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Ranching Catalogue Part 1 (Authors A-C)

Items 475-500

The items in this catalogue have been sold. This catalogue was issued in print form in 2002, and is presented in full on our website as a courtesy to users and for reference purposes.

475. [BOOKSELLER’S CATALOGUE]. DANIEL, Price, Jr. Texas and the West. Catalogue No. 24 Featuring the Writings of J. Frank Dobie: A Contribution Towards a Bibliography. Waco: [Designed by Carl Hertzog for Price Daniel, Jr., 1963]. [36] pp., illustration by Tom Lea. 8vo, original terracotta pictorial cloth. Very fine.
Limited edition (#52 of 210 numbered copies). Basic Texas Books B62: “One of the earliest attempts at a Dobie checklist.” Dykes, “Not in Cook” 203. Lowman, Printer at the Pass 159A. Includes tributes by Jeff Dykes and Lawrence Clark Powell. $20.00

476. [BOOKSELLER’S CATALOGUE]. DOBIE, Dudley R. Spirited Southwest: Roundup No. 1, A Corral Full of Books Relating to Exploration, Travel, Personal Adventures, Indians, Fighting, Cowboys, Cattle, Horses, Bad Men, Women Pioneers, Circuit Riders, Rangers, Mountain Men, Lawyers, Politicians, Nature and Naturalists. Rounded Up, Roped, Branded. San Marcos, Texas: Dudley R. Dobie, n.d. 36 pp. 8vo, original white printed wrappers with photographic illustration. Lightly worn, corner of back wrapper missing, overall fine.
First printing. Catalogue of western books for sale, with descriptions and prices. $30.00

477. [BOOKSELLER’S CATALOGUE]. DYKES, Jeff. Catalog 43. A Range Man’s Library. Part 7. Winter 1981. College Park, 1981. 30 pp. 8vo, original self-wrappers with illustration. Fine.
First edition. 320 annotated entries. $20.00

478. [BOOKSELLER’S CATALOGUE]. DYKES, Jeff. Catalog 46. A Range Man’s Library. Winter 1982. College Park, 1982. 30 pp. 8vo, original self-wrappers with illustration. Remains of paper where bookplate was removed on verso of first leaf, otherwise fine.
First edition. 328 annotated entries. $20.00

479. [BOOKSELLER’S CATALOGUE]. GIBBS, Michael. Texas and the West. Catalogue 1. February 1979...Including a Special List of Works by J. Evetts Haley. Lubbock, 1979. vi [1] 34 pp. 12mo, original pictorial wrappers bound in ecru pictorial cloth. Very fine, signed by Haley. Hertzog’s copy with numerous annotations.
First edition, limited edition (#45 of 50 copies). 365 entries. $30.00

480. [BOOKSELLER’S CATALOGUE]. INTERNATIONAL BOOKFINDERS. The Range Country: Literature of the American Cattle Trade. Catalogue Number 112. Beverly Hills: International Bookfinders, [November 1962]. [72] pp. 8vo, original tan printed wrappers. Fine. J. Frank Dobie’s harsh marginal annotations by several entries, i.e.: “The damn fool lists Dayton (says scarce) for only $35.00. He evidently didn’t even have the book in stock. Sorry SOB....”
First printing. McVicker D83. A catalogue of books on ranching, with J. Frank Dobie’s essay “Range Life, Cowboys, Cattle and Sheep.” $50.00

481. [BOOKSELLER’S CATALOGUE]. INTERNATIONAL BOOKFINDERS. The Range Country Literature of the American Cattle Trade: Catalogue Number 112. Beverly Hills: International Bookfinders, [November 1962]. Another copy. Small abrasion to upper cover, small snag to back wrapper, otherwise fine. $35.00

