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A Highly Unpopular Law to Tax the Church


[CATHOLIC CHURCH]. MEXICO. LAWS (January 10, 1847). El Gobernador del Estado á sus habitantes. [San Luis Potosí, 1847]. Dated in type January 10, 1847, and January 20, 1847. Broadside: 32 x 22.5 cm. Lightly wrinkled, one small worm hole touching two letters.

Later edition.

A reprinting of Gómez Farías’ initial law to tax church properties to pay for the war, although certain exceptions are made. The goal was the raise 15,000,000 pesos.

This law set off a fire storm of protests that far exceeded previous taxing schemes in 1846 and basically stopped any further collections. Although riots and rebellions broke out in many places, the most serious was the Polkos Revolt in Mexico City (q.v.), which essentially prevented reinforcements to be sent to Veracruz. Santa-Anna was so angered that he removed Gómez Farías and annulled the law, although he later negotiated a loan from the church.


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