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“El abuso de la libertad de imprimir”


[CENSORSHIP]. MEXICO. LAWS (July 10, 1847). Manuel Maria Lombardini, General de Brigada del Ejercito Mexicano y en Gefe del de Oriente. [Mexico City, 1847]. Dated in type July 10, 1847 and July 11, 1847. Broadside: 31 x 21 cm. Lightly creased where formerly folded, otherwise very fine. On embossed paper.

Second edition. Eberstadt 335. Harper 12:336.

The preamble states that although freedom of the press is important, the press has been spreading false rumors about dissensions within the military and even revolts. Also points out that the U.S. has “emisarios” among the population and that freedom of the press is denied in American occupied territories. Requires that all military information in the future be suppressed in the private press and reported only in the official government Diario. Eberstadt’s interesting note and the text itself imply that the U.S. had a fifth column in Mexico City spreading discord.


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