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The second premises the company occupied were at


Market Street. Note the


-foot pole at

curbside with a copper kettle mounted on top fromwhich steam poured out of the spout (see photo).



, the


rm erected factory and o


ce buildings at the southeast corner of Second and Folsom

Streets on a lot


feet square. On April




, the entire plant was destroyed by the earthquake



re; it was rebuilt the following year at the same location (see engraving). Today the site is occu-

pied by a large, high-rise o


ce building. In


, the Volkmann family bought out the Schilling

interests and continued the business until


, when it was sold to McCormick & Co. of Baltimore.

Beatrice Volkmann, with the history of her own family and her husband’s family in California,

enjoyed reading about the history of the state. She


rst bought Grabhorn Press books that were

reprints of early California stories and histories. The family pediatrician was Dr. George D. Lyman,

author of

John Marsh Pioneer: Saga of the Comstock Lode

and other books about California. As a good

friend and mentor he advised her as she collected and read Californiana over the years.

On her death in


, her library was appraised by Warren Howell at






. The most valu-

able book was Louis Choris’s

Voyage Autour du Monde,

valued at




. Fourteen




rst edi-

tions were included. Her daughter, Virginia Volkmann Bosche, took a few books that interested her,

and her son, Daniel G. Volkmann Jr., inherited the remainder. As an architect, the Grabhorn items

particularly interested him because of their handsome design. Over the years, A. Schilling & Co.

had commissioned a few of the Grabhorn imprints about the company. And Beatrice Volkmann

commissioned the Grabhorns to print a limited


ne edition in


of a short piece about the

founders of the family business by Robert O’Brien,

Two Young Men from Bremen,

soon after its publi-

cation in the San Francisco Chronicle.

Dan Volkmann’s wife, Marvin Johnson Volkmann, who died in


, was also from a pioneer

California family. Her great-great-grandfather, John Conness, emigrated from Ireland to the

United States in


and arrived in California in


. A few years later he was elected United

States Senator from California and served from




. Mount Conness in Yosemite

National Park is named for him.


A. Schilling & Company at


Market Street.