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Catalogue Twelve

Bernhardt Wall

Archival Material and Ephemera

1. Archival Material

482. Correspondence, restrikes, research notes, inventories, newspaper clippings, photocopies, publications, and ephemera assembled by Anthony Kroll in his pursuit of material by and about Bernhardt Wall, as follows:

Assorted correspondence to Anthony Kroll regarding collections for sale and/or his purchases of Wall items, with lists, inventories, and invoices. About seventy items, including seventeen index cards with penciled notes on Wall items; newspaper clipping about Kroll; photocopy of list of Kroll’s collection of the periodical Etched Monthly; original ink spreadsheet of “Wall-Bernhardt 1 July 93 Bound Books & Pamphlets” (2 pp.), “Prints” (2 pp), “Wall’s Etched Monthly” (1 p.); four photocopies of spreadsheet “Anthony F. Kroll, Bernhardt Wall Collection, 18 Aug. 78” (2 pp.); original spreadsheet in ink “Past sources from which Wall material has been acquired” (1 p.); original spreadsheet in ink “The Etched Monthly” list; original spreadsheet in ink “Offers of Wall material not exercised” (1 p); original manuscript in pencil “Occidental College Special Coll 8 July 80” (1 p.); original pencil “Random Notes for Judy” and a photocopy; original ink spreadsheet listing various items.

Green alphabetical sorting folder containing about thirty-five items of correspondence and miscellaneous catalog and other listings of Wall items for sale. Correspondence includes a manuscript letter to Kroll from Viola L. Carlson, on a reprint of stationery designed by Kroll with Wall letterhead for the Hon. John Steven McGroarty Memorial Archive-Library (etching is of a hill with a cross at the summit and a rock house nestled in the foreground, the address of the library just below the image, printed in gold on pale green laid paper) and photocopy on verso of a letter from Kroll, February 26, 1988, together with an envelope of laid paper bearing the Wall letterhead design in olive green, 5 x 7 cm. (appears to be an original, not a reprint). Two copies of a letter from Carlson to Kroll thanking him on behalf of the Friends of the McGroarty Memorial Archive Library for the stationery with “an etching by a dedicated artist, Bernhardt Wall, and the transposing of that etching by a master craftsman like yourself.” Other items include: five photocopies of Wall etching “Jane” (9.5 x 6.8 cm.) with negative of same, and hand-written note from Kroll to Regis asking for “an emulsion POS SS film...PS Please make that 2 pos films.” Also one image of “Ex Libris Audrey Arellanes” (2.3 x 3.2 cm.).

Large envelope containing about thirty items of research and correspondence of Elva Marshall & Anthony Kroll on William F. Gable, including ”Gable, William Francis, Public-Spirited Citizen,” extract from Jordan’s Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania Biography, n.p, n.d., [6] pp., frontispiece engraved portrait of Gable, 8vo, beige wrappers; photocopy of The Renowned Collection of the Late William F. Gable of Altoona, Pennsylvania....Part One.... New York: American Art Association, Inc., n.d.; photocopy of “Pen Picture of William F. Gable,” from J. N. Tillard, Pen Pictures of Friends and Reminiscent Sketches, [1911], 6 pp., frontispiece portrait; [H. Luther Trees], The Tale of Friendship, [1917], 12 pp.

White three-ring binder containing about fifty miscellaneous items, including newspaper clippings of show notices and clippings relating to Wall’s life and death; copies of letters to Mr. Bangs, John Steven McGroarty (Poet Laureate, California), and F. Ray Risdon; various restrikes and ephemera.

Manila folder of correspondence with W. B. Thorsen, founder of the American Book Collector. 30 pp. + Deltiology (May-June 1968), 5 pp. + Thorsen’s letterhead stationery, envelope, copy of bookplate, and negative for logo.

Manila folder concerning Henry Wellington Wack with 12 pp. and 2 cards: 2 photocopies of letter from Wall to Henry W. Wack (March 23, 1939), 2 copies of letter to Wack (Jan. 6, 1937), 2 postcards of Wack’s portrait bust reengraved by Kroll, article on Wack from Who’s Who on the Pacific Coast (1949), clipping from Forest and Stream (Sept. 11, 1913), with a photo taken by Wack, and clipping about the late John de Blois Wack.

