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Ranching Catalogue Part 1 (Authors A-C)

Presenting 1,364 Rare Books of Ranching Literature

The items in this catalogue have been sold. This catalogue was issued in print form in 2002, and is presented in full on our website as a courtesy to users and for reference purposes.



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Items 1–24: ABBOTT, E. C. (“Teddy Blue”) & Helena Huntington Smith. We Pointed Them North: Recollections of a Cowpuncher. New York & Toronto: Farrar & Rinehart, [1939] through ADAMS, Andy. The Log of a Cowboy.... New York: Grosset & Dunlap Publishers.

Items 25–50: ADAMS, Andy. The Outlet. Boston, New York & Cambridge: Houghton, Mifflin and Company & Riverside Press, 1905 through ADAMS, Ramon F. The Horse Wrangler and His Remuda. Austin: Encino Press, 1971.

Items 51–75: [ADAMS, Ramon F.]. The Legendary West: An Exhibit by the Friends of the Dallas Public Library. [Dallas]: Dallas Public Library, 1965, through AKEN, David. Pioneers of the Black Hills; or, Gordon’s Stockade Party of 1874.... Milwaukee, n.d. (ca. 1920).

Items 76–100: ALDRIDGE, Reginald. Life on a Ranch: Ranch Notes in Kansas, Colorado, the Indian Territory, and Northern Texas. New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1884, through ALTER, J. Cecil. Utah, the Storied Domain: A Documentary History of Utah’s Eventful Career, Comprising the Thrilling Story of Her People from the Indians of Yesterday to the Industrialists of Today. Chicago & New York: American Historical Society, 1932.

Items 101–126: ALTROCCHI, Julia Cooley. The Old California Trail: Traces in Folklore and Furrow. Caldwell: Caxton Printers, 1945 through APPLEMAN, Roy E. Charlie Siringo, Cowboy Detective. Washington, D.C.: Potomac Corral, The Westerners, 1968.

Items 127–152: [ARIZONA]. Arizona and Its Heritage. Tucson: University of Arizona Bulletin 7:3 General Bulletin No. 3, April, 1936 through ARTRIP, Louise & Fullen Artrip. Memoirs of Daniel Fore (Jim) Chisholm.... [Boonville, Arkansas: Artrip Publications, 1949].

Items 153–176: ASBURY, H. Sucker’s Progress: An Informal History of Gambling in America from the Colonies to Canfield. New York: Dodd & Mead, 1938, through AUSTIN, Mary. The Land of Little Rain. Boston, New York & Cambridge: Houghton Mifflin and Company & Riverside Press, 1950.

Items 177-200: AUSTIN, Mary. One Hundred Miles on Horseback. Los Angeles: [Saul and Lillian Marks, The Plantin Press for] Dawson’s Book Shop, 1963, through BAILEY, L[ynn] R. The Long Walk: A History of the Navajo Wars, 1846-68. Los Angeles: Westernlore Press, 1964.

Items 201–225: BAILEY, Mary Ellen Jackson. The Diary of Mary Ellen Jackson Bailey. Edited by Agnes Wright Spring [wrapper title]. N.p.: [Denver Posse of the Westerners, 1962] through BANCROFT, Hubert Howe. California Pioneer Register and Index, 1542-1848, Including Inhabitants of California, 1769-1800, and List of Pioneers. Baltimore: Regional Publishing Co., 1964.

Items 226-250: BANCROFT, Hubert Howe. History of the Life of William Gilpin: A Character Study. San Francisco: The History Co., 1889, through BANTA, William & J. W. Caldwell, Jr. Twenty-Seven Years on the Texas Frontier.... Council Hill, Oklahoma: Privately printed, [1933].

Items 251-275: [BARBED WIRE] through BARNES, Will C. The Story of the Range: An Account of the Occupation of the Public Domain Ranges by the Pioneer Stockmen..... Washington, D.C.: GPO, 1926.

Items 276-300: BARNES, Will C. Tales from the X-Bar Horse Camp: The Blue-Roan Horse “Outlaw” and Other Stories. Chicago: Breeder’s Gazette, 1920, through BATEMAN, Ed., Sr. Rawhide Bound. Seattle: Carl K. Wilson [actually Moss Publishing Company, 1950].

Items 301-325: BATES, Ed[mund] F[rank]. History and Reminiscences of Denton County. Denton: McNitzky Printing Company, [1918] through BECHDOLT, Frederick R. Giants of the Old West. New York & London: Century, [1930].

