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Ranching Catalogue Part 2 (Authors D-G)

Title Index

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A B Guthrie, Jr, 1961
Abilene on Catclaw Creek, 1725
Across Texas, 1817
Across the Wide Missouri, 1500
Admiral Chester W Nimitz, 1847
Advancing the Frontier, 1830-1860, 1966
Adventures of a Tenderfoot, 1502
Albuquerque, 1892
All about Texas, 1808
Along the Early Trails of the Southwest, 2091-92
American Bison, 2106
American Cowboy: The Myth and the Reality, 2004
Among the Pueblo Indians, 1791
Apache Gold and Yaqui Silver, 1536-40
Arizona’s Dark and Bloody Ground, 1974-78
Artists of the American West: A Biographical Dictionary, 1444
As I Remember Them, 2179
As the Moving Finger Writ, 1541
Athanase de Mézières and the Louisiana-Texas Frontier, 1768-1780, 1468
Authentic Life of Billy the Kid, 2107-08, 2110-11
Authentic Story of Billy the Kid, 2109


Babícora, 1542-43
Bankers and Cattlemen, 2264-65
Basalt: Colorado Midland Town, 1407
Battle of the Butte, 1835
Beginnings of San Francisco…, 1797
Bell Ranch Recollections, 1819
Bell Ranch Sketches, 1820
Bell Ranch, Places and People, 1818
Bells Over Texas, 1930-31
Ben Green Tales, 2220-21
Ben Holladay: The Stagecoach King, 2007
Ben K Green: A Descriptive Bibliography…, 2236-37
Ben Lilly Legend, 1544-45
Beneath Ben Lomond’s Peak, 1412
Bent’s Old Fort and Its Builders, 2277
Beyond Rope and Fence, 2266
Big Bat Pourier…, 2137
Big Bend of Texas, 1443
Big Book of Cowboys, 1941
Big Country: Texas, 1451
Billy the Kid: The Bibliography of a Legend, 1753-55
Biographical Sketch of My Family, 1881
Black Bull, 2181
Black Hills, 1673-74
Blackfeet, Raiders on the Northwestern Plains, 1861
Blankets on the Sand, 1434
Blue & Some Other Dogs, 2199
Bob Fudge, Texas Trail Driver…, 2046
Bob More: Man and Bird Man, 1546
“Bobbed” Wire, 2166
“Bobbed” Wire II Bible, 2167
“Bobbed” Wire III Bible, 2168
Bois d’Arc to Barbed Wire, 2254
Book of the American Indian, 2098-2100
Books of the Colorado River and the Grand Canyon, 1873
Boom of the Eighties in Southern California, 1733
Boot Hill: Historic Graves of the Old West, 1948
Border Skylines, 1856
Border Wars of Texas, 1469-71
Bovine Sense of Smell, 1547
Breaking the Wilderness, 1478-79
Brief Historical Sketch: Hollenberg Ranch, Pony Express Station, Hanover, Kansas, 1513
Brief History of Butte, Montana, 2012
Brief History of Hays County and San Marcos Texas, 1534
Broncho Charlie, 1836
Brush Country of Texas, 1548
Buffalo Book, 1411
Buffalo Country, 1734


