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“Ellos son hombres sin creencias y sin moral”

“One of the most rousing and vivid of the anti-American broadsides” (Eberstadt)


[CATHOLIC CHURCH]. El Clamor de las ovejas a sus pastores dormidos. [Mexico City]: Imprenta de Ignacio Cumplido, [1847]. Dated in type April 5, 1847. Broadside: 32 x 21.5 cm. Right and lower margins wrinkled and chipped, creased where formerly folded, old stab holes in left margin, small stain at lower right margin, minor fold splits. Rare. No copies on OCLC.

First edition. Eberstadt 106.

A singular broadside signed in type by “Varios mexicanos” that points with alarm to certain provisions of the American occupation of Vera Cruz, particularly the one that practically everything in Veracruz now belongs to the army. The writers fear that the churches will be pillaged and desecrated and that the same treatment will spread to every church in Mexico. They plead with the ecclesiastical authorities to do all they can to stop such an outcome, despite American promises of religious liberty, which the writers actually view with some alarm as that guarantee will allow any religion (“hereges protestantes,” “sectarios de Mahoma,” etc.). None of those dire predictions came to pass.


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