Items 326-350: BECHDOLT, Frederick R. Tales of the Old-Timers. New York & London: Century, [1924] through BELL, Horace. On the Old West Coast.... New York: William Morrow, 1930.

Items 351-373: BELL, Horace. Reminiscences of a Ranger; or, Early Times in Southern California. Los Angeles: Yarnell, Caystile & Mathes, 1881, through BENTLEY, H. L. Experiments in Range Improvement in Central Texas. Washington, D.C.: GPO (U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Industry Bulletin 13), 1902.

Items 374-399: BENTON, Frank. Cowboy Life on the Sidetrack: Being an Extremely Humorous and Sarcastic Story on the Trials and Tribulations Endured by a Party of Stockmen Making a Shipment from the West to the East. Denver: Western Stories Syndicate, [1903] through BIGELOW, John. On the Bloody Trail of Geronimo with the Original Illustrations of Hooper, McDougall, Chapin, Hatfield, and Frederic Remington..... Los Angeles: Westernlore Press, 1958.

Items 400-424: BIGGERS, Don H[ampton]. Buffalo Guns and Barbed Wire: Two Frontier Accounts.... [Austin: W. Thomas Taylor for] The Book Club of Texas in Association with Texas Tech University Press, [1991] through BIRD, J. S. Prairies and Pioneers. Hays, Kansas: McWhirter‑Ammons Press, [1931 or after].

Items 425-449: BIRGE, Julius C. The Awakening of the Desert. Boston: Richard G. Badger & Gorham Press, [1912] through BLASINGAME, Ike. Dakota Cowboy: My Life in the Old Days. New York: G. P. Putnam’s Sons, [1958].

Items 450-474: BLOODGOOD, Lida Fleitmann & Piero Santini (comp.). The Horseman’s Dictionary. New York: E. P. Dutton & Co., [1964] through BONNEY, Cecil. Looking over My Shoulder: Seventy-Five Years in the Pecos Valley. Roswell: Hall-Poorbaugh Press, 1971.

Items 475-500: [BOOKSELLER’S CATALOGUE]. DANIEL, Price, Jr. Texas and the West. Catalogue No. 24 Featuring the Writings of J. Frank Dobie: A Contribution Towards a Bibliography. Waco: [Designed by Carl Hertzog for Price Daniel, Jr., 1963] through BOURNE, Eulalia. Woman in Levi’s. [Tucson]: University of Arizona Press, [1968].

Items 501-525: BOWDEN, J. J. The Ponce de Leon Land Grant. El Paso: Texas Western Press, 1969, through BRADDY, Haldeen. Cock of the Walk: The Legend of Pancho Villa. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1955.

Items 526-550: BRADDY, Haldeen. Pancho Villa at Columbus: The Raid of 1916. El Paso: Texas Western College Press, 1965, through BRANDON, William. The Men and the Mountain: Frémont’s Fourth Expedition. New York: William Morrow & Co., 1955.

Items 551-575: BRANDT, Louis. An Infallible Guide to Discover the Age of Horses.... Indianola, Texas, 1860, through BREEN, Dan. The Charolais Breed. San Antonio: American Breeds, [1964].

Items 576-600: BREIHAN, Carl W. Badmen of the Frontier Days. New York: Robert M. McBride Company, [1957] through BRININSTOOL, E. A. Trail Dust of a Maverick. New York: Dodd, Mead, 1914.

Items 601-625: BRININSTOOL, E. A. Trail Dust of a Maverick: Verses of Cowboy Life, the Cattle Range, and Desert. Los Angeles: E. A. Brininstool, 1921, through BROOKS, Clinton E. & Frank D. Reeve (eds.). Forts and Forays: James A. Bennett, a Dragoon in New Mexico, 1850-1856. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico Press, 1948.

Items 626-649: BROOKS, Elizabeth. Prominent Women of Texas. Akron: Werner Company, [1896] through BROWN, Dee. The Westerners. New York, Chicago & San Francisco: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, [1974].

Items 650-675: BROWN, Dee & Marvin F. Schmitt. Trail Driving Days. New York & London: Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1952, through BROWNE, J. Ross. Explorations in Lower California, 1868. Tucson: Arizona Silhouettes, [1952].

