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Extremely Rare Narrative in Parts

“Contains invaluable commentary” (Tutorow)

<p>Vol. 48, title page</p>


[BIOGRAPHY]. BROWNE, William Henry. “My Campaign Reminiscences” in The Knickerbocker; or, New-York Monthly Magazine, 1854-1857. 8 vols. 8vo (ca. 23 x 15.5 cm), non-uniform contemporary bindings. Overall good condition.

First editions. Tutorow 2640. The lot includes all the installments as listed by Tutorow. Specific volumes are: Vol. 43, January-June, 1854; Vol. 44, July-December, 1854; Vol. 45, January-June, 1855; Vol. 46, July-December, 1855; Vol. 47, January-June, 1856; Vol. 48, July-December, 1856; Vol. 49, January-June, 1857; and Vol. 50, July-December, 1857.

“These memoirs were published over a 2-year period in 16 installments. The first begins with American troops just outside the city of Vera Cruz and the last ends within Mexico City. The style is personal, intimate, friendly, and inflated, but no more detailed record has been written of the scene covered by the author. The style is prosaic, with much embellishment and all conversation, no matter how long, remembered to the word, leaving a historian to wonder how much of what he is reading is accurate reporting and how much is fictional. Contains invaluable commentary on the people, places, and events along the road to the city of Mexico. Undocumented” (Tutorow).

Browne (1825-1900) was a mere youth when the war broke out, but received a commission from Scott as second lieutenant. After this war, he served in the Civil War and became a prominent citizen of Washington, DC. He is buried in Arlington National Cemetery.


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