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tempting, but he was in no po ition


pursue book co llec ting under the circum–

stance .) Dobie a nd H ertzog o ld everything they wanted to, but Dobie, a lways the

ca nny one, would never exhaust his stock if he could help it.

And now, fifty-five year later, most of the e title re urface, a ffording unu sua l

opportunity for o ld and new collectors a like. Hertzog, who crea ted these gems, di ed

in r 984. Dobie, who saved them, had died two year ea rli er. Portions of this ca ta–

logue were assembled from under Hertzog beds and out of H ertzog closets, from a

lean-to hed ad jacent to the back bedroom and the cuartito behind the ga rage, while

ther parts are from what Dobie a lways ca ll ed his "smokehouse," actua ll y his garage

which had never seen an automobile from the day it was constructed. This ca talogue

ta nd a a fitting tribute to two men, each of whom contributed in hi s own illu tri–

ous way


the literary heritage of the Southwest.