Items 676-701: BROWNELL, Sam. Rodeos and “Tipperary” Including the Life of Sam Brownell. Denver: Big Mountain Press, [1961] through BURDETT, Charles. Life of Kit Carson, the Great Western Hunter and Guide.... Philadelphia: Porter & Coates, [1865].

Items 702-725: BURDICK, Usher L. Jim Johnson, Pioneer: A Brief History of the Mouse River Loop Country. [Williston, North Dakota: Privately printed, 1941] through BURROUGHS, John Rolfe. Guardian of the Grasslands: The First Hundred Years of the Wyoming Stock Growers Association. Cheyenne: Pioneer Printing & Stationery Co., 1971.

Items 726-750: BURROUGHS, John Rolfe. Steamboat in the Rockies. [Fort Collins]: Old Army Press, [1974] through BYNUM, Lindley (ed.). The Record Book [of the] Rancho Santa Ana del Chino. Los Angeles: Vocational Printing Classes of John C. Frémont High School, 1935.

Items 751-775: CADY, John H. Arizona’s Yesterday: Being the Narrative of John H. Cady, Pioneer. Rewritten and Revised by Basil Dillon Woon, 1915. [Los Angeles?, 1923?] through CAMP, Charles L. New Light Shed on Mr. Pegleg Smith. [San Francisco: John Howell Books], n.d. (ca. 1960).

Items 776-799: CAMP, William Martin. San Francisco, Port of Gold. Garden City & New York: Doubleday & Company, 1947, through CARHART, Arthur H. Colorado. New York: Coward-McCann, 1932.

Items 800-825: CARLISLE, Bill. Bill Carlisle, Lone Bandit: An Autobiography. Pasadena: Trail’s End Publishing Co., [1946] through CARROLL, John M. (ed.). The Black Military Experience in the American West. New York: Liveright, [1971].

Items 826-850: CARROLL, Wesley Philemon. Moss Agates: To My Comrades of the Grand Army of the Republic and to My Brother Members of the Wyoming Bar.... Cheyenne: Daily Sun Book and Job Rooms, 1890, through CASEY, Clifford B. Mirages, Mysteries, and Reality: Brewster County, Texas, the Big Bend of the Rio Grande. Hereford: Pioneer Book Publishers, [1972].

Items 851-875: CASEY, Robert J. The Texas Border and Some Borderliners: A Chronicle and a Guide. Indianapolis & New York: Bobbs-Merrill Company, [1950] through CHAMBERLAIN, Newell D. The Call of Gold: True Tales on the Gold Road to Yosemite. [Mariposa: Gazette Press, 1936].

Items 876-900: CHAPMAN, Arthur. Out Where the West Begins and Other Small Songs of a Big Country. N.p., n.d. [title verso: Copyright 1916/by Arthur Chapman/Press of Carson-Harper/Denver, Colorado] through CHÁVEZ, Angélico. Origins of New Mexico Families in the Spanish Colonial Period.... Santa Fe: Historical Society of New Mexico, 1954.

Items 901-924: CHEESEMAN, Bruce S. Perfectly Exhausted with Pleasure: The 1881 King-Kenedy Excursion Train to Laredo.... Austin: [W. Thomas Taylor for] The Book Club of Texas, [1992] through CIPRIANI, Leonetto. California and Overland Diaries of Count Leonetto Cipriani from 1853 through 1871, Containing the Account of His Cattle Drive from Missouri to California in 1853.... [Portland, Oregon: Designed and Printed by Lawton Kennedy, San Francisco, for]: Champoeg Press, 1962.

Items 925-949: CISNEROS, José. Faces of the Borderlands: Twenty-One Drawings...with Text by the Artist. El Paso: Texas Western Press, 1977, through CLARY, Annie Vaughan. The Pioneer Life. Dallas: American Guild Press, [1956].

Items 950-973: CLAY, John. My Life on the Range. Chicago: Privately printed, [1924] through CLYMAN, James. James Clyman, American Frontiersman.... Definitive Edition. Portland, Oregon: [Designed and printed by Lawton Kennedy for], Champoeg Press, [1960].

Items 974-999: COBURN, Wallace D. Rhymes from the Round-Up Camp. [Great Falls, Montana], 1899, through COKE, Henry J. A Ride over the Rocky Mountains to Oregon and California. With a Glance at Some of the Tropical Islands, Including the West Indies and the Sandwich Isles. London: Richard Bentley, 1852.