Cache la Poudre, 2044
California Almanac for 1849, 2250
California Gold Fields, 1891
California in ’41, Texas in ’51, 1446
California in 1837, 1777
California In-Doors and Out, 1870
California Journal of M V B Fowler, 1851, 1989
California Outlaw, Tiburcio Vasquez, 2252
California the Beautiful, 1796
California, 1957
Campaigns in the West 1856-1861, 1724
Career of Marquis de Mores…, 2184
Casas and Courtyards, 2135
Catalogue # 61-B 1980-81, 1794
Cattle Brands in Arizona, 2006
Cattle Brands of Texas, 2080
Cattle Country of Peter French, 2023
Cattle Kings of Texas, 1691
Cattle Ranch to College, 1688-89
Cattle Towns, 1760
Cavalcade of Railroads in Central Colorado, 1859
Centennial Brand Book of the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association, 2170
Century in the Saddle, 2170-2173
Charm in Mexican Folktales, 1549
Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association...and Charter and By-Laws of the Cherokee Strip Live Stock Association, 1379
Chisholm Trail, 2081-82
Circle-Dot: A True Story of Cowboy Life Forty Years Ago, 1685
Collecting Friends: My Hobby, 1849
Colonel Jack Hays, 2255
Color of Horses, 2222
Colorado As I Saw It, 1833
Colorado in Verse and Picture, 1916-1928, 1749
Colorado Springs Story, 1812
Colorado’s Century of “Cities”, 2283-84
Colorado, 1983-84
Commerce of the Prairies, 2257-61
Coronado’s Children, 1550-57
Coronado’s Quest, 1448
Corral Full of Stories, 1852-53
Covered Wagon Days, 1509-12
Covered-Wagon Centennial and Ox-Team Days, 1717
Cow: About All I Know I Learned from a Cow, 1850-51
Cow Country, 1380
Cow Country in Transition, 1381
Cow County Cavalcade, 2031-32
Cow Killers with the Aftosa Commission in Mexico, 2158-59
Cow People, 1558
Cowboy and His Horse, 1942-43
Cowboy and His Polecats, 1559
Cowboy and Western Songs, 1915
Cowboy Encyclopedia, 2191
Cowboy of the Pecos, 1472
Cowboy Philosophy, 1772-73
Cowboy’s Own Brand Book, 1829
Cowboy’s Prayer, 2212
Cowboys under the Mogollon Rim, 1821
Cowboys, Cowboys, Cowboys, 1889
Cowhand: The Story of a Working Cowboy, 2160-61
Coyote Wisdom, 1659
Cross Timbers, 1963
Crusading along Sioux Trails, 1745


Dakota Days: May 1886-August 1898, 1457-58
Davis’ Commercial Encyclopedia…, 1431-32
Dawn and the Dons, 1962
Destiny Road, 1876
Diaries of Peter Decker, 1474
Diary of Dr Thomas Flint, 1944-45
Diary of Michael Erskine…, 1837
Diary of Philip Leget Edwards, 1778
Distant Prize, 1917
Do Rattlesnakes Swallow Their Young?, 1560-61
Dobie at Southwestern University, 1661
Doctor at Timberline, 2093
Doctor Comes to California, 2269
Don Pedrito Jaramillo, “Curandero”, 1679
Down the Texas Road, 1967


E 342: A Collection of Stray Mavericks…, 1639
Early Days in Abilene…, 1776
Early History of Central Nebraska…, 2008
Early History of Hopkins County, Texas, 1937
Early Times in Texas, 1748
Early Western Travels…, 2258
Eatons’ Ranch, 1765
Echoes and Etchings of Early Ellis, 1390
Edge of Time, 1834
Edward Borein, Cowboy Artist, 1418
El Gringo; or, New Mexico and Her People, 1442
Elkanah and Mary Walker: Pioneers among the Spokanes, 1719
Ella Byler Dobie and Christmas, 1562
Emigrant Life in Kansas, 1767
Enduring Women, 2119
Epic of the Overland, 2061-62
Exciting Adventures along the Indian Frontier, 1703
Exhibition of Paintings and Bronzes by Frederic Remington, Charles M Russell, 1389
Experiences of a Forty-Niner…, 1890
Experiments on the Digestibility of Prickly Pear by Cattle, 2271


Fabulous Empire: Colonel Zack Miller’s Story, 2162
Fabulous Quarter Horse, Steel Dust, 2083
Famous Texas Feuds, 1692-95
Farewell to Texas, 1697
Farm Fence Handbook, 2133
Father Escalante’s Journal, 1776-77, 1841-42
Fence-Cutters, 2084
Fifty Best Books on Texas, 2246-47
Fifty Great Western Illustrators, 1756
First Cattle in Texas…, 1563-64
Five Civilized Tribes, 1968
Flashlights from Mountain and Plain, 1428-30
Flavor of Texas, 1565-67
Folklore of the Great West, 2251
Foller de Drinkin’ Gou’d, 1643
Foot-Loose in the West, 1918
Forged in Strong Fires, 1393-95
Fort Bridger, Wyoming: A Brief History, 1822
Fort Union and the Winning of the Southwest, 1826
Forty Years a Gambler on the Mississippi, 1499
Forty Years a Peace Officer, 1483-84
Forty-Four Range Country Books…, 1640-42
Foster’s Comic History of Oklahoma, 1985
Four Years with the Utes, 2009
Fox’s Who’s Who among South Dakotans, Vol 1, 1924-1925, 1990
Franciscans in California, 1831
Fredericksburg, in the Texas Hill Country, 1848
Free Grass to Fences, 1940
Frémont and ’49, 1480-82
French Heels to Spurs, 1909
From a Limestone Ledge, 2200
From Rattlesnakes to Road Agents, 1874
From the West to the West: Across the Plains to Oregon, 1739
From Where the Sun Now Stands, 2282
Frontier Justice, 2085-86
Frontier Ways: Sketches of Life in the Old West, 1382


