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[ADDRESSES, ESSAYS & LECTURES]. Group of six pamphlets on various subjects. All are first editions.

[1] HOWARD, Oliver Otis. Address by...Delivered at the Banquet of the 41st Anniversary of the Associated Veterans, Mexican War, September 14th, 1888 [caption title]. [N.p., 1888]. [1] 2-4 pp. 8vo (22.5 x 14 cm), folded sheet. Creased where formerly folded, slightly stained.

Tutorow 546.

A call for the government to spend part of the budget surplus for the better support of the army and navy.

Howard (1830-1909), known as the “Christian General,” lost an arm in the Civil War, served on the Western frontier, and accepted the surrender of Chief Joseph of the Nez Percé.

[2] LORD, Thomas Newman. Cause, Character and Consequences of the War with Mexico. A Discourse Delivered on the Day of the Annual Fast, April 8, 1847. Portland: Printed by Thurston & Co, 1847. [1-3] 4-16 pp. 8vo (21.5 x 13.5 cm), disbound. Old library cloth on spine. Slightly soiled, various stray marks in text.

A firmly anti-slavery, anti-war sermon.

Lord (1807-1884) was a prominent Congregational minister.

[3] REED, William Bradford. Oration Delivered at Philadelphia by...February 22, 1849. Philadelphia: Crissy & Markley, Printers, No. 4 Minor Street, 1849. [1-3] 4-44 pp. 8vo (21.5 x 13.5 cm), disbound. Slightly stained.

Garrett & Goowin, p. 372.

A paean to Washington and Zachary Taylor.

Reed (1806-1876) was a man of many talents who once served at Joel Poinsett’s secretary in Mexico in the 1820s.

[4] SHACKFORD, Charles Chauncey. A Citizen’s Appeal in Regard to the War with Mexico. A Lecture, Delivered at Lyceum Hall, Lynn, January 14, 1848. Boston: Printed by Andrews & Prentiss, No. 11, Devonshire Street, 1848. [1-3] 4-40 pp. 8vo (23 x 14 cm), original grey printed wrappers. Spine wanting, wrappers reattached with tape. Moderately stained throughout.

Garrett & Goodwin, p. 372. Sabin 79677. Tutorow 4085.

Completely anti-war, with discussions of Texas and slavery. States that all politicians in favor of the war are deluded.

[5] TILDEN, William Phillips. All War Forbidden by Christianity. An Address to the Citizens of Dover, Delivered on Thanksgiving Evening, Nov. 25, 1847. Dover N.H.: M.D.L. Stevens, Printer, 1847. [1-3] 4-16 pp. 8vo (21.5 x 14 cm), disbound. Old stitch holes in left margin, creased where formerly folded. Otherwise, very good.

Pacifist, anti-war sermon.

Tilden (1811-1890) was a Unitarian minister.

[6] YOUNG, Bryan Rust. Address the Citizens of the Fifth Congressional District in Kentucky, and in Reply to the Hon. C.A. Wickliffe [caption title]. [Washington, 1847]. [1] 2-8 pp. 8vo (25.5 x 14.5), disbound.

Critical of Polk’s administration, with considerable discussion of Texas and its role in causing the war.

Young (1800-1882) was a Kentucky politician who held several offices.


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