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experience. Aside from various newspaper and magazine features, his publications include

A History of San Marcos and Hays County



) and

Adventures in the Canyons, Mountains and

Desert Country of the Big Bend of Texas and Mexico



), both privately printed. He died of

colon cancer on April





Al Lowman

Bibliography: Al Lowman,

Remembering Dudley Dobie: The First Bookseller to Enrich My Life (and

Empty My Pockets)

(Austin, Boerne & San Marcos, Texas: Lagarto Press,



Vertical Files, Barker Texas History Center, University of Texas at Austin.

Source: “Dobie, Dudley Richard, Sr.” The Handbook of Texas Online:



Copies of Al Lowman’s book,

Remembering Dudley Dobie: The First Bookseller to Enrich My Life

(and Empty My Pockets)

are available from Dorothy Sloan–Rare Books, Inc. Please inquire.


   

written by Dudley R. Dobie, Sr. which appeared in the Sunday Supple-

ment to the

Dallas Times Herald

, Sunday, October

, 


About Cattle and Horses, and Men Who Live with Them

Folks from other states and from other parts of the world sometimes tire of much of the ma-

terials poured through the book factories dealing with the history of the Lone Star State.

However, the reading world always has an appetite for good books devoted to horses, cattle,

cowboys, and ranching in general. And a great majority of such books relate to Texas. It’s a

fascinating subject, mostly because horses and cattle themselves are fascinating.

True enough, too many people read the sorry “blood and thunder” stories dished out by

the pulp writers, but even most of these readers appreciate a range book with the proper set-

ting which is true to life.

Old Charlie Siringo’s

A Texas Cowboy; or, Fifteen Years on the Hurricane Deck of a Span-

ish Pony



) was one of the


rst authentic narratives about cowboys. A mint copy with its

attractive pictorial cover and colored plates will make any range collector’s mouth water.

Some copies had double plates, but they are as scarce as hen’s teeth. As time wore on, Siringo

had further experiences to relate. He added them to his


rst creation and gave the book a

new title. This went on and on. After all, each book is worthy of possession because Siringo

had seen and heard a lot.

The writings of Andy Adams, like those of Siringo, are always in demand. He used the

novel form, but his material is authentic. Adams’s best book is his

The Log of a Cowboy



). It is


ne trail-driving reading for young or old. His other books are:

The Outlet; A

Texas Matchmaker: Cattle Brands; Reed Anthony Cowman; Wells Brothers;


The Ranch on

the Beaver.

Collectors prefer


rst editions of the Adams titles. Reprints may be obtained at

all bookshops.

James H. Cook’s

Fifty Years on the Old Frontier



) is good reading. Cook punched cat-

tle across much of Texas and over the trails into other states. As his life drew to a close, he

“collaborated” with Howard R. Driggs on

Longhorn Cowboy.

Perhaps Philip Ashton Rollins’s

The Cowboy

should have appeared at the top of this par-

tial list of good books. Anyway, this work


rst appeared in


, with a Charlie Russell illus-

tration. In


it was revised and enlarged, thus becoming superior to the earlier edition. It

is a standard work.

Sloan Rare Books