Gail Borden: Dairyman to a Nation, 2002
Gallery of Old Rogues, 2025
Garden of the World; or, The Great West, 1397
Gene Rhodes, Cowboy, 1449
Gentlemen in the White Hats, 1696
Geographical Memoir upon Upper California, 2018-19
Ghost Town Treasures, 1949
Gold in Them Hills, 2163
Golden West Souvenir, 1958
Goodbye to a River, 2201-03
Grand Prairie, 2256
Grandad and I, 1884
Graphic Account of an Indian Raid at Sabinal, Texas…, 2195
Great American Cattle Trails, 1700
Great Buffalo Hunt, 2087-88
Great Trails of the West, 1740
Great West; or the Garden of the World, 1398
Greenburg’s Gazeteer, 2242
Grimshaw’s Narrative, 2276
Group of Themes on the Architecture and Culture of Early Texas, 2132
Growing Up in Texas, Recollections of Childhood, 1532-33
Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest, 1569-77
Gun and the Gospel, 1921-23


Hard Scrabble, 2204
Harris County, Republic of Texas, 1839-45, 1939
Harry Jackson, Kennedy Galleries Monograph-Catalogue, 2121
Heroes of the Wilds, 2005
History of Arizona, 1869
History of Clay County and Northwest Texas, 1762
History of Falls County, Texas, 1770
History of Hood County Texas…, 1860
History of Idaho, 2024
History of Jerauld County, South Dakota…, 1738
History of Nowata County, 2114
History of Oregon, 1792-1849…, 2215-16
History of Teton Valley, Idaho, 1705-06
History of Texas, 1771
History of the Chisum War, 2030
History of the Pacific Northwest, 2056
History of the Ranch Cattle Industry in Oklahoma, 1383
History of Webster County, 1855 to 1955, 2120
Hold-Up in Jericho Canyon, 2213
Horny Toad Man, 1515
Horse Conformation…, 2223-25
Horse of the Americas, 1489
Horse Tradin’, 2226-27
Horsebackers of the Brush Country, 2151
Hot Biscuits, 1855
House Journal of the Sixth Session of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Dakota…, 1377
How Bill and the Preacher Got in Their Work, 2214
How Not to Be Cowed, 2217
How to Make Cowboy Horse Gear, 2192-93
Hunting Cousin Sally, 1579
Hunting Grizzlys, Black Bear, and Lions…, 1857
Hunting Grounds of the Great West, 1675
Hunting in Many Lands, 2280


Idaho of Yesterday, 1681
I’ll Tell You a Tale, 1580
Illustrated Catalogue and Price List No 27…, 2068
Illustrated History of the Union Stockyards, 2190
Illustrated Lives and Adventures of Frank and Jesse James and the Younger Brothers, 1370
“I’m Frank Hamer”, 2037-41
Impact of the Frontier on a Jewish Family, the Bibos, 1910
In Borderland: A Story of Frontier Life in the Early Eighties, 1498
In Pursuit of the Golden Dream, 2094-95
In the San Juan, 2123
Incorporated under the Laws of the State of Texas No 131 ___ Shares The Dale Land & Cattle Co....Certificate of Stock, 1391
Indian Campaign of Winter of 1864-65, 1672
Indian Depredations in Utah, 2186
Indian Fighting on the Texas Frontier…, 1801
Indian Life on the Upper Missouri, 1862
Indianola Scrap Book, 2022
Indians of the Southwest, 1384
Informal Hour with J Frank Dobie: Stories of the Southwest, 1581
Into the Setting Sun, 2113
It Occurred in Kimble, 1925
It’s an Old Wild West Custom, 1830


