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Auction 5

The Library of
Dudley R. Dobie, Sr.

Texas & The West

To Benefit the Texas State Historical Association

Auction was Conducted
Saturday, January 10, 1998, 10:00 a.m.

(these items have been sold; this information is posted here for the convenience of our clients)


Lots_1-11: Adams, E. D. - Barker, Eugene C.

Lots_12-17: Bartlett, John R. - Bolton, Herbert E.

Lots_18-24: Book Club Of Texas - Bourke, John G.

Lots_25-35: Box, M. J. - Carter, R. G.

Lots_36-44: Castaneda, Carlos E. - Davis, Jefferson.

Lots_45-54: Day, J. M. - Dobie, J. Frank.

Lots_55-64: Dodge, R. I. - Duval, John C.

Lots_65-74: Edward, David - Giles, L. B.

Lots_75-83: Gouge, W. M. - Hinkle, James F.

Lots_84-95: Hobbs, James. - Johnson, Lyndon Baines.

Lots_96-103: Jones, Anson. - Lamar, Mirabeau B.

Lots_104-114: Lane, Walter P. - McCalla, W. L.

Lots_115-122: McDanield, H. F. - Nast, Thomas

Lots_123-132: Newell, Chester. - Palliser, John.

Lots_133-143: Parker, A. A. - Reed, S. G.

Lots_144-151: Reid, Samuel C. - Ruxton, G. F.

Lots_152-159: Sawyer, Lorenzo - Terry's Texas Rangers.

Lots_160-169: Texas Governor (O. B. Colquitt) - Zuber, William Physic

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