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Ranching Catalogue Part 1 (Authors A-C)

Items 1201-1225

The items in this catalogue have been sold. This catalogue was issued in print form in 2002, and is presented in full on our website as a courtesy to users and for reference purposes.

1201. COY, Owen C. The Humboldt Bay Region, 1850-1875. Los Angeles: California State Historical Association, 1929. xiii [1] 346 pp., plates (including tipped-on photographic illustration of redwoods), maps (one foldout), text illustrations. 8vo, original green cloth. Light outer wear, ownership signature in pencil on front pastedown, generally very good to fine.
First edition. Cowan, p. 145. Rocq 2034. Contains much information on ranching and stockmen. “The stock business developed rapidly during the later fifties, not only through natural increase but also on account of the large numbers of cattle driven into the region.... During the year 1857, many cattle were driven south from Oregon, although probably the larger number came over the trails from the Sacramento Valley or up the coast from Sonoma” (pp. 115-16). Stockraisers were forced to abandon many good grazing pastures in 1860-61 as a result of Native American hostilities, but the industry quickly recovered. In fact, it was during this period that the first cattle shipments were made by Captain Morgan to be sold in San Francisco. By 1866, large drives were being made to other parts of the state. Good material on sheepraising, also. $80.00

1202. COZZENS, Samuel Woodworth. The Marvellous Country; or, Three Years in Arizona and New Mexico. Boston: Lee and Shepherd Publishers, 1891. 548 [2, ads] pp., engraved pictorial half-title, title, numerous plates, text illustrations, map. Thick 8vo, original slate green pictorial cloth. Light shelf wear, spine rubbed, hinges cracked, front free endpaper detached, otherwise very good. Bookplate of Father Stanley, with his taped typewritten label “New Mexico Collection” on front free endpaper.
Reprint (first edition Boston, 1873). Bradford 1104n. Graff 898n. Howes C838n. Jones 1562n. Munk (Alliot), p. 57n. Rader 950n. Powell, Arizona Gathering II 396n. Saunders 2847n. Wallace, Arizona History 3. Ranching interest includes brief descriptions of ranches, Father Kino, several incidents of Apache stock rustling (including Capt. Ewell’s pursuit and recovery of a herd rustled from a ranchero, with illustration of Apache stampeding the herd; see chapters 14 & 15); statistics on stock rustling in the Rio Grande Valley by Navajos; Native American flocks and herds; the ever-changing Rio Grande and how it sometimes destroyed corrals and ranches; etc. Many of the excellent engravings, which run the gamut from droll to majestic, bear the engraved mark of John Andrew-Son. Englishman John Andrew (1815-1875) came to Boston some time prior to 1851 and became one of the leading engravers in the United States (see Hamilton, Early American Book Illustrators and Wood Engravers II, pp. 40-41). Andrews skillfully captures the many faces of young Arizona; his images far outstrip the sensationalism of Cozzens’s book, which Bancroft described as “written to sell” (Thrapp I, p. 333). $70.00

1203. CRABB, Richard. Empire on the Platte. Cleveland & New York: The World Publishing Company, [1967]. x, 373 pp., illustrated title by Ernest L. Reedstrom, text illustrations (mainly photographic, some full-page). 8vo, original beige cloth over brown boards. Corners bumped, otherwise very fine in fine d.j. (price-clipped).
First edition. Guns 506: “One of the most nearly complete histories of the feud between the Olives and Luther Mitchell and Ami Ketchum, with some material on Doc Middleton, Jesse James, and Johnny Ringo.” Extensive information on range wars, cattle kings, and cowboys, all primary players in the early history of the region. $45.00

A Merrill Aristocrat—“Ranching with Lords and Commons”

1204. CRAIG, John R. Ranching with Lords and Commons; or, Twenty Years on the Range, Being a Record of Actual Facts and Conditions Relating to the Cattle Industry of the North-West Territories of Canada, and Comprising the Extraordinary Story of the Formation and Career of a Great Cattle Company. Toronto: Briggs, [1903]. 293 pp., frontispiece portrait, plates (mostly photographic). 8vo, original green pictorial cloth. Light shelf wear, upper hinge starting, otherwise fine.
First edition. Campbell, My Favorite 101 Books about the Cattle Industry 24. Dobie, pp. 100-101. Dykes, Collecting Range Life Literature, p. 12. Graff 900. Herd 598: “Scarce.... The inside story of the great Oxley Ranch.” Merrill, Aristocrats of the Cow Country, p. 17. Howes C842: “Financial skullduggery connected with the operation of a great cattle company in the Northwest.” One Hundred Head Cut Out of the Jeff Dykes Herd 70. Reese, Six Score 25: “Craig was an American who became manager of the Oxley Ranch in the province of Alberta during the 1880s.... A classic example of absentee ownership...and the subsequent mismanagement brought about by conflicts between Craig and the owners.” Streeter Sale 2390. $750.00