J Frank Dobie Bibliography, 1662
J Frank Dobie Tells “The Ghost Bull of the Mavericks” and Other Tales, 1582
J Ross Browne, Confidential Agent in Old California, 1514
James W Marshall, the Discoverer of California Gold, 2115-16
Jayhawkers of Death Valley, 1803
John C Duval, First Texas Man of Letters, 1583-85
Journal of a Soldier under Kearny and Doniphan…, 2129
Journal of Army Life, 2165
Journals of Alfred Doten, 1849-1903, 1686


Kanzas Region, 2249
Kawich’s Gold Mine, 2124
King Fisher: His Life and Times, 1927
King of the Rangeland, 2281
King Ranch Quarter Horses…, 1490


La Cautiva El Matadero, 1769
Lamplights of Lampasas County, Texas, 1825
Laredo on the Rio Grande, 1365
Lasca: The Story of a Texas Cowboy…, 1495
Last Running, 2205
Last Trail Drive through Downtown Dallas, 2228
Last War Trail, 1828
Law on a Wild Frontier, 1757-58
Leather Braiding, 2194
Legends and Tales of the Rockies, 1813
Legends of Texas, 1644-45
Lehi Centennial History, 1850-1950…, 2096
Let ’er Buck, 2063
Letters from an Early Settler of Texas…, 1501
Letters from Buffalo Bill, 1955
Letters from the South-West, 1792
Library of Dudley R Dobie Part I: J Frank Dobie Collection, 1671
Life and Adventures of “Billy” Dixon of Adobe Walls, Texas Panhandle, 1524-26
Life and Adventures of Frank and Jesse James, the Noted Western Outlaws, 1368-69
Life and Adventures of Frank Grouard…, 1459-65
Life and Death of Colonel Albert Jennings Fountain, 2127
Life and Death of Sitting Bull, 1928
Life and Letters of Rev Father John Schoenmakers…, 2208-09
Life and Literature of the Southwest, 1578
Life of “Billy” Dixon, Plainsman, Scout and Pioneer, 1527-28
Life of Sile Doty 1800-1876, 1687
Life of Thomas W Gamel, 2073
Life on the King Ranch, 2182
Life on the Plains and among the Diggings, 1475-76
Lights and Shadows of Mormonism, 2125
Literature of the Rocky Mountain West, 1803-1903, 1422
Littlefield Lands, 2189
Lives of William Hartnell, 1375
Llanos Mestenas: Mustang Plains, 2275
Locating the Iron Trail, 2148-49
Lone War Trail of Apache Kid, 1980-82
Lone-Star Land, 2183
Long John Dunn of Taos, 1854
Long Trail from Texas, 2047
Long Winding Trail, 2021
Longhorn, 2174
Longhorns, 1586-90
Longhorns and Short Tales of Old Victoria and the Gulf Coast, 1879
Look of the Old West, 1987-88
Lord of Beasts: The Saga of Buffalo Jones, 1763
Lore and Lure of Eastern Oklahoma, 1969-71
Lucky Baldwin, 2164
Lyrics of the Lariat, 2272


Malcolm Campbell, Sheriff, 1413-17
Man, Bird, and Beast, 1646-47
Marcus and Narcissa Whitman and the Opening of Old Oregon, 1720
Marcus Whitman, MD, Pioneer and Martyr, 1721-23
Marcus Whitman, Pathfinder and Patriot, 1781
Marcy and the Gold Seekers, 1973
Marquis de Mores, 1704
Massacres of the Mountains, 1742
Matt Field on the Santa Fe Trail, 1908
Maurice Garland Fulton’s History of the Lincoln County War, 2058
Mavericks, 2239
McKee Collection of Paintings, 1793
Medical Journey in California, 2101
Meet Jim Bridger, 1374
Melton Mowbray and Other Memories, 2029
Memoirs of Albert B Fall, 1864
Memoirs of My Life…, 2020
Memories of Early Days in the Cache la Poudre Valley, 1735
Memories of the Old West, 1954
Men Who Made Texas Free, 1529
Mesquite, 1591
Mexican Mesta, 1747
Mexican Saddle, 1877
Mexico I Like, 1617-21
Mezcla Man, 1592-93
Middle Western Agricultural History as a Field of Research, 1774
Midnight and Noonday, 2010-11
Mission of the North American People…, 2155-57
Mission Tales in the Days of the Dons, 1956
Missions and Pueblos of the Old Southwest, 1979
Missions of New Mexico, 1776, 1680
Mormon Conflict, 1850-1859, 2067
Mormons at Home, 1905
Mother Lode Narratives, 2016
Mountain Charley, 2285
Mountain Islands and Desert Seas, 2118
Mountain Meadows Massacre, 2126
Murder and Mystery in New Mexico, 1893-95
Mustangs, 1594-96
Mustangs and Cow Horses, 1660
My Salute to Gene Rhodes, 1597
My Seventy Years in California, 1857-1927, 2196-98