Manila folder in green hanging file of about 80 miscellaneous Wall items, restrikes, a negative, and copies of articles, including: greeting card with a Sunbonnet Girl; “Bernhardt Wall: Postcard Artist Part 1,” by J. R. Fitzgerald, from Spinning Wheel (June 1975), pp. 32-35; “Bernhardt Wall: Etcher, Part 2,” by J. R. Fitzgerald, from Spinning Wheel (July-August 1975), pp. 16-17; “Following Abraham Lincoln” from The American Book Collector, February 1957, [16] pp.; “Abraham Lincoln,...” from The American Book Collector, April 1965 [15 pp.]; “Sunbonnet Babies Encore” by J. R. Fitzgerald, from Spinning Wheel (Jan-Feb. 1976), pp. 36-38. Also a manuscript pencil original and a photocopy of “Gene Sherman’s Interview with “Bernhardt Wall The Etcher of Books.”

Manila folder with about twenty items, including letter from Al Lowman (20 December 1978) and typescript of “Printing Arts in Texas: The Making of a Book” by William R. Holman and Al Lowman. Includes materials relating to Book Club of Texas’ Following Bernhardt Wall, such as proofs of San Jacinto Memorial and Governor’s Mansion; 10 spoiled color proofs of the Wall Christmas greeting mounted on p. 51 of the book, and a publication announcement.

Manila folder containing four letters from Litchfield Historical Society, mostly to Jonathan Kroll, concerning various Wall etchings; a Litchfield Historical Society brochure; print of “There was a long procession...” “reduced by AFK” (10 x 12 cm.); and a photocopy of part of an article on the history of Litchfield (n.p, n.d., 9 pp.).

Manila folder containing 2 pp. notes on yellow paper “Sent by Dwight 3-26-78.” Concerns Wall show at Denison Library.

TLs, 1 p, 8vo, to Kroll from J. R. (i.e., J. R. Fitzgerald), June 7, 1978. Mentions china plates.

Envelope with twelve negatives of missions; envelope with three negative strips for “Days of Week” cards; negative of Mission San Jose; negative with twelve images of etchings; negative with two of Mission San Buenaventura; envelope with 24 various films (negative and positive, including Sarah Pierce Plaque).

Manila folder within two other manila folders containing about 20 miscellaneous items, including a handwritten inventory of Wall letters on green ledger paper; copy of listing of Following General Sam Houston with Ray S. Walton Rare Books; two copies of Scripps College press release regarding “The Itch to Etch” exhibition in 1978; handwritten inventory of Mission postcards on green ledger paper; various inventories on yellow paper; copy of two Wall etchings; copy of letter from Edith Pictor Nelson dated 2/17/1936; various notes and inventories on postcards; handwritten inventory of “Will Ransom 1963 prices,” and handwritten inventory on green ledger paper entitled “Bernhardt Wall ackquired (sic) 10-20-76.” B. Wall chronology handwritten on front of one empty outer folder with Kroll’s notes on it citing the location of Wall’s grave and a note about the Roosevelt Campaign, Cuba, and Spain, ending “He was a great patriot.”; addresses on the other.

Manila folder with pink label entitled “Bernhardt Wall - Clippings” with photocopies and a clipping about “Itch to Etch” exhibition.

Manila folder with 6 pp. of photocopies of “duplicates sent ... to show unlikelyhood of being bound.” Also Bernhardt Wall. 10 x 7.5 cm. + The Wills House where Lincoln wrote his speech. Wall 1940. Sepia. 7.5 x 10 cm. 6 copies. Restrikes by Kroll + This etching of the Lincoln Cabin was made as a demonstration of the art for the Lincoln Fellowship of So. California. Wall 1944. 7.5 x 10 cm. seven copies. Also eight duplicates of “Bernhardt Wall at Work”; four postcards of portrait busts of Wack; 3 pp. miscellaneous copies of etchings; three copies of “Come, Let Us Live The Poetry We Sing” bookplate and its negative; and sixteen cards 12.5 x 21 cm, of three miniatures (Ye Etcher; Wall’s Etcherie Bella Vista Terrace, Sierra Madre, Cal.; and Bernhardt Wall Etcher).