Items 1000-1025: COLE, Cornelius. Memoirs of Cornelius Cole, Ex-Senator of the United States from California. Glendale: The Arthur H. Clark Company, 1908, through COLORADO. DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC SAFETY. HAMROCK, P. J. & Paul P. Newlon. First Biennial Report of the State Department of Safety. “Colorado Rangers.” December 1, 1920, to November 30, 1922. Denver: Eames Brothers, 1923.

Items 1026-1050: COLORADO. GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Official Souvenir and Manual of the Fifteenth General Assembly and State of Colorado: Being a Collection of Portraits, Engravings, and Biographies of the State Officials.... Together with Other Things of Interest in the State of Colorado. Denver: E. J. Miller, 1905, through COLORADO TERRITORY. Mining Laws...Together with Laws and Information Concerning Farming and Grazing Lands.... Fourth Edition. Central City: Collier & Hall, Register Office, 1873.

Items 1051-1074: COLORADO TERRITORY. TERRITORIAL BOARD OF IMMIGRATION. Official Information. Colorado. A Statement of Facts.... Denver: Rocky Mountain News Steam Printing House, 1872, through [COLORADO]. LARIMER COUNTY STOCKGROWERS ASSOCIATION. The Larimer County Stockgrowers Association, 1884-1956 [wrapper title]. [Fort Collins]: Larimer County Stock Growers Association, 1956.

Items 1075-1100: [COLORADO]. LIBRARY OF CONGRESS. Colorado: The Diamond Jubilee of Statehood. An Exhibition in the Library of Congress...November 14, 1951, to February 14, 1952. Washington, D.C.: United States Government Printing Office, 1951, through COMBS, Joseph F. Gunsmoke in the Redlands. San Antonio: Naylor, [1968].

Items 1101-1123: The Commonwealth: A Monthly Magazine, Denver, Colorado, Volume I, from March to September, 1889. Denver: The Commonwealth Publishing Co., 1889, through COOK, Harold J. Tales of the 04 Ranch: Recollections of Harold J. Cook, 1887-1909. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, [1968].

Items 1124-1149: COOK, James H. Fifty Years on the Old Frontier As Cowboy, Hunter, Guide, Scout, and Ranchman. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1923, through COOLIDGE, Dane. Old California Cowboys. New York: E. P. Dutton & Company, 1939.

Items 1150-1175: COOLIDGE, Dane. Ranger Two-Rifles. New York: E. P. Dutton & Company, 1937, through COSSLEY-BATT, Jill L. The Last of the California Rangers. New York & London: Funk & Wagnalls Company, 1928.

Items 1176-1200: COSTIGAN, Edward P. Papers of Edward P. Costigan Relating to the Progressive Movement in Colorado, 1902-1917. Edited by Colin B. Goodykoontz. Boulder: University of Colorado, 1941, through COX, William R. Luke Short and His Era. Garden City: Doubleday, 1961.

Items 1201-1225: COY, Owen C. The Humboldt Bay Region, 1850-1875. Los Angeles: California State Historical Association, 1929, through CRAWFORD, Lewis F. Rekindling Camp Fires: The Exploits of Ben Arnold (Connor) (Wa-si-cu Tam-a-he-ca).... Bismark: Capital Book Company, [1926].

Items 1226-1250: CRAWFORD, Oswald. By Path and Trail. [Salt Lake City?]: The Press of the “Intermountain Catholic,” 1908, through [CROCCHIOLA, Stanley Francis Louis] (F. Stanley, pseud.). The Colfax, New Mexico Story. Pep, Texas, 1967.

Items 1251-1301: [CROCCHIOLA, Stanley Francis Louis] (F. Stanley, pseud.). The Colmor, New Mexico Story. Pep, Texas, 1967, through [CROCCHIOLA, Stanley Francis Louis] (F. Stanley, pseud.). The Questa, New Mexico Story. Pantex, Texas, 1962.

Items 1302-1340: [CROCCHIOLA, Stanley Francis Louis] (F. Stanley, pseud.). Raton Chronicle. [Denver: World Press, 1948, through CUMMINS, Sarah J. Autobiography and Reminiscences of Sarah J. Cummins. [Walla Walla: Walla Walla Bulletin, 1914].

Items 1341-1364: CUNNINGHAM, Eugene. Famous in the West. El Paso: Hicks-Hayward Co., 1926, through CUTTER, Donald C. Malaspina in California. San Francisco: [Designed and printed by Lawton Kennedy for] John Howell-Books, 1960.

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