482. [BOOKSELLER’S CATALOGUE]. PRICE, Clyde I. A Catalogue of Books, Dime Novels and Pamphlets Relating to Texas and the Southwest. Including a Distinguished List of Western Illustrators. Catalogue No. IX, April 1947. Clarendon: Clyde I. Price, Bookseller, 1947. 38 [2] pp., text illustrations by Bugbee. 8vo, original pictorial wrappers. Fine.
First edition. Dykes, Fifty Great Western Illustrators (Bugbee 162). $20.00

483. [BOOKSELLER’S CATALOGUE]. PRICE, Clyde I. A Catalog of Dime Novels and Books Relating to Texas and the Southwest Catalog No. VIII, April 1946. Clarendon: Clyde I. Price, Bookseller, 1946. 20 pp., text illustrations by Bugbee. 8vo, original tan pictorial wrappers. Mild foxing, generally very good, in original mailing envelope.
First edition. Dykes, Fifty Great Western Illustrators (Bugbee 161). $20.00

484. [BOOKSELLER’S CATALOGUE]. WHITE, Fred, Jr. Catalogue 22: Western Americana. Bryan, Texas: Fred White, Jr., Bookseller, [n.d.]. 160 pp., illustrations. 8vo, original printed wrappers. Slightly soiled, lower corners folded in on first three leaves, pencil marks in margins of some pages, paperclips on some entries. overall very good.
First edition. 954 annotated entries. Good notes. $40.00

485. BORTHWICK, J. D. Three Years in California. Oakland: Biobooks, 1948. [102] 318 pp., foldout map, 8 plates after Borthwick’s superb lithos. Tall 8vo, original black cloth over gold boards. Fine.
Limited edition (1,000 copies), with added index and foreword by Joseph A. Sullivan (first edition Edinburgh & London, 1857). California Centennial Editions Series 17. Cowan, p. 64n. Graff 358n. Kurutz, The California Gold Rush 65c: “Universally...proclaimed as one of the most important accounts of the Gold Rush.” Howes B622. Rocq 15708. Van Nostrand, The First Hundred Years of Painting in California, pp. 28, 33-34, 88. Wheat, Books of the California Gold Rush 21: “Outstanding account of mining life, with the best illustrations the period produced.” Borthwick writes of the native Californians in San Jose: “San Jose was the headquarters of the native Californians, many of whom were wealthy men, at least in so far as they owned immense estates and thousands of wild cattle.... [With the advent of the Gold Rush] their property became a thousandfold more valuable, and they had every chance to benefit by the new order of things; but men who had passed their lives in that sparsely populated and secluded part of the world, directing a few half-savage Indians in herding wild cattle, were not exactly calculated to foresee, or to speculate upon, the effects of an overwhelming influx of men so different in all respects from themselves.” Chapter 21 includes a spirited firsthand account of the method of California lassoing. Chapter 23 describes the wild spectacle of a bullfight in Sonora. $70.00

486. BOSVILE, Godfrey. Horses, Horsemen, and Stable-Management. London & New York: George Routledge and Sons & E. P. Dutton and Co., 1908. xi [1] 276 pp., frontispiece, 8 photographic plates, numerous text illustrations. 8vo, original navy blue roan over blue cloth, spine gilt-lettered. Some outer wear (especially to spine), moderate to occasionally heavy foxing, overall very good. Bookdealer’s label on back pastedown.
First edition. Although mainly of equitation, stables, and equipage, there is a fantastic description of the Australian method of rounding up “mobs of cattle with half-wild bush horses.” Includes a chapter on “English Sportswomen.” $50.00

487. BOSWORTH, Allan R. Hang and Rattle. Garden City, New York: Doubleday, 1947. 218 pp. 12mo, original brown cloth. Endpapers and fore-edges browned, otherwise very good in d.j. with illustration of a rustler riding furiously with a herd of cattle as a posse tails him.
First book edition (originally published in serial form in Argosy magazine). Ranch fiction set in Hell’s Half Acre by a third-generation Texan born in Tom Green County who grew up punching cattle, herding sheep, and working in the spring roundups. $35.00