Blue binder with pencil label “B. Wall Mini Book” containing eight small Kuper etchings stamped on one tan sheet of paper with copy on white paper. Handwritten: From Kuper to Wall, T. ; twelve small Wall etchings on film. Also one small cut section of film with three etchings; page from desk calendar. Thursday, May 22 1980. Handwritten: With the exception of the dedication leaf, and the addition of 1/4 inch to the left margin of the pages, this volume is an exact reproduction of Bernardt Wall’s little “Walliana.” Apparently a promotion piece. The original was found ...; ten pages from miniature books; copies of two sheets of paper with Wall drawings of various men. One etching of a building in Coral Gables, FL. Sheets appear to have been taped together at one time; tape residue. Handwritten: Sent by Kuper to Wall ’33. T.; negative copy of twelve Wall etchings on film; positive copy of twelve Wall etchings on film, along with two separate individually cut etchings; leaf with photoreproduction of Wall’s winter studio at top and 19 manuscript drawings of men in attendance at a dinner Wall attended on February 11, 1933, given by Postmaster General J. M. Farley. (43 x 28 cm.) Most are signed by Wall. Presentation inscription to Fred Kuper, Lime Rock, 1933. Creased where folded with a few minor tears not affecting any images. Some of the men depicted are David Sholtz, J. Curry, Eddie Dowling, and M. H. McIntyre.

“The Artist with the Itch to Etch.” [Claremont: Scripps College, 1978]. 1 leaf, folded. Text on one leaf and Wall’s engraving “Bernhardt Wall at Work” on other. Very fine. 2 copies. Also includes a marked proof copy on green paper.

Jane Wall and the Dorothy Gleason Connection. [Los Angeles, 1994]. Keepsake printed for the Roxburghe and Zamorano Clubs, 1994. [6] pp., frontispiece, 1 illustration, white wrappers with illustration. Inscribed and signed by Kroll. Fine.

KROLL, Anthony & Elva Marshall. Collecting Books and Autographs: William F. Gable. Pasadena: The Castle Press, 1992. [6] 7-14 [2] pp., frontispiece portrait of Gable from an etching by Bernhardt Wall, 1 illustration. 8vo, original grey wrappers. Fine.



483. WALL, Bernhardt & Natalie Williams. Collection of letters and manuscripts as follows, some with etchings. Includes Wall’s typescript of lecture “The Itch to Etch.” Most of the correspondence is still in its original mailing envelopes and is in original condition. Includes:

Letters from Natalie Williams to Bernhardt Wall. Williams was Wall’s long-time patron, collector, and friend. By date:

1937: 24 items; 1938: 17 items; 1939: 33 items; 1940: 10 items; 1941: 9 items; 1942: 10 items; 1943: 2 items; 1949: 1 item; 1952: 1 item; 1954: 2 items; 1956: 1 item

Letters and envelopes, from Bernhardt Wall to Natalie Williams, many with etchings, some with drawings. One of the more valuable aspects of this set of letters is the often detailed and frank discussions in which Wall engages concerning his own work. One such detail, for example, is the fact that he produced only 18 copies of Odyssey of the Etcher, a fact unknown even to Father Weber and revealed almost casually in a postcard to Williams. By date:

1937: 27 items. Some empty, most with enclosures, including etchings, drawings and clippings

1938: 32 items. Many without envelopes, has etchings, drawings, clippings & Wall’s list of his works to that time and Williams’ list of her Wall holdings at that time. Excellent content.

1939: 42 items. Letters, etchings, clippings, drawings.

1940: 15 items. Letters, etchings, clippings, drawings.

1941: 15 items. Letters, etchings, clippings, drawings.

1942: 10 items. Letters, etchings, clippings, drawings.

1943: 6 items. Letters, etchings, clippings, drawings.

1947-1956: 10 items. Letters, etchings, clippings, drawings.

Bernhardt Wall to Natalie Williams with special enclosures. By date:

1937. Original copper plate of house scene. 

1938. Letter with etchings + 8 signed post cards, 2 with original drawings; Wall’s proof sheet for his inclusion in Who’s Who; and a short bio clipping.

1938. Letter with 5 photos of Wall; 1 of Stewart W. McClelland.

1939. Letter with original copper plate Wall.

1939. Envelope from Wall to Williams with a small original portrait of a handsome man (H. W. Ballinger noted on verso), watercolor on heavy board.

1939. Letter from Wall to Williams with non-Wall miniature Lincoln book.

1946. Letter from Wall to Williams + Williams to Wall, with Wall’s miniature book Abraham Lincoln Chronology.

1946. Letter from Wall with Wall’s miniature Gettysburg Speech enclosed.

1939. Envelope from Wall to Williams with Wall’s small watercolor on board of a scene in Cuba, signed by Wall.

Wall’s autograph manuscript signed of “Lecture The Itch to Etch...Based on a talk at the Ernest Powells’ studio at Marshall in May 1937.” Green folder. 15 pp. Inscribed to Williams at end.

Approximately 57 postcards from the Walls to Natalie Williams.



