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Sloan Rare Books

Traders to the Navajos, 2154

Trail of the Loup, 1952

Trail-Blazing Pioneer, Colonel Joseph

Ballinger Chiles, 2136

Trailing the Longhorns, 1935-36

Tramp Trip in the Rockies…, 1996

Transactions and Reports of the Nebraska

State Historical Society, Vol 1, 2066

Trans-Missouri Country, 1699

Travels in California with Map, 1871

Travels in the Great Western Prairies…, 1872

Tread of the Longhorns, 2074-78

Troublesome Times in Texas [1859-1883], 1875

True Story of “Ramona”, 1427

True Story of the Lost Shackle, 1366-1367

Truth about Geronimo, 1423-25

Tuna As Food for Man, 2271

Two-Gun Cyclone: A True Story, 1492-93

Two Kinds of People, 1622

Two Years before the Mast, 1400-02

Under Ten Flags, 2117

Under the Black Flag, 1396

Untitled portrait of a romanticized cowgirl,


Up the Trail from Texas, 1623

Uses of Elliman’s Embrocation…, 1806

Utah and the Mormons, 1903-04

Ute Indians of Southwestern Colorado, 1406

Ute War, 1447

Vanguards of the Frontier, 1504-06

Vanished Landscape, 1750

Vaquero of the Brush Country, 1624-36

Vaquero of the Brush Country: New Book

Reveals That J Frank Dobie Is an Authentic

Literary Artist, 1669

Vigilantes of Montana, 1516-23

Village Horse Doctor West of the Pecos, 2233-


Voice of the Coyote, 1637-38

Voices from the Southwest, 1508

Voices of the Southwest, 2253

Wah-To-Yah and the Taos Trail, 2102-05

Walter Prescott Webb, 2064

War-Path and Bivouac, 1916

Washington Irving on the Prairie, 1823

Way I Heard It, 2053

West from a Car-Window, 1437-38

Western from Silents to the Seventies, 1883

Western High Spots, 1759

Western Panorama, 1849-1875, 2175

Westward America, 1710-15

What Is a Texan?, 1667

What Life Has Taught Me, 2070

When Buffalo Ran, 2279

When Denver and I Were Young, 1865

When Grass Was King, 2033-36

When The Daltons Rode, 1392

Where Castilian Roses Bloom, Memoirs,


White Conquest, 1530

Wild Cow Tales, 2235

Wild Jim...Texas Ranger, 2026

Wild, Woolly, and Wicked, 1702

Will Rogers, the Boy Roper, 1452

With Rod and Line in Colorado Waters, 1994

Writings of J Frank Dobie: A Bibliography,


Wyoming Cowboy Days, 2286-87

Wyoming Historical Blue Book, 1839-40

Wyoming: A Political History, 1868-1896,


Year of American Travel, 2017