488. BOSWORTH, Allan R. New Country. New York: Harper & Brothers, [1962]. xiii [3] 334 [1] pp., photographic plates (including a dusty trail herd passing through a West Texas town, chuck wagon, Crockett County Ranch scene, etc.), photographic endpapers. 8vo, original khaki cloth. Binding discolored, otherwise fine in d.j. with small tear at lower cover.
First edition. Bosworth writes his family history from the time they traveled by wagon over the plains to their final settling in Ozona. Two of the chapters (“A Cowboy for to Be” and “The Time I Robbed the Santa Fe”) first appeared in the Farm Journal. Walter Prescott Webb consulted with the author on the creation of this book. $30.00

489. BOSWORTH, Allan R. Ozona Country. New York, Evanston & London: Harper & Row, [1964]. xiv [2] 238 pp., photographic plates (including marks and brands and many documenting ranches and rodeo). 8vo, original black cloth. Very fine in d.j.
First edition. CBC 1168. The story of Ozona, the “Biggest Little Town in the World” and how oil money transformed this frontier ranching community. $30.00

490. BOSWORTH, Allan R. Sancho of the Long, Long Horns. Garden City, New York: Doubleday & Co., 1947. [12] 206 pp., text illustrations and endpapers by Robert Frankenberg. 8vo, original brown pictorial cloth. Slight insect damage to binding, fore-edges foxed, otherwise very good in d.j. with illustration of Sancho the longhorn.
First edition. Hell-for-leather cowboy fiction centered around the rivalry of two ranchers making a furious trail drive from Texas to Kansas, each racing to bring the first herd to market. $20.00

491. BOSWORTH, Allan R. Wherever the Grass Grows. New York: Doubleday, Doran & Co., 1941. [6] 272 pp. 8vo, original terracotta cloth. Fore-edges foxed, endpapers browned, otherwise very good in fine d.j. illustrating a roundup. The d.j. is rare.
First edition. The d.j. declares that this work of range fiction is “an epic story of Texas, and of a young rancher’s fight for grassland.” The action climaxes in a fight with Mexican rustlers on the border. $30.00

492. BOTKIN, B. A. (ed.). Folk-Say: A Regional Miscellany, 1930. Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1930. 473 [1] pp., frontispiece by Keith Mackaye and linoleum cuts by Ina Annett. 8vo, original gilt-pictorial beige cloth. Very fine in tattered original glassine d.j.
First edition of the second annual publication of the Oklahoma Folklore Society. Campbell, p. 154: “These annuals (containing not only folklore, but much just about the folk) marked the beginning of increased interest in folklore in the Southwest.” Dykes, Western High Spots, p. 106 (“Billy the Kid Was My Friend”). Guns 240. McVicker B10. Wallace, Arizona History XV:42. Includes “Provincialism” by J. Frank Dobie and “The Southwest in Literature: Back Trailing along the Texas Border” by Ernest Staples Osgood (a review of Dobie’s A Vaquero of the Brush Country). $75.00

493. BOURKE, John G. An Apache Campaign in the Sierra Pursuit of the Hostile Chiricahua Apaches in the Spring of 1883. Introduction by J. Frank Dobie. New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, [1958]. 128 pp. 12mo, original half grey cloth over patterned boards. Very fine in price-clipped d.j.
Second book edition (first published in Outing in 1885 and by Scribner’s in 1886). Campbell, p. 167. Graff 365n. Howes B652. Munk (Alliot), p. 35n. McVicker B108 (introduction by Dobie). Powell, Arizona Gathering II 212. Rader 424n. Wallace, Arizona History VI:6. Bourke served with Crook in the 1883 campaign against the Apaches in the Sierra Madre; livestock depredations were a major factor contributing to the conflict. $35.00