484. WALL, Bernhardt. A personal sketch book labeled on the front cover in ink by Wall “Knockabout Bits-Round the World”, and dated 1921, personally inscribed by the artist inside the front cover, given as a gift, contains 22 pencil, crayon, pastel, pen and ink, and water color images, showing things he saw in his various travels. Folio, original brown paper wrappers, paper label with author’s ink title and signature. Wall’s presentation note to Natalie Williams dated 1937.     $10,000.00


485. WALL, Bernhardt. Leather Kodak notebook with Wall’s red painted title The Etchers, 24 items including prints by others (3 by Benson), newspaper clippings, various ephemera.     $400.00

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Item 485

486. WILLIAMS, Natalie. Group of letters, clippings, ephemera, most relating to Williams’ orders, etc., plus some telegraphs from the Walls to Williams, etc.     $50.00


487. WALL, Bernhardt. Group 15 items, including prints and a few sketches, most signed, some with Wall’s notes regarding state.     $600.00


488. WALL, Bernhardt. Five letters from Wall to various recipients. 8vo, many on leaves with Wall etchings. Very fine.

March 18, 1922, n. p., to “Dear Lottie” [O'Girr Clarke]. 8vo, ALs, 4 pp on sheets each with different etchings on versos. Long, newsy, personal letter in which Wall discusses the vissicitudes of getting printers to do his work, the prices he must charge to break even, and the work he is doing for her. Pleads with her to buy a $100 volume for $50.00.
     Etchings are Gen. Wood (bust portrait with Wood's facsimile signature); Collecting Books and Autographs has been "the pleasure and glory of my life"...William F. Gable (text with Gable's facsimile signature); Wm F. Gable, Esq. by Wall 1921 after Photo (half-length seated portrait); and U.S.S. Maine. The "Maine" Was Blown Up Feb. 15th 1898... (text with vignettes of the Maine and the Minnewaska).

June 24, 1929, Lime Rock, Conn., to “My dear Sheridan.” 8vo, ALs, 2 pp on plain paper. Letter written after his arrival back home after a 5,000-mile automobile trip. Laments the lack of monetary return on his efforts, remarking, “...I am working for glory and posterity when I am making books.”

January 6, 1937, Houston, TX, to “Dear Harry Wack.” Long 8vo, ALs, 4 pp on sheets with etchings at top. Contains warm New Year greetings and much news about his personal life and work. Some discussion of his wife’s troubles with her eyesight (Jennie died suddenly in November, 1938).

September 5, 1938, Lime Rock, Conn., to “My dear Fred [Kuper].” Long 8vo, 1 sheet with etching at top. Informs him that he is returning books he borrowed and sends personal regards.

March 23, 1939, Houston, TX, to “My dear Harry.” 8vo, ALs, 4 pp on two sheets with etchings. Interesting letter with numerous personal musings about his life and work, including a vigorous defense of the love of his German ancestors for the U.S. Untitled etching shows A table of diners with an affectionate couple on a bench. 9.5 x 15 cm.



489. WALL, Bernhardt. Autograph note, signed, 1-/4 pp., narrow 12mo, to Miss Walker, n.p., March 31, 1949. Folded leaflet with etching: From us to you go forth our best wishes for a happy 1949... 7.5 x 4.5 cm. (3 x 1-3/4 inches). Greenish black. Heavy paper. Illustrated with: OUR ETCHERIE S.M., CAL. The note relates to shipment of a book.     $55.00


490. WALL, Bernhardt. Mixed group of ephemera, including photographs of the Wall home, charmingly painted place cards by Wall, Wall’s sketch for a plate in the Whistler book, program with Wall’s sketches, etc.     $400.00


491. WALL, Bernhardt (attributed). Original copper plate with text “Walliana.”     $100.00


492. WALL, Bernhardt (attributed). Original copper plate with name John ? Adams.     $40.00


2. Ephemera and Related Materials

493. [LINCOLN, ABRAHAM]. Abraham Lincoln & Berhardt Wall ephemera lot. Various imprints, periodicals, etc., including:

The Second Inaugural Address of Abraham Lincoln March 4, 1865. Metal sculpture with bas relief of Lincoln on cover.

Lincoln’s Springfield..... Wall’s presentation copy to Natalie Williams.

Lincoln stamps with brochure.

High Lights: An Old Adobe Publication Sierra Madre Arts Guild. February 1943.

Ninety Years Ago. With reproduction of a Wall etching on pictorial cover. With envelope from Wall to Natalie Williams.

Lincoln Herald. 3 issues. May 1939, May 1940, October 1940.