Narrative of Nicholas “Cheyenne” Dawson, 1445
Nebraska, 2065
Negro Frontiersman, 1946-47
New Encyclopedia of Texas, 1433
New Mexico, 2042
New Mexico: A Pageant of Three Peoples, 1896-98
New Mexico Village Arts, 1507
New Mexico’s Own Chronicle, 2059-60
New System of Shoeing Horses…, 2180
New Tall Tales of Pecos Bill, 1882
Ninety Years Cow Country, 2263
Noah McCuistion: Pioneer Texas Cattleman, 1373
Note on Texas, 1919
Notes on California and the Placers…, 1477
Notes Taken in Sixty Years, 1809-11


Oak Grove Massacre, Oak, Nebraska…, 1804
Off for California, 1690
Oklahoma Imprints 1835-1907, 1964
Oklahoma Outlaws, 2207
Old Cattleman’s Story, 2045
Old Spanish Missions of California, 1795
Old West Speaks, 1707
Old Wild West: Adventures of Arizona Bill, 2097
Olden Times in Colorado, 1426
Oldtimers of Southwest Texas, 1885-86
Oldtimers: Their Own Stories, 1887-88
On the Last Frontier, 1761
On the Open Range, 1598
One Hundred Years of Tips in Texas, 2169
Ordenanzas de tierras y aguas, 2071
Our Little Old Home Town, Dillon, Montana, 1800
Our Southwest, 1899
Our Strip of Land: A History of Daggett County, Utah, 1736-37
Our Wild Indians, 1676-77
Outlaws On Horseback, 1701
Outlines of History of the Territory of Dakota…, 1986
Over Hill and Vale, 1743-44
Overland to California on the Southwestern Trail, 1849, 1768
Overland to Oregon…, 2150


Park Hill, 1965
Paul Horgan, 1455
Pawnee Hero Stories and Folk-Tales, 2278
Peak and Prairie, 2054-55
Peddlers and Merchants—on the Southwest Frontier 1850-1880, 1911
Perilous Trails of Texas, 1741
Personal Country, 2248
Personnel of the Texas State Government…, 1403-05
Photographs: 3 color snapshots of Dobie and friends…, 1670
Picthing [sic] Horses and Panthers, 1599
Pictorial New Mexico, 1932
Pikes Peak People, 1906
Pioneer Adventures, 2210
Pioneer Days in Crete, Nebraska, 2262
Pioneer Days in Idaho County, 1824
Pioneer Days in the Early Southwest, 1972
Pioneer Days in the Southwest from 1850 to 1879, 2176-78
Pioneer Lawyer, 1863
Pioneer Life in West Texas, 2288-89
Pioneer Work of the Presbyterian Church in Montana, 1775
Pioneering in Southwest Texas, 2211
Pioneering in the San Juan, 1408-10
Pioneering the West, 1846 to 1878, 1782-90
Pioneers, 1814
Pistol Pete: Veteran of the Old West, 1764
Plain Anne Ellis, 1816
Pleasure Frank Dobie Took in Grass, 1531
Poems of the Old West: A Rocky Mountain Anthology, 1419
Ponies Past and Present, 2138
Pony Express, 1805
Pony Express Goes Through, 1708
Post City, Texas, 1766
Prairie City: The Story of an American Community, 1473
Prairie Schooner and Other Poems, 1385
Prairie Sketches, 1832
Prefaces, 1600
Presentation of the Isabel Gaddis Collection of J Frank Dobie by Dr and Mrs Charles N Prothro, 1666
Prickly Pear and Other Cacti As Food for Stock, 2271
Prickly Pear and Other Cacti As Food for Stock II, 2271
Prickly Pear As a Farm Crop, 2271
Prickly Pear As Stock Feed, 2270
Printed broadside with quotation from the authors’ “6,000 Miles of Fence”, 1732
Prose and Poetry of the Live Stock Industry…, 2013-15
Public and Private Laws, Memorials and Resolutions of the Territory of Dakota…, 1378
Publications of the Texas Folk-Lore Society V, 1650-52
Publications of the Texas Folk-Lore Society, Number IV, 1648-49
Puro Mexicano, 1653-54


