitar. Ca. 1830-40. ($150-300). More>>

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