The Lincoln Kinsman. 3 issues. February 1941, March 1941 & April 1941.

Lincoln Lore. No. 774-881 [not collated]. February 7, 1944-February 25, 1946.



494. LOWMAN, Al. Printing Arts in Texas... [Austin]: Roger Beacham [Designed by Barbara and William Holman and printed by David R. Holman], 1975. 107 [2] pp., illustrated. Folio, original ochre cloth with printed labels on spine and upper cover. Very fine.

     First edition, limited edition (395 copies). Includes photograph and discussion of Wall and his work.     $150.00


495. [PRINTMAKING]. Collection of 21 books relating to the history and practice of etching and printmaking. Included are:

CRAFTON COLLECTION. American Etchers.... New York, [1929-1931]. 4to, 12 vols., publisher’s original cloth. All in dust jackets. Very good.

FLINT, Ralph. Albert Sterner: His Life and His Art. New York: Payson & Clarke Ltd., 1927. 4to, original vellum over pink boards. Binding faded and worn (spine defective), interior fine.

FLINT, Ralph. Contemporary American Etching. New York: American Art Dealers Association. New York: Payson & Clarke Ltd., n.d. [copyright 1930]. 4to, original unbleached linen over pink boards. Binding rubbed, spine defective. Lacking original etching which was to accompany the book. Natalie Williams’ ink ownership inscription.

LALANNE, Maxime. A Treatise on Etching...Authorized American Edition, Translated from the Second French Edition by S. R. Koehler.... London: W. & G. Foyle, n.d. (1880 or shortly thereafter). xxx, 79 pp., 13 etched plates, tissue guards. 8vo, original red ribbed cloth. Poor copy, binding worn, faded, and with a few snags, joints broken, endpapers browned. Reprint edition, but early. This is a title we know Wall referred to in his own work and the classes he taught.

LONGSTREET, Stephen. A Treasury of the World’s Great Prints from Dürer to Chagall.... New York: Simon & Schuster, n.d. [copyright 1961]. 4to, original half blue cloth over boards, worn d.j.

MOLLETT, John W. Rembrandt van Rÿn. London: Sampson Low, Marston & Co., Ltd., n.d. From The Great Artists series edited by Horace Shipp & Flora Kendrick. 12mo, original tan cloth. Some outer wear, end sheets browned. Reprint edition.

PENNELL, Joseph. Etchers and Etchings.... New York: Macmillan, 1924. 4to, original beige cloth. Spine defective, interior very good other than mild age-toning. With ink ownership of Natalie Williams dated December 1935 on front free endpaper. Fourth edition. Pennell was an influence on Wall, who etched a portrait of Pennell and dedicated work to him.

SCHILD, Constance (editor). The Complete Etchings of Rembrandt. New York: Arden Book Company, 1937. 4to, original coarse weave beige cloth. Torn d.j. Text browned. First trade edition.

TORRINGTON, Otto M. A Catalogue of the Etchings of Levon West.... New York: William Edwin Rudge, 1930. 4to, original brown loose-weave linen. Spine damaged and label missing. Interior with offsetting from etchings and light age-toning. Dust jacket not present.
     Limited edition (#628 of 810 copies; note: there was a more limited deluxe edition of 150 copies with an etching signed by artist; present copy is the regular limited edition).

WHISTLER, James A. McNeill. Eden versus Whistler: The Baronet & the Butterfly. A Valentine with a Verdict. New York: R.H. Russell, 1899. 78 [1] pp. Small 4to, original cloth-backed tan gilt boards. D.j. not present. Spine perished, poor condition.



496. WALL, Bernhardt. The Etched Book. [New York City, 1923?]. [4] leaves, printed on one side of a sheet measuring 42.7 x 27.6 cm. Except for minor wrinkling, very fine.
     Rare ephemeron advertising the etched books of both Wall and Dorothy and J. Duncan Gleason, providing binding options and prices. This sparse little sheet offers bibliographical information on Wall’s work, including his interesting statement: “Etchings have been associated so long with portfolios and frames that their use in book form is unusual. It brings etching into closer touch with those who read. In no other medium than the exquisite art of etching, with its related processes, can such delicate and refined effects be attained.”     $75.00


497. [WALL, BERNHARDT]. Lot of Bernhardt Wall ephemera, including:

3 dust wrappers (2 for Following Abraham Lincoln)

Grey board for Following Abraham Lincoln (with etched title).

Diploma of Honor.... 2 versions, including trial work-up. Both with presentation from Wall to Natalie Williams.



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