1205. CRAIG, Nute. Thrills, 1861-1887. [Oakland: N. N. Craig, n.d.]. [2] 62 pp., frontispiece portrait, plate, facsimile. 12mo, original maroon cloth. Very fine.
First edition. Guns 507: “Scarce.” In 1867 the author worked his way overland from Kansas to the West and landed in Wyoming. “In the spring of 1871 I found myself at Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory, a hummer of a town.... The town was built of partly lumber and the balance of tents. Lively business in all directions. Theaters full of pretty girls and gamblers. Liquor flowed like water. And in the gambling dens men were crowding over each other to get to the tables to throw their money away” (p. 22). Craig worked as a telegraph operator in Rawlins for Western Union in 1876. “The town was a real ‘frontier’ town, made up...of railroad men, ranch men, miners, gamblers, and a sprinkling of Indians, and ‘red lights’” (pp. 24-25). Craig met Thomas Edison in 1876 when Edison visited Rawlins to take observations of an eclipse. In 1884 Craig was elected Sheriff of Laramie County, Wyoming Territory, and there is a chapter on his 1885 capture of “The King of Horse Thieves” at Brown’s Hole. $100.00

1206. CRAIG, Reginald S. The Fighting Parson: The Biography of Colonel John M. Chivington. Los Angeles: Westernlore Press, 1959. 284 [1, ad] pp., plates (mostly photographic), title and text illustrations by Don Louis Perceval, maps, endpaper decorations. 8vo, original burgundy cloth. Very fine in very fine d.j. (clipped). Signed by author on half-title.
First edition. Great West and Indian Series 17. Dykes, Fifty Great Western Illustrators (Perceval 61). Wynar 474. Though primarily concerned with the life of Col. John M. Chivington and his role in the Civil War Battle of Glorieta Pass and the Sand Creek massacre, there is passing mention of Kolosky’s Ranch, Johnson’s Ranch, and Pigeon’s Ranch, over and through which the Battle of Glorieta Pass took place. $65.00

1207. CRAMPTON, Frank A. Legend of John Lamoigne and Song of the Desert-Rats. Denver: Sage Books, [1956]. 32 pp., photographic text illustrations, map. 8vo, original cream printed wrappers. Very fine. Ownership inscription on half-title.
First edition. Edwards, Enduring Desert, p. 61. Rocq 2295. Has good information on the Furnace Creek Ranch of Death Valley. $40.00

1208. CRAMPTON, Frank A. Legend of John Lamoigne and Song of the Desert-Rats. Denver: Sage Books, [1956]. Another copy, variant subtitle on wrapper (printed in red below the title is: The Story of Death Valley’s Greatest Prospector). Very fine. $40.00

1209. CRANE, Leo. Desert Drums: The Pueblo Indians of New Mexico, 1540-1928. Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1928. x [2] 393 pp., frontispiece, photographic plates, foldout map. 8vo, original blue pictorial cloth, t.e.g. Slight shelf wear, otherwise fine and fresh, in an attractive binding.
First edition. Campbell, pp. 113, 247. Laird, Hopi 491. Saunders 1520. Discusses statutes relating to those who trespass with livestock on Pueblo lands (one dollar per head); strict land use laws due to sparse grazing only in good seasons; irrigation; litigation relating to stockraisers grazing on Pueblo lands without permits; migration of some tribe members away from the original site in order to improve grazing; etc. $95.00

1210. CRANE, Leo. Indians of the Enchanted Desert. Boston: Little, Brown, and Company, 1925. x, 364 pp., frontispiece, photographic plates, folding map. 8vo, original black pictorial cloth, t.e.g. Slight shelf wear, otherwise fine. Bookplate of Ruth Harter, and colored postcard of “The Mesa and Old Walpi” addressed to Harter and dated at Santa Fe.
First edition. Laird, Hopi 494: “Crane worked among the Hopi and Navajo, and his accounts are, if nothing else, firsthand. He is sometimes bitingly satirical and viscously humorous; he is always prejudiced. The illustrations are generally excellent, and the details of Hopi life and customs are usually clear but not ethnographic in the scientific sense. He relates many historical incidents, describes Hopi life and comments at length on problems between the U.S. Government and traditional Hopi.” Saunders 2127: “Generalized account of everyday life of Southwestern desert Indians. Mostly concerned with Arizona, but contains some material on Navajos which is applicable to New Mexico.” There is peripheral information on Navajo sheepraising. $70.00