494. BOURKE, John G. On the Border with Crook.... New York: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1891. xiii [3] 491 [1] [4, ads] pp., frontispiece portrait, 6 photographic plates. Large 8vo, original burgundy cloth decorated in silver. Shelf wear (especially to spine tips and edges), hinges broken, upper cover and spine detached from book block, first few leaves detached but present, a few pages discolored.
First edition. Campbell, p. 65. Dobie, p. 32, 85: “I rank his book as the meatiest and richest of all books dealing with campaigns against Indians.” Dykes, Western High Spots, p. 30 (“My Ten Most Outstanding Books on the West”). Graff 367. Howes B654. Jennewein, Black Hills Booktrails 61: “Standard account of Crook’s western military career from Arizona to Montana. Bourke was a captain in the Third Cavalry and aide-de-camp to Crook. He had been with Dodge in the Hills in 1875.” Luther, High Spots of Custer 31. Munk (Alliot), p. 36. Saunders 2759. Rader 426. Wallace, Arizona History 8. Lamar, Reader’s Encyclopedia of the American West, p. 117: “One of the last in the tradition of humanist-scientific military officers who recorded the American West, Bourke’s historical work is vivid, observant, and humorous, and his ethnological studies remain invaluable to modern scholars.” Saunders 2759n (1892 edition): “Narrative of the campaigns against Geronimo.” Smith 970. Wallace, Arizona History VI:8. Removal of various tribes was essential to the rise of the open range, and there is some mention of depredation of livestock, particularly in relation to Pete Kitchen’s ranch in New Mexico. Calamity Jane was one of the drovers for the troops while stationed in the Black Hills, and the author also discusses the excellence of the Laramie region as grazing country. $300.00

495. BOURKE, John G. On the Border with Crook. Columbus: Long’s College Book Company, 1950. [2] xiii [3] 491 pp., frontispiece portrait, illustrations. Large 8vo, original maroon and silver decorative cloth. Very fine in d.j.
Facsimile reprint of the first edition. Powell, Arizona Gathering II 213. $80.00

496. BOURKE, John G. On the Border with Crook. [Chicago: Rio Grande Press, 1962]. xiii [3] 491 pp., frontispiece portrait, illustrations. Large 8vo, original brown cloth gilt. Fine.
Facsimile reprint of the first edition. Powell, Arizona Gathering II 214. $45.00

497. BOURKE, John G. On the Border with Crook. Chicago: Rio Grande Press, [1969]. xiii [3] 508 [1] [2 ads] pp., frontispiece portrait, illustrations. Large 8vo, original white cloth lettered in red. Binding a little soiled and bumped, otherwise fine.
Reprint of preceding, with added index (first indexed edition). $45.00

498. BOURNE, Eulalia. Blue Colt. Flagstaff: Northland Press, 1979. [6] 103 pp., frontispiece, illustrations by Pam Fullerton. 8vo, original blue cloth + blue paper portfolio containing 10 original signed and numbered two-color serigraphs. Binding faded, small stains on back of portfolio, otherwise fine.
First edition, limited edition (#6 of 50 copies, signed by author). A novel of family life on a small ranch in southern Arizona. $80.00

499. BOURNE, Eulalia. Ranch Schoolteacher. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, [1974]. vi [2] 312 pp., photographic illustrations. 12mo, original beige pictorial wrappers. Fine.
First edition, wrappers issue. $35.00

500. BOURNE, Eulalia. Woman in Levi’s. [Tucson]: University of Arizona Press, [1968]. xiv [2] 208 pp., frontispiece and illustrations by Vic Donahue. 12mo, original light green cloth. Fine in price-clipped d.j.
Third printing. Jordan, Cowgirls, p. 286: “She talks candidly about the community’s reactions to her, the difficulties a woman faces when she employs men, problems she had in business dealings.” King, Women on the Cattle Trail and in the Roundup, p. 14. Powell, Arizona Gathering II 218: “Ranching in the San Pedro Valley and the Galiuro Mountains.” Narrative of an Arizona rancher and school-teacher who managed her ranch single-handedly. $30.00

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