Quarter Horses: A Story of Two Centuries, 1491


Ranch Life and Other Sketches, 1929
Ranch Tales of the Rockies, 1802
Ranching in the West, 2128
Range Cattle Industry, 1386-88
Rattlesnakes, 1601
Rawhide Texas, 2089
Recollections 1872-1951: An Autobiography, 1435
Recollections of a Pioneer, 2130-31
Recollections of Old Milestown, 2185
Remembering Dudley Dobie, 1535
Reminiscences and Adventures of Walter Giesecke…, 2134
Report on Indians Taxed and Indians Not Taxed…, 1682
Review of the Cattle Business in Johnson County, Wyoming…, 1934
Reviews of the San Francisco and Alameda County Newspapers, Favorable As to the Merit of the “Sixty Years in California,” As a History, 1440
Reynolds Presbyterian Academy and College, 1678
Riders of the Purple Sage, 2268
Rincon (Remote Dwelling Place), 2152-53
Rio Grande, 1900-01
Rise of the Lone Star, 1716
Road to Oregon, 2122
Roadrunner in Fact and Folk-Lore, 1602
Rocky Mountain Politics, 1683-84
Rocky Mountain Tales, 1420-21
Romance and Dim Trails, 1698
Roosevelt in the Bunk House and Other Sketches, 1486-88


Sagebrush Dentist, 1991-1993
Saints in the Valleys, 1846
Saints of Sage and Saddle, 1914
Salt Lake City, Past and Present, 1953
Sam Bass, 2090
Samuel Maverick, Texan, 1803-1870, 2240-41
San Antonio Legacy, 1858
Santa Fe Trail, 1726-28
Scotch Paisano, 1376
Scrapbook of a Western Pioneer, 1995
Seeking Fortune in America, 2267
Seven Keys to Texas, 1880
Seven Mustangs, 1603
Seventy Years in Texas, 1997-2001
Seventy Years of Banking in the Black Hills, 1718
Seventy-Five Years in California, 1441
Shanghai Pierce: A Fair Likeness, 1827
Shawls, Crinolines, Filigree, 1844-45
Sheep, 2140
Shield Mares, 2229
Shirttail To Hang To, 1450
6,000 Miles of Fence, 1729-31
Six Years with the Texas Rangers, 1875 to 1881, 2142-45, 2147
Sixty Years in California, 1439
Sixty Years: A Brief Review The Cattle Industry in Wyoming, 2243-45
Sketch of the Oregon Territory, 1779
Sketches of Colorado in Four Volumes, 1902
Snow-Shoe Itinerant, 1751
Sod-House Frontier, 1854-1890, 1503
Soldiers of Texas, 1456
Some Early Jewish Settlers on the Southwestern Frontier, 1912
Some More Horse Tradin’, 2230
Some Part of Myself, 1604-06
Some Recollections of a Western Ranchman, 2027-28
Songs of Horses, 2043
Songs of the Bunch-Grass Acres, 2079
Southwest of John H Slaughter 1841-1922, 1838
“Southwestern Author Is Honored”, 1665
Spanish Heritage of the Southwest, 2048-52
Spanish Language in New Mexico and Southern Colorado, 1843
Spiegelbergs of New Mexico…, 1913
Spur Jingles and Saddle Songs, 2187
Spurs, 1807
Status of the Practice of Brush Control in the Rio Grande Plain, 1436
Steamboat: Symbol of Wyoming Spirit, 2141
Stories of Stanislaus, 1798-99
Story of a Pioneer, 1496-97
Story of Colt’s Revolver, 1780
Story of Sioux County, 1752
Storytellers I Have Known, 1607
Strange Uncertain Years, 1815
Summary of Recent Investigations of the Value of Cacti As Stock Food, 2271
Summer Etchings in Colorado, 2218-19
Sutter of California, a Biography, 1399
Sutton-Taylor Feud, 1453-54
Syringa Blossoms, 1938


Tales of Old-Time Texas, 1608-09
Tales of the Mustang, 1610-11
Tales the Western Tombstones Tell, 1950
Talk Like a Cowboy, 1878
Taming the Nueces Strip, 1746
Ten Years in Texas, 2072
Tensleep and No Rest, 2069
Texan in England, 1612-16
Texans with Guns, 1866-67
Texas: A Bicentennial History, 2003
Texas: A Contest of Civilizations, 2112
Texas: A Musical Romance of Panhandle History, 2238
Texas and Southwestern Lore, 1655-57
Texas and the West: Catalogue No 24 Featuring the Writings of J Frank Dobie, 1663-64
Texas Cattle Brands, 1959-60
Texas Heartland: A Hill Country Year, 2206
Texas: Her Resources and Her Public Men, 1466-67
Texas Heritage of the Fishers and the Clarks, 1926
Texas Ranger, 2146
Texas Sheriff, 2057
This Is New Mexico, 1933
Those Texans, 1868
Thousand Miles of Mustangin’, 2231-32
300 Years in Victoria County, 2273-74
Thrilling Echoes from the Wild Frontier, 1951
Through the Stable and Saddle-Room, 1920
Tim McCoy: The Last Plainsman, 1485
Timpanogos Town, 1709
Titans of Western Art: Frederic Remington, Charles Russell, 2139
Tone the Bell Easy, 1658
Tongues of the Monte, 1617-21
Topographical Reports of Lieutenant George H Derby, 1494
Tour of St Louis, 1371-72
Traders to the Navajos, 2154
Trail of the Loup, 1952
Trail-Blazing Pioneer, Colonel Joseph Ballinger Chiles, 2136
Trailing the Longhorns, 1935-36
Tramp Trip in the Rockies…, 1996
Transactions and Reports of the Nebraska State Historical Society, Vol 1, 2066
Trans-Missouri Country, 1699
Travels in California with Map, 1871
Travels in the Great Western Prairies…, 1872
Tread of the Longhorns, 2074-78
Troublesome Times in Texas [1859-1883], 1875
True Story of “Ramona”, 1427
True Story of the Lost Shackle, 1366-1367
Truth about Geronimo, 1423-25
Tuna As Food for Man, 2271
Two-Gun Cyclone: A True Story, 1492-93
Two Kinds of People, 1622
Two Years before the Mast, 1400-02


Under Ten Flags, 2117
Under the Black Flag, 1396
Untitled portrait of a romanticized cowgirl, 1924
Up the Trail from Texas, 1623
Uses of Elliman’s Embrocation…, 1806
Utah and the Mormons, 1903-04
Ute Indians of Southwestern Colorado, 1406
Ute War, 1447


Vanguards of the Frontier, 1504-06
Vanished Landscape, 1750
Vaquero of the Brush Country, 1624-36
Vaquero of the Brush Country: New Book Reveals That J Frank Dobie Is an Authentic Literary Artist, 1669
Vigilantes of Montana, 1516-23
Village Horse Doctor West of the Pecos, 2233-34
Voice of the Coyote, 1637-38
Voices from the Southwest, 1508
Voices of the Southwest, 2253


Wah-To-Yah and the Taos Trail, 2102-05
Walter Prescott Webb, 2064
War-Path and Bivouac, 1916
Washington Irving on the Prairie, 1823
Way I Heard It, 2053
West from a Car-Window, 1437-38
Western from Silents to the Seventies, 1883
Western High Spots, 1759
Western Panorama, 1849-1875, 2175
Westward America, 1710-15
What Is a Texan?, 1667
What Life Has Taught Me, 2070
When Buffalo Ran, 2279
When Denver and I Were Young, 1865
When Grass Was King, 2033-36
When The Daltons Rode, 1392
Where Castilian Roses Bloom, Memoirs, 1907
White Conquest, 1530
Wild Cow Tales, 2235
Wild Jim...Texas Ranger, 2026
Wild, Woolly, and Wicked, 1702
Will Rogers, the Boy Roper, 1452
With Rod and Line in Colorado Waters, 1994
Writings of J Frank Dobie: A Bibliography, 1668
Wyoming Cowboy Days, 2286-87
Wyoming Historical Blue Book, 1839-40
Wyoming: A Political History, 1868-1896, 2188


Year of American Travel, 2017

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