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Fort Concho and the Texas Frontier

(Item 146 herein) by


Evetts a ley, with pen–

and -ink sketches by Haro ld Bugbee. San Angelo newspa per publisher H ouston

Harte wa the godfather of thi s pro ject. In .19 57 came

The King Ranch



herein) by Tom Lea, produced pri va tely for the ra nch owners, fo ll owed by a trade

editi on for Littl e, Brown


o . Ano ther pr iva te edition wa


(Item 348

herein ), a pi onee r chroni cle by a llie Reyno ld Matthews, is ued for her descenda nts

at the in tiga ti on o f her yo ungest son, Albany ra ncher Watt


Matthews. In addition


being one of hi s typogra phi ca l masterpiece , this book wa Hertzog's sentimenta l

favor ite; he became a famil y member in eve ry respect but blood.

The Samuel H. Kress


(Item TOT herein ), a catalogue fo r the El Paso Art Museum in .196r, was

another spa rkling gem, proof that inspiration still fl amed high. At eventy-seven

he designed his first mini ature book,

The Captive Indian


by Barbara Hofland

(Item 25.1 herein ). T hi s was a reprint of an ea rl y 19 th century rarity produced fo r

Hertzog's long-time patron, ta nley M arcu of Da llas.

T ime now to properl y introduce thi remarka ble a rti a n to a new genera tion of

book collectors who have a rri ved on the cene in the last decade o r so. Fo r those who

remember Hertzog a a quintessential west Texa n, it a lways ca me a a surp ri e to

lea rn that he was bo rn Februa ry 8, T902, of American pa rents who were sojo urning

in Lyon, France. Hi father's deteriora ting hea lth soon fo rced the fa mily's return to

Ameri ca. T he el der Hertzog was a profe ional violinist, who died whil e teaching at

the Univers ity of New Mex ico. ertzog' mother placed him info ter care with an

Ohio farm fa mily, while she so ld encyclopedias and later ta ught school in the Pacific

Northwest. Young a rl rejo ined her when he married hester B. tory, a hi gh schoo l

English teacher in a Pittsburgh suburb. When Ca rl was ten, hi s tepfather gave him

a toy printing p re s whi ch the boy took quite eriously. By the time of hi hi gh school

graduati on in 1919, he qua lifi ed as a journeyman typesetter. ln T92 T-22 he had a

year of forma l training at the a rnegie Institute of Techno logy choo l o f Printing and

Publishing, then dropped o ut for wa nt of money to ontinue. Thu he was largely

elf- ta ught a a designer a nd deeply influenced by the examples and the encourage–

ment of Porter Garnett, a a lifo rni a n who came to arnegie Tech to esta blish the leg–

endary La bo ratory Press just as Hertzog wa leaving the s hoo t. After a yea r's em–

pl oyment at the Owl Pr int Shop in Whee ling, West Virginia, he re ponded to an ad

in a trade journal for a layout ma n at the W. S. McM ath ompany in El Paso, Texa .

a rl Hertzog a lways liked a good to ry, a nd if he couldn' t ma ke one from the in –

gredi ents at hand , then he se ldom hes itated to supply the mi ing elements- like t he

to ry of hi a rriva l at the El Pa o train stati on from Whee ling in June .1923 . Hertzog

sa id he got off the tra in , suitca e in ha nd , sniffed the high, dry a ir, a nd ca ught the dim

scent of ink ema nating from the nea rby McMath pla nt.

A good to ry un til ninety-two-year-o ld ilbert Maeza told me the rea l one in

.1 994 . In a oft accent redolent of hi Mex ican boyhood, M aeza sa id that M cM ath

di patched him in the boss' big touring ar to meet Hertzog a nd hi s luggage at the

depot. Thus, a ltho ugh the McM ath Company was only two blocks away, H ertzog

had help getting there.

He quickl y adva nced to the post of shop fo reman, then left McM ath in .1926 to

become adve rti sing manager of the El Paso Sash a nd Door ompa ny. H e returned

full -time to the p rinting tra de at the Ro ky Mo unta in Ba nk Note Company in 1930,

but after two yea rs the owner wearied of hi quest fo r perfecti on a nd encouraged

his return to the McMath ompany. In .1 934 H ertzog went into business for himself