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. CREDIT. Bidders whose credit is unknown to Dorothy Sloan—Rare Books must submit acceptable refer-

ences or make prior payment arrangements (without which lots will not be released until funds have cleared).

Mail bidders should submit acceptable references or a deposit of


% of their maximum bid. The deposit will

be applied to the purchase if the bid is successful. If the bid is unsuccessful, the deposit shall be returned.


. LOTS NOT RETURNABLE. Any lot containing more than one item is sold “as is,” and is not return-

able for any reason.


. All property should be inspected by the buyer or an agent prior to purchase. Sta


will be available to

answer questions concerning the property prior to the sale.


. Pre-sale estimates are approximations of current market value. They are prepared well in advance of

the auction and should not be considered predictions of actual sales prices.


Dorothy Sloan–Rare Books warrants the authenticity of each book, imprint, letter sheet, manuscript, sig-

nature, print, photograph, map, work of art, and any other artifact catalogued herein on the terms and

conditions set forth below:


. Unless indicated otherwise in the respective catalogue description or unless physical examination would

reveal a self-evident lack of authenticity, Dorothy Sloan–Rare Books warrants for a period of one year from

the date of sale the authenticity of every book, imprint, letter sheet, manuscript, signature, print, photo-

graph, map, work of art, and any other artifact described in this catalogue. This limited warranty does not

extend to the attribution of authorship of any item to the extent that such attribution is based solely upon

current scholarly opinion (which is often controversial and rapidly changing).


. Dorothy Sloan–Rare Books warrants to the buyer of record for a period of twenty-one days from the date

of sale that any item described in this catalogue is complete in text and illustrations, unless otherwise

described. This warranty does not cover binding damages or restoration, stains or foxing, wormholes, short

leaves of text or plates or any defect that does not a


ect the completeness of the text. Nor does this warran-

ty extend to the omission of inserted advertisements, blank leaves, cancels or subsequently published vol-

umes, plate supplements or appendices, atlases, extra-illustrated books, books in original parts, or serial

publications. Lots containing more than one title, letter, or manuscript are sold not subject to return.


. Dorothy Sloan–Rare Books and the seller make no warranty or representation, expressed or implied, that

the buyer of any property will acquire any copyright or reproduction rights thereto.


. The bene


ts of these warranties are non-transferable and non-assignable. They apply only to the buyer

of record, and are conditioned on the buyer returning the work in the same condition as at time of sale,

and in the time period speci




. The buyer’s sole remedy under these warranties shall be the refund of the purchase price paid for the item,

and this remedy shall be exclusive and in lieu of any other remedy which might otherwise be available to the

buyer as a matter of law, and neither Dorothy Sloan–Rare Books nor the seller shall be liable for any conse-

quential damages.


All property is sold “as is” in accordance with the terms of the Limited Warranty set forth in this catalogue

and neither Dorothy Sloan–Rare Books nor the seller makes any express or implied warranty or represen-

tation as to the condition of any lot o


ered for sale, and no statement made at any time, whether oral or

written, shall constitute such a warranty or representation.

Descriptions of condition are not warranties. The descriptions of condition of articles in this catalogue,

including all references to damage or repairs, are provided as a service to interested clients and do not

negate or modify the Limited Warranty. Accordingly, all lots should be viewed personally by prospective

buyers or their agents to evaluate the condition of the property o


ered for sale.

Some categories of Texana materials remain problematic in the marketplace. The Texas State

Library and Archives Commission, for example, has compiled a list of materials once in its

possession but which it cannot now locate and on which the State believes it may have a pos-

sible claim of ownership. That list may be consulted at by using the

Committees link on the side navigation bar to access Standing Committees under which you

will find the link for the Security Committee ; or you can type the following URL directly into

your browser’s address bar:

Texas State Archivist Chris LaPlante advises that the staff is currently working to update

and expand the “Missing List,” and at some point in the near future it will be posted on the

Texas State Library’s web site. In the interim, the State will be happy to provide anyone who

is interested with a copy of the most current version of the list—preferably in either Microsoft

Access or Microsoft Excel form rather than on paper. If you wish to obtain a copy, please con-

tact Jean Carefoot at or call



The State is willing to review materials to advise owners, dealers and auction houses, poten-

tial purchasers, and all others of possible provenance issues. The Texas State Library and

Archives Commission has reviewed all such materials being offered in this auction, and, so far

as is known, none of this material has any such provenance problems.

Dorothy Sloan-Rare Books, Inc.

P. O. Box


Austin, Texas


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