1211. CRANFILL, J. B. & J. L. Walker. R. C. Buckner’s Life of Faith and Works: Comprising the Story of the Career of the Preacher, Editor, Presiding Officer, Philanthropist, and Founder of Buckner Orphans’ Home. Dallas: Buckner Orphans Home, 1915. xxi [1] 359 pp., frontispiece, photographic plates, facsimiles. 8vo, original green cloth. Light shelf wear and mild staining to binding, light foxing to fore-edges and a few leaves near frontispiece, good to very good copy.
First edition. Dobie, p. 109n: “Cranfill was a trail driver from a rough range before he became a Baptist preacher and publisher.” $45.00

1212. CRANFILL, J. B. & J. L. Walker. R. C. Buckner’s Life of Faith and Works.... Dallas: Buckner Orphans Home, 1916. xxi [1] 367 pp., frontispiece, photographic plates, facsimiles. 8vo, original green cloth. Worn, spine faded, hinges cracked, lightly browned.
Second edition, revised and enlarged. $30.00

1213. CRAVENS, Kathryn. Pursuit of Gentlemen. New York: Coward-McCann, [1951]. x, 307 pp., text illustrations, endpaper maps. 8vo, original red cloth over tan boards. Slight shelf wear, small spot to edge of back cover, bookplate, otherwise fine in two worn dust jackets. Signed by author.
First edition. Novel about the daughter of a ranching family in Phantom Hill, Texas, set in the mid-nineteenth century. $205.00

1214. CRAWFORD, [John Wallace] Jack. The Broncho Book: Being Buck-Jumps in Verse, Roped for Relief of the Author, the Divertisement of Tenderfeet, and the Joy of All Those Who Love God’s Great Out-of-Doors. East Aurora, [New York]: Roycrofters at their Book Ranch, 1908. 143 [1] pp., frontispiece portrait of author (sepia-tone etching). 12mo, original full flexible suede wrappers, white satin moiré pastedowns, t.e.g. Very fine. Autographed by author on half-title: “Jack Crawford, Capt. Jack.”
First edition. Wallace, Arizona History XV:17. Range verse in a Western binding. Irishman Crawford (1847-1917) came to the U.S. in 1847 and fought in the Civil War. Crawford is thought to have arrived in the Black Hills shortly after the Custer Massacre. “He became chief of scouts for the Black Hills Rangers, an irregular organization. Crawford served as scout and messenger for Merritt and Crook in the 1876 Big Horn and Yellowstone expedition.... He seems always to have been fairly honest and reliable in [his] duties.... He established a ranch at San Marcial on the Rio Grande in New Mexico in 1886 and made that his headquarters for most of the remainder of his life, although he had a home in Brooklyn. By the late 1870s he had become well known as a composer and reciter of verses, winning the soubriquet of the ‘Poet Scout.’ His renown during his life was considerable. He was tall, thin, wore his hair and beard trimmed as did Buffalo Bill Cody. Crawford had a mixed reputation as a scout and ‘his verses, though popular in his day, can by no stretch of courtesy be called poetry’” (Thrapp I, pp. 338-39). $250.00

1215. CRAWFORD, [John Wallace] Jack. The Broncho Book: Being Buck-Jumps in Verse.... East Aurora, [New York]: Roycrofters at their Book Ranch, 1908. Another copy. Very fine. $195.00

1216. CRAWFORD, [John Wallace] Jack. Lariattes: A Book of Poems and Favorite Recitations. Sigourney, Iowa: William A. Bell, 1904. [3] 84 [6] pp., text illustrations (some full-page, mostly photographs of Crawford). 8vo, original brown pictorial wrappers. Wrappers chipped at spine and adjacent to staples, otherwise fine.
First edition. The verse is preceded by John G. Scorer’s biography of Crawford, which includes a diatribe against some other Wild West shows: “When other scouts and would-be scouts sought to bolster up the questionable fame given them by the writers of fiction by posing as dashing Indian slayers and cut-throats in the area of the wild west show or on the stage in the vile blood-and-thunder border drama, Crawford quietly and modestly worked his way to the front in the higher field of literature and platform entertainment.... The better classes of people have become sickened of men who call attention to their prowess by the wild whoop of defiance and the crack of the blank cartridge charged six-shooter.... The attractiveness of the extravaganza is waning and has become uninteresting if not obnoxious.” At the end there is a is a section entitled “Broncho vs. Bicycle” with prose, poetry, and hilarious illustrations of a race between a bicycle (a “crooked tail affair”) and a bronco. $55.00

1217. CRAWFORD, [John Wallace] Jack. The Poet Scout: Being a Selection of Incidental and Illustrative Verses and Songs. San Francisco: H. Keller & Co., 1879. 208 pp., engraved frontispiece portrait, plates, text illustrations (some full-page). 8vo, original blue pictorial cloth stamped in gilt and black. Moderate outer wear, corners bumped, flyleaves chipped, otherwise fine.
First edition. Campbell, pp. 44, 227: “Life sketch of Crawford, a prose article on Buffalo Bill’s Indians, poems on frontier and border.” Jennewein, Black Hills Booktrails 254: “Crawford was a scout, guide, and showman.... He writes of Custer, Wild Bill, California Joe, and of dying scouts and lonely log cabins in the Hills.” McCracken, 101, p. 23. “Crawford’s first book, named The Poet Scout, was published in 1879” (Thrapp I, pp. 338-39). Includes “Farewell to Our Chief” (to W. F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody), “The Death of Custer,” “California Joe and the Girl Trapper: A Camp Fire Reminiscence,” “The Rangers Retreat,” etc. $165.00

1218. CRAWFORD, [John Wallace] Jack. The Poet Scout: A Book of Song and Story. New York & London: Funk & Wagnalls, 1886. [2] 181 [7, ads] pp., engraved frontispiece portrait, plates, text illustrations (some full-page). Small 4to, original teal gilt-pictorial cloth. Light shelf wear, some spotting to lower cover, generally fine, with related newspaper clipping laid in. Author’s signed presentation copy, “To his good old friend of yore—Sam Davis. Mar 17th 1886.”
Second edition. $110.00

1219. CRAWFORD, [John Wallace] Jack. The Poet Scout: A Book of Song and Story. New York & London: Funk & Wagnalls, 1886. Another copy, variant binding. 4to, original tan gilt-pictorial cloth. Signed by author on blank preliminary leaf: J. W. Crawford, Capt. Jack.” Contemporary ownership inscription on front free endpaper (“Homer H. Allen, La Junta, Colorado”). Binding with mild to moderate wear and some staining on lower cover, internally fine. $95.00

1220. CRAWFORD, Lewis F. Badlands and Broncho Trails. Bismarck: Capital Book Company, [1922]. 114 pp., frontispiece, photographic plates. 12mo, original maroon cloth. Slight shelf wear, otherwise fine.
First edition. Dobie, p. 101: “Catches the tune of the Badlands life.” Herd 604: “Scarce.” Tales of ranching in the Dakota Badlands in the early 1900s. $80.00

1221. CRAWFORD, Lewis F. Badlands and Broncho Trails. Bismark: Capital Book Co., [1926]. 99 pp., frontispiece, photographic plates. 12mo, original black cloth over orange boards, printed orange paper spine label. Foxing to fore-edges, endsheets, and adjacent to plates, overall very good in lightly worn d.j. Signed inscription by author.
Second edition. $55.00

1222. CRAWFORD, Lewis F. Badlands and Bronco Trails. Bismarck: Capital Book Co., [1926]. Another copy. Light shelf wear, otherwise fine, without the d.j. $40.00

1223. CRAWFORD, Lewis F. Ranching Days in Dakota and Custer’s Black Hills Expedition of 1874. Baltimore: Wirth Brothers, 1950. 110 pp., frontispiece, plates. 8vo, original green cloth. Very fine, in publisher’s plain brown d.j.
First edition. Dobie, p. 101: “Good on horse-raising and the terrible winter of 1886-87.” Herd 606. Jennewein, Black Hills Booktrails 45. Introduction by Usher L. Burdick. $110.00

1224. CRAWFORD, Lewis F. Rekindling Camp Fires: The Exploits of Ben Arnold (Connor) (Wa-si-cu Tam-a-he-ca). An Authentic Narrative of Sixty Years in the Old West As Indian Fighter, Gold Miner, Cowboy, Hunter, and Army Scout. Bismark: Capital Book Company, [1926]. [4] 324 pp., frontispiece portrait, plates, map. 8vo, original three-quarter red morocco over red cloth. Cloth lightly dampstained, fore-edges foxed, otherwise fine and unopened in publisher’s slipcase. Author’s signed inscription to Harry and Helene Sickles, “...lovers of rare books, from the author... Sept. 6 1934.”
First edition, limited edition (#81 of 100 signed copies). Adams, Burs II:98. Dobie, p. 101: “[Arnold] was a squaw man, scout, trapper, soldier, deserter, prospector, and actor in other occupations as well as cowboy. He had a fierce sense of justice that extended to Indians. His outlook was wider than that of the average ranch hand.” Flake 2577. Graff 912. Guns 509. Herd 607. Howes C872. Jennewein, Black Hills Booktrails 95: “In 1875 Arnold was operating a road ranch between Cheyenne and Red Cloud Agency.” Luther, High Spots of Custer 40. Merrill, Aristocrats of the Cow Country, p. 17. Rader 959. Smith 2100. $450.00

1225. CRAWFORD, Lewis F. Rekindling Camp Fires: The Exploits of Ben Arnold (Connor) (Wa-si-cu Tam-a-he-ca).... Bismark: Capital Book Company, [1926]. [2] 324 pp., frontispiece portrait, plates, map. 8vo, original blue cloth. Very fine, unopened, in d.j.
First trade edition. $165.00

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