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Dorothy Sloan (Texas Auctioneer License #10210)
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We are sad to report that, due to health problems, we are closing Dorothy Sloan Rare Books. Over the past thirty-seven years, we have been honored to handle many incredible items, from magnificent imperial folio Audubon prints to, not one, but two complete collections of the elusive Zamorano 80. Beyond books, we have had the privilege of offering invaluable manuscript materials, a wide variety of artworks, and countless maps, many of them seminal and groundbreaking.

We greatly appreciate our clients for making this business endeavor possible; our consignors for entrusting invaluable materials to us; our colleagues for the support and sense of community they’ve provided; a wide array of institutions for preserving historical materials and making them available for research; and our fellow scholars for their collegiality and the always stimulating exchange of hard-won knowledge. We thank all of you for your